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Hello everyone! Welcome to Disney Dollar Deals! This week’s theme is on Disney’s Studio, Pixar to celebrate the new Disney Pixar Villains. These is sort off a two series piece with six exclusive Vinylmations being sold only at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and eight other Vinylmations being sold as normal on 18th August. So let’s start!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide! 

Disney Store:

Voucher Codes:


Unfortunately this week the Disney Store don’t have anything which fit into the theme, apart from the Finding Nemo Jrs ,which we featured last week. Still, we have some awesome voucher codes which you can use with our next order!


$15 Off when you spend $100 plus Free shipping- Code:DMR15

Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more- Code: SHIPMAGIC



Current Listings:


Monsters University: Carrie Williams- $6.22 

Carrie Williams from the Pixar, Monsters University Series has been recently listed on ebay by the seller “laughingsports5211”. The vinylmation also comes with its original box and foil, which is a nice edition to some collectors.


The seller “laughingsports5211” has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA, so nothing really to worry about when it comes to scrappers.


Pixar Series 2: Alpha Dog- $9.99


Next we have the Alpha Dog Vinylmation from Pixar Series Two. The Vinylmation is only shipped on its own but you can request the box and foil which was stated would increase the price.


The seller “3_martin_girls” has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA.




Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: 

Here are some Pixar related sales and trades going on at the moment in the group!

10386271_10202097197414667_5866500885866130710_n 10410605_10203745405227909_676165593747946270_n 10464007_728579169734_5733973395570287710_n


Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:
Here is this weeks most expensive Vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey Vinylmations around.


Pixar Series 1: Pixar Ball Chaser 

For this weeks most expensive vinylmation we have the Pixar Ball Chaser from the pixar series one series. The series includes 11 common vinylmations and of course one chaser.

pixar chaser 2

The seller who recently listed the item ships from the USA and has 99.6% Positive feedback. The price listed is $99.99 which is a massive increase. At the moment, these chaser is being sold for an average of $30!

Who’s That Vinylmation?!

Congratulations to Matt and Caleb who guessed correctly last week. The distorted Vinylmation was Nemo from Pixar Series one!


Here is this week’s distorted Vinylmation! If you think you know which Vinylmation this is and from which series, don’t forget to comment down below your answer!

distorrted image pixar

Competition Time!

Vinylmation Kingdom luckly have a Hopper San diego comic con exclusive vinylmation to give away to our readers! If you would like to be in a chance of winning, check out out how to here: http://vinylmationkingdom.com/2014/07/26/win-sdcc-hopper-vinylmation-kingdom-disney-store/

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Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vktrading/
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All listings, vouchers and prices are correct as of the 27th July 2014. Voucher codes credit to Retailmenot.com



Well, this morning I was greeted with another box of puzzle pieces from Disney Consumer Products. Yesterday’s package contained what looked like Hopper from A Bug’s Life, and soon there after, pictures from other media outlets confirmed that San Diego Comic Con will be getting a line of Pixar Villains Vinylmations this year. Today, I got more pieces for Hopper, and a clearer idea of the puzzle.


Looks like each puzzle is made of 15 pieces. If trend continues, the final box should appear tomorrow. looking forward to seeing how the others pan out today, as Inside the Magic has Chef Skinner, Stitch Kingdom has Zurg, and Vinylmation World… well, their’s is not conclusive yet.

Stay tuned as we update throughout the day with more completed puzzles from our other media friends.


Throughout the day, our media friends have also posted updated pics of Chef Skinner (Inside the Magic), Zurg (Stitch Kingdom), Stinky Pete (Vinylmation World), and a new one from Chip and Company… Randall!

skinner zurg photo-41 randall-498x499

Update 2: And Destination Vinylmation also got sent one of these boxes showing off Incrediboy

incredible boy

Tomorrow we all should be getting more puzzle pieces. Stay Tuned!


Bethany Norris upcoming series “Disney Switch Up Series” is a unique series based on female characters “switching up” their outfits with a male counterpart from the same movie. This series will go on sale May 19th but we’ll be revealing  two pieces from her series each day this week. Let’s go ahead and reveal the first two Disney Switch Ups.



The first two designs to be revealed are Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog  wearing the outfit of her love, Prince Naveen. The next reveal is Alice from Alice in Wonderland wearing the outfit of the Mad Hatter from the classic animated feature.

This series will have 10 Vinylmations in the set. Come back tomorrow for the next two reveals!











Vinylmation Artists Unleashed: Bethany Norris’s Disney Switch Up Series


We’re back with our fourth edition of The Refined Collector!  If you have missed the previous editions, you can see them HERE. We’ve featured Star Wars, Muppets, and Donald Duck fans But what is The Refined Collector? If you are reading this article you are most likely a Vinylmation collector. We want to spotlight people who have specific things they collect. It could be all Figment Vinylmations or Disney dogs.  You might collect everything Toy Story related or you’re amazed at how many 3D Mickeys your best friend has. These collections will consist of official Vinylmations and custom pieces from the amazing Custom Vinylmation Community. With the introductory spiel out of the way, let’s take a look at the fourth Refined Collector featuring the Buzz Lightyear collection of Roman Rodriguez.



The Refined Collector Files 004
Name: Roman Rodriguez
Obsession: Buzz Lightyear


Thanks for joining us Roman. So, how did you get into Vinylmations?
I got into vinylmations a few years back. We took a family trip to WDW and we wanted to get the entire Toy Story set. We were missing Buzz and we had to buy a bunch until we bloxed Buzz.buzz5

Why did you begin collecting Buzz?
Buzz quickly became our theme as it was a challenge to get him. When I started to collect customs that was the only I wanted to get.buzz2

What is your favorite Disney Buzz Vinylmation?
My favorite is the Original Toy Story Buzz. He was the one who started it all and introduced me to this wonderful community of collectors.buzz1

How Many Custom Buzz Lightyear Vinylmatons do you Have?
I currently have close to 30 Buzzes. In addition, I have a few from great artists coming my way.


Do you have a favorite custom?
I do have a favorite custom. It is one that my son Roman Sebastian made for me.

What future Vinylmations would you like made to add to your collection?

At this time I need to get the trading nights vinylmations. I am in Cincinnati and not able to make it to the trade nights. I hope some of my friends in the community would help me get them.buzzlightyeartrading

Anything else to add?

I love collecting and making Vinylmations you can see my work at www.facebook.com/romanrodriguezart

Which was your first custom Vinylmation? My first custom was Mr. Smee. I wanted to create a custom and Mr. Smee for some reason came to mind.


Thanks so much to Roman Rodriguez for sharing his Buzz Lightyear collection. Check out his Facebook page to see some of the customs he has made! Collecting is fun but collecting what you love is what makes this hobby amazing.If you would your unique collection to be featured in the Refined Collector,  contact us here at VK!



Once a month we will begin giving away Vinylmation prizes at Vinylmation Kingdom. The prizes will change each month but to be eligible, you have to do the following three things:

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It’s that easy! The first prize will be announced Saturday evening!

We just announced our first winner on Sunday. Who will be the next?


I know. We just got series 2. And if it’s anything like last time we’re gonna have to wait another two years before we see a third Park Starz series. But I think it’s safe to say it’s gonna happen, and hey it’s never too soon to speculate, right?

Leave your 12 picks/guesses in the comments below.

Here are mine (in no particular order):

1. Tiki Drummer (The Enchanted Tiki Room)

We got Jose in series 1. Another bird would be easy (use the same mold, maybe add a feature or two and different paint job). But it would be cool to have something different. Even Tangaroa or one of the tiki gods. But my pick would be one of the drummers with a drum accessory.

Tiki Drummers. Photo courtesy of Flickeflu.com.

2. SMRT-1 (CommuniCore)

I’m a huge fan of old EPCOT (and robots in general) so I was thrilled that Robot Butler was included in the first series. SMRT-1 was basically the mascot of CommuniCore. I think Jones and Scott could make a really fun design with it.

SMRT-1 in EPCOT’s CommuniCore. Photo courtesy of LostEpcot.com.

3. Another Haunted Mansion Ghost

Preferably another hitchhiker. It would be great to have all 3 in Park Starz form.

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts! Photo courtesy of TVtropes.org.


4. Officer Calvin Blue (Buena Vista Street)

There are four members of the Citizens of Buena Vista Street clan and I think Calvin or Molly the Messenger would make for the best vinyls.

Officer Calvin Blue of the Citizens of Buena Vista Street. Photo courtesy of CharacterCentral.net.

5. Another Small World Kid

The accessories really make these. Lot of options.

So many to choose from! Photo courtesy TheLongThread.com.

6. Buzzy (Cranium Command)

Another Epcot character from the days of old.

Photo courtesy the Disney Parks Blog.

7. Sonny Eclipse (Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe)

8. Skippy (Alien Encounter)

Photo courtesy Disney.wikia.com.


9. Dream Finder (Journey into Imagination)

Everybody loves Figment. And he’s gotta have his buddy.

Dreamfinder and Figgy. Photo courtesy of AttractionsMagazine.com.











10. Prison Dog (Pirates of the Caribbean)

“Nice doggy. Come here doggy.” Photo courtesy of DisneyandMore.blogspot.com.

11. John (Carousel of Progress)

Photo courtesy of Commons.Wikimedia.org.

12. Mara (Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye)

“Don’t look into the eye!” Photo courtesy of Disneywizard.angelfire.com.


From the first two series it’s pretty safe to assume most of these guys are going to be characters (and most of them original to the parks). But I would love to see vinyls in the same vein for ride vehicles and attractions. My friend Josh and I were talking about how something like that could be the Park Starz equivalent of what the 9″ guys are to the regular Vinylmation lines. (Who wouldn’t want a vinyl style Haunted Mansion or Jungle Cruise boat?)



Welcome to the first installment of Blue Sky Vinylmation. If you are unfamiliar with the term blue sky, it generally refers to when imagineers design new things, regardless of cost or chance of becoming a reality. In this space we will do just that: design our own dream vinylmation sets, limited editions, and standalones.

For my first dream set, I’ll head to Epcot, where there are plenty of opportunities for designs. Because of the diversity on display in World Showcase, it only makes sense to look at the costumes that the Cast Members wear. Before we discuss a full set of 12, let’s look at existing vinylmation for some inspiration.

We have already seen costume wearing vinylmation from other previous series:


Cast Member Exclusive Ambassador


Dapper Dan


Coming back to Epcot, it only makes sense to show each country’s culture and traditions. And since there are 11 countries, we have a set that is easy to put together. Let’s look at each country and what could be:


Canada: Nothings says Canadian like lumberjack clothing… Seriously folks, we don’t dress like this on the worst of days.


UK: Clothing of a time gone by. Maybe they could showcase the hat lady instead.



France: I say they add a wine glass in hand…


Morocco:  Could end up with some interesting looks here, including the belly dancers!


Japan:  The costumes are colourful and have so much detail that could translate well to a Vinylmation



American Adventure:  Disney has done period clothing on Vinylmation before (Park 7 America on Parade) so this shouldn’t be a stretch


Italy:  Should be pretty straight forward here.

Germany:  One word… Lederhosen

China:  Similar to Japan, costumes could have lots of detail.

Norway:  White blouse and fancy skirt would like nice on a vinyl

Mexico:  Guarantee the vinyl will have a sombrero, or it just wouldn’t look right.

Chaser:  I think the generic flag shirt worn during Food and Wine would work well here.


Disney could even do a combo set that contains the Disney characters dressed in the clothing from the host countries.  They’ve done it before on plush, so it should be an easy transition.

Thanks for joining me on my first post.  I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to my future posts.


The Disneyland Resort just got merrier, as the holiday season has officially hit the parks. I took the recently released Santa Mickey vinyl for a tour of DCA and Disneyland.

Radiator Springs is covered head to toe in decorations for the season. Even old Stanley is sporting a Santa hat and bag.

The Cozy Cone Motel thinks orange should be more than just a Halloween color.

That Mater loves the holidays. The “star” of his tree is a spark plug.


Thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom Forum member JDub11, we now know the base set of 11 Robot 3 vinylmations. According to the cast member he talked to, this is the lineup:

1. White Rabbit
2. Tigger
3. Pooh
4. LGM
5. Grumpy
6. Mickey
7. Minnie
8. Donald
9. Queen of Hearts
10. Mad Hatter
11. Pinocchio

Here are the pics again we’ve seen:

No chaser yet of course but could we see Stitch? Pluto? a Princess? Who do you want it to be?

Facebook is a wonderful tool for vinylmation traders. Not only can you keep in
touch with your family members, browse through Vinylmation Kingdoms page for all
the latest news *wink*, look through your friends dirty laundry from the comforts of a
Starbucks with a frappuccino in hand, but you can also enjoy a wonderful online trading
experience with your fellow vinylmation enthusiasts.

I’m pretty new to online trading, actually new to trading with other collectors in
general, until recently I’ve only used the trading boxes at Disneyland. In fact, I
attended my first trade night at Paradise pier earlier this year, so you can imagine how
intimidating the idea of online trading was for someone as inexperienced as myself.

I’ve read comments in the past on Facebook, about people getting the figures they
need to complete a set by trading online, but never really looked into it. So I hit the
official vinylmation page first for some reference. Started reading through the posts,
learning how people in general will post a picture of all their trades, and will post a list of
their wants in the comments. Once a person shows interest in making a trade, they will
usually PM (private message) each other, and go over the details in private.

I also noticed many people posting vinyls for sale hoping to find a buyer and make
some money. Usually the vinylmations are fairly priced, unless their rare figures such as
the Park Starz Bride Variant, then you’ll be charged a hefty price. Which is misfortunate
because the mouse tends to drain your bank account as it is. Caution! Beware of
sharks while surfing the net.

After talking to several people, I was referred to Vinylmation Exchange, which I’ve
heard of but never checked out. They have a Facebook page, as well as their own
website online, their a close group so you have to submit a request to join. This is a
place for collectors to either sell or trade vinylmation in a safe controlled environment.
There are a set of rules you must abide by, mainly to be respectful to others, or be
kicked out of the group.

Once my request was approved, I immediately started reading posts, found that
everyone is very friendly, and easy to talk to. This is also a good place to acquire any
city and region exclusives. I noticed many people who either don’t live close to DLR or
WDW, and might not have a disney store in town, depend on groups like this to acquire
vinylmations that otherwise would prove too difficult or impossible to get.

Not long after joining the group I was invited to join another one, Disney-Mation
AnonyMOUSE, another closed group on Facebook where you can also trade vinylmations and pins with other collectors. Again, people are very friendly, easy to talk to, and a lot of fun.

It is through these groups that I learned of the “RAK” Random Act of Kindness.
Where someone will raffle or give a vinylmation for free to a random member. They
usually raffle or hold a mini contest and select a winner randomly. Some will ask
members to name their favorite villain and the reason why, or tell your fondest memory
of the park, or simply just pick a number.

You will also see many custom artists posting their creations to show or to put up for
sale. Let me tell you, there a lot of talented people out there, so much so that Disney
should recruit them to design official vinylmations.

Once I felt comfortable, I decided to post a pic of my trades, and jump right into it.
It was very easy, people immediately started posting comments, making offers, and
sending PM’s to me. When I accepted someone’s offer, we exchanged our mailing
addresses by PM, and mailed the vinyls to each other. There’s a lot of trust involved
here, so you make sure to give each other the “DC” delivery confirmation number, or
tracking number. That way you know the other person mailed the vinyl and you can
track its progress online.

Now, if you make a trade, mail your vinyl, but the other person falters for whatever
reason, let’s say in the worst case lied and just wanted a free vinyl at your expense,
then you can report that person to a group administrator and they will assist you, and
talk to that person. I. The worst case they’ll kick that person out of the group, assuring
they don’t do it to someone else, unfortunately you’ll be short one vinyl. Which is why
I STRONGLY recommend you only trade in closed groups, they’ll have administrators
that will monitor the group, to ensure everyone is being respectful and assist you if a
problem arises.

If you are lucky enough to live nearby Disneyland and you find a trader who also lives
close by. You can arrange to meet in front of D-street and make the trade in person.
Unfortunately many people aren’t so lucky so they have to trade online.

You’ll find a lot of people are genuine and accommodate other traders because they
know it can be hard for you depending where you live. If there are certain vinyls you
can’t seem to find by blind boxing or aren’t in the stores no more, you can usually find
someone who has them for trade on Facebook. For example, Lion King, Villains 1, any
set that has been retired, and region exclusives like the ones in Japan.

All in all if you’re new to vinylmation trading either online or in general, and live too far
away from the parks and other collectors. Fret not, Facebook is there to open the doors
to other traders, and to those vinylmations that til now have been out of your reach.