captain america variant

With the release of the new Avengers Vinylmation series, there were 3 variants and a chaser to uncover. Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Russell Jason, many collectors believe this is the 1/96 ratio variant is and its an unmasked Captain America, as Steve Rogers.

captain america variant

What do you think of this variant?


In this episode of the Vinylmation Kingdom Podcast, Roger discusses all of this weeks Disney Vinylmation news including the new Marvel Red Hulks twin pack plus the latest on the new Agent Coulson/Nick Fury and Gravity Falls twin packs coming soon. Plus more details on the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland Vinylmations and much more.

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Disney held a special press event to launch the Disneyland 60th Anniversary and there were some items available for display including some new Vinylmations. Some of which we had seen before, but now we have a few more clearer images.

Disney released some official images from the display. This photo shows a Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride Park Starz (which we saw at the Imagination Gala, last year) plus there is a clear shot of a Disneyland 3″ Vinylmation.

CCkwHp1WEAA-6zx.png largeThis image from @, shows a little more detail of two of the Park 16 Vinylmations, and its also worth noting that the box is still labeled as Park 16 (no sign of 15 yet). And we aren’t yet 100% if these are in the blind box series or a possible Eachez release.

11137600_634248913375686_1996560601_nIn this image from @, here is a clear shot of the Park Starz variant figures which include the Bride from the Haunted Mansion, Jose from the Tiki Room, Skeleton from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Snowman from the Matterhorn.


In this image from Disney, we get a clear shot of the Twin Pack Mickey & Minnie at the front, which is a LE2500. But also on the side, we can see two different Vinylmation’s in what look to be a glass circle. We don’t know much about these yet, but they aren’t anything we have seen with Vinylmation before.

CCkZvNmW0AEBVMh.jpg large

We don’t have any official release information for these Vinylmation, but once we do, we will share them with you.

What do you think of these Vinylmations?


If you are a parent, there is a really good chance that you’ve been singing “Let It Go” for roughly two years.  There is an even better chance that you are possibly “Frozen-ed out” by now.  The movie was released 2 years ago, yet this Disney money train shows no signs of stopping.

We now have the new Frozen Fun located at California Adventures,  plus the newly released Frozen short, and the announcement of new movie Frozen 2. With this extreme popularity and success, many Vinylmation fans were sold the minute they heard a new Frozen Vinylmation set would be released.  Before photos were released, many of us had ambitions of buying a set and collecting all of these impossible to fail Vinylmations.  After all, look at the Anna/Elsa box set.  There is no way this new Vinylmation set could let us down.  It’s gotta be a no brainer.  Then we saw the pictures….6387047711606-1

Once the pictures hit the internet, I was disappointed.  I tried desperately to get excited for this set. I looked at the pictures sideways, upside down, from far away, from up close.  Anything to change my perspective and persuade myself that I truly need this set. No matter what I did, I could not get myself to want this set.

The set consists of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Hans, and the Trolls. We now also know that the chaser is Summertime Olaf.  Out of the entire set, I would say that this chaser is my favorite piece.  But that’s not saying much given the competition within the set. When compared to the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast sets, these Vinylmations just didn’t do this hit movie the justice it deserves.

Of course, this is just one man’s opinion, but it seems like this is the general consensus behind this set.  How do you feel about this set?

vinylmation tag

In this video, Roger shares his thoughts on Vinylmation by answering these questions, in this Vinylmation Tag Video.

1. Which is your oldest Vinylmation?
2. Which is your newest Vinylmation?
3. A Vinylmation featuring your favorite character.
4. A Vinylmation with a year or date on it.
5. A Vinylmation that has a funny story behind it.
6. Vinylmation with the most sentimental value.
7. The Vinylmation that took you the longest to find / get.


Share with us your responses to these questions, by Twitter, Facebook or on Youtube.


Thanks to Sarah Snitch for the idea.

vinylmation tag


park starz variants 60th

This past week, Disney revealed a new video showing off a first look at some of the new Disneyland 60th Anniversary items which included a few sneak peeks at some new Vinylmation that will be released alongside this celebration. Its a bit difficult to work out what some of these new Vinylmations are, but here are some ideas and information we already know about.
disneyland 60th vinylmation sneakSadly, these Vinylmation were very far in the background and it is difficult to see exactly what is coming out, There looks to also be either a blind box from Park 16 or a possible Eachez on the right and on the left it looks like we will have a twin pack featuring Mickey & Minnie in their 60th Anniversary outfits, which are similar to these plushes.

disneyland 60th 2We first found out about a Vinylmations featuring a new Park blind box series and a Park Starz Bride & Pirate twin pack at the Imagination Gala, last September. And looking at this image from the video, we can see a number of unknown Vinylmations plus the two known Park Starz variant and what looks to be a Silver version of the Matterhorn’s Abominable Snowman.disneyland 60th vinylmation sneak 2Here are the previews from the Imagination Gala:

60th anniversary vinylmation imagination gala previewpark starz variants 60th

What is interesting is that this Park series is labeled as Series 16, yet we haven’t seen series 15? If this series is due out in late May or afterwards, could they have changed the number or perhaps slide out two series over the summer?

You can view the video below:

What do you think of these previews?


We always love sharing images of what is currently available at D-Street and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd, we can see what Vinylmations you could pick up if you visit D-Street in Walt Disney World. There is a wide selection of figures currently available including the new Mickey Mouse Shorts, Gravity Falls, 101 Dalmatians and many more.

What would you add to your collection?








star wars 9 inch 2015

Today the Disney Park Blog has posted an update on the Star Wars Weekends and they have given us a early preview of some new Star Wars Vinylmations that will be out in May including a awesome 9″ & 3″ Death Star combo plus a few characters from the new Star Wars series 5, which features Leia and a Tie-Fighter pilot.

star wars 9 inch 2015What do you think of these new Star Wars figures?

Here is the full story:

The Official Disney Park Blog has posted some details on some new Star Wars merchandise for the Star Wars Weekends that are coming in May. Included in some of these previews include some new Pins, figures, Magic Bands and Vinylmations.

SWGG740161-613x501Star Wars Weekends 2015 returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on Friday, May 15. To kick off this event, Disney Theme Park Merchandise is holding a special ticketed event called “Galactic Gathering” on Thursday, May 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Similar to the “Rebel Rendezvous” event held last year, this year’s event will give guests the first opportunity to purchase new products created especially for Star Wars Weekends.


Packages for the Galactic Gathering will include the following:

  • ‘Rebel’ or ‘Empire’ retail MagicBand (Guests can choose their side when registering online)*
  • Commemorative trading pin*
  • Darth’s Mall Light Speed Pass which gives expedited entry into Darth’s Mall for all five weekends.*
  • First opportunity to pre-purchase select merchandise including personalized Aurebesh nametags, D-Tech phone cases, Dooney & Bourke handbags, Galactic Gathering Disney Gift card, retail MagicBands, limited edition pins and Vinylmation.
  • First opportunity to purchase the new designs of Star Wars-themed Disney Gift Cards.
  • Han Solo-inspired popcorn bucket with popcorn.

Guests who attend this event will also have the opportunity to meet Disney characters, Disney Design Group Artists and Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe.

star wars 9 inch 2015Finally, attendees will be some of the first to purchase the new figures for Star Wars D-Tech Me including a Jedi Knight and a TIE-Fighter pilot.


Tickets to this event are $250 per guest (theme park admission is not included but required to participate in this event).

Registration will begin on March 4 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on

I hope to see you there!

*These items will only be available to Galactic Gathering attendees.

The number of packages available is limited and available while supplies last on a first come, first serve basis. Event package and content are not subject to discounts. Appearances are subject to space and time availability and are not guaranteed. Tickets are non-refundable. Event information subject to change without notice.



In this episode of the Vinylmation Kingdom Webcast, Roger discusses this weeks Vinylmation news which include the new Lilo & Stitch Hawaii Exclusive twin pack, the Mickey Mouse Shorts series and the new releases of the St Patrick’s Day & Easter Eachez. Roger also talks about the recent Trade Night at Walt Disney World and gives some tips on how to pick up the latest Vinylmation from before they sell out. And Roger announces the winner of the Disneyland Paris Olaf Competition.

vk webcast episode 22

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