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From the Vinylmation Vault Alumni Association or VVAA this week we have what I consider to be one of the most underrated series out there today. The Mascot Open Edition only has four vinyl’s in this series and each one is a huge hit for me. What appealed to me the most was all the “fall” Looking matte finished complementary colors that were used on each character. I just love Matte finish. Don’t get me wrong some vinyl’s look way better with a glossy finish but the Matte finish & gorgeous “Fall” colors are my favored choice.


Donald at Duke University


Mascot Donald’s has wonderfully colored Steel Blue sweater with the Maroon colored letter “D” on his chest that could perhaps stand for either Duke or Delaware University or even Disney University. Donald adorns a cap that is colored the same as his sweater that adds a nice touch to the outfit. Then as I look s bit more I noticed that the artist ever so slightly changed Donald’s eyes to have a darker shade of blue as well, which I just love. For the longest time Donald Duck has been my favorite character but as I grew older I noticed I grew tired of his easily angered & envious demeanor and eventually I grew tired his curmudgeonly ways and looked for a character that was a little bit more carefree, but that’s for a different story. Now back to Mascot Donald and why I still love this guy. Now Donald does not always loose his cool and I do like to a point a slightly angered Donald as he becomes very entertaining at that point. So when I first looked at Mascot Donald I absolutely loved his intense and moderately aggravated facial expression!


Goofy at Georgetown University

Mascot Goofy is dressed in a mustard color sweatshirt with a Maroon colored “G” on his chest, which may stand for either Gettysburg College or maybe for Georgetown University. The dark blue foam finger is a nice touch as well. Now unlike Donald Goofy rarely get angered so to see the intense look on his face was a great idea. One more thought on goofy as I look at him I quickly recall all of my favorite cartoon shorts with Goofy trying to demonstrate some type of sport that ultimately ends in some chaotic mess.


Pluto at “Paw Tech”


Mascot Pluto wears a dark maroon sweater adorned with a dark blue letter “P” on the chest. My guess would be is that Pluto had enrolled in and is a huge fan of his Alma Mater “Paw Tech” as he has a firm grip on that pennant and cheering for a Victory for the “Fighting Dog Paws”! Squirrel!


Mickey at Monsters University


Mascot Mickey wears a maroon colored sweatshirt and of course there’s the Universities Mustard colored “M” which can only stand for Monsters University. Well I guess it could also stand for Marceline University as well. Like Donald’s face Mickey’s has that off white color that fits perfectly to the theming. Of course to complete the Retro look for Mickey is wearing sky and dark blue ball-cap with the Colleges “M” embellished in the front.


The whole gang visits Medford College to say hello to their favorite High School professor of Chemistry.


As a whole I really adore these guys a lot and I just love the their facial expressions showing their “Game Face” along with their school colors. Though I eluded earlier on where they all attend College or University by their letter on their sweater/sweater, I must add that the letters on their chest really represents the first letter of each of their names. Though it was fun to imagine what University/College they could be going to.


I actually purchased these at full price at the Disney Store and even though they wound up as clearance eventually I am still very happy with the set. I think it’s the beautifully “Fall Colors” that were used that really drew me to these guys. If you have not collected these well what are you waiting for? Go out there and win one for Walt!

Do you have a favorite Vinylmation that is hiding in the Vinylmation Vault? Let me know and maybe one day I’ll feature it in a future Vinylmation Vault.

Happy Collecting



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Coming out of the vault this week to run and make a muck of things is the Max the Sheepdog from the 1989 hit “The Little Mermaid”! There are two versions of Max each from a different series and both have their own special looks about them. There’s Max from the Furry Friends set that was released and quickly recalled for paint issues in 2011. Then there is Max 2.0 from the Little Mermaid set that was released in August 2013. Though both are the same character I feel that both have their own unique look about themselves. Having been raised with Old English Sheepdogs and currently having one tearing up my house I instantly recognize the looks and what they mean. Though to be honest any dog pretty much gives similar looks.

2014-07-09 10.53.26

Max from the Furry Friends looks like the Sheepdog that greats you at the door when you get home. All excited to see and there is about a 90% chance of getting slobbered on during the “Where did you go? It was like forever since I saw you last!” The muted color tones on this one, along with the rainy storm clouds give a darker look to this one. But I really love the look.

2014-07-09 10.53.41

Max from “The Little Mermaid” gives the appearance the excitement has calmed down a bit but be ready for a jump up to get better attention. The ears are clear on this one and for the most part I like that look but for some reason it just does not work that entirely well.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.13.24 AM

Now how can we not talk about the live action show “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” at Disney Hollywood Studios? There are three reasons why I go to see the performance. Ursula, Ariel ;-) and the most important Max! Tough he is only on stage for a few minutes I just love seeing the live action version. Though I’ve only seen Max a few and rare times I really would love to get a photo with him!

Well that’s all for this weeks Vinylmation Vault and come back again to see what comes out of the Vault. Do you have a vinylmation that you would like to see in future Vault Series? Post a comment below!

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Our current Sheepdog last fall!



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D23 Expo Paul Bunyan and Babe Vinylmation

Coming out of the Vault or should I say out of the forest this week is the D23 LE of 1,000 Paul Bunyan (voiced by Disney legend Thurl Ravenscroft) and his best friend Babe the Blue ox. The story of Paul Bunyan as told by Walt Disney was released as an animated musical short from the American folklore Series in 1958.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.34.58 PM

Lumberjack Carl McNab starts the story of Paul Bunyan


The Story begins with Lumberjack, Carl McNab and how he became the first person to see Paul Bunyan. He continues to explain that after a “Sou Easter” hit his tiny town off the coast of Maine, which almost knocked off the tiny little town “Right off the Map!” In the Morning Carl looks out his window to assess the damage and that where he spotted an odd looking craft on the beach and then he realized that is where the howling was coming from. Carl, his wife and the whole town head over to the odd looking craft to soon realize it looks like a cradle and upon closer inspection, by Carl climbing up to the to look inside where he quickly realize it is a baby boy and “it’s a whopper”!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.38.08 PM

Town officially adopts Paul Bunyan!


The town adopts and raises the boy, giving him the name Paul Bunyan where he grew up as tall as 63 axe handles high tall so as the story/song goes. Doing a quick approximation if an axe is approximately 3 feet tall Paul is about 189 feet tall.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.41.42 PM

A Christmas present from the town!


The story continues with one Christmas Paul gets a wonderful present from the town a double bladed axe. Well Paul took to being a lumberjack rather quick and when he chopped all the wood that was needed for the town he decides to venture out west.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.44.53 PM

Along the way he finds himself a cold, cold blizzard where “even the snow was blue”. He finally decides to stop and make a fire and while attempting to get the fire going he rescues an ox that was “frozen blue just as the snow”. Paul rescues the Ox by placing him over the fire he made to warm him up. Paul named him Babe and they became real pals.

 2014-07-02 17.52.55

Now there is a lot more to the story but I’ll leave that to you to enjoy. The animation in the short is simple but was rather pleasing to watch and that simple look transferred to the Vinylmations as well. Paul, the vinylmation, has a wonderfully scruffy beard that is accompanied by a friendly smile. The blue sky and trees make for a nice background on the “Mickey ears”. Though the animated short said that Paul was given a double-bladed axe vinylmation Paul only has a single sided axe but that’s okay as it is a not that much of a difference. Babe looks great with his trusting smile. He too also carries over well from the screen to vinyl form too. The Mickey ears

Though the animated short Paul Bunyan and their characters are not the same caliber as other Disney films they are still very much part of the rich Disney heritage that we all come to love and admire. If you love the classics like I do then you need to add them to your vinylmation collection!

Well that’s all for this weeks Vinylmation Vault and come back again to see what comes out of the Vault. Do you have a vinylmation that you would like to see in future Vault Series? Post a comment below!

I try to give credit where credit is due but it is difficult sometimes to figure out who is the source that needs recognition so Thanks to any source I have missed.


1958 Animated Short Paul Bunyan

Internet Movie Database

Chasing Vinylmation

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Out of the Vault and into the Mighty Microscope we will head this week for the Park 4 Adventure Thru Inner Space or “A.T.I.S” 9 inch Vinylmation. The beloved Vinyl pays an amazing tribute to the Attraction that called Disneyland home from August 5th 1967 to September 2nd 1985.


atis_colormap_lrgThough having never been able to experience the attraction first hand, I’ve always been fascinated by this Dark ride and the story it told. The “Atommobile” Omnimover vehicle, a first for Disney, would take guests into the Mighty Microscope and “Beyond the Limits of Normal Magnification” to view a snowflake down to it molecular structure.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.42.13 PM


Mickeys face makes up the Colorful snowflake that visible in the queue area just to the right of the Mighty Microscope and the ears are generic snowflakes from the attraction.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.57.42 PM

The arms make up the color spectrum scale located on the Microscope. But what I love is on the front/back of the vinyl is that you one can see the Larger “Atommobiles” entering the Microscope but on the back there are the miniaturized “Atommobiles” continuing thru the clear tube to continue just as the unseen Scientist, narrated by Paul Frees, states “I am the first person to make this fabulous journey. Suspended in the timelessness of inner space are the thought-waves of my first impressions. They will be our only source of contact once you have passed beyond the limits of normal Mag-ni-fi-ca-tion.” which the best part of that greeting is listed on the back of Mickey’s head Beyond the limits of normal Magnification.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.07.59 AM


Through out the ride the narrator thoughts take us from snowflake all the way into the molecular level where we will enter into the oxygen atom itself. Here he sees the Atom but chooses to go no further for fear of shrinking forever.


You are back on visual and returning to your normal size!

As we exit the back into the realm of the molecules we notice (as the narrator explains) the molecules are active, as they have become fluid and the snowflake is melting. Finally the narrator exclaims “YES the snowflake has melted. But there is no cause for alarm. You are back on visual and returning to your normal size.” And here we are greeted with a large eye looking at you from the viewfinder of the microscope and thus the big blue eye on the back of Mickeys left ear stares at you too!

Here are some final notes worth noting about the extinct attraction. When Star Tours – The Ultimate Adventure opened on January 9th 1987 there were a few “nods” to the previous attraction. One was the viewing screen that one of the droids were looking at were one signs used in Adventure Thru inner Space.

Star Tours

During the ride itself when the StarSpeeder 3000 makes a wrong turn into the maintenance bay, flies straight downward, then levels off and finally missing an enclosed office there is the Mighty Microscope on the right. On the current attraction Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, a Mighty Microscope can also be found in one of the three final scenarios when escaping the under-construction Death Star above the planet Geonosis.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.59.56 PM

Left: Star Tours – The Ultimate Adventure (First Star Tours)

Right: Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Well that’s all for this weeks Vinylmation Vault and come back again to see what comes out of the Vault. Do you have a vinylmation that you would like to see in future Vault Series? Post a comment below!

I try to give credit where credit is due but it is difficult sometimes to figure out who is the source that needs recognition so Thanks to any source I have missed.


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2014-06-09 01.33.26

This week on Vinylmation Vault we are going to head over the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to visit Buzz Lightyears’s Space Ranger Spin. Pulling out from the Vault will be Park 5’s Buzz Lightyear XP-37 Space Cruiser and the Park 13 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin “Box ‘O Bot”.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 1.39.33 AMBuzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, which opened in November 1998, shares the same Omni-Mover system and track layout as its predecessors dating all the way back to1972 when the attraction “If you Had Wings” sponsored by Eastern Airlines first called the show building home. However, when the contract was to expire in 1987 Eastern Airlines declined to renew their 15 year contract so “If you had Wings” closed on June 1st 1987 and the attraction re-opened without a sponsor June 5th 1987 as “If you could Fly” sans the Eastern Airlines references and remained open for 18 months.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 1.40.39 AM

The third attraction to call this place home was sponsored by Delta Airlines and was called Delta’s Dreamflight, which opened on June 23rd 1989. During my first visit to the Magic Kingdom in 1994 I had the opportunity to enjoy this attraction and I immediately fell in love with it. It was an amazing attraction. It was simple, whimsical and entertaining. Having an aviation background I really appreciated the work that was done on how well the attraction portrayed the history of aviation and air travel. The theming reminded me a little of how World of Motion was as well as even some aspects of Horizons were. Unfortunately in 1996, Delta like Eastern before it pulled out of sponsorship thus leaving the attraction with no sponsor from January 1st 1996 to June 1st 1996. Again the attraction went through minor changes and re named “Take Flight” which eventually closed on January 5th 1998 and reopened as “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin” on November 3rd 1998.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.45.52 AM


The ride vehicle is called an XP-37, which is basically the same ride car from the previous attractions of course with cosmetic modifications to give it a look and feel of a “Space Cruiser” including the most needed Space Lasers.


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.38.19 AM

The XP-37 rides along the same track layout as before, but the Space Ranger has the ability to freely rotate 360° through out most of the ride.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.29.31 AM

The Park 5’s Buzz Lightyear XP-37 Space Cruiser has a bit of an odd appearance but when you figure it out it all makes sense The Space Laser makes up Mickeys head and the Body is the ride car. Though the Vinylmation is not an exact replica of the ride car it still looks cool. Some people have said that the front if the vinyl is the ride car from Disney World and the Back is from Disneyland but the ride cars in Disneyland are called XP-40’s.


Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.59.53 PM

In the beginning of the ride the Park 13 Box O Bot (Park 13 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is the official name) target makes his appearance. Unfortunately I am usually looking too busy fighting the Gigantobot Robot with the “Space Saw” before I realize to turn around and look at the Box O Bot. Being a bit picky on detail I wanted to see if the 3” Box O Bot had the same number as the full size Box O Bot has. As you can guess the answer was no. The one on the inside of the hands were missing as it would have been pretty darn tough to get them there but the one on that was a bit of a surprise was the one on the left lapel of the full size one was missing.

Update: 06/10/2014 Great Job goes to Bret who pointed out that indeed the Vinylmation Box 0 Bot does have a target on the inside of the left hand! See Picture below.

2014-06-10 21.48.26


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.36.25 AM

Though the Box O Bots look similar between the WDW’s and DL there were enough of differences to call it Park 13 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin as if they just called it the “Box O Bot” people would point out that the DL Version has different shaped “Z” targets on it just like the entire ride does where the WDW version does not.

It amazing that this attraction has not gone through any major refurbishments since it opened nearly sixteen years ago. Well that’s all for this weeks Vault. Till then Happy Collecting.

Maelstrom Under Construction



2014-06-02 00.00.11

Three Headed Troll and Tree Troll Visit the Maelstrom

From the Vault this week I pulled two classic Vinylmations for us to look at. They come from the Maelstrom attraction from the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. Norway is one of my favorite countries in The World Showcase. In previous Vaults I mention that my first trip to previously called EPCOT CENTER was in 1986 and it is now odd that when I walked passed the area that is now called Norway was only a brown foreboding construction wall. I don’t quite recall how much of the Pavilion was built at this time but it just seems odd now that I stood there with only a wooden plaque stating “Norway will open in Spring 1988”.
Norway and specifically the Maelstrom attraction are in my opinion one of the more beautiful and exciting attractions in the World Showcase. Before we enter lets discuss why the attraction is called “Maelstrom” There are several definitions of the word Maelstrom but the one that best fits what Maelstrom is all about which is, “a famous hazardous whirlpool off the NW coast of Norway.”


Saltstraumen is the world’s most powerful maelstrom and is situated outside of Bodø in Arctic Norway.

As you slowly and steadily climb up in your 10th-century-style warrior’s longship in the dark up the incline with the eye of God Odin looking down at you the narrator forewarns you that those who seek the spirit of Norway find adventure and peril. But more often find beauty and charm. The lighting effects are amazing at this point and always send chills up my back as it really gives you a sense that you are about to be sent back in time to a mythical place of an early 10th century Viking Village, and a Norwegian Harbor. Shortly after the narrator warns that “there are those who see Norway’s spirit veil in the land forest and mystery, where trolls still prowl the waters edge.”

Here we finally meet our Vinylmations for this week. From the Park 13 series we have “Maelstrom, Epcot” which has the three headed troll with the starry aura of lights twinkle on the ears of the vinylmation. Accompanying the Trolls in this scene there is the Park Starz Series 2 “Tree Troll”.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.43.32 AM2014-06-02 01.13.45




Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.40.51 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.26.33 AM


“What’s this? How dare you come here “exclaims the Trolls. “Invaders!” yells another one. “Da dis it troll country. Step away be gone. I cast a spell! Yes, Yes. You Disappear. Disappear, Disappear! Back, back over the falls! Ha, ha, ha! During all this excitement one might miss the Tree Troll on the left. Even with his yellow eyes flashing with the rhythmic verses of his three headed brethren chanting nearby.

Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!

The three-headed Troll cast the spell and the flume switches and the boat races backward through the Fjords and the Arctic.

Arctic Polar Bear

Arctic Polar Bear From Maelstrom

As the boat arrives at the cavern of waterfalls another gnome one again switches the flume for a forwards drop into the North Sea where a North Sea oil field during a storm and then finally to a modern day Fishing Village unloading area.

Unloading area

Maelstrom Unloading Area

Stop by and take a picture with me!

3″ Troll suitable for anywhere photos!


Oh as you exit the attraction and head into the Gift Shop make sure that you take a picture of the Park 6 Norway Troll!

See you next time From the Vault!

Oh and here is an interesting photo of the Maelstrom under construction!

Maelstrom Under Construction


10376050_10203419139433422_8401239325175592028_nThis week on Vinylmation Vault we will just be a quick pit stop in another one my retro Epcot Center park favorites, World of Motion and how the Vinylmation hobby as paid its homage to it. With over 30 scenes and 188 Audio Animatronic characters to choose from there has only been one Vinylmation created from this iconic attraction. However, having said that the artist picked a gem and that gem the “Sea Serpent”. This little guy or should I say this big guy can be found in the “Discovery & Renaissance” scene where he is playfully peering into the telescope of a sailor on board his ship. Though the sea serpent loves every minute of his new found fame the poor sailor on the other end is squirming perhaps in disbelief of what he has discovered or should I say what has discovered him! Maria Clapis, who is one of my favorites Vinylmation designers, really did a wonderful job in recreating to sea serpent. She did a wonderful job in capturing his facial expression in great detail. I was impressed on how she captured the playful gaze of the sea serpent had while looking in the telescope. With one eye shut and one huge eye open, this grinning Vinylmation sea serpent is sure to strike unease even the most brave real or vinyl form. Though once you see that playful smile you know he is just a happy and playful “little” guy. 10320533_10203419139753430_1814457073915012650_nSadly, World of Motion closed in 1996 and to make way for a new attraction called Test Track the playful sea serpent and all his friends were evicted. As most people know Disney loves to reuse and re-purpose items that came from closed attractions. Some items wound up in the prop building that is part of the line for the Back Lot Tour in Disney Hollywood Studios. The white vintage car found in the Sunday Drive & Airplanes was re-purposed as part of the queue in original Test Track though since the refurbishment of Test Track the poor white car has been towed and not sure where what lot was impounded to. 10364150_10203419140033437_546505535745644690_nSo where did the sea serpent wind up? Well at one point he was in the Hollywood Back-lot area at Disney California Adventure but now he too is missing maybe perhaps he went to visit his Scottish friend in in the town of Loch Ness in Scotland. Well I am glad I have him in my collection then and I know that this little guy is safe in his display case?? Darn where did he go? He was just here a minute ago.


vinylmation vault

butlerComing from the Vinylmation Vault this week is one of my all time favorite Vinylmation and attraction. I was lucky to have experienced this attraction for the first time in 1986, which actually was my first time to Epcot Center and my first experience to a Disney Park as well. I was in awe of the park and what it had to offer. The attraction was my second ride with Journey into Imagination being the first and from that moment on I became a Fan-Boy of Epcot Center now just called Epcot. Every visit after that I made sure that I made sure to ride Spaceship Earth first (Due to its location at the entrance) and my all time favorite attraction right in the Middle of World of Motion and Universe of Energy and later when Wonders of life Pavilion opened in 1989 was located Horizons. Every aspect of this attraction I loved. The architecture was nothing that I had seen before, the music was nothing I had heard before, the attraction and yes you guessed it was nothing I had enjoyed before. Horizons will always be one of my all time favorite attractions of all time. I truly loved every moment of the ride but there was one part that I always looked forward to and could not wait to see my favorite Animatronic Character and Favorite Park Starz Series 1 Vinylmation the “Robot Butler”.

hae220128LARGE They did a wonderful job on recreating the Robot Butler into Vinylmation form. The design of his head with his uniquely angled nose, his gentleman’s gentlemen gaze and finally his stoic smile all captured in Vinyl form. Now the is one feature that I truly love and if you are not familiar with or did not look for it you will miss on the back of his left leg there you will see the original Symbol for Horizons. 10262063_10203367376619384_6896607396967184531_n

Now there were a few things that I wish they could of added or changed with him. As for the added part I would of loved to see the addition of the Vacuum and for the change it would be to put the feather duster in the correct hand, which would have been in the right hand.

hae111218SMALLThank goodness that the Robot Butler was saved when the demolished the attraction. He currently can be found in the waiting area of Walt Disney One Mans Dream.

10299955_10203367370579233_2224664161460961741_nNext week we will open up the Vinylmations Kingdom’s Vinylmation Vault to look at another great Vinylmation and its amazing story it has to offer.