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With only 12 possible vinylmations, it must have been hard for vinylmation designer Thomas Scott to choose which Spiderman characters he wanted to represent in this Marvel Series 2 set.  So far, we are aware of 11 of the 12 characters.  We obviously don’t know who the chaser will be, but that doesn’t stop us from having a little fun by trying to guess who it could possibly be.

Dr Octopus

This choice seems to be a popular vote amongst vinylmation collectors.  From all the villains depicted in this set, Doc Ock is surprisingly missing.  I see major potential for this to be an awesome chaser.  If they add actual physical tentacles on this rather than painted on tentacles, this would be one of the better chasers out there.

Gwen Stacy

I was actually surprised that this vinylmation set chose Mary Jane instead of Gwen Stacy.  I guess I understand that Mary Jane is a more popular character, but given the fact that Gwen Stacy is the love interest in the most recent Spiderman movies, you would think Gwen would be the first choice.


Since we already have Spiderman and Venom, why not complete the trifecta and include Carnage?  Although he was not shown in any of the Hollywood movies, those familiar with the comics would go bananas seeing Carnage as the chaser.  As a quick background on how awesome this would be, Spiderman actually had to team up with his enemy Venom in order to defeat Carnage.

Aunt May

I’ve heard this name pop up in discussions about who the chaser would be, but I personally don’t see it.  In a set filled with excited characters like Spiderman and Venom, it would be odd to think that a vinylmation of an elderly lady would be the most valuable figure in the set.

Peter Parker

I would absolutely love it if this was the chaser!  Imagine a vinylmation of Peter Parker wearing glasses and holding a camera in his hands.  They could even go the route of the Nerds Rock set and give Peter removable glasses.

Stan Lee

This would also be a great choice.  And why not?  Stan Lee makes a random cameo in every Marvel movie, why not in a vinylmation set as well?

Dancing Peter Parker from Spiderman 3

Remember that montage in Spiderman 3 where Peter, played by Tobey Maguire, is strutting down the street and dancing?  This is the scene where Peter awkwardly thinks he is super cool and starts pointing at the females around him. Oh man.  This vinylmation would bring me so much joy.

If you had your pick, who would you want to see as the chaser for this set?






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*UPDATED* Thanks to some awesome corrections by our readers (see comments below), I have decided to update my “wish list”.  Thank you and enjoy!

With August more than halfway done and our bank accounts nearly depleted, Disney is hitting us with yet another vinylmation set this Friday.  Disney has already announced 7 of the common characters: Doc, Donald Duck, Fix-It-Felix, Flynn Rider, Mabel, Piglet, and Tuke.  The big question lurking on our minds is, “Who or what will be the chaser?” Here are my thoughts….

Kuzco as a llama from “Emperor’s New Groove”

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.40.20 AM

This movie is one of my favorite lesser known Disney movies.  David Spade’s sarcastic humor fit Emperor Kuzco perfectly.  I’ve seen a bunch of Disney pins with Kuzco, it would be nice to see him as a vinylmation.

Mud Covered Maximus from “Tangled Ever After”

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.45.57 AM

In Animation Series 3, we saw a red Pascal as the variant.  I think it would be cool to see a mud covered Maximus as the chaser for Animation 5.  “Tangled Ever After” was a short film released where Pascal and Maximus went on a chaotic adventure trying to recover Rapunzel’s and Flynn’s wedding rings. At the end of this short film, we see Maximus exhausted and covered in dirt.  This scene would make an awesome vinylmation.

Ray from “Princess and the Frog”

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.42.50 PM

Characters from The Princess and the Frog are surprisingly absent from the Disney vinylmation world. I could be wrong, but  I don’t know of a single The Princess and the Frog vinylmation out there.  If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend it.  Hearing Ray sing “Ma Belle Evangeline” was one of the more heartwarming moments of this modern day Disney classic.

Sofia the First

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.41.22 PM

To be honest, the only reason I chose this character as a selection is for my daughter.  Sofia the First is actually a really great cartoon on the Disney channel.  The catchy tunes and parental-like messages that this show conveys makes this a must watch in my household. If a Sofia vinylmation ever came out, my 4 year old would be bouncing off the walls.

Who do you want to see as the Animation 5 chaser?


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On August 15th, Disney is set to release their Vinylmaiton Park Series 14 Set.  Here at Vinylmation Kingdom, we like to have fun and try to guess what the chaser will be.  Here are my guesses/hopes…

Push the Taking Trash Can

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I personally never had the privilege to see this “secret” Disney celebrity, but it was a park favorite that many Disney fanatics went crazy over.  Push the Talking Trash Can was a robotic trash can who would stroll around and joke with Disney patrons.  Sadly, this character has since been retired from the parks.

Hipster Mickey

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.32.50 AM

Almost every Park Series has had a Mickey vinylmation included.  My hopes is that this time they use one of their newest Mickey offerings: Hipster Mickey.  This version of Mickey can be found in stores around Disney Parks as well as on disneystore.com. Since it is almost a given that Mickey will be included as either a topper or a chaser, how awesome would it be if they included this modern day Mickey?


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.30.13 AM

Vinylmation collectors know that D-Street is the mecca for vinylmation purchasing within the parks, at least for us Californians.  Whenever I go to Disneyland, D-Street in Downtown Disney is a definite must visit.  As important as D-Street is to vinylmation collectors, it would be exciting to see this store represented as a vinylmation.

Cast Member Holding Flashlight

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.00.04 AM

Although there is already a cast member vinylmation out there, I want to see a version of this vinylmation wearing a reflective vest and holding a flashlight.  When nighttime hits Disneyland and all their nighttime attractions begin (i.e. Fantasmic, fireworks show in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle), there is always that trusty and smiling Cast Member guiding us with their flashlight.  Whether they are telling us, “Please don’t stand there!” or “Please keep moving!” , these cast members definitely make their presence known during the night at Disneyland.

What do you think?  What do you hope to see with the Vinylmation Park Series 14 chaser?


On August 1st, a Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation blind box series will be released and as of yet, we don’t know what the chaser will be, so in this column, I share my thoughts on what could be the Sleeping Beauty chaser.

20140708-184304-67384550.jpgSpinning Wheel/Castle – While all the other figures in this series are based on characters, the chaser could break from this by representing either the spinning wheel or even the castle itself.  We have already seen a number of different Vinylmations from the Park series representing a castle from the parks, so its not too much of a stretch but the spinning wheel could be a curve ball.

chasercastleSamson – Prince Phillp’s noble steed would make an interesting figure to include in this blind box series,

Samson_SleepingbeautyDiablo/Goons –  One major character missing from the blind box series is Maleficent’s raven, Diablo.  However the choice of putting this character on a 3″ mold might look odd next to Maleficent, but it could be a perfect Junior or as part of a chaser combo (like the Under the Big Top chaser), especially if he is partnered with a Goon or even a mix of goon’s on one figure (think 3 Little Pigs from 110th Anniversary).diablogoonsWhat do you think the Sleeping Beauty Chaser will be?


comiccon12Later this month, the infamous San Diego Comic Con takes place and for the past two years, Vinylmation has had a presence at the event.

Last year, Vinylmation cohabited a booth with Funko and released the “Behind the Masks Series 2” at the event which featured some of the biggest names in Disney with masks.  This was a follow up to the terrible Behind the Masks and was only available at the event.

behind the masks 2In 2012, Vinylmation had a very strong presence at the event with lots of future Vinylmation releases on display at their own booth such as Star Wars and John Carter.  They also had some special Vinylmations being handed out (Frankenweenie) as freebies along with some So Tasty figures being available to buy (though these later got released online).  They also released some special figures like the Pixar Up, Alice in Wonderland King & Queen, Urban Superheroes, Park Starz Squid Variant and Popcorn Black & White Mickey Variant, which had been released via Disneystore.com through a special QR (barcode) that became a huge mess as anyone not at the event could get hold of them and all of the figures except for the super popular Up twin pack ended up being reduced in price.

So that brings us to 2014, with last years event having a much smaller presence from 2012, I’m personally not expecting Disney to have much on offer at the event, especially with the slow down of releases and no confirmation from Disney that Vinylmation will be at the event.  But as with last year, they could surprise us with a unannounced release or freebie.  Here are a few of my “theories”:

Marvel Series 2 – Comic Con fits perfectly with the Marvel Vinylmation and putting series 2 out early for release (like Disney did with the Little Mermaid series at the D23 Expo).  Having thousands of die hard comic book fans all under one roof would be a perfect location to show off this new series, create a buzz within the Vinylmation community and more importantly, reach out to new collectors.

Guardians of the Galaxy/Big Hero 6 – This year Marvel has two big movies left to release, Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6, so there could be a chance we see some previews for future figures for these, especially Big Hero 6.

A Special Eachez – Disney seems to love the Eachez brand and it would make perfect sense for Disney to release a special Eachez blind box for the event (much like they did for last months Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland trading event).  This could tie in with Marvel or just be a simple Comic Con design, but I think the chances of a Eachez release is extremely high.

What do you think we will see at SDCC?



On July 11th, the Finding Nemo Junior series will be released and unlike previous Junior series, this will only have 1 chaser, so we ask the question, what could be the Finding Nemo chaser?

Here are a few of our guesses:


My first guess at what the Finding Nemo Junior chaser is Gill, this character is very important to the story and with some of the other fishes from the Dentist tank included in this series such as Bloat, this black and white fish would look impressive on the Junior mold.



While Bruce the Shark is included in the Finding Nemo Juniors, his buddy Anchor from the “Fish are Friends, Not Food” Group is missing and could be a interesting addition to the series, especially if they decided to adjust the mold slightly to fit a Hammerhead on.  Though we could also see the other Shark from this group, Chum as the chaser.


Another strong character from the movie could be Nigel the Pelican who helps Nemo escape the dentist and with the Seagulls included in the Junior series, Nigel could easily be a top contender for the Junior chaser.

What do you think could be the Finding Nemo Chaser?


20140603-190238-68558835.jpgOn July 3rd, there will be a new blind box series using the Duffy the Disney Bear Vinylmation mold, this 8 piece series contains 7 common figures and 1 chaser.

Here are a few educated guesses at what could be the Duffy Series 1 Chaser be?

shellieShellie May

This was my first guess, Shellie May is Duffy’s girlfriend and would make a good addition to this series, though with the Urban feel, she may get kept back for another release.   Adding the bow to the Duffy mold and simply adding some eyelashes would help push this series to lots of Duffy fans.

VKRMickeyPhone1Mickey Mouse Duffy

This might just be a personal choice, but having a chaser figure with Duffy either in Mickey Mouse colours or simply Mickey painted directly onto the Duffy mold would be a excellent way of increasing sales.


The Duffy series 1 does have an Urban feel to it and it would make sense to do a Duffy series with Duffy dressed as different Disney characters (like the costumes you can buy for him), such as Duffy as Buzz Lightyear, Sulley, Woody, Stitch or just dressed up in celebration such as 4th of July or St Patrick’s Day.  So adding a chaser with a Duffy figure in one of those outfits can’t be ruled out, if it doesn’t quite fit the Urban theme.

What do you think the Duffy Series 1 Chaser Could Be?



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Welcome to a new feature on Vinylmation Kingdom, where we ask our readers to share their thoughts on a question through our social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. As well as through our Facebook Group, Vinylmation Kingdom Trading.

This week we asked “What is your favorite Vinylmation Chaser?”

We had a great response to this question and lots of different answers, with so many great chasers released over the years, here are a few highlights from what our readers thought:

vm_indiana_jones-series1_fertility_-idol-orig_Jared – Chachapoyan Idol. Its absolutely everything a chaser should be. You know that you have it the moment you open it (who else jumped when they saw that gold?). It shouldn’t be obvious based on a character omission (cough cough Muppets 1) but should become the most exciting figure to blox.

headlesshorsemanchaserCorey – Headless Horseman or Mortimer Mouse. Pulled both in mystery box trades at D Street at Downtown Disney Anaheim.

park13chaserLizzy – I love my pixie dust chaser, particularly because I bloxed it and was so giddy afterwards!

3D Mickey

Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts.


vm_star_wars_s_tray_the-_empire_strikes_back_orgWith the release of the Star Wars Series 4 blind box series due out in May, we thought it would be a interesting to guess at what the chaser could be for this series.

Boba Fett – We haven’t had a new Boba Fett on the new Mickey Mold and he was one of the most popular figures from the first series and if he was to be the chaser for this series, he would be extremely popular and very sought after.

bobafettWampa – One of the iconic scenes in the movie was when Luke was attacked by the snow monster while on the planet Hoth (and a perfect way of explaining the damage to Mark Hamill’s face), this character would be extremely popular and a perfect chaser.

wampaLando – While Lando was considered to be the figure you’d most likely find in a trade box, he was a major character in the Empire Strikes Back movie and could easily make a return here.

landoYoda – Yoda was also a major character in Empire Strikes Back but considering he is a Junior in the twin pack with Luke Skywalker but considering we also have another Luke Skywalker in this series, he could be an outsider’s choice for getting the new mold treatment on a 3″.

yodaWhat do you think the Star Wars Series 4 Chaser Will Be?


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inkpaintWith the release of the Ink & Paint blind box series due out in May, we thought it would be a interesting to guess at what the chaser could be for this series.

1) Minnie Mouse – Almost everyone’s instant reaction to seeing the 7 commons in this series is that its missing one very important character, Minnie Mouse, making it almost a shoe in for the chaser for this series and it’ll be interesting to see Minnie Mouse as a chaser for the first time. minnie ink guess2) Oswald – This one is maybe less likely, but since Oswald is older than Mickey Mouse, he fits nicely into the theme of this series however Oswald was the chaser for the Classics series and while anything Oswald related seems to be selling like hotcakes, it would be a great nod to the classic Disney character and Enrique’s artwork could give this character a different style to the other figures recently released.

oswald-the-lucky-rabbit3) Chip & Dale – I am a massive Chip and Dale fan and while Chip & Dale didn’t debut until many years after many of the other characters in this series, they are still one of the classic figures and throwing in a variant super chaser of Dale or Chip could make the chase very interesting for die hard collectors.


What do you think the chaser will be?