Today has been a big release day for UK and European collectors with a number of series becoming available on including Big Hero 6 and Toy Story 2. Other older series have also been re-released including Marvel series 1, Pixar Series 2 and Villains series 4.

All of these figures are priced at £8 a blind box.


Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Toy Story Series 2.

toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181


RogPalmerUK –  I am a huge fan of Toy Story and the original Vinylmation series was one of first blind box series I brought (Rex and Woody!), so the Toy Story Vinylmations do have a special place in my heart.  This series has some great characters, Buzz is another awesome figure that blows the rest out of the water in my opinion, the look on his face and the unique way they did another Buzz (since we already have had a few versions of him).  Another fave of mine is Woody, I like how they have done the black and white version to look very different from the first series figure.

Crystal – Buzz as ms Nesbit. When I saw this…. I screamed. This is just behind Al in the chicken suit as vinyl idea of the year. What more iconic of a scene than buzz out of his mind… The Google eyes, the missing and extra arm, the Nesbit hat…. I just love that someone thought of this as a vinyl idea. I would love it even if it was the ugliest in the set.    Woody and Jessie. This is a very close second behind buzz. I looooove woodsy roundup as an idea and the blank stares of the puppets.

JennieMrs Nesbit is great, I love the arm accessory and happy they found a way to get Buzz into the set.  B&W Woody and Jessie. Love these two. Looks like round three will have Bullseye and Pete to round out my Round Up.    Mr and Mrs Potato head. They look great and I adore their expressions. The variant is also smart and I need it!   Twitch. Lotso gang is slowly gaining ground. Hopefully more to come in additional sets like Pixar 3.


RogPalmerUK –  I’m not going to lie when I say I was very disappointed when I saw this set revealed, even though its a smaller set, it just looks like a collection of fillers to me, there is a fine line between doing characters too many times (like the Aliens) and doing characters which no-one is interested in and I think they went a little too far by throwing in Dolly and the Chaser.  Trixie could have been an interesting character but I’m not sure on the way the face has been done.  And then we come to Mr & Mrs Potato Heads who remind me of Mr Hanky from South Park.  This series could have been awesome, we’ve had 3 fantastic Toy Story figures released lately in the Villains series (SDCC/5), Zurg, Stinky Pete and Al in a Chicken Suit, all of which would have made this series a “must have”.  Disney scored a huge own goal in giving the best characters to San Diego Comic Con exclusives and the chaser to Villains 5, this has probably cost them so much cash in loss of sales.

Crystal- The chaser. Who. The. Eff. Is. This. I don’t know about you guys, but I ain’t chasin nothin’
Trixie- I barely remember her. Meeeeh.     Mrs and Mrs Potato Head. Did they really need to do both? I’d rather have Mr potato head and a pack of three juniors as the little green men.   Dolly- again. Who?

JennieMy only miss is Trixie. I think she was lost in translation here. Which is a shame because she is a fun character.

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While we found out about the Mystery Chaser for the Toy Story series 2 last week, Disney have now released an official 360 image of this figure, showing Twitch in all his glory.

Mystery Chaser Revealed for Vinylmation™ Toy Story Series 2

September 15 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Toy Story Series 2, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Chasers figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.

vm_toy_story_series_2_chaser_twitch_orgWhat do you think of this chaser?

toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181

toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181
Today sees the new Toy Story Series 2 Vinylmations released online through and at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland. They are also expected to be released at selected Disney Stores in the US on Monday.

This 8 piece blind box series features Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and many more characters, blind boxes will be priced at $12.95 and a tray will cost $207.20. If you want to know who the chaser is, simply click here.

toy story 2 boxHere are the official details:

SKU: 400008553490
Retail Price: $12.95
Tray Retail Price: $207.20
Disney Parks Release Date: September 12
Disney Parks Online Release Date: September 12

Will you be adding these to your collection?


We are fast approaching the Imagination Gala, the biggest event in the Vinylmation calendar, but we still haven’t seen everything that got previewed at last years event, Reflections of Evil such as Toy Story Series 2. But that has changed thanks to Disney Store employee Ryan Miller, who sent me and email stating that according to his store, the series is set to come out in Disney Stores on September 15th.

If Toy Story 2 is coming to Disney Stores, it does make sense why we haven’t see many previews of these figures as the Disney Store rarely promotes any release beforehand and the 15th falls on Monday, which is the usual Disney Store release day. I’d also expect this series to be sold online at and also at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Currently we have only seen a sneak peek at a new look Buzz Lightyear, who was shown at the Reflections of Evil presentation.

Who are you hoping to see in Toy Story 2?