For those Vinylmation fans over in California, here are some photos of the current Vinylmation selection in Disneyland’s D-Street, thanks to Winnie Shi‎ from our Disney Marketplace Facebook Group. There is plenty of choice including many new items like the Mickey Mouse Cartoon series and the Animation 5 twin packs, plus some older items including Park Starz 3 and Theme Park Favourites.

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We always love to share photos of the current selection over at D-Street and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd‎, who shared these images of what is currently available at the store and there is plenty to choose from including many blind box series like Marvel 2, Christmas Carol, Park Starz 3 and many more.

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While there hasn’t been any new releases at D-Street this week, we still like to share pictures of the current selection available at the parks and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange Member Denise Dacacany Floyd for sharing these images of what is currently available at D-Street in Walt Disney World.
From these images we can see there are still plenty of blind box series available including Marvel 2, Sleeping Beauty, Big Hero 6 and many more, plus the holiday vinyls and even a few Imagination Gala left overs.








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We love to share the latest Vinylmation currently available in stores and thanks to Denise Dacanay Floyd from Vinylmation Exchange, we can see what is currently at the International Drive Outlet store in Orlando.

From these photos, we can see many of the same open window figures remain available such as the Disneyland, Popcorns, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and many others are still available. Along with some Park blind boxes and toppers.




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We love sharing images of what is currently available in D-Street and thanks to UK Vinylmation member Chris Ashcroft, we can see what is currently available at the D-Street in Walt Disney World which show plenty of new releases like the Halloween Twin Pack and lots of different blind box series like Marvel 2, Star Wars 4, Toy Story 2 and many more.





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With many Vinylmation collectors in Orlando for the Imagination Gala, there are still plenty of fantastic bargains to be had at outlet on International Drive. New additions include the Monsters University Twin Pack from the D23 Expo and the Park Starz Pirates of the Caribbean variant set.

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd for sharing these images.





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With the Imagination Gala just days away, plenty of Vinylmation collectors are heading to Walt Disney World to pick up the latest Vinylmation and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd, we can see what is currently available at Walt Disney World’s D-Street including plenty of Marvel 2, Animation 5 and many more Vinylmations available.

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The eyes of many Vinylmation collectors will be on Walt Disney World this week with the Imagination Gala taking place at Epcot over the weekend and many collectors at the event will be looking out for some bargains.  Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange members Arnold Varona and his daughters Veronica and Vanessa, we can see what is currently available at the Disney Character Warehouse
store at the Sawgrass Mills Mall.
  There are still plenty of open window figures including the Mystery Bakery, Star Wars Characters, plus many more figures including many twin packs and a few blind box series such as Urban Redux 2 and Cutesters Snow Days.

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