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  1. Jen says:

    Love the site! If you have any recommendations where I can find values on certain vinylmations, that would be great. Also, under the Pixar checklist, Mike Wazowski is named “Dug” Wazowski. Not sure if you wanted to fix that. :)

  2. tinkagain says:

    Is there a check list for the Disney Cruise Line vinylmations?

  3. Matt Norris Baltar says:

    I can put in a request for it!

  4. jsford815 says:

    Do you know when and where the 2012 Christmas vinyls will be posted to? Santa Micky and Donald/Chip & Dale in the snowglobe. As well as the 2012 Halloween, unless I missed those.

    Thanks! :)

  5. TylerC says:

    How do you think people would want to see these yearly holiday vinyls be shown as a checklist? (As the creator of the checklists) I wasn’t sure what I should do with these holiday vinyls. Do you think like an annual wrap-up of all the holiday vinyls? So for example, 2012 Holiday checklist? So it would include Valentine’s day, Christmas (minus Jingle Smells) Halloween, Independence Day, maybe the Spooky Series? any thoughts?

  6. Matt Norris Baltar says:

    Yeah I think yearly might be best. Because if you did it by holiay, you would have to revise it each year.

  7. Timothy says:

    Great checklists, even though there are a couple typos on some. Still, now I can keep track of what I’ve got so far. Hey, I just noticed, but you don’t have any lists of any 9-inch figures. I’d really like to have a look at those. Thanks.

  8. N says:

    Hey are going to make a master checklist and a fantasia checklist?

  9. Matt Norris Baltar says:

    Hi! Sorry, we’ve pretty much discontinued the checklists for the time being. They are awfully time consuming to do. If we can find somebody else to make them, we will be glad to.

  10. Zach Riesberg says:

    I have 2 complete sets so far, Toy Story and Park 3

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