Over the past few weeks, Frozen Fever has been caught by many Disney Vinylmation collectors and for a couple of lucky UK collectors (Thanks to Lucy Sollar’s & Gemma Thompson from the UK Vinylmation Group), the new 8 piece Vinylmation blind box series was released early in stores. This also confirms a release in Europe at selected stores and online. These aren’t due out in the US until April 6th. No sign of the Chaser yet, but once we have information, we will share it with you.

Here is a closer look at some of the new Frozen Vinylmations.



What do you think of these?

wdw 2014 sorcerer

Recently I asked many collectors from Europe, how did they feel about 2014 with regards to collecting Vinylmation from their point of view.  So here is some feedback from many other UK & European collectors who collect differently to the local collectors near the theme parks.

wdw 2014 sorcererEmma I like a lot of what came out this year but really don’t like how most of them are only available in America. I mean the Disney store didn’t even get Animation 5 this time. That means if we in UK/Ireland want them not only do we have to pay high postage costs but most of the time we’ll have to pay more than cost price to get it from a US seller and just to prove what I was saying. Here’s an example from VT “just opened Baymax. $25 or trade…” Those vinyls cost 12.95. I understand some are more sought after than others but what chance have UK sellers got at collecting their favourite series if everyone charged twice the price. I know I couldn’t afford that.

AagyThis year has made me reconsider collecting Vinylmations. The lack of vinyls in store means we can’t blox. The hobby no longer gets me excited.   I purchase 1-2 vinyls I really like from America and don’t bother with the rest.  RIP bloxing in stores.  I think I will stick to growing a 9″ collection and only purchase 3″ figures I REALLY like.  The vinyls I want are always 2-4x retail because I don’t have a chance to blox and have to buy them individually instead. It sucks. This hobby is rather expensive for British collectors. I’m SO close to leaving this hobby in 2014. I know my bank balance will be healthy in 2015 if I do.

DamianThe last time I went into a Disney store in the UK( only a month ago) the employees didn’t even have a clue what I was talking about when I asked them if they sold Vinylmation.They looked at me with blank faces as if I was teaching them a new language,I then had to give them the beginners course as to what Vinyls are! I think Vinyls in the UK are what Dodos are to Australia…. EXTINCT.

JoPretty disappointed in the selection we were given on Disney.co.uk this year. We had hardley any!!!
I was glad we got Mickeys Christmas Carol, but with the few people buying we had hardly any Chasers going for trade/sale that we had to resort to buying
from the us!  Not that that is any way a bad thing as they are super helpful.  But how annoying is it,when we have hardly any & the us have every single release!  Disney please think of the UK collectors

StaceyIt’s definitely expensive as a UK collector if you want to collect most of the year’s releases. I only collect certain figures so I’ve found that for every overpriced figure on VE, there’s always great deals elsewhere that balance it back out. Overseas collectors willing to do pick-ups for cost plus postage are about as good as it gets for us!

The only problem I’ve really found this year is trading. Other UK collectors don’t have what you want because we haven’t had the releases, but overseas collects won’t trade because of postage costs. Thankfully as of now there’s only one 2015 release that I want!

CharlieI was lucky enough to get to WDW this year where I picked up a lot of releases I wanted… As unfortunately we never got them over here. I think the only set I bloxed here was sleeping beauty. There are a lot of releases out next year that I want but i will be really disappointed if we don’t get them.

As a UK, European or even just a collector away from the theme parks, how did you find 2014?




Its the end of the year and its time to go back and look at what has happened in the UK/Disneyland Paris in regards to Vinylmation.  Its been a very slow year for European Collectors, releases have been erratic with very little promotion and the UK market has dropped off considerably.   Comparing to 2013, the UK has had only 25% of the releases in 2014, until a few days until Christmas when suddenly we had a flurry of last minute releases, many of which were older series.

Here is a list of UK releases:

  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Villains 5
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol
  • Star Wars 4 *
  • Aladdin Juniors
  • Jungle Book
  • Big Hero 6
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Villains 3 (Re-Release)
  • Marvel Series 1 (Re-Release)
  • Pixar 2 (Re-Release)

Other releases in Disneyland Paris included

  • Olaf
  • Tinkerbell Eachez
  • Cutesters En Vogue
  • Indiana Jones
  • Valentines Twin Pack
  • Animation 5
  • Haunted Mansion & Friends
  • Ink & Paint
  • Finding Nemo Juniors

Comparing the two lists, Disneyland Paris hasn’t had a bad year, plenty of new releases but none of them were made available online, which seems like a mistake.  The collectors are willing to buy but without the internet with its Facebook Groups and eBay, a UK collector isn’t going to be able to enjoy 95% of the new releases.

uk vinylmation may 14The UK stores have continued to dwindle and many aren’t stocking Vinylmations, but this isn’t unlike what is happening in the United States, the Disney Stores just aren’t stocking the same number of series like they used to, I believe the damage done by all the non-Disney sets have been a major reason in why the Disney Store has pulled back on its releases and Vinylmation has returned to being a “Park” item.  Even Disneystore.com has a lot less items than a year ago, I remember the days of seeing close to 200 Vinylmations being available on the website, today its down to 20, though the UK site is now only offering 4 choices.

There was two surprise releases in 2015 that came out in Europe before they were available in the US (101 Dalmatians and Mickey’s Christmas Carol) which were big releases and huge surprises, especially the 101 Dalmatians set which we hadn’t heard anything about since the Imagination Gala).  Disney also threw Big Hero 6 onto the site with out any promotion or banner, which would have been nice to have known about in advance.

Its a shame for international collectors as this is pushing up the cost of collecting, without being able to enjoy simple shopping through Disney directly and without expensive international shipping, prices in the UK have continued to rise.

This brings me onto a different issue within the UK community, over the past year, there has been a wild flux in terms to Vinylmation pricing, with less being released, newer items have generally become much more expensive but many collectors are selling off figures for well under retail, simply to get rid of unwanted figures.   This is especially true for many of the less in-demand figures or non-Disney figures, but I do believe in time, as the releases slow down, prices will have to rise due to shipping costs.  And collectors who got into the hobby when there was lots of bargains, have slowly been leaving the hobby and have been clearing out their collections.  It is however causing issues with trading as less and less people have extras or blind boxes to trade.

4401_cp_FWB_MickeyChristmasVinylmation_06102014Disney have continued their “announcements” by putting up a banner on the main page, which isn’t amazing but even in the US, Vinylmation announcements have slipped away to barely any.

One of the odd releases of the year, was Star Wars 4, which came out almost 2 months after the US release.  I don’t mind extra unannounced releases, but to wait over 2 months is too long for collectors, so many of us ended up buying them from the US , which basically meant Disney shot themselves in the foot.

Vinylmation has gone through a change in 2014, less releases in general have had a drastic reduction on the amount of figures available in the UK and in Disneyland Paris, I don’t expect this to change much in the future.  I would love to see more releases, especially those available in Disneyland Paris being made more freely available.

But honestly, going into 2015, I’m not expecting much, Vinylmation has changed pace and with the UK only getting Disney Store releases, we won’t see too many of these in the future as the hobby moves back to its theme park roots.

What do you think?


Recently I decided to have a clear out of some of my personal collection, thinning out the heard a little by refocusing my collection and while at first I decided to spend to buy a few hard to find rare Vinylmations including a couple of Park 1’s, I decided that I would use my money a little more wisely and decided to book a sneaky few day trip to Disneyland Paris for my wife & I in June.

VKParisDonaldI hadn’t sold that many Vinylmations in the past and trying to clear out some of collection through Facebook and eBay, but I quickly discovered that selling Vinylmation at the moment isn’t ideal.

One of the things I discovered is that while some Vinylmations are still holding their value, there has been a really big drop off on many figures. Vinylmation prices on the secondary market always tend to go up and down, so that’s nothing new but usually the UK market has been a little less affected compared to the USA, as we generally have much less choice and also we tend to have to pay higher for our figures due to higher shipping costs/customs etc.

But recently there have been lots of Vinylmations selling for much lower than normal and often its the same figures being offered up for sale and I think one of the big reasons for this is that over the past 6 months, the UK has only had a couple of new releases and people have begun to reevaluate their collections, thinning out things they maybe don’t like as much as they thought or with some collectors, getting out of the hobby altogether. For every person that leaves the hobby, usually someone else enters, so that’s nothing new.

acrossebayuk2However, the general decrease in the price of many of the figures on the secondary market isn’t anything unknown, but it used to be primarily anything non-Disney or had been severely discounted in the US (which always made me chuckle as by the time we added shipping/customs or had someone bring them home on holiday, they would still cost much more than the discounted price). But now many Disney themed figures have also been selling for much less than retail and one big reason for this, I believe is with so many people trying to sell their figures at once, the market has been flooded, bringing down the overall price. While some figures have retained their value, seeing people offering new releases for under retail in the UK is still a new concept.

If you went back 18 months, almost every single figure would be £8, it was like a magical UK figure, that’s what they cost in stores, that’s what they got sold for. And often figures would cost more than that, especially if they had never been released in the UK, as even buying them at D-Street at $14 (including tax) worked out more than £8. Let alone if they came from Disneyland Paris where they would cost over £10 each.

Now the price on many figures has been plummeting, but some figures have continued to hold higher values but with so much competition from sellers, it has brought down the overall price.

But I’m not sure this trend will continue here in the UK. As us European’s see less releases, collectors are starting to go back to how collecting was like a few years ago when I first started, generally being more picky about their purchases due to higher shipping costs since impulse buys were less frequent and generally buying less blind boxes because it just wasn’t cost effective. Buying extras to sell on, just often isn’t worthwhile any more and trading is becoming extremely difficult as people are collecting differently.

uk vinylmation may 14

Collecting in the UK has certainly changed over the past 6 months and I think 2014 is going to be very different, it is very different collecting away from the parks in general but with Disney stores not stocking Vinylmation any more and less new releases, things have taken a huge step backwards. Vinylmation collecting in the UK has without doubt got harder for many new collectors who didn’t mind a flutter on a new blind box or had got used to having at least half of all new releases.

Collectors who joined in during the past couple of years had a great selection of vinyls and often some fantastic deals from US collectors due to the “discount” era, but as we head into the second half of 2014, things are very different and its probably going to push many collectors out of the hobby, Disney are making it harder for UK collectors and while the secondary market is currently awash with cheap vinyls, it won’t last as newer figures become much more rarer across the pond.

What do you think?


ukjuneThis past couple of weeks, I have been told by a few fellow UK Vinylmation collectors that they have been told by their local Disney Stores that they won’t be carrying Vinylmations in the future and that they will only be stocked online at Disneystore.co.uk.

At first, many reactions have been “why?” but there are a lot of reasons why Disney could have come to this decision and not all of them are to do with Vinylmation.

The first reason that comes to mind is Disney have been slowly pulling out of physical shops, as leases have expired, those stores have been closed down. In my area, they’ve closed almost every single one in the past few years and it appears they are making the decision to have a stronger online presence as more and more other retailers are now carrying Disney merchandise and simply don’t need the stores in the same way. And this isn’t just happening in the UK, its happening everywhere.

Since I started collecting a few years ago, the UK market has changed greatly as originally we had hardly any releases over here and collectors had to import almost everything. 2012 and 2013 saw the UK getting almost regular releases with almost a new series every month, with most Disney Stores that stocked Vinylmation, getting a couple of cases. But often collectors would be there for opening to buy the cases and those stores would sell out pretty quickly. Alternatively they would sit on the shelves for months, if not years, just gathering dust.

The Vinylmation hobby has changed so much in the past year, we now have smaller sets and less releases which have led to an overall change in direction. Here in the UK, we didn’t have the big BOGOF/discount culture on our figures as the majority of items would sell out, but the after effects of what was happening on the other side of the pond would eventually ripple over here. All those stockpiles of unwanted Vinyls clogging up US Stores and being sold online for just a couple of bucks was eventually going to catch up, resulting in the Disney Store doing a complete 180 and changing direction. Now the Disney Store only has a few selected releases, which are also released within the theme parks and all those non-Disney series that filled the shelves are long gone.

uk vinylmation may 14Here in the UK, currently we have a selection of just 5 Vinylmations to buy online, Aladdin Juniors and Robots 4 are the only new figures from this year with a UK flag and a couple of long standing figures such as the 2013 Christmas Vinyl and a 9” Robot Mickey that’s been sat on the website for over 18 months. The selection is pretty dire, especially as we seemed to miss the Jungle Book series (though many of the American figures actually had the London address on them?).

However, looking on the US website, if you removed all the Park Authentic items, the selection wouldn’t look much better as the UK had at one point seen the majority of those items here.

Disney has changed the direction Vinylmation was going in, its going back to its roots, its going back to being a niche park release that is very profitable for Disney. But sadly for the casual collector who doesn’t live near the parks or likes to import from the USA, they are going to struggle to collect Vinylmation. It’s almost done a full circle from when I first started to collect.

It’s a shame the UK Disney Store can’t be in communication with the team at Disneyland Paris who get a few more releases a year (ie this year they’ve had Cutesters 6, Valentine’s Day Twin Pack and Indiana Jones), as the big announcement from 2 years ago about loads more Disneyland Paris Park Authentic items has pretty much been meaningless in the eyes of a Vinylmation collector.

This isn’t the first time Disney has pulled a niche collectible from stores to go online, as Pins also were removed from stores. But the problems Disneystore.co.uk have had with many new pin releases (especially those limited edition items) is a whole other story.

For me, I don’t have a major issue with the Disney Store getting less items but it does mean I’m going to have to spend more money per figure due to the increase in shipping costs but with less releases, that’s less of an issue compared to a few years ago.

The UK Vinylmation community will carry on and I hope it might also go a full circle, as Vinylmation in the UK got a big audience, the community changed and I think it will continue to evolve and adapt to a different way of collecting.

But anyway you look at it, the days of UK collectors popping into a store to buy a blind box are gone.

What do you think?


81Gjqw7HkbL__SL1500_This week sees the release of the Phineas & Ferb Toy Pack in the UK and the Power Disc series 3 will follow next week.   And the new Disney Infinity magazine will be released in the UK and should be found in most newsagents from April 16th and will cost £2.99.

Disney have sent us the following information about these new releases:

The Disney InfinityPhineas and Ferb” Toy Box Pack will be available in the UK nationwide from this Friday, 4th April.

The new Toy Box Pack features the immensely popular Phineas and Agent P characters from Disney Channel’s animated series “Phineas and Ferb.”  Players will be able to embark on secret spy missions and defeat enemies with Agent P’s flying fedora or Phineas’ baseball blaster and tuck n’ roll moves.

Both character figures are accompanied by their own unique Adventures.  In the Phineas Adventure, players are set into a giant pinball machine and challenged to create a play field where they can destroy waves of oncoming robots.  In the Agent P adventure, players can participate in a top-down adventure with side-scrolling elements that pay homage to old school arcade games.

The Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack will also include two new power discs to give players’ Toy Boxes a makeover. The “Tri-State Area Terrain” Texture Set and the “Danville Sky” Sky Theme will provide players with well-known location backgrounds from the show, including the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building and a small waterslide park invented in one of the cartoon’s episodes.

In addition, the third wave of Power Discs will be hitting UK stores on Friday, 11th April in blind packs of two.  The Circular Power Discs grant characters special power ups that can be used in both Play Set and Toy Box modes. Hexagonal Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles and themes to allow for even more customization opportunities within Toy Box mode. Players can stack up to two Circular Power Discs or up to three Hexagonal Power Discs to optimize all the add-ons.

Wave 3 Power Discs


Circular Discs

  • Chernabog’s Strength – A representation of pure evil from Fantasia, you can summon the demonic power of this villain to do 3% more damage
  • Rapunzel’s Healing – The magic of Rapunzel’s hair does more than make blonde locks continue to grow.  Her golden hair has healing properties that can give a character 40% more health
  • Violet’s Force Field – The quiet daughter of The Incredibles can not only turn invisible, she can generate a force field that can reduce damage by 3%
  • Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat – The infamous and iconic hat from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice allows characters to gain experience at a 2% faster rate

Hexagonal Discs

  •  Cruella DeVille’s car – Jump in to the villain’s car from 101 Dalmations to chase after friends and foes
  •  Disney Parks Parking Tram – This vehicle can bring back fond memories of a trip to the Disney Parks.  It provides the great comedic value of driving around a parking lot tram, especially when challenging fancy racecars
  • Calico Helicopter – The cunning and merciless villain from Bolt is always surrounded by cats and its master strategist.  Take control of Dr. Calico’s helicopter which is fully equipped with rockets to rain fire from above
  • Phillippe – The loyal horse from Beauty and the Beast is the trusty companion and only mode of transportation for Belle and her father Maurice.  The horse is loyal, but has been known to get spooked easily
  •  Tantor – Tantor often seems to be timid and even cowardly.  However, the gentle elephant has a deep bond with his friends and is often inspired to acts of bravery
  • Dragon Firework Cannon – The cannon from Mulan originated in ancient China and precedes modern guns as one of the first projectile-launching weapons
  • Wall-E’s Fire Extinguisher – A rare toy inspired by a classic scene from WALL-E, it allows characters to use the propulsion from a fire extinguisher to hover in the air
  • Wall-E’s Collection – Transform the Toy Box in to the desolate wasteland that the Earth has become due to consumerism and neglect
  • Buy ‘N’ Large Atmosphere – The Sky Theme becomes a swirling dustbowl filled with empty buildings that are mere husks of their former glory.  The most notable thing in the barren horizon are the numerous Buy ‘N’ Large signs
  • Toy Story Mania Blaster – The toy originates from the Toy Story Midway Mania ride in Disney Parks.  Unlike the Goo Guns from the Toy Story Play Set, this is a weapon designed to damage opponents
  • Angus the Horse – The beautiful black Clydesdale from Brave is fiercely loyal to Merida.  Although he can be stubborn at times, his strong bond to his owner allows him to be coaxed into almost anything
  • Tri-State Area Terrain – A simple and subtle texture, along with a few gadgets, that is reminiscent of summertime when Phineas and Ferb create their incredible inventions
  • Danville Sky – Turn the Sky Theme into the backdrop of Phineas and Ferb’s Tri-State Area.  One of their greatest projects, a giant roller coaster, can be seen off in the distance.  In addition, you can spot the iconic building of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, the lair of Agent P’s nemesis

14065Here is the trailer for this toy pack:

Will you be picking up this Toy Pack?

Hoarder-Preview-3 Cropped

The new series Of “The Hoarder Next Door” on Channel four in the UK, is currently having the second episode being shown tomorrow! (13th March) This series features Vinylmation Kingdom Trader’s Graham & Claire in a future episode. Their episode was initially going to be shown on the  3rd April at 8pm but this date has now changed!

Hoarder Preview 2

Today, Graham mentioned that their episode is going  to be shown on the 20th March at 8PM on the Vinylmation Kingdom Trading Facebook page! So now everyone will only now have to wait a week!

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Graham & Claire before you watch the show! 

Are you looking forward to episode three? Are you going to be watching it? Let us know in the comments and look out for our review coming out next week!


Over here in the UK we might not have many Vinylmations available to us, but we now have a new T-Shirt featuring a Vinylmation with the UK and US flags on it, along with headphones.  This T-Shirt retails for £22 ($37) and is available in sizes small through to XXL.

Could we see a 3″ figure based on this design in the future?

Here is the official description:

Now your Vinylmation collection can extend to your wardrobe! Our stylish Mickey Mouse Vinylmation T-shirt features one of the cool collectible figures with a Stars and Stripes and Union Jack design.

820007040626M-1 820007040626M


What do you think of this T-shirt?


acrossthepond2013 has been a great year for Vinylmation in the United Kingdom, we have had a excellent selection of figures released which have included

  • Myths & Legends
  • High School
  • Behind the Mask
  • Little Mermaid
  • Park 13
  • Marvel
  • Lone Ranger
  • Jingle Smells 3
  • Muppets 3
  • Monsters University
  • 110th Anniversary
  • Holiday 2013
  • Villains 4
  • Animation 3
  • Animation 4
  • Pixar 2
  • Goofy Juniors
  • Oz Twin Packs
  • Wild West

Now for the United Kingdom, that’s a pretty impressive amount of figures, as Disneyland Paris also received Park 12, Cutesters En Vogue, Beauty & The Beast, Star Wars 3 plus a couple of Exclusive figures, which have all been available through mail order.

All of this has built on all the improvements we saw in 2012 where we saw lots of new releases as well, so generally we have had some pretty decent Vinylmation series.  There obviously could be some improvement on what we have been offered as we missed out such as Whiskers & Tails and those released in DLP I previously mentioned, plus a few others that were released in Disney Stores in the US like Urban Redux.  Just getting everything Disney Stores get across the pond would be a bonus as getting limited edition items is probably not a possibility.

110th ukThis year has seen some improvements to the Disney Store UK website, first off we now have preview announcement banners above the Vinylmations that show what is coming next.  This got off to a bumpy start with erratic updates that so far seem to be back on track.  The UK had promised a big announcement for collectors that was a huge disappointment as it was simply a banner but at least it was a step in the right direction.

3365_cp_FWB_vinylAnimation_29112013The Disney Parks Range seems to have been almost discontinued as nearly all the Vinylmations that got released in Disneyland Paris like Beauty and the Beast never got released online, which is a shame.

All the non-Disney Vinylmation series continued to plague UK collectors in the same way the US ones had, but again this wasn’t a issue with the UK store themselves, but with Disney in general.  Hopefully that ship has now sailed and we won’t see too many more of these sets.

One minor issue that has been a issue with collectors has been the very quick sell outs, Wild West seemed to only last barely a couple of hours and some sets didn’t last much longer.  But personally that’s not a big issue for me as I’d rather see Disney bring new items out here that sell out quickly than overstock issues like the 9″ Robot Mickey which has spent almost all year on sale.

Much like last year, as long as Disney keep bringing new releases to the UK and announcing them ahead of release, we can’t really ask for much more.  We can’t expect to have the same selection as in the US but a few more releases wouldn’t hurt.

As Vinylmation has evolved on the other side of the pond, those effects are going to change Vinylmation over here in the UK.  If the theme parks continue the trend of getting more exclusive releases and stores getting less, this could effect what we get over here.  I hope in 2014 we get to see more releases and more regularly, especially blind box series that traditionally we might have never seen before like Park 13.  There is a market in Europe, there is money to be made by Disney as there are so many more collectors than ever, so I hope all the good things we saw in 2013, continue in 2014.

Do you feel the UK market has changed in 2013?


youtube across the pond


hp_dp-25off_20131028Disneystore.com is running a 25% off Park Authentic items promotion until Wednesday which includes new releases like Urban Redux 2 and Silly Symphonies.

Simply use the code PARK25


While over in Europe, today sees the release of Jingle Smells 3 in Europe through Disneystore.co.uk/fr and in selected stores.

Disneystore.co.uk has also confirmed a European release for Pixar #2 for November 12th.



25% Off T&C

Offer begins on October 28, 2013 and expires 11:59 pm PST, October 30 2013, on select Disney Parks Authentic Merchandise items while supplies last or whichever is earlier. Guests are limited to a purchase order limit of 25 units per item unless otherwise stated. Standard order limits apply to Duffy the Disney Bear, Dooney and Bourke, Vera Bradley, Vinylmation, Pins, and Limited Edition Merchandise. Offer only valid on phone orders and orders placed online at DisneyStore.com. Not valid on purchases made at Disney Store retail, outlet, or Disney Parks and Resorts store locations. Limit one coupon or promotion code per Guest. Qualifying purchase based on pre-tax, post-discount amount and excludes shipping and handling charges, gift cards, gift wrap and gift boxes, publications, memberships, media, games and accessories, electronics, Disney INFINITY, Disney Theme Park passes, Limited Edition merchandise, Dooney & Bourke, Vera Bradley, Duffy the Disney Bear Collection, personalization, and items not in stock. Offer cannot be combined with other offers (except with online purchases, offer can be combined with shipping offer). No adjustments to prior purchases. Prices subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability. Merchandise must be in-stock at time of purchase and can only be exchanged for identical item or returned at discounted price with valid packing slip. Returns and exchanges subject to discount taken at time of redemption. Not valid at Employee Centers. Cannot be combined with Cast Member discount. Coupon or promotion code may not be redeemed for cash. Coupon or promotion code may not be sold, altered, duplicated or copied and will not be replaced if lost, stolen or corrupted. Use of coupon or promotion code is acceptance of its terms. Offer may be canceled or modified at any time. Void where prohibited. Free Shipping applies to Standard Delivery only on phone orders and orders placed online at DisneyStore.com over $75 sent to a single shipment address in the U.S. Certain products excluded, as noted on specific Product Pages. Qualifying purchase based on pre-tax, post-discount amount and excludes Shipping & Handling charges, D23 Memberships, gift wrap & gift boxes. The Promotion will be applied, if eligible. If any single order is sent to more than one address, Shipping & Handling charges will be applied to each shipment address. Disney E-Commerce reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.


A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how the European Disney store website had promised a big announcement regarding the future of Vinylmation through its websites (co.uk/fr) and that announcement came in the form of a nice shiny new banner that would give some details on the next new release, a picture of the new series along with a release date.  (Click here for that original column)


As expected, Disney weren’t able to keep that up for more than a month, we had a banner for Monsters University in mid June followed by the Lone Ranger at the end of June.  Then as the weeks went on, the Lone Ranger banner disappeared, only to be released with a rather generic looking “Vinylmation” logo.  At least the banner before had the Park 7 Combo Topper (something that never got released over here).  For the next month, this banner remained, even with us all knowing that the Muppets 3 blind box series was coming out at the end of the month.  They had confirmed it on their Facebook page and other UK collectors had reported stores had them in the back.

ukjuneThe release of this series came and went, without the banner being updated.  This was the whole point of the banner, to share information about forthcoming releases, to go through all the bother of telling collectors that there was some great news coming and then to give us a banner was disapointing enough, but then to give up on the idea within a few weeks, is just pathetic.


I know the Disney Store in the US isn’t much better at announcing new series, while the Parks side of Vinylmation seems to do a much better job in promoting new products.  It’s just very frustrating to see this simple and effective idea to help European collectors get given up on so quickly by the UK team.
If they haven’t got time to do it, let me have a go, I can knock up a banner in a few minutes with a photo and a date.  (See this wasn’t hard was it?  Took me 2 minutes!) uklittlemermaidWe know the UK has got a few new releases coming up like Little Mermaid and Marvel, so even a “Coming Soon” image would be better than a simple logo.  Maybe I’m wrong in expecting a company to give details on products coming out soon rather than them deciding to keep them secret until they are out.

Communication has always been a issue with Disney, on both sides of the pond, but with the rather dismal outing that is on Disneystore.co.uk this morning (we’ve  gone from 40 items at one point down to single digits, then back up a few items.

I maybe shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up too much that the UK Disney store could keep this going, but its such a simple thing to do and would make purchases much easier for collectors.  The Muppets 3 release this past week was at least announced, but we never got told a proper release date, I guessed from the previous few releases that it’ll either be the Friday like in the USA or the following Monday, but why should we have to guess what time or day items will arrive.

It’s a shame the UK team made such a big deal out of an “big announcement” that they couldn’t follow through with for more than a few weeks.  The .co.uk website should now have a banner about the next release, which is probably the Little Mermaid blind box series which has been confirmed as released in the UK but with the words “Coming Soon”, which is certainly better than nothing.

So please, Disney UK, sort out that little banner, release some information like you do with the Pins.  But then on the other side of things, when things like the recent Muppets 3 series sold out within 48 hours, they probably have figured out its not much point in doing it since things are selling well enough without the hassle.

What are your thoughts on this?