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hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Villains 5.

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RogPalmerUK – The Villains series has always been one set that has never fully grabbed my attention, I’ve never been a fan of the split face design and thus I have only a few Villains in my collection, but from Villains 5, Syndrome was that one figure I wanted to get and thankfully I was able to blind box it (a very rare occasion).    I also think the Chaser for this series is one of the best designs we’ve seen for a figure this year, its obscure but so perfect.  I love it.

Talia – There are three hits in Villains 5 for me, two of which I believe to have been done exceptionally well. The first of those two is Syndrome; I absolutely adore this figure. Not only is his flame-red hair piece a brilliant choice, I think the overall design and layout of this figure work exceptionally well. His wicked grin is enough for me to want him in my collection; heck, I thought this figure was a custom when I first say it! My second hit is the Big Al chaser, for being both exceptionally creepy and hilarious. I saw the design and laughed out loud, that’s how much I loved it. Again, designed perfectly for the mold. My last hit would have to be Darla. Though her design isn’t the prettiest(let’s face it, she isn’t meant to be) I love the details on this one, especially the little fish baggy in her possession.

 Melissa – Waternoose, Mordu, Thumper, Syndrome, all well done. Overall I love the whole set and I’m glad they finally did some Pixar villains.

JohnAll of these are great ideas for Vinylmations, yet I am honestly disappointed with the design execution on all of them. (Have not been a fan of this particular team’s stuff in the past either). If I had to pick some Hits — Waternoose & Hardscrabble.

Crystal – 1. Darla- not the prettiest character and the separated mouth design is atrocious, but how can you hate a vinyl with the COOLEST accessory ever made?!? The bag makes this a great vinyl. It is clear and has an image of a dead floating Nemo in it. I also appreciate the head gear that wraps around and I also just realized her shirt is a matte, clear platform. Holding it up in front of a computer screen shoes it can glow!

2. Dean hardscrabble- vinyls with neck extensions are always cool. This one is very difficult to draw appropriately the short, fat platform, but Enrique pulls it off by showing us her scaly, bug like under-body. Her expression is perfect- skeptical and judging. It could only be made better by putting her scare-can in one ear and silhouette of MU on the other

3. Syndrome- two words: the hair. I don’t think it needs more more explaining as to why everyone appreciates the awesomeness of this one

4. (And last but not least….) big al- I screamed when I saw this. O. M. G. Who is this artist that I may bow to his/her feet? What a BRILLIANT character! The costume….. Accessory…. The chicken gobbler thing… And his face!!! How come they can’t make Walt Disney Vvinylmation using realistic art like that? It’s beautiful! I am dying to get this one… Best. Vinyl. Of. The. Year. Calling it.

David Jarrett- I like that these villains are not a rehash of villains done time and time again. To that end, the series is a success. However, no A-listers makes the series largely forgettable for me. These B-sides hardly stand up to the awesomeness of SDCC Villains 5. One Vinylmation repeat, Darla who was once a chaser, is now a miss, namely for the face split. Can’t stand it! However, Syndrome – if only for his hair – is a win, while Al in the chicken suit as the chaser totally redeems the series.

WDWRobertFirst and foremost I am really happy with the set being only 8 for many reasons. Only having 8 makes it a lot more affordable to get a case without breaking the proverbial piggy, or should I say Mickey Bank. Additionally, only needing to come up with fewer characters there’s fewer flops to be bloxed & fewer to be collected for the die-hard completest in the hobby. Ironically, having said all that there is six more that Vinylmations Villains that were only offered at 2014 SDCC. Thumper & SDCC Hopper: I love with the addition of Thumper & Hopper to the other A Bugs Life Vinyl’s. They are both rather menacing looking and can’t wait to put them on display with the other from that movie. Waternoose: Yes he is a Villain but it was only out of desperation in fear of the company going under and creating mayhem in the city if power outages that would cripple the city. Now that’s how I saw it. I’m really impressed with how the artist took an unusual body with all those appendages and all in a 3” Vinyl too! Syndrome: Out of all of the Villains the have been released this guy ranks near to the top of my all time favorites. With the sky high fiery red hair to his diabolical and of course the cape that helped him meet his demise! SDCC Stinky Pete: Sitting just above Syndrome in my all time favs list is this guy. He looks so amazing! Stinky Pete’s body is a perfect match for the 3” vinylmation. What is not to love with this guy!


RogPalmerUK – For me the Villains series is a big miss, I’ve mentioned I don’t like the split face design and so while the design for Hopper looks good, compared to the designs that we saw at San Diego (like Zurg and Stinky Pete) this series, seems a little flat.

JohnMisses = Muntz face is bad, Syndrome looks weird, and Mor’du doesn’t come across well. [So glad that Toy Story 2 includes Thomas, Marian, and Ron as the artists]

 Melissa – The other 3. I hate when the face doesn’t’ fit on the head. (This is a little true of Syndrome too) Darla scares me. LOVE her little Fishy bag, but the rest is just super scary. Like Dean Hardscribble, but her neck just doesn’t fit well. Looks strange. The chaser is super cute, but not a fav for me.

WDWRobertMy biggest Miss would actually be that some of the incredible Vinylmations were released in a Limited Edition for SDCC. Stinky Pete, Zurg Hopper and even Chef I wish would have been in the the Villains 5 or even Villains 6 series. Dean HardScrabble: I like how the front turned out but the back really looks odd. Everytime I look at it I initially ask myself where is the rest of the clothing and why does her back look like a skeleton? But it’s the remainder of her body that is blocking the clothing. But nonetheless its just a weird look for me. Mordu: I’m not sure why this looks so odd to me but it just seems like a few things are out of place and it shows. Darla: Now this Vinylmation could really give someone a nightmare. The head that continues into the body make her look like a possessed ventriloquist dummy. Though Charles Muntz head goes into the body its not right at the mouth opening? Lastly didn’t we just get a Darla recently?

Crystal – 1. Mordu- could they have picked a worse character? The bear?? I would have rather seen Merida’s mother as the Pixar bad guy… It just looks too skewed up.

2. Waternoose- don’t get me wrong, I love the portrayal on the platform, but he’s just a tad plain. The ears could have used some decor. I ended up trading this one.

3. Muntz- such potential, all messed up by a ginormous jaw. Too scary to even display.

4. Hopper- another boring character. Equivalent to piglet in the park series. Yawn.

Talia – Unfortunately, most of this series is a miss for me. The Pixar villains aren’t really my thing, and the designs on the rest of the vinyls just seem a bit mundane to me. Luckily, there are a few vinyls that outshine the others and make up for that. I certainly hope to acquire one of my Hits in the near future.

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villains 5

Today sees the new Villains 5 blind box series released in selected Disney Stores and online at Each blind box is priced at $12.95 and this series consists of 7 commons and a chaser (here is the chaser).   This blind box series has a Pixar theme with villains from the Incredibles, Brave, Up, Monsters University, Bugs Life and Finding Nemo.

Villains 5 have also been released in Europe via and are priced at £8/€10 each.
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Are you going to be picking these up?