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Another Urban Redux 2 Super Chaser Discovered

We hadn’t seen one in ages then suddenly we get a run of them, but another One of a Kind Custom Super Chaser from the Urban Redux 2 series has been discovered. Vinylmation Exchange member Brian Barilone pulled this “Space Rabbit”, which was designed and hand drawn by Disney Artist …


One More Urban Redux 2 Super Chaser Discovered

With Urban Redux 2 still being sold in the outlets, the Urban Redux Super Chasers are slowly being discovered. Vinylmation Exchange member Jon Pleasz has bloxed this one of a kind Custom by Disney Artist Thomas Scott. What do you think of this?


Another Urban Redux 2 Super Chaser Discovered.

The Urban Redux 2 Super Chasers continue to be discovered as lucky Vinylmation Exchange member Jeffrey Betts pulled his third super chaser. These Super Chasers are rare one of a kind custom doodles from the Disney Artists that are only part of the Urban Redux series. This figure was designed …

urban redux 2 super chaser

Another Urban Redux 2 Super Chaser Discovered

It’s been a while since we heard about the last super chaser being discovered but today one lucky trip to the outlet has meant that Vinylmation Exchange member, Jeffrey Betts has come home with this Super Chaser. This is a custom one of a kind Vinylmation, hand drawn by Artist …

redux 2 signed

Urban Redux 2 Signed Figure Found

The Urban Redux 2 blind box series has been available for a few weeks now and haven’t heard about any Super Chasers (rare one of a kind doodles) that had been included in the follow up series, but today Vinylmation Exchange member Jenna Steven blind boxed a signed Cybergirl figure …


Official 360 Images of the Urban Redux #2 Variants

Today the official Vinylmation blog has posted 360 photos of the Urban Redux 2 series, we found out about these last week but now we have official photos. October 28 | By: Disney Staff With the release of Vinylmation – Urban Redux Series 2, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Variant …

And the Urban Redux 2 Chaser is?

Today the official Disney park blog posted a 360 photo of the chaser for the new Urban Redux #2 series which is out this Friday. Mystery Chaser Revealed for Vinylmation™- Urban Redux Series 2 October 21 | By: Disney Staff With the release of Vinylmation – Urban Redux Series 2, …


Walt Disney World Resort – October 2013 Merchandise Events

The Disney Park Blog today reminded its readers about some events taking place at Walt Disney World in October including the Official Trading Event and Urban Redux Release. What’s happening in the world of Disney Theme Park Merchandise at the Walt Disney World Resort this October? Check it out and …

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange & Larry Alvarado

2 More Urban Redux #1 Super Chasers Found

Much like Buses, Urban Redux #1 Super Chasers are starting to appear one after another, we hadn’t seen a Super Chaser for months since just after the series was released back in March, with a second found just last week. Over the weekend two more Super Chasers have been discovered, …

urban redux super chaser

Another Urban Redux Superchaser Found

When the Urban Redux #1 series was released back in March, there was a frenzy from collectors trying to get hold of a Super Chaser from this series, we later found out that there was just 24 super chasers which were all completely unique and hand drawn by the artist.  …