Over the past couple of years, I have been doing Disney Infinity photo shoots every time I have been able to visit Walt Disney World. Links to those shoots can be found here. Last summer, Tinkerbell and Stitch, who I got early at a special event, came with me in August of a special romp through the parks. Earlier this month, I once again headed down to Walt Disney World for vacation, and with me came not just Tinkerbell and Stitch, but the entire Disney Infinity 2.0 Originals characters (minus Jasmine and a couple of others, who have not been released yet). Check out the fun we had.


First up, the 2.0 Originals gang gathered in front of Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom for a group photo.



From there it was off to Adventureland, where Aladdin hung around the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and met his Aladdin and Jasmine counterparts. Disney Infinity Jasmine was missed with this one, for sure.







Over in Fantasyland, Merida has a fabulous meetup with her park counterpart, and then enjoyed exploring the Merida Meet ‘n’ Greet area.





Back over in the hub, Maleficent saw some of Stitch’s homage handiwork in some Disney Side signage, then caught the Dream Along with Mickey stage show, of which she is the star, of course. (Editor’s Note: She really isn’t the star, but she insisted I said that or she said she would curse me.)




Then it was off to Town Square in Main Street USA to meet with Princess Aurora.


From there it was off to Epcot, where Donald hung out for a siesta with Mexican Donald.


From there, a boat ride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios brought a Big Hero 6 visit with Hiro and Baymax over in the Magic of Disney Animation.



While there, Crystal Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey paid respect to the Sorcerer’s Hat, which is finally being removed from in front of the Chinese Theatre, where it has been since 2001 (Walt’s 100th Birthday Celebration).


Finally, we headed over to Downtown Disney, which is currently under construction to become Disney Springs. There Stitch visited his statue in front of World of Disney in the Marketplace.

IMG_9842 IMG_9841

Disney Springs will open in phases during 2015 and 2016, and will double the number of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues at the popular area at WDW.

Well, that’s it for this WDW photo shoot. I will probably be heading back down to the parks this summer, and looking forward to taking more pics with Jasmine and any other Originals that surface this year.

Have a great week everyone.


While I was down in Walt Disney World the past two weeks for the WDW Marathon Weekend and my vacation, some of my new Disney Infinity friends decided to join me. Last September, a bunch of them joined me for two photoshoots around WDW, which can be found here. This time around, Wave 2 characters Jack Skellington, Rapunzel, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Anna, Elsa, Ralph, and Vanellope joined in the fun, as did the Infinite Crystal Series Lone Ranger, Jack Sparrow, Sulley, and Buzz. Finally, my D23 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, who was featured in September, came down again for the fun. Let’s get into the fun, shall we?

Magic Kingdom


While in Adventureland, Crystal Jack Sparrow checked out the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


Sadly, we tried pictures inside the ride, but without the flash, none of them really came out. Womp womp.


In Frontierland, I came across Crystal Lone Ranger, who was hoping to find someone to play checkers with.

di01.14.021 di01.14.022



While in Tomorrowland, Crystal Sulley wanted to visit his friend Mike over at Monsters Inc, Laugh Floor.



Then Crystal Buzz wanted to check out his ride, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and the nearby Buzz Lightyear Meet ‘n’ Greet.

di01.14.036 di01.14.023

di01.14.024 di01.14.037



NOTE: It was one of those times I rode with Crystal Buzz that I got my Galactic Hero level for this trip, which was awesome.

Finally, Crystal Mr. Incredible was happy to see that he was the center of attention over at the Tomorrowland stage…. with the new #INCREDIBLESSuperDanceParty happening nightly.


Later on that night, we revisited the area, which was hopping with guests dancing along with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone. Crystal Mr. Incredible took it all in from the stage alongside of the DJ.



While in Fantasyland, Rapunzel got to visit her area (even if it is just bathrooms), and also went to Fairytale Hall and met with her Rapunzel friend. Sadly, Snow White was upset that she didn’t have a Disney Infinity version of herself… you hear that, Johnny V.? You don’t want to upset a Disney Princess now, do you?


di01.14.018 di01.14.017

Liberty Square 

By now, evening was setting. I should have thought prior to taking Jack Skellington to the Haunted Mansion for an evening shoot…. dark character and dark ride and dark exterior don’t make for a good combination. Only one picture really came out… thanks to Madame Leota, who woke up for this one.


And with that, we leave Magic Kingdom. In a couple of days, we will visit our friends over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then a very special visit over at Epcot.

Thanks to all of the Walt Disney World Cast Members for being accommodating about taking pictures with the figures, which at times could take a bit of time. However, I have yet to have issues with the cast members and taking these photos, whether they be in costume, handling the characters, taking Photopass pictures, or just trying to keep flow of traffic going as i am camped out in the middle of a queue line of park area taking photos. Again, thank you.

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Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I’ll be featuring “Out of the Box” each week with the aim of highlighting a vinylmation/combo pack and talking about the vinylmation’s history- everything from the inspiration to the Disney history to its release.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Disney Afternoon Series 1
Artist: Chris Chapman
Released 5/27/11
LE 1000

BACKGROUND: Chip and Dale are infamous characters we have grown to know very well. They are actually my all time favorite characters. Did you know about there short stint as detectives? Well, debuting on March 4, 1989, Chip and Dale became Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers where they were personified beyond the meager squeaks heard in earlier cartoons. Along with Gadget, Monterrey Jack, and Zipper, the gang started a crime fighting detective agency.

The show was created to jump onto the coattails of the highly successful Ducktales. When Tad Stones, producer of Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, pitched the show to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, it did no originally include Chip n’ Dale; however, they felt it best to have established characters in the show. As we have seen with vinylmations, series with the backing of familiar characters seems to do much better (i.e. Park series vs. Urban series).


The show was later added to the Disney Afternoon lineup in 1998-1999. A frequent arch nemesis in the series was Fat Cat, whom we recently saw in line up for Villains 4 vinylmation series.

Gadget Go Coaster in Disneyland’s Toontown

There is definitely a degree of nostalgia for the Disney Afternoon series, which is why I believe the first series, composed primarily of principle characters, created a frenzy of early morning line ups and immediate sell outs. In fact, the Rescue Rangers set was my very first early morning D-street adventure. I also wanted to include a picture of one of my favorite rides at Disneyland as a kid- Gadget’s Go Coaster. The Disney Afternoon Series 2 were/still in stores longer compared to the first series. The edition sizes increased in the second series and more obscure characters were introduced.


REVIEW: The Disney Afternoon Series 1 is an awesome series! Overall, I really do like this version of Chip n’ Dale. The Dale is spot on! One can immediately see his playful demeanor and his vibrant Hawaiian shirt. On the other hand, the expression on Chip’s face missed the mark. The beady eyes look almost menacing and does not truly reflect the character. For example, a determined or more serious facial expression would have been more appropriate. I do however, really like Chip’s hat. Considering not many original mold vinylmations came with accessories, the Indiana Jones inspired hat is a fantastic addition.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be posting on a weekly basis on Saturdays. I’ll be posting RAKs occasionally- let’s start now!


What was my first vinylmation (Hint- Thomas Scott)?

The Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers show introduction/theme song has a montage of various clips from the show. Name as many villains as you can!


Did you know there are 358 different vinylmation series and sets to date ? The first series was released in 2008! For many of us that is before we started our collections. Its fun to spend some time browsing through old series and making our “wants” list. After that fun, comes the sad moment when you realize that some of these “wants” are unattainable and expensive, and we quickly move them over to our “dreaming” list. Surprisingly though, it can be easier to get some of your most desired vinlys than you thought.

What really makes a vinylmation rare? You may think age would be the key reason as to why a certain vinyl may cost so much or be so hard to find, but that’s not always the case. Vinyls from Park 1 are generally scarce and tough to find.  Those aren’t the only ones though, newer series like Beauty and the Beast seemed to have a very short run and prices on some of that set have skyrocketed. We tend to make the price on vinyls by what we are willing to pay or trade for that certain vinylmation that we must add to our collection.

The easiest and one of the greatest ways to start collecting your wants list is through online trading. Vinlymation Kindgom Trading and Vinylmation Exchange are a good place to start when you are looking to pick up some pieces from a retired set or those limited edition sets that can only be found in parks. For me, I had my eyes set on attempting to collect Park 1. Although, it is doubtful that I will ever complete my whole set it’s the experience that makes shooting for such a desired set worth it.  I have been collecting for just under a year now, and have made so many great trades in these online communities.  I just recently started to piece together my Park 1 collection by acquiring the Park 1 Monorail. The monorail was the first I decided to get for numerous reasons; 1. I have every monorail but the P12 variant (which will probably never happen). Also the monorail is one of the easier ones it seems to acquire. Don’t be afraid to offer someone what you have for what you want, you never know what another trader may be looking for and you may just luck out.

Getting that dream list down 1 by 1 is such a fun thing to accomplish. After purchasing/trading for awhile you really can build yourself up a nice little army of traders. When you see someone post that vinyl that you need to have, contact them. Sometimes offering up numerous vinyls for the 1 you want is good enough, as they just want to knock a few off their wants list and may be willing to give you that 1 awesome vinyl off your dream list. It really is like a game, have fun with it. Vinylmation collecting has been such a fun and great family experience for us.
It may seem silly or hard to believe that it could just be that easy to dwindle down your dream list, but you never will know if you don’t give it a shot. Acquiring that first one off that special list is a pretty awesome feeling. What’s the greatest trade you ever made?



(You know I had to show a pic of my P1 Monorail, I mean I am proud of it)




Its my first day back to work after my 2 week holiday out in Walt Disney World, so while I sit here on my lunch break, I thought it was a good idea to get down some notes about my recent trip to Walt Disney World with my lovely wife in October 2013.   I’m going to do another “Vinylmation” report from my trip, but figured it would be nice to share my experience of my holiday.

We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter and it is a fabulous resort, the detail in the buildings and attention to detail is fantastic, but more importantly, the resort felt like an oasis in the madness as the resort always felt rather quiet, the way the buildings have been set up with big gardens between them along with a lovely river running along the side (which features a free boat down to Downtown Disney (perfect for Vinylmation hunting!).


This was the first time I had stayed at a Moderate resort (We stayed at the All Stars Music last year) and had the Quick Dining Plan included in the package for free!    This  was the first time we had been on a Dining Plan and I really felt this food package really made a huge difference to our pockets as getting breakfast and most of our meals included helped a lot.  Especially since my wife generally just wanted toast for breakfast, so we had her meals for other days. With a few days away from Disney included in our holiday, meant that our Disney days, we could use the DDP for every meal.  By the end of the 2 weeks, we only had 3 unused meal credits left.


We made the most of eating different things every time we ate, the idea that it is all burgers and sandwiches is a bit of a myth.  It’s easy to get caught up into having burgers etc most of the time but I probably only had 4  burgers during my entire holiday and that was usually due to lack of options such as at the water parks or just because I actually fancied one.   There is plenty of options on the Quick Dining Plan if you willing to look at the menus or the maps before hand.  Epcot is probably the easiest place to get a good quality meal but we found even some of the snacks on the Food and Wine stands just as filling.   Personal favorites included a Spicy Chicken Noodle in The Seasons in the Land and Sweet/Sour Chicken over at the Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom.   We also had lunch in “Be Our Guest” in the Magic Kingdom on a Quick Dining Plan, there was a bit of a line but it was one of the things we wanted to do (we would have gone regardless of the DDP) and it was nice to be able to have a real knife and fork, I seriously got fed up of using plastic forks, knifes and throw away plates..urgh!

The snack credits came in pretty useful too, we usually ended up sharing our snack due to the size of the portions (I’m sure when American’s come to Britain they must think “where’s the other half?”).   Personal favourite snacks included the Cinnamon buns at Gaston’s (though we discovered Cinnabons at Universal which were far superior in my view!), Dole Whip and probably the best place in the world, the Werther’s Original shop in Germany, Epcot…hmmmm..

So once again, this made a big difference to our pockets, though I did usually buy our drinks during the day since it didn’t take long to realise you could get a $5 snack and I didn’t want to waste them on a $2 bottle of water.  I also used to grab water bottles for our breakfast meal/evening meals at the resort to use during the day.

It doesn’t sound much but spending a day at the park and only spending about $10 on drinks during the day certainly does feel good, compared to the days at Universal where we had to buy everything.   But again because the QDDP was included in our package as a “free” promotion, it felt like I was getting something for free all the time, though I probably paid for it indirectly.

The magic bands really changed this trip for me, obviously you have to use them for getting into the hotel room and cashing in for food plus getting into the parks wasn’t as easy, it did feel much slower getting to the parks when it was busy as so many times people were messing about (three times they had to call someone over to reset my band!).  But the magic band does have some advantages such as being a Photopass, I have never really bothered with having photos done before but we decided to give it ago.  Taking a few photos when entering the park etc and we had a few printed out before we came home.  Take a photo, they link it to your band and off you go, no faffing around.  No commitment to buy anything!

Our resort only got transferred to the Magic Bands a couple of weeks before I left, so I was able to customise the colours (we didn’t bother buying any accessories as that just felt like a rip off!).  But I did go through an pre-book Fast passes for all of our days, I mainly just picked the main things we wanted to do that I knew would be busy.  Your Toy Story Mania’s, Soarin, Test Track, Under the Sea etc.  My wife wasn’t convinced about this idea, she didn’t like the idea of pre-planning the whole trip in advance, but I am so glad we did as the parks got so busy that those fast passes really made a difference.  With queue’s up to 95 minutes for some of those busy rides, I had picked well.

Though I did feel for anyone who did fast passes for attractions with no lines.  But what I did like, was when we got to a ride that I had fast passes for that had small lines ie Malestrom and Spaceship Earth (you have to pick 3, so after Test Track/Soarin, I need a extra one), you could just jump into the normal queue and change your fast pass later.  Effectively saving it for later.  And when Kali River Rapids went down, our passes became “free” so we could use them on anything in the park.  There was still a few issues of not being able to change a fast pass at one point so the member of staff changed it on their ipad and another time they couldn’t even do that and gave us a paper free reign pass.


Magic Bands have lots of advantages, but they have a few disadvantages and my biggest issues was that I don’t think Disney has enough terminals in their parks, Magic Kingdom wasn’t too bad but the other parks it was like hide and seek trying to find a terminal.  Either to change a choice or just to remember what times I had booked.  I don’t want to spend my entire holiday on my smartphone, heck it would stay in the safe for the whole day.  Its all very fine Disney pushing the idea of using your smartphone (which if you asked a question, that was the general response “Use a smartphone!”).   Since Disney introduced Free Wifi into the parks, now people are just standing in lines, glued to their screens, its so annoying.  Especially while I was watching the Wishes fireworks show and two kids sat next to me have their face glued to the phone while the show goes on.  I know if I was their parents, I’d have grabbed the phone from them and thrown the damn thing into the lake while shouting “I’ve  spent thousands of pounds going to see the theme parks!”.   But maybe I’m just getting old!

Heading to Florida for two weeks meant we had plenty of time to enjoy the parks, we spent a day at Hollywood Studios and another at Animal Kingdom.  Having spent a day at each park last year meant we didn’t see the need to do everything in those parks but managed to pretty much do everything within those two trips.  We spent 2 days in the Magic Kingdom including watching Wishes, on a side note, why haven’t they combined the light show on the castle with the fireworks? I assume is what they did with Dreams in Disneyland Paris (which wasn’t running while I was there last year).

Within 2 days at Magic Kingdom we managed to do all the new Fantasyland attractions plus lots of old school things like Country Bears, Carrousel of Progress and Tiki Room (which I don’t think I had ever done before).  We spent a whole day at Epcot plus a evening for the fireworks show, which again, gave us time to enjoy the parks (including 3 goes on Test Track!).  Again the new Fast pass+ system meant we could get on Soarin/Test Track easily.

I felt that all of the Disney parks felt so much more busier than the same time last year but at least the weather was much better, last year we had a week of rain while this year it only rained once.
For the first time ever, we headed to the water parks, we spent about 6 hours at Typhoon Lagoon and about 4 at Blizzard Beach (we had a busy day with some Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney plus an evening at Epcot for illuminations).  I absolutely loved going to the water parks and had a blast there and for anyone like myself who has to wear glasses, pick up a pair of prescription goggles to enjoy the park.  Highlights include Crush ‘n’ Gusher and Summit Plummit but honestly I think I enjoyed doing almost every slide.  The tidal pool at Typhoon Lagoon is great fun too though that wave is a bit big for kids though I was slightly disappointment by the Shark pool which was very restrictive a I’m a qualified Scuba Diver, so the idea of swimming in a straight line without using your legs and not being allowed to dive under felt like they just sucked all the fun out of it.


Downtown Disney was somewhere we went regularly since we had the free boat down from our hotel and its a lovely place to go away from the parks.  But I have to recommend heading over to the Broadwalk, we had a lovely evening over there just chilling.

While we spent a lot of time within Disney, we wanted to get away from Disney during the trip and we certainly got away from Disney, we racked up nearly 900 miles in our rental car as we took a drive down to Daytona Beach and we headed over to Clearwater twice for some time at the beach (plus an amazing boat trip on the Sea Screamer where we had a Dolphin jumping behind the boat).  Clearwater is an amazing area and has a lovely beach, just sitting there and relaxing in the sun was a great break from parks and I’d recommend everyone head down to the Gulf Coast.  It was one of our highlights of the entire trip.


Another highlight was when we took a drive out to Boggy Creek and went out on a air boat, it was fantastic, gliding across the water and doing plenty of animal spotting including Bald Eagles, Cranes and a few small Alligators.   If you have never done an air boat ride, put it on your must do list.
Celebration is another hidden gem within Orlando, we headed over to there on the way back from Daytona and I have to say its a lovely little town to do a bit of shopping and relaxing.  We just sat on some rocking chairs under a umbrella watching the alligators on the lake for hours.  Another highlight of our trip, a amazing place.

Last year we spent a day at NASA and another day at SeaWorld which we didn’t do this trip however we headed over Universal for a day at both parks.  Again these were really enjoyable as my wife had never been to a Universal park and I hadn’t been since 2000 (though I did go to the LA one in 2005) so almost all of the original Universal park was new with the amazing Transformers ride (the best ride of the trip in my view), the Minions, Simpsons and obviously Harry Potter.   We had a great couple of days at Universal though I have to admit, Citywalk isn’t a touch on Downtown Disney, if you don’t want to eat there isn’t much to do there (though there was a cool little shop with loads of funky Vinyls in).


Overall, we had an amazing holiday over in Florida and we had a blast.  We mixed up the Disney with non-Disney stuff which was fantastic for us, we tried to relax more by trying to take our time, as 1 week last year was just insane.  So we really took our time to enjoy it and to take those moments to stop, 2 weeks in Orlando is a marathon and taking rest days or just parts of a day to slow things down really made a difference.


Turbo by Sherman Sung (photo by Dylan Pommer).

NOTE: I am well aware that this article is a bit on the late side, and my apologies. As with life, things get crazy. Just so happened that mine got crazy right when I got back from vacation at WDW, which didn’t help. Thanks again to all of these talented artists who contributed to this great swap, and for your patience while I sorted thru the pictures and got this article together!

While I was down at Walt Disney World for the Reflections of Evil trade event, I had the privledge to hold the photo shoot for our newest Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Swap… Disney Villains. On a beautiful morning on Sunset Boulevard, my friend and VK colleague Joshua Pirtle (or JEP to you all) met up in front of the Tower of Terror. The ride was still closed down, so we had to improvise where to set up. I think we found a pretty decent spot. While people gathered around to see what awesome vinyls I had out, the group shot containing all 26 entries happened.


Yes, it was on top of one of the trash bins… not much room anywhere else on Sunset for almost 30 vinyls.


From there, individual pictures were taken throughout Walt Disney World. Where possible, I tried to match as best as I could character to movie/ show. Granted, a few had to be improvised… but that’s showbiz, kid. Check ’em out!

Magic Kingdom

Jack the Monkey by Sophie Gates, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack the Monkey by Sophie Gates, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Br'er Bear by Bethany Gwyther, Splash Mountain

Br’er Bear by Bethany Gwyther, Splash Mountain

Caterpillar from "The Big Stops Here" (The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh) by Kimberly Hawk, The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Caterpillar from “The Big Stops Here” (The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh) by Kimberly Hawk, The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Emperor Zurg by Catherine Liu, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

Emperor Zurg by Catherine Liu, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Ursula by Courtney Arndt, Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Ursula by Courtney Arndt, Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid.



Red Skull by Patrick Thai, Germany Pavilion

Red Skull by Patrick Thai, Germany Pavilion.

Captain Pete (The Three Musketeers) by Arjan deWit, France Pavilion.

Captain Pete (The Three Musketeers) by Arjan deWit, France Pavilion.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Ursula by Cody Shawe, Under the Sea.

Ursula by Cody Shawe, Under the Sea.

Scar by Michael Gall, Pride Lands.

Scar by Michael Gall, Pride Lands.

Zira by Kathlene Evans, Pride Lands

Zira by Kathlene Evans, Pride Lands


Downtown Disney

Clu (TRON) by Matt Ferry, Disney Quest.

Clu (TRON) by Matt Ferry, Disney Quest.

Cyrus (TRON) by Edward Brut, Disney Quest.

Cyrus (TRON) by Edward Brut, Disney Quest.

Maleficent by Melissa Carlson, LEGO Store.

Maleficent by Melissa Carlson, LEGO Store.


Jack in the Box (Fantasia 2000) by Jennifer Bednarski, Once Upon a Toy.

Jack in the Box (Fantasia 2000) by Jennifer Bednarski, Once Upon a Toy.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Miss Poogy by Jimmy Matejek, Muppet Vision 3D

Miss Poogy by Jimmy Matejek, Muppet Vision 3D

Mad Doctor by Joshua Pirtle, Magic of Disney Animation.

Mad Doctor by Joshua Pirtle, Magic of Disney Animation.

Maleficent by Albert Avila, Villains in Vogue.

Maleficent by Albert Avila, Villains in Vogue.

Darth Vader by Paul Griffin, Star Tours.

Darth Vader by Paul Griffin, Star Tours.

Mr. Winkie by James Hawk, Magic of Disney Animation.

Mr. Winkie by James Hawk, Magic of Disney Animation.

Little Suzy by Scott Morris, Phineas and Ferb Meet 'n' Greet.

Little Suzy by Scott Morris, Phineas and Ferb Meet ‘n’ Greet.

Magic Mirror by Jason Cracraft-Windell, Villains in Vogue.

Magic Mirror by Jason Cracraft-Windell, Villains in Vogue.

Megavolt by Travis Denman, Magic of Disney Animation.

Megavolt by Travis Denman, Magic of Disney Animation.

The Horned King by Dylan Pommer, Magic of Disney Animation.

The Horned King by Dylan Pommer, Magic of Disney Animation.

Don Karnage by Rebecca Adams, Magic of Disney Animation.

Don Karnage by Rebecca Adams, Magic of Disney Animation.

Sadly, a couple of pictures were lost, but with the help of the people who received the customs in the swap, i present to you the final two in this swap:

Turbo by Sherman Sung (photo by Dylan Pommer).

Turbo by Sherman Sung (photo by Dylan Pommer).

Reflections of Evil Logo by Roger Palmer (photo by Jason Cracraft-Windell).

Reflections of Evil Logo by Roger Palmer (photo by Jason Cracraft-Windell).

I would like to thank all of the artists involved. This was our biggest swap to date , and taking your customs throughout Walt Disney World was a true honor.

Our next Custom Swap is in full swing and it’s theme is The Haunted Mansion. Sign-ups already ended and customs are starting to trickle in. To follow all of the fun and get sneak peeks at the new customs, like our Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Swaps Facebook page.

have a wonderful weekend everyone.





Since before I even decided to go to Reflections of Evil, I wanted to do an in-park Vinylmation giveaway. The problem lied in the fact that, although I consider myself a decent custom artist, I do not have the time to create a lot of customs in my spare time. The projects I do for myself and friends, as well as the bi-monthly Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Swaps, virtually take all of my time. However, seeing the custom artists bring joy an smiles to people in the parks by giving out free customs was awesome to see, and something I felt I needed to do.

The idea for the first ever Vinylmation Kingdom/ Artists Unleashed Custom Giveaway just sort of formed while talking to a couple of my friends who did custom work more often than I did, but can’t get to the parks. I thought “If I could get to the parks and give out THEIR customs to promote their art… that could be a match that would benefit everyone.” And thus, the giveaway began.

I was pleased to get seven of my friends, all up and coming Vinylmation artists, to contribute to the giveaway. The customs had no theme to them, and ranged from Disney driven to Urban art to abstract… and even one where the art will be a collaborative effort between winner and artist (in the form of a coupon). The customs themselves were given out throughout the Reflections of Evil Trading Event, where people had to find me after I posted hints as to where I was on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

IMG_8096 IMG_8111 IMG_8098 IMG_8154

Thursday: Sophie won Arjan deWit’s Doodle, while Melanie won Albert Avila’s Urban Bob.

IMG_8198 IMG_8246 IMG_8251 IMG_8253

Friday: Amy won Jason Cracraft-Windell’s coupon and Traci won Jimmy Matejek and Scott Morris’ “Your Future” featuring Walt Disney! 

IMG_8348 IMG_8394 IMG_8407 IMG_8420

IMG_8435 IMG_8436

Sunday: Winners today included James and Kimberly, who won Paul Griffin’s Zombie Mickey; Mery, who won Jennifer Bednarski’s Doorknob; and Lindsey, who won Roger Palmer’s POTC Skeleton.

Were there kinks? Yup… not all of the posts got to Facebook, and one person found me even before I had a chance to post anything TO Facebook. Also, in one case nobody found me one hour after the hints were posted, so a lucky girl standing in a trade line with me won. The fact that she was in tears when i gave her the swag back with the custom coupon in it was enough for me to know that I did the right things with that one.

All in all, the hard work of my custom artist friends paid off, bringing smiles to seven awesome Vinylmation collectors over the course of the weekend. I was happy to lug the swag bags around and it was fun meeting these people, some of whom I never met before.

I also was able to get some of the vinyls photographed around WDW in the wild. Sadly, Roger’s Skeleton pictures came out way too dark (tried to stupidly do it inside the ride)… sorry Rog!

100_9633 100_9626

100_9573 100_9571 100_9542

IMG_7895 100_9599 IMG_8329

I will be back in Walt Disney World come January… perhaps we shall do it again. Stay tuned!


Today I continue photo coverage of my Disney Infinity Toy Box opening up around Walt Disney World and releasing its’ characters out to play. Without further adieu…


Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Kingdom

Captains Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Davy Jones took to the high seas… or in this case Adventureland… for a fun photo shoot around the Pirates of the Caribbean. Fun Fact: The opening boat sequence of the Pirates playset in Disney Infinity was set to recreate how guests enter the town of Tortuga in the ride.


100_9465 100_9463

100_9472 100_9471



Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

From there, it was off to Frontierland, where the Lone Ranger and Tonto sized up the town, ready to defend it against any outlaws.


100_9475 100_9484

Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom

Not to be outdone, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey wanted to get in on the action at the Magic Kingdom, posing with its’ icon.


Radiator Springs, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

From there the Toy Box traveled over to the newest resort at WDW, the Art of Animation Resort, where I found the gang from CARS back out of the box having fun with their counterparts around Radiator Springs.


100_9725 100_9724 100_9735 100_9736

100_9731 100_9739 100_9745 100_9747

Ramone loves McQueen's new look.

Ramone loves McQueen’s new look.

Epcot’s Character Spot, Epcot    &   Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Before leaving WDW, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey had a small request, which the Toy Box granted…. because as Walt put it “It all started with a mouse.”


IMG_8044 IMG_8045


Special thanks to all of the wonderful Disney cast members who helped make this shoot possible, from the characters to the Photo Pass people to the ones who didn’t make me move my setup even if I was probably interrupting the flow of traffic. I think this edition of the Toy Box in WDW was a success, and I hope to do it again come January.

Have a magical day!


I am in the process of breaking down all of the fun pictures from my trip to Walt Disney World last week, but couldn’t wait to share with all of you Part 1 of an exciting project that took place down there.

Throughout the vacation, my Disney Infinity Toy Box opened up at various locations throughout WDW for some very fun photo shoots with your favorite Disney Infinity characters. Here we go….


Test Track, Epcot

The Toy Box was first spotted at Epcot’s Test Track ride, where the characters from CARS and CARS 2 came out to play.


After posing outside for the group shot, the gang wanted to go inside and visit the Chevrolet Showroom and have some fun with the Test Track design module.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation... Crystal McQueen.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation… Crystal McQueen.


After that, the gang wanted to cool off nearby at the Cool Wash, where one can mist off and grab a cold drink or snack to beat the heat.

100_9412 100_9411


Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

From there, the Toy Box appeared over at DHS, where it opened up near the backlot by the Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet. Sadly class was in evening session, so the real Mike and Sulley were not available. However, these guys still had fun, reliving their adventures around MU.


100_9601 100_9603 100_9602

The Incredibles Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Across the park, the Toy Box opened up once again, this time in The Magic of Disney Animation. There, the gang from The Incredibles posed for some shots while they waited for the heroes to show.


What’s that? Syndrome has hatched a plan? It’s a good thing Frozone was there to save the day!


Well, that concludes Part 1. No worries, the Toy Box opened up throughout the week. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming early this week.



A week after the Reflections of Evil trading event in Orlando, some of those unsold RSP items have made their way to D-Street, much like last years Popcorn Dumbo Variant and more recently with the D23 Expo.  There looks to only be the Beagle Brothers, Madam Mim and Angry Sulley Popcorn variant available as all the other 13 figures must have sold out.


Thanks to our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange and @vinylguy87 for sharing this image.

What do you think about Reflections of Evil vinyls being on sale at D-Street?


Today Disney have announced a new trade event for Walt Disney World for October 22nd which will once again grace the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.



Trading Night at the Walt Disney World Resort

October 22

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Calling all Traders! Disney Trading Night will take place October 22 from 6 – 9 p.m. at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. So if you are looking to meet avid and novice traders, make friends, or share stories about your collections, then this is the place for you. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a special product signing with Artists from the Disney Design Group.

Reminders:  The specific location of Trading Night will be in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill Restaurant area, adjacent to the lobby. Space is extremely limited. Please limit the number of items that you choose to bring. The Product Preview Section and Artist Signing Area remain, but the Vinylmation team will not offer trading at their table. If you are in need of a snack while you trade, Food & Beverage concession areas will be open.