It’s been a while since Urban Redux Series 2 was released but the little surprises keep coming and this time its the discovery of another Super Chaser one of a kind custom doodle by Disney Artist Billy Davis.  This custom doodle was discovered by Vinylmation Exchange member Michelle Anne in the caged trade box in Frontierland in Walt Disney World.

10390433_898665493482245_644820635919644637_n 10421330_898665393482255_6550904216997852489_n 10329082_898665260148935_5026981973820617821_nHere is the original design for the common:


What do you think of this one?


hitsWelcome to a retro edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the classic Urban 1 Series.


RogPalmerUK – Non-Disney designs have always been part of Vinylmation, as much as most of us have reconditioned ourselves to avoid anything Non-Disney, this is still considered to be a classic series that still has some highly desired figures, I know I would love to add Oopsy to my collection, its an all time classic figure that Disney even re-released as a USB drive.  I also really like the blacked out Mickey figure, where all you can see is his eyes.  One of the best things about this early Urban series is that its loosely based on Disney, there are a couple of Mickey’s in there and even a Pirates of the Caribbean themed one.

But for me, Urban 1 contains my number 1 holy grail, the El Raton Mexican wrestler, as a huge wrestling fan, this is always been very high on my most wanted list.

Spark -Even though, myself, i’ve not got any of these, i love this series! They series features some awesome, original designs! The Oopsy Mickey and the Mummy 9″ would have to be my favorites! I really like how these were the first of there kind, before many more great Urban’s were released!

Bridgette – Urban 1 has always been my favourite series, even though I haven’t the luxury to own them. Checkered: A favourite design of mine, high on my wants list even though it has a simple design.
Oopsy: The artist put great care in the makings of this figure. I bought the USB because I can’t afford the real one!

WDWRobert – I’ve never a huge fan of the Urban Series but every now and again they turn some really creative. To me, when they first released this series I was expecting to see Iconic Disney Characters, Attractions & Parades with an urban feel. And I think for the most part that is true but some I am not sure whom they were trying to appeal to.

El Super Raton: I love this one. There is a super hero feel to Mickey and great color combo too. Pinball: This vinyl is a great example of what an Urban Series should look like. With Bumper Caps used for Mickeys eyes and a roll over button for his nose makes for a very imaginative piece to say the least! Pirates of the Caribbean: This vinyl is definitely an urban twist of an iconic attraction. Okay so here is the honest truth. What is it? I think it’s a bandana. What do you think?


RogPalmerUK – There are plenty of figures in this series that are misses to me, I’m just not keen on about two thirds of the series because I’ve been made accustom to not caring about Non-Disney related figures, while none of these figures are “awful”, I do think looking back over 5 years later, shows just how far the design team have done in mastering how to make designs work on the mold.

Spark – I think a few of them are quite bad. Swiss Cheese, Who’s there?, Glow Mickey and even the Golden Chaser, i think in my honest opinion are not awfully great! They don’t have a lot going on, on them are just are frankly, too plain!

Bridgette – Some of these vinylmations aren’t that great.  Gold: Even though it’s the first ever chaser, it’s pretty much just store-bought acrylic gold spray painted on a vinylmation design.  Who’s There: Pretty much just eye decals on a black vinylmation.  If faced with a decision of buying a case of Urban 1 vinylmations, I’d say check the price, as it is a good set but multiple designs are not the greatest. Mainly a collectors item.

WDWRobert – Furr: Along with the Urban 5 Hippie Furr is just one vinylmation I am not sure why they put this one into production. I think if they made the front the back and back the front I would of dis-liked a little less.

Gold: Okay so this is it? Just one color and nothing else? Yes this is the first Urban series but I think they could done almost anything better than this.

Swiss Cheese: Well maybe they made this one as mice technically like cheese.

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redux 2 signed

The Urban Redux 2 blind box series has been available for a few weeks now and haven’t heard about any Super Chasers (rare one of a kind doodles) that had been included in the follow up series, but today Vinylmation Exchange member Jenna Steven blind boxed a signed Cybergirl figure by Maria Clapsis.

Hand signed figures had been included in the first Urban Redux 1 series but there wasn’t any confirmation that this idea had been carried over to the second series.

redux 2 signedThanks to Jenna Steven for the info.

What do you think of this idea?

variant urban redux 2

Today saw the release of the new Urban Redux #2 blind box series and while we found out about one of the variants earlier this week at the Official Trading Night in Walt Disney World, our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange shared a photo of another variant for this set by their member Casey Maute at Walt Disney World.    This variant is a Blue Mammoth where as the common is a Yellow version.

variant urban redux 2Here is the original common version to compare to:


What do you think of this figure?

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange and Casey Maute for sharing their image


Today sees the release of the newest Urban Redux blind box series, Urban Redux 2.  This set is being released on Disneystore.com and in Disneyland/Walt Disney World.  This series follows the same set up as the previous series with a much smaller case (just $103.60) of 8 figures which feature the main 5 commons plus either a variant or chaser as well as some fillers.    Each blind box is priced at $12.95 and the combo topper is priced at $24.95.

There are also three combo toppers available for this series and like last time, if you order from Disneystore.com, you will be send a random colour where in the parks you will be able to pick the one you want.

Also today look for special appearances by Disney Design Group artists Maria Clapsis, Billy Davis, Caley Hicks and Thomas Scott from 5 – 7p.m at D-Street in Walt Disney World.

We don’t yet know about the existence of Super Chasers which were included in the last series (these were hand drawn one of a kind figures).  If you want to know what the chaser looks like.  Click here

7511055880033-2 7511055880035 7511055880034-2 7511055880034UPDATE – MARVEL #1 is now available on Disneystore.com both blind boxes and trays are available.

Will you be getting any of these?


The Official Disney Park Blog posted a story today on the new Urban Redux #1 Series which is due out this week.  Which features the first official photographs of the 3 different combo toppers plus a unknown variant we didn’t know about.  As well as for the first time, some figures will now be hand signed by the artists themselves.   urv113452SMALL

A few weeks ago, I shared a glimpse at some exciting changes planned for Vinylmation. One of the first series the team addressed dates back to the very beginning of Vinylmation – the Urban series. This graphic focus series allows Disney artists to express their individual art styles on figures shaped like Mickey Mouse. I met with Disney Design Group artist Thomas Scott to learn about the new direction for this series.

“We began considering enhancements to Vinylmation in early 2012,” explained Thomas. “We released nine different Urban series in the past four years, but felt it was time for change. We titled this new series ‘Urban Redux,’ as we wanted a fresh start. We kept some of the great elements like strong visual graphics and whimsy, and added some new things we think collectors will love.”

The first noticeable thing is the tray now consists of eight boxes, not 24 as previously featured. Each tray will contain at least one of each of the five known designs shown on the packaging. The tray will also contain at least one of the following three figures – a “mystery” chaser, a variant figure or a super mystery chaser. Odds are also now featured on the individual boxes which indicate your chances of finding a particular figure. These changes mean that a tray may not contain a mystery chaser figure like before.

“We wanted the strongest possible designs for these smaller collections,” Thomas continued. “The smaller series will give our fans the ability to complete a series faster. We also added fun surprises to Urban Redux, like a small number of figures hand signed by the artists that we mixed into the trays.”

I asked Thomas if those autographed figures were considered the super mystery chasers. Smiling, Thomas said they were not such figures. Rather, they were something very unique and something we’ve not done before for a mystery series.

This new series will be released on March 22 at D Street in California and Florida, and in the Disney Parks online store. We are holding a special release party on Friday, March 22 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at D Street in Downtown Disney West Side at the Walt Disney World Resort. There, you can meet the Disney artists behind this new series, including Thomas Scott, Maria Clapsis, Billy Davis, Caley Hicks and Monty Maldovan.

What do you think of these Urban Redux #1 figures?

urban redux topper

Earlier this week we got reports and images of the new Urban Redux #1 blind box series which broke its release date at the Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. Not only did we learn that the series would be released in new smaller 8 piece cases and the box features ratios. But we also learnt that there are three combo toppers, a Black, a White and a Red cat. Today we got our first look at the combo topper via a ebay seller.  Urban Redux #1 will be out at both D-Streets from March 22nd and out the following week on Disneystore.com and selected US stores.

urban redux topper

What do you think?

Later today, we also saw more images of the other Toppers for the black and white cats.

topper black catwhite cat topper


Vinylmation.com has updated their blog with some information regarding a Silent auction taking place at the Mickey’s Circus event.  Here are some details on each of the lots involved in the silent auction including information on never before vinyls including 9″ Star Wars, 18″ model, Monorails #1 and more.

Full Details of the Silent Auction can be found here

  • Lot 1 – Ring Master Mickie with Artist Stetch.
  • Lot 2 – 3 Pack Obi Wan Chaser set featuring Normal, Ghost and 3 way colour variant
  • Lot 3 – Holiday 9″ pack
  • Lot 4- Park Starz 1 molds
  • Lot 5 – Complete Monorails Series 1 set
  • Lot 6 – Production Prototype Wall-E set
  • Lot 7 – Vinylmation 95 Prototype
  • Lot 8 – Maximillian 9″ figure
  • Lot 9 – Prototype 18″ figure
  • Lot 10 – Set of 5 hand painted factory samples
  • Lot 11 – Urban Series 9 9″ samples
  • Lot 12 – Urban 9 Sample 3″‘s including Blueprint mickey
  • Lot 13 – Urban 1 9″ set
  • Lot 14 – Urban 2 9″ set
  • Lot 15 – Store Display Banner
  • Lot 16 – 9″ signed Shag
  • Lot 17 – Nightmare before Xmas set
  • Lot 18 – Chaser/Variant collection
  • Lot 19  – Tin Proof set
  • Lot 20 – Star Wars Display board
  • Lot 21 – Park Stars Display board
  • Lot 22 – Villains 1 sealed case
  • Lot 23 – Park 2 sealed case
  • Lot 24 – Park 4 Sealed case

What do you think about these Silent Auctions and some great previews of vinylmation’s that never happened including Star Wars 1 9″‘s, the Monorails series and the 18″ mold?  Discuss it on our forums.