Well, today was a busy day, as I spent the day going to 5 Disney Stores “near” me (would have been 7 if the crowds at two places didn’t frustrate me to no end). A note to the guy at the Palisades Mall who insisted that the spot I was parked in was his and not mine: I wouldn’t have moved and ended up not going to the mall if you didn’t scream and carry on so much that I feared what you would have done to my car had I left and went shopping. I hope your kids see how great of a guy daddy is by being an obnoxious bully. Be that as it may, now I’m at home with my Kentucky Grilled Chicken and ready to share with you some of the awesomeness that Diamond Select Toys has for us in 2012.

First off, I would like to thank Zach Oat, Marketing Director for DST. Due to a miscommunication, I started taking pictures and he had to stop and question me about what I was doing. However, after we talked, he was very nice in letting me continue taking pictures and getting information for you all. He even let me take pics of stuff that was marked for “No Photography”. Yea, he’s a pretty awesome guy. I remember seeing back in the day when he was editor of Toyfare at the Wizard World conventions. Ah…. the memories….. oh, right. You came here to look at pictures of Minimates. Here you go!

HALO Series 4– Release Date: Toys ‘R’ Us- March; Box Set- June. This will probably be the last of the series.


Universal Monsters- Awesome line, which also includes larger figures and a line of The Munsters figures (didn’t get a chance to take photos of them). Series 3 will be released in September. The Munsters Koach will be released in July.


Marvel- Lines include the basic Heroes wave, The Avengers wave, and The Amazing Spider-Man wave. The will be released between April and June.




Marvel vs. Capcom Series 3- This will be most likely the last series of this line. Released in April.



Star Trek- No release date on this beauty yet. This is “Pending Licensor Approval”.

The Expendables- Also “Pending Licensor Approval”, Series 1 will be out in April and Series 2 in June.

Now, there were a few things that I could not take pictures of: Tomb Raider (Released TBD), Street Fighter X Tekken (Released in June), and The Walking Dead (Released in September & November). Now, The Walking Dead did not have a “No Photography” sign, but Zach mentioned after pictures were taken that there should have been. So, those will remain for my eyes only. Oh, btw, they are awesome.

Time was limited, as I had to get to my appointment with LEGO, but I was able to get shots of two more properties.

World of Warcraft Series 4– looks like some awesome looking figures coming out this year.


Magni Bronzebeard & Sylvanas Windrunner


Moonkin: Wildmoon & Hallow’s End Nemesis: The Headless Horseman

Alice: Madness Returns Action Figures- Based off the sequel to the hit video game Alice, this set of 3 figures (with two Alice variants) are the only ones scheduled to be produced. Release Date: May (except for Royal Suit variant which is TBD). I love the look of these figures.


Alice- Regular and ‘Hysteria Mode’ Variant


‘Royal Suit’ Variant & Card Guard

Cheshire Cat

Before I let you go, I wanted to share some photos of a few of the things Diamond Comic Distributors will be releasing this year. Don’t know specifics on most of them (lost my notes), so i am just going to show them off. I knwo the TMNT and Funko stuff you have all seen in my previous articles. The Nightmare Before Christmas figures are from WDCC, I believe.




Tomorrow is the final day of coverage. I will feature a few fun things for the family that I found in my travels and give a recap of my impressions and feelings about Toy Fair. See you all tomorrow!

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Happy Saturday to all! Sorry this is a bit late in posting, but it was a busy day at work. Anyways, we have a lot to cover today, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?


Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year, what started out as a small “ugly” doll making company has grown by leaps and bounds. Their characters seem to multiply yearly (8 being introduced in 2012 alone). They appear as tin toys, vinyls, kites, and ceramics. Pillows, bags, and hats are being released. Now they even have Uglybuddies, Uglydolls with their own Mini Uglydolls to hold. Take a look at the pics from their booth.




The item that I saw that I am excited about the most is the 10th Anniversary Wage. The Uglydoll that started it all, Wage is presented as he looked when he was first sewn 10 years ago. I will be picking one of these up, no doubt.


Moving on, I visited with Todd from K’NEX and we chatted about two of their most popular properties. First up is the gang from Mario Kart Wii.


In 2012, K’NEX will be launching a line based off the popular Wii video game. From small buildable figures and vehiclesto larger racing tracks. I only got a good look at the smaller figures, but the catalog has some really nice looking larger playsets depicting some of the awesome tracks in Mario Kart. As excited I was about these figures, the other property that they got no more than a month ago blew this one of the water, in my opinion. Behold, the awesomeness of ANGRY BIRDS!


For only having the licence a month, the prototypes that they have made are so much fun. The larger pigs are buildable. I love the play action with the slingshot. Both starter packs like the ones pictured and builder packs with more birds and pieces, will be available. These are so new that they aren’t even in their catalog. Pretty sweet.

Yup, they are back. Being that this was the show/ toy set that brings back a lot of my awesome childhood memories, I was so happy that Playmates allowed me to see what you are about to see. :)

Coinciding with the new animated series from Nickelodeon, the revamp TMNT has a teenage April O’Neil teaming up with the turtles to fight Shredder, Krang, and other villains. The first series of 9 action figures will includes Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Splinter, Shredder, April, Krang, and a Foot Soldier. In addition to being different heights and sizes, each of the turtles are now a vastly different shade of green.


Future series of 3 figures each will follow. The first two are pictured. Only one I recognized was Metalhead.


Next up: Deluxe Power Sound FX figures are activated by a mechanic (moving of arms, head, feet, etc.) and will feature sayings using the same voices as the actors that play the characters in the series. The four turtles and Shredder are to be released.


What would fighting crime be without vehicles? Here are the Dragon Chopper, Ninja Stealth Bike, Rippin Rider, Sewer Spinnin Skateboard, and Shellraiser, the reimagined van. The first two come with an exclusive figure, but can be swapped out for any of the characters. The other three come just the vehicle themselves.



The Shellraiser has this pretty kickass action feature which allows a figure to get launched out of the side of the van and do 360 flips to knock the bad guys down.  Saw it in action and it worked quite well. However, getting where you need to go would only work if you had a starting point. For the turtles, it is this monstrosity:

The Secret Sewer Lair Playset has everything the Turtles need to fight crime. I wasn’t able to get my own decent photo of it because they were doing some filming with it. However, it is massive and will probably cost a pretty penny. However, if I decided to collect the toys, this will be a must for display purposes. One thing that is cool is the upper “street level”, which makes it obvious that the lair is underground. Also, they have a Shredder dummy to hone their fighting skills on.

Growing up, if I wanted to pretend to be one of the turtles, it usually involved my mother’s scrap fabric and a broom handle (Donatello was always my favorite). These days, companies release these for the kids… Ninja Combat Gear. Cheating!

Finally, we come to something Playmates is making for the adult collector. The Classic Collection is a recreation of the look and feel of the original TMNT set, but with an awesome enhancement. 34 points of articulation! I kid you not. Oh the poses you will go!


Lil’ Teammates/ Bleacher Creatures

One of our readers, Michael, asked me to swing by these two booths (which were right next to one another) and check them out. I am not a big sports fan, but I figured why not.

Lil’ Teammates is a line of small vinyl football and hockey figures representing, from what I can see, all of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams. Pretty cool little guys which will get even smaller with the release of Teenymates. Looks like a big release for the Teenymates will be a collection of quarterbacks from all of the 32 NFL teams. Nice.


Now, Bleacher Creatures are a bit different. They are a plush collection of puppets and dolls representing both players and mascots from different major league, and college, teams. What was interesting about them was that, in addition to having their generic player in a team outfit (called “Sporto), they are able to make player specific ones because they have the licensing from the players’ associations. My favorite? Well, if we are talkign mascot, then it is the Philly Phanatic (Phillies). If we are talking players I saw there, got to be Cano and Teixeira form the Yankees. :)


Finally for this evening: I reported earlier in the week about upcoming Mr. Potato Head stuff. I had some requests on seeing the Sports Spuds that they had on display. I don’t want to disappoint my reading if I can help it, so, here you go.

Well, that is it for tonight. Tomorrow I will share what I saw at Diamond….. yup, a bunch of Minimates (and some other stuff).

Cowabunga, Dudes!

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Let me first thank everyone out there who have contacted me in appreciation of these exclusive columns. It is nice to know that all of the picture editing and loading and writing is bringing enjoyment. With that being said, please bear with me today. There is a LOT of awesomeness when it came to my meeting with LEGO. I was not able to focus on everything during my meeting, but I was able to get a bunch. Anyways… here we go!

Ashley Edwards, part of LEGO Brand Relations, took me around the showroom floor. She was very informative and excited about the new products that were coming out, especially The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit line. This is her favorite line and, looking at the pictures, I am sure you can see why.




Ashley pointed out a couple of things that I wanted to mention. The LOTR series has horses that are articulated so that they can rear back. If you look back at the “Battle of Helm’s Deep”, you can see the horse she was talking about. Now, I don’t know if this is in every set, like “Gandalf Arrives”, but those horses are pretty cool. Also, she mentioned about the evolution of Frodo. If you look at “Gandalf Arrivesl”, Frodo is all happy, but by the time he battles Shelob, he is worn down and scared. Ashley said that the Frodo that comes with each set will emotionally be based off how far along the journey he is. After I drooled over LOTR, we went to a galaxy far, far away…

WOW. Star Wars has come a long way since its’ debut as LEGO’s in 1999. Before I get in to why, here are the pics.








As you can see, improvements abound. The ability to screen print designs on the 3D surfaces have made the shading on Jabba and the Stormtroopers possible. Speaking of Jabba, outside of the showroom, the show the set without the finished Jabba. As awesome as that was, getting inside the showroom and seeing the final Jabba was a nice surprise and that much better. The 2012 Advent Calendar will feature TWO exclusive figures: Frosty R2-D2 (Ashley’s favorite) and Snowsuit Darth Maul (the one I preferred). Those will looks great with Santa Yoda, which was the exclusive in the 2011 Advent Calendar. Also, notice the pictures with the planets? Those are each a set that comes with a figure, a mini-build ship, and the world to store it all in. I find it to be a pretty cool small collection that I have a feeling a lot of people will get into.

Next up was DC Super Heroes. Both the LEGO sets and the large figure builds look awesome. If I have time to upload it this weekend, I will share with you video of the Bat Cave special feature! For now, though, some pics:



One of the things I like is with the Batman line. They won’t be focusing on just one of the Batman styles (TV, movies, comics, etc). They will draw inspiration from many different platforms. I can see strategy in that because you won’t be alienating people that only like Adam West’s Batman, or George Clooney’s Batman for that argument, though i don’t know of anyone who likes that version of Batman.

This larger than life Hulk greeted guests as they entered Toy Fair. However, in the showroom, things just got so much better with the offerings that LEGO has from Marvel. Shall we?




Ashley said “Don’t worry, Hulk will have a face.” At time of the show, his samples still didn’t have a face. Also, the one thing I don’t like about this line: small Iron Man. Having the helmet on his head makes him look like a little child trick-or-treating. hey, if he’s out getting candy, I’ll take some Red Vines or Reese’s.

This is the first time that they have produced anything dinosaur related in 7 years. Looks like some awesome sculpts.


Looks like somebody got dinner!

Man, when I was a kid, we had to create a dinosaur out of LEGO’s. Now they come as a full piece? We were ecstatic when the pirate started coming with parrots and monkeys.


I am not a big fan of the Disney CARS line of LEGO’s. I think I am too spoiled with the diecast collection. However, I did snap a few pictures of what I could for people interested. We were running down on time by now and we still had two properties that Ashley wanted to make sure I saw.


So yeah. This property is kind of a big deal. One of the most popular original properties LEGO has ever had. It has won awards (including a TOTY Activity Toy Award this year at the Fair), yet I don’t see the appeal. I like ninjas, of course. However, I actually felt a little overwhelmed standing in front of this display. I did find a couple of sculpts I liked, so those are the ones that got shot.

OK, the logo pic does not do this new set justice. How can battling monsters be nothing but awesome? Well, when said monsters are iconic like Frankenstein,  Dracula, and the Wolfman… yeah. <insert more drool here> If I was a little kid again, THIS is the set I would want. Well, aside from Harry Potter, Star Wars, and LOTR. Hahahahahaha….. check out the pics.




Whew! That was a lot y’all. I’m bushed. I would go home, but a certain store we all know and love is having a 25% off sale this weekend, so I am to leave to go on my excursion for some fun.

Travis: “Tune in tomorrow… same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!”

Hulk: “Travis referencing DC make Hulk mad!”

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Walking around the floor of Toy Fair, something that stood out to me were the games. There were a LOT of them, ranging from children’s games to adult games to collector games. Today I would like to share with you a few of the games that caught my eye during my travels.

Cathedral by Family Games America, Inc.

Celebrating 30 years in 2012, Cathedral is a strategy game for 2 players. Each player has Tetris-like shaped pieces and the object of the game is to get as many pieces on the board as possible while also trying to prevent the other player from placing their pieces. When the board is full or no more pieces can be played, the person with the least amount of pieces left in their hand wins.

Awkward Family Photos by All Things Equal

The Awkward Family Photos website is highly popular. All Things Equal gained the rights to the photos and created a game around it. At random, a photo is chosen by one of the players (the roller). The roller then asks one of 20 questions about the photo. The other players write down their answer to the question. The roller then chooses his or her favorite answer and tries to guess which player wrote which answer. The player whose answer is chosen places a token on the board. Play continues until someone places all 5 of their tokens on the board.


SPAM Games by Haywire

They may not be anything new, but any game that comes in a SPAM can is probably awesome. Varieties include SPAM Dice Game, SPAM Crazy Eights, and SPAM 100pc. Puzzles. Yum!


Khet 2.0 Laser Game by Innovention Toys LLC


Combining elements of checkers and chess, and using lazers, this looks like a very fun game. The object of this game is to place your mirrored pieces on the board in such a way that, when you activate your lazer, it hits the other player’s “King”. This game was a “Toy of the Year” Finalist and a winner of a MENSA Award. 


Where’s Waldo? by Techno Source


A new spin on the classic Where’s Waldo? brand, this game is a “free for all” picture matching game. When I demoed the game, a guy started taking his girlfriend’s pieces so she didn’t win. When she protested, the demo girl said that it was allowed. It was hilarious. Oh, and I found Waldo.



Last year, the original SKYLANDERS took the collectible toy/ gaming format to new heights. I personally did not get into it, but a lot of children and adults I know did. This follow-up adds a new brand of creature to the mix: GIANTS! Released in Fall 2012, 8 Giants will be introduced, as well as 8 new warriors, 1 each for every element. The Giants will be able to do even better things, being that they are Giants. The game pack will retail for $69.99 and include the Life Giant (pictured), one of the new warriors (two of which are pictured), and an older warrior in a different pose, as well as the portal and the game. If you already have the portal, you can purchase a less expensive expansion pack. Retail pricing was not available at this time.


One of the fun things they added this time around with the toys are features. For example, the new form of Prism Break lights up when activated on the portal. I found it to be a very cool feature. Below shows the action feature, along with a shot of the massive statue of Prism Break that they had there.


Now that I demoed the game and such, I might have to get into SKYLANDERS. That, and I was given an exclusive Purple Metallic Cynder figure as a gift for visiting. Check out eBay for “Toy Fair Skylanders” and you will see why I am excited. :)


That’s it for today. Tomorrow I am hoping to get all my LEGO coverage out there to you. But don’t fret, the coverage round-up will continue strong into the weekend, including the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line, K’Nex, Ugly Doll, Diamond Select Toys (Minimates), and more fun for the entire family. See you tomorrow!

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Writing this up in the morning (it won’t post until this afternoon) because I will be venturing into Toy Fair in a couple of hours. I am so excited to be visiting with LEGO this morning that I had blocks on the brain. It’s the perfect mood to be in when I talk about another block company, Mega Brands, creator of the popular Mega Bloks.

Before I ever entered the showroom, I saw some amazing work using Mega Bloks. In the lobby of Toy Fair was this awesome WOW statue of Thrall, made entirely of Bloks.


Then there was this HALO soldier right outside the door to the showroom, also made up entirely of Bloks.


I would like to take this time to thank Tanya Furci-Argento, PR and Communications Specialist at Mega Brands. As I have said before, I am a “Press Noob”. Walking up to the sign-in desk of Mega Brands, I wasn’t too hopeful on being able to get an appointment. Not only did Tanya fit me in, but it was within the next ½ hr. I was thinking that, at best, I would have to come back on another day. Nope! It was very nice of her to do that. Turns out that she is a newbie to the industry (she came from fashion) and this was her first Toy Fair as well. This made the both of us feel more comfortable. I ended up having to share my tour with a couple of other press people, but I didn’t mind. They knew more about the collections we looked at and I learned a lot more than I would have with just Tanya there. The guys asked questions that Tanya had to get those brand reps to answer. She prevailed though and I got to see some very interesting things. Shall we look at them? I think we shall. Just to cover myself, please remember that some of this stuff might be “subject to final approval”. Thanks.

Apparently this is quite a fun collectable game involving dragons. I don’t know too much more about the premise, but sculpting for the new stuff look awesome. Always love a good looking dragon.


The brand manager for Dragons said that in 2012 they are concentrating on a lower price point for this brand. At the higher pricing points, consumers would tend to choose a name like HALO or Power Rangers over a dragon. However, at lower price points, the dragons hold their own. That is why the hugs dragons that have been sold in years prior have been discontinued. Will they come back? They are hoping that one day that huge dragons will show back up.

The new stuff is due to arrive in Fall 2012 and have a price range from $2.99 for a blind pack mini dragon to $11.99 for a larger dragon.



Releasing in conjunction with the new TV series, the Fall 2012 release will feature more Power Ranger colors and a cool “2 in 1” buildable option for the individual Zords and a “3 in 1” option for the Megazords. There will also be smaller hero packs and Pocket Racers available. Pricing will range from $4.99 to $29.99. A Power Ranger made up entirely of Bloks guarded the display.


Some exciting things are coming from the HALO Mega Bloks line. The buildable line is getting some awesome looking new pieces in Fall 2012 (ranging in price from $5.99-$99.99), so awesome that we could not take close up images of the “worlds”, just wide shots. I didn’t mind, but the pieces are so detailed when you get up close. But that isn’t even the best part of HALO in this showroom.



HALO Universe is an entire DIECAST recreation of the buildable figures. Geared to the adult collector, these will be rolling out throughout 2012. The pictures do not do the figures justice, because no close up shots again. They are beautiful. Pricing for most of the pieces range from $5.99-$29.99.


This… is… awesome. They give us little information on this set. In fact, this was all they said about it in their press kit:

And pictures? Yea. Only a super wide shot of the “world”.

I think I might have started drooling over them when I looked at them close up. Seriously, they look amazing. I was also told that they will have working lanchers and such so they could actually “battle” one another if necessary. My favorite piece? The blimp. Don’t ask me why, but it just looked so WOW iconic.


Unfortunately, they would not let us take pictures of these figures, which were a mixture of large and small figures. They looked great. Hopefully this line catches on… would love to add some Mini figs to my Marvel Minis Collection one day.


Rose Art Custom Vinyls

Took a gander at the Rose Art display. Did not see any new molds, but I am not widely versed on them. I did take a couple of pics of customs that were at the entrance to the showroom, however. Pretty cool.


Well, that is it for today. Toy Fair opens soon. Check back tomorrow for another update. Have a great day!


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Mr. Potato Head, Mezco, & Puppety Goodness!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has a lovely day no matter what you are doing. What shall we look at from Toy Fair today? Let’s start off with potatoes, because when I think of this romantic holiday, I think of potatoes.

Mr. Potato Head

I was going to hold off on these until I got more images and information from Hasbro, but I was not able to get a Press appointment to meet with them.  One of the problems I found being a “Press Noob”. Didn’t know that you needed to schedule appointments with the major companies before going. If you don’t, you are taking a shot in the dark. Anyways, since Hasbro is out of the question, I figured that I would share these instead, from Mr. Potato Head licencee PPW Toys.

Overall, the brand of Mr. Potato Head is, as a whole, moving into two directions, according to PPW. First of all, he will always be a “leaner” spud now. I personally prefer the fatter look, which is the original, classic look. But hey, these are new times we live in. Also, they are diverging away from clamshall packaging and going to basically all box packaging. This is music to my ears as a collector since displaying in clamshell looks cluttered and you can easily rebox your collectibles when you want to store them. Not the same thing can be said for clamshell.

Also, I did not get any images of them yet, but Sports Spuds will expand more into the MLB, NFL, and NHL leagues.

Now onto the images I do have:

 “Blue Hawaii” Elvis(left) will be released in August around the anniversary of the singer’s death. Pictured with Elvis ’68.

The Three Stooges. The spuds look better than the upcoming film.

Star Trek. “Where no spud has gone before.”

KISS. These kind of creep me out.

Wizard of Oz. This 4pk is currently available.

The Wicked Witch of the West will be sold separately and will be available this year.

DC Super Heroes. New this year. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises Mr. Potato Head will be released in the fall to tie into the movie.


Yesterday, I mentioned looking at stuff from Diamond. However, Diamond does have a showroom on the floor that I briefly passed thru Sunday but plan on going back to tomorrow. I want to get more information on some of those things for you guys, so I will post about them later on in the week. Instead, I will share some things from Mezco. Note: most of this is ‘Pending Final Approval’.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Featuring a combination of Mez-itz & Mini Mez-itz, I really like their collectibles for what is sure to be a blockbuster smash this year. I thumbnailed all of the photos, a combination of stuff that was live and stuff from the catalog. I also threw in the regular DC stuff in here for good measure.





These Mega Deluxe Scale Action Figures look AMAZING! Featured in this set are Lion-o, Mumm-Ra, and Panthro, my personal favorite.

Mumm-Ra & Lion-o



Here are some thumbnailed pictures of other stuff that Mezco is coming out with this year. I especially like the Earthworm Jim figure and the Spongebob Squarepants line.



Jim Henson & Muppet Related Goodness

The last thing I want to share with you today are some things found around Toy Fair that relate themselves to the Muppets or, more importantly, Jim Henson.

Manhattan Toy has a whole line of Fraggle Rock merchandise, including puppets, plush, & bobbleheads.


TOMY has toys inspired by not one, but two, Jim Henson properties. First up are children’s sleep aids and DVDs from Jim Henson’s Pajanimals, which airs on PBS Sprout. These are created and geared towards making children able to sleep on their own and not be afraid of the dark, noises, etc.

Apparently, there is also a show called Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train, a show that combines dinosaurs and, well, trains. Yeah, it’s about that simple. Last year, TOMY released some basic dinosaurs from the series. This year, they are releasing the new Interactive wave. They are wireless and will interact with one another if they are next to one another when activated. I saw them in action and it was pretty cool, when they worked. TOMY, maker of the Thomas the Tank and Chuggington lines, also releases train sets of this set. NOTE: Chuggington is advancing the realm of children’s train sets by making kids able to build UP in addition to OUT. In fact, their entryways to their area were built out of this interlocking vertical tracking. Looked pretty cool if you have kids into those trains.

Puppet Heap Workshop

Lastly, I stopped by and talked to Paul Andrejco, Jean Marie Keevins, and Tony  Grosso of Puppet Heap Workshop. Never heard of Puppet Heap? SHAME ON YOU! Why? Well, they create puppets and, more importantly, these puppets:

Yup, THE Muppets. They built all of the Muppets for last year’s movie. Paul used to work for Henson. When they were looking for a company to built puppets for them, Paul and his puppet company were brought in. However, they do not just make puppets for Disney. They also have a band of crazy puppets that I have been a fan of for years.

If you have never seen their videos, I highly suggest that you do. I was introduced to the work of Puppet Heap during my Puppetry class in the Spring of 2010 (I am now in my second year of being an assistant in the course, I enjoy puppetry so much). The video I saw was “Omar’s Mother”, which was and still is required viewing in the class. Why? It is awesome. Yup, that about sums it up. Check it out below.

Omar’s Mother- Puppet Heap

Puppet Heap just released last year there own line of hand puppets based on some of their characters. I am thrilled to own the Constable and I gave Cabot, the Puppetry professor, Toby the Dog. Paul is hoping that Omar will be released in the future (I would LOVE that), and they are creating a line of Wizard of Oz puppets to debut in 2014 for the 75th Anniversary of the movie.

On a side note, they were thrilled that “Omar’s Mother” is required viewing in the Puppetry class. Also, Paul and I now have a secret handshake…. by accident. :P

Well, that be all for today. What will tomorrow hold in store? Come back to find out, as I will be back to Toy Fair again tomorrow. :)

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Dolls- Madame Alexander & Tonner


Still working on putting together information for some other articles, so this got moved up in the line-up. When I mentioned on the forums that I saw some amazing Disney dolls, people were curious as to what I was meaning. Well, I am not a doll person. However, two of the doll vendors at this year’s Toy Fair caught my eyes, mainly because of Disney related items. I figured I would share with you some of what I found interesting.

Madame Alexander

I passed by this booth a few times not noticing anything until I saw this:

I LOVE how the Mouseketeer doll comes with Mickey & Minnie. But that is not all of the Disney goodness.

Belle, Beast, & Rapunzel. Beast has a removable mask. Belle comes with Lumiere.

Jessie with Bullseye & Woody with Buzz Lightyear


Cruella de Vil & “Maggie” with Kermit 

Cinderella & Tiana with Naveen


Christopher Robin with Pooh & Friends

In addition to Disney, Madame Alexander had SO many dolls and plush that were all amazing. Below are some thumbnails of some of the ones I found most interesting, including Paddington Bear, Wizard of Oz, Broadway’s Annie & Wicked, Peanuts, Puff the Magic Dragon, Moulin Rouge, Pan-Am, Where’s Waldo?, and Dairy Queen. This is not a field I am all that into, but there was so much more at Madame Alexander. If anyone has any special requests, I can see about stopping by there on Wednesday.






Now, if I was a doll collector, Tonner would be the company I would collect. Not just are they close by me in Kingston, NY (about 2 1/2 hrs. north of NYC), but their dolls are really in a league of their own. These beauties were drew me to the booth immediately.


Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice & The Corpse Bride in beautiful doll form.


Heroes Unite! DC’s Batgirl & Marvel’s Black Cat…. meow.


And a bottle of rum… Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Jack Sparrow & Angelica

Harry Potter‘s Victor Krum

However, the centerpiece of Tonner’s display and the most amazing Tonner dolls I have ever seen came in the form of a couple of Na’vi. Note: these figures are subject to licensor’s approval.


Avatar‘s Neytiri & Jake Sulley

Well, that is it for today. Tomorrow we shall look at some Mr. Potato Head, see what awesomeness Diamond has in store this year, and gander at some Jim Henson/ Puppet goodness.

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Opening Ceremony & Funko!


Greetings! I am happy to report that I was given a wonderful opportunity to attend as PRESS to the 2012 American International Toy Fair. Special thanks to Baltar for helping me out with getting the pass. Over the next week or so, I will be reporting on various aspects of this huge and amazing show. I won’t hit everything ( I don’t know who could, to be honest), but I will cover as much as I can.

Opening Ceremony

Before Toy Fair opened on Sunday, they had a fun opening ceremony, including a bunch of the costumed characters at the show and the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes & Drums Corp. It was a fun time. As Red Power Ranger watched on, the characters paraded around and had fun with the guests. I got a pic with the Care Bears. It was a jovial time. Right before the rope dropped at 10am, they cut the paper chain to officially open the show.

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge.)




Now, Xero will especially be happy about this information. As a whole, there wasn’t much new on display. However, their 2012 catalog was a different story. With the being said let’s get it on!


Pop! Vinyls


4.25″ Series 4 Concept Art (Subject to licensor’s approval.)


9″ Mickey & Buzz


2.5″ Combo Packs (Subject to licensor’s approval.)

Blox Vinyls


LargeBlox (along with the Mars Attacks Blox)

2.5″ Mickey & Donald Combo (Subject to licensor’s approval.) with Batman Combo and Simpsons Combo


Wait… what? Cupcakes? Yup. Cupcakes. Looks like Funko is coming out with another Disney-themed vinyl (sounding a lot like Vinylmation?). These 2.5″ buggers weren’t even in the catalog, but Mickey and Snow White were on display. Mickey’s ears fold into his frosting head (why I do not know). The woman on the floor told me that a Muppets line is in the works as well. (Notice Gandalf in the background? You will see him again later.)

EDIT: It is actually the BODY that folds into the head of the cupcake. Makes more sense.


Speaking of the wonderful Muppets, looks like they are getting their own lines of Pop! Vinyls and Wacky Wobblers. (Subject to licensor’s approval.)

Nightmare Before Christmas

The wonderful gang at NBC will be getting some Wacky Wobblers as well. (Subject to licensor’s approval.)

Misc Properties

After all said and done with Disney, I took more pictures randomly on the floor and from the catalog for your enjoyment. If you want me to get better shots of something or have questions, let me know. (Any artwork is Subject to licensor’s approval.)






UPDATE: Michael asked for NBA Pop! Vinyls. Here they are. Images were taken with my camera phone because my good camera is charging. (Subject to licensor’s approval.)


I do believe that is it for this evening. More to come tomorrow from Toy Fair! OK…. one last shot… of giant Malificent!

UPDATE: I scanned the entire Funko 2012 catalog. It can be found here.