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Thursday and that means it’s time for some new Disney Infinity 2.0 toy boxes and this weeks theme is Agents of Shield.

Do you have what it takes to be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Prove it by beating this week’s Top 5 Toy Boxes!

1. S.H.I.E.L.D Cadet Training Facility by King of the Tunas
2. S.H.I.E.L.D Recruitment Bash by Pirate Steven
3. S.H.I.E.L.D. by fdanielix
4. Melinda May : Agents of SHIELD Advanced Training by thebaroness89
5. HydraStrikesBack by Sodor156

In honor of Princess Jasmine’s arrival, we’re challenging you to create a whole new world in the Toy Box for Jasmine and Aladdin to explore. There are so many possibilities with this challenge, including Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, and Genie’s lamp! Be sure to submit your entry for the Aladdin Toy Box Challenge by Wednesday, February 11th at Noon PT.

– Disney Infinity Team


It’s Thursday and that means we have some new Developer Picks from Disney to download for Disney Infinity 2.0 :

Get ready to unleash your inner villain with the winning Marvel Villains Toy Boxes! If you’ve picked up Green Goblin or Ronan, you’ll definitely want to put them down on your base for these Toy Boxes. Congrats to the Toy Box Evil Geniuses who created them!

1. H.Y.D.R.A. by fdanielix
2. Goblin Escape by MiniatureGeek
3. Circus of Crime by Romulus77
4. Ronan vs Asgard by thebaroness89
5. Stolen Flight by InfiniteBros

This week’s Toy Box Challenge is a mission from Agent Coulson: Build a Toy Box to train up the newest S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits! Get creative. You could build a series of spy tests or send the player on a field mission. Be sure to get your entries in by Wednesday, February 4 at Noon PT


This weeks Toy Box Challenge was all about Stitch and we have 5 new developer picks for you to download.

  • Stitch-napped! by @Enrem – Stitch has been kidnapped by a mad alien scientist! But Stitch never stays captured for long!
  • Stitch Vacation by @Fdanielix – Stitch’s Vacation is crazy! Drive in an Anti-Gravity Stunt Park, Go Bowling and have Fun! Single player recommended.
  • Grand Prix of Kaua’i by @ErDadi3 – It is time for the Grand Prix of Kaua‘i. Race with your friends around the island but be aware of all the traps and obstacles. Will you be able to jump over the volcano?
  • Stitch’s Tiki Time by @Mr Monki – Stitch had a little fight with Lilo. She ran away and Nani is very worried. And you feel pretty bad too! The tikis might know where she is, go to the waterfalls first. (Stitch recommended)
  • Experiment 626 by @CCRunner524 – Help Experiment 626 find his family. This adventure has two endings. You decide Stitch’s fate. Single Player. Requires Stitch.


Here is a look at some previous toy boxes:


Its Thursday and that means its time for some new Disney Infinity Toy Boxes, this weeks Toy Boxes were all inspired by Power Discs.

  • The Hero – Fdanielix – Cy-Bugs are invading planet X!  You must use your Calhoun’s Blaster to destroy them and become the new Hero!
  • Black Suit Spider-Man – Pirate Steven – Spider-Man realizes hat there is something strange about his black Spidey suit in this toy box inspired by the Alien Symbiote costume change power disc. 1 player – Spider-Man only.
  • Substitutiary Locomotion – Vasuii83 – Save England from invasion by flying to the Isle of Nabcombu and getting the Star of Astroth!  Inspired by Eglantine’s Motorcycle power Disc, No flying.
  • Stark Factory Meltdown – TheBaroness89 – Power Disc inspired Stark’s Arc Reactor.  Can you survive the Stark MK43 Combat Trainer.
  • Zeus Quest – Inf337659 – Zeus needs your help to rescue his son.  Find your way through the underworld to find him.  (Zeus Thunderbolt power disc).

There is also a bonus toy box called the Adventures Of Stitch which was created by the Toy Box Challenge Team.

And here are some videos at me playing some of last weeks Toy Boxes:


web_full_MeridaWinnersIts the first Thursday of 2015 and that means we have 5 new Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity 2.0 and this weeks theme is Brave.

his week’s winners took fate into their own hands and created amazing Brave Toy Boxes! Check them out for yourself by going to Community Content > Disney’s Toy Boxes > Developer Picks.

1. Merida’s Archery Challenge by MightyGitis

2. Brave: Dunbroch Highlands Festival by the baroness89

3. Bravest Adventure by Jason F

4. Season to be brave by King of the Tunas

5. Castle Quest by Gramps1005

Now let’s shift gears and get revved for this week’s Battle Race Toy Box Challenge! Take Toy Box racing to the next level with a battle race. Include vehicle weapon generators, enemies, shortcuts, and more for a super-charged race to the finish! Submit your Battle Race Toy Box to Disney by Wednesday, January 7th at Noon PST for a chance to be featured.

– Disney Infinity Team


Here are a couple of play through videos from last weeks Toy Boxes:

Which is your favourite Toy Box this week?


It’s Christmas and it’s Thursday, so that means we have some new Christmas themed toy boxes to play.


Happiest of Holidays from our Disney Infinity family to yours!

Our Toy Box picks this week capture the magic of the holidays. Download them now from Community Content > Disney’s Toy Boxes > Developer Picks!

1. An Enchanted Christmas by Vasuri83

2. Santa In Space by semerien

3. **The Christmas Adventure** by xdsmmatx

4. Xmas Infinity by Sodor156

5. Christmas Rush by The Theme Park Dude.

Did you gift or get Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Starter Packs, Play Sets, Figures, or Power Discs this year? Tell us about your presents in our Facebook group.


It’s Thursday and that means we have some new toy boxes to download on Disney Infinity 2.0 and this weeks theme is the Disney theme parks.


The Disney Parks come to you in this week’s winning Toy Boxes! Ride Space Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers, Big Thunder Mountain, and more from the comfort of your couch. Go to Community Content > Disney’s Toy Boxes > Developer Picks to get started.

1. Disneyland Paris by erdadi3

2. Animal Kingdom by CCRunner524

3. Cars Land by DizExplorer03

4. Big Thunder Mountain by King Of The Tunas

5. DisneyPolynesian by Jorge5506

For our next Toy Box Challenge, we’re trying something a little different than usual! Pick your favorite Power Disc and use it to inspire the theme of your Toy Box. Every Power Disc is fair game! Be sure to include which Power Disc you used as inspiration in the description of your Toy Box. You have a little extra time to work on this one – entries are due by Wednesday, December 31st at Noon PST.

– Disney Infinity Team

Two other toy boxes have been created by the Toy Box Community team which include Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Snow Park Challenge.

Here are some of our own play through videos of last weeks challenges:


Its Thursday and that means we have some new Toy Boxes available to download on Disney Infinity 2.0 and this weeks theme is Gravity Falls.

Here is this weeks toy boxes:

GRAVITY FALLS ADVENTURES – XSHADOW246 – Help Dipper and Mabel sneak into Uncle Stan’s secret lab to uncover a hidden theme park full of fun attractions, an insane roller coaster ride and other supernatural craziness. Enjoy :-)

GRAVITY FALLS MYSTERY TOUR RIDE – ROGPALMER – In this recreation of the Gravity Falls Mystery Tour Ride, you can race through Gravity Falls Mysteries on a golf cart. (Single player).

THE GRAVITY GAMES: MOCKING GNOME – THEBARONESS89 – A tribute to Season One of Gravity Falls.

BLENDIN’S GAME – DALTWISNEY – Go into the future of Gravity Falls and compete against other players in a round of GLOBNAR LAZERTAG. Needs 2-4 players.

THE WITCH OF THE WOODS IN GRAVITY FALLS – THEBARONESS89 – A Witch has come to wreak havoc on the Pine twins. Can you beat her three challenges? Can you have fun on the bonus Golf Cart raceway? Yes and Yes!

And this weeks bonus toy box from the community team is called SAN FRAN SHAKEDOWN, The Big Hero 6 have a new secret weapon: The Diffusinator. Train with the team and see who can paint the most of the city! Go solo or team up with a friend to hit a high score, or go head to head to see who is the biggest hero!

Here is this weeks episode of Toy Box TV:

And here are some of our own play through videos of last weeks Toy Boxes:



Its Thursday and that means we have some new toy boxes to download and this weeks theme is Big Hero 6.

Extreme Soccer – Baymax would like to show you what he has learned about soccer. Pass his soccer maze test and then see how many goals you can score in Baymax Arena. – Pirate Steven

baymax’s Test – It’s time to test Baymax’s new abilities! complete the 3 tests to ensure Baymax is in tip-top shape! – FDANIELIX

SOCCER HD- Baymax needs your assistance. Help by bringing the Soccer ball to him. ONE PLAYER ONLY- INFINIFAN1927

SAN FRANSOKYO RESCUE – Help the team of heroes known as the Big Hero 6! – MIGHTYGITIS

BAYMAX’S FLIGHT – Test Baymax’s thrusters by flying through all the rings then scan the city for the man in the Kabuki mask.- – BROCK C.

Plus a toy box from the Toy Box community team :

NEMO’S SUBMARINE DEFENSE – Defend Nemo’s Submarine from the oncoming mine field by using the Triple Cannon to destroy or deflect the mines!

Here are some of our own game play videos of some of the latest Toy Boxes:

Donald Duck Toy Box2-L

It’s Thursday and that means we have some new toy boxes to download for Disney Infinity 2.0, and its a little different this week as Disney have put the spotlight on five Toy Boxes that were created just for fun instead of a challenge. They all showcase infinite creativity and include something unique that we’ve never seen done before in the Toy Box.

1. Sugar Rush: TBG by SPARKS81677
2. Wonderland by DizExplorer03
3. Grootball by drawings_are_sketchy
4. Pixie Hollow Hunt by MightyGitis
5. A Frozen World by Michael M.

Check them out for yourself by going to Developer Picks section of Community Content. Hey, maybe you could even get grandma or little brother to pick up the controller and play these with you after Thanksgiving dinner. However you’re spending your Thanksgiving, we hope it’s a great one!

There were also some additional toy boxes from Disney Channel’s Captain Sparklez and Aureylian’s.  Plus two toy boxes from the Toy Box Community team, Retro Dungeon and Thanksgiving Parade.

Here are some play through videos of last weeks Toy Boxes:



It’s Thursday and that means its time for some new Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Boxes and this weeks theme is Fantasia.

Here are this weeks Toy Boxes:

Magic Mayhem by Dizexplorer03 – It’s Mickey’s first day on the job as the sorcerer’s apprentice! Explore Yen Sid’s workshop and create some mischief!

CHERNABOG’S ASSAULT by CCRUNNER524 – Defeat Chernabog and work your way through other iconic Fantasia scenes such as Dance of the hours and Rite of Spring.

FANTASIA – NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN by ROGPALMER – Chernabog has released ghost upon the village, you must travel through the mountain to stop him.

FANTRACEYA By King Of The Tunas – Zip around the most iconic sights from Fantasia, in this long, fast pace but relaxing race course.

FANTASIA JOURNEY – By Infinity Guru – Complete 3 Fantasia-inspired levels in celebration of ‘FANTASIA EVOLVED’.

Disney have also uploaded a couple of toy boxes that were created by Toy Box mentors TYFORCE & PAPA ECHO during their showdown,

What is your favourite new toy box?