We hadn’t seen one in ages then suddenly we get a run of them, but another One of a Kind Custom Super Chaser from the Urban Redux 2 series has been discovered.

Vinylmation Exchange member Brian Barilone pulled this “Space Rabbit”, which was designed and hand drawn by Disney Artist Maria Clapsis.




What do you think of this Super Chaser?



The Urban Redux 2 Super Chasers continue to be discovered as lucky Vinylmation Exchange member Jeffrey Betts pulled his third super chaser. These Super Chasers are rare one of a kind custom doodles from the Disney Artists that are only part of the Urban Redux series. This figure was designed by Maria Clapsis. 1898014_692306007519081_119298045709194778_n

What do you think of this Super Chaser?

urban redux 2 super chaser

It’s been a while since we heard about the last super chaser being discovered but today one lucky trip to the outlet has meant that Vinylmation Exchange member, Jeffrey Betts has come home with this Super Chaser.

urban redux 2 super chaserThis is a custom one of a kind Vinylmation, hand drawn by Artist Thomas Scott and its unknown how many Super Chasers are in existence for the Urban Redux 2 series.

Here is the original chaser for the series which this super chaser is based on:



What do you think of this figure?


Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange Member Jeffrey Betts

redux super 2 chaser

It’s been nearly 6 months since Urban Redux 2 was released and we haven’t heard anything about the existence of Super Chasers for this series which are hand drawn Vinylmations by the Disney Artist. Vinylmation Exchange member Eric Pham posted some photos of this figure on our partner Vinylmation Exchange.

Not sure what this one is? Got it from a bloxing purchase of Urban Redux 2 at I could not find any info from anywhere. What do u guys think??

redux super 2 chaser

redux super 2 chaser 3 redux super 2 chaser 2 So how many other Urban Redux 2 Super Chasers are left uncovered?

park 13 chaser variant

This past week the latest Park series was released and while Disney has shaken things up with the new smaller case sizes, Park 13 sees the return of the Super Chaser, with a variant version of the chaser.

Before this we have only seen a super chaser used four times, the infamous Ghost Obi Wan from Star Wars 1, Pink Elephants from Animation 1, theCutesters Too Green Apple, and the Cutesters En Vogue roses.

VE member Rick Kraut blind boxed this variant chaser at D-Street in Disneyland which features a different colour wood effect.park 13 chaser variant

Here is the original non-variant Park 13 Chaserpark13chaserWhat do you think of the Park 13 Super Chaser?


Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange & Larry Alvarado

Much like Buses, Urban Redux #1 Super Chasers are starting to appear one after another, we hadn’t seen a Super Chaser for months since just after the series was released back in March, with a second found just last week.

Over the weekend two more Super Chasers have been discovered, one was found in Disneyland, California by Vinylmation Exchange member Larry Alvarado who grabbed a picture of the Ninja cat chaser by Maria Clapsis and the other which was a version of the Space Monkey by Enrique Pita was picked up in Walt Disney World by Eric Pellegrino who was on his Honeymoon.

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange & Larry Alvarado

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange & Larry Alvarado

Thanks to Vinylmation World

Thanks to Vinylmation World

So is now a good time to pick up some Urban Redux?

Credit Vinylmation World and Vinylmation Exchange for those images.

urban redux super chaser

When the Urban Redux #1 series was released back in March, there was a frenzy from collectors trying to get hold of a Super Chaser from this series, we later found out that there was just 24 super chasers which were all completely unique and hand drawn by the artist.  Shortly after the release of the Urban Redux series, we found out about the first discovery of a Super Chaser .  This weekend, Vinylmation Exchange member Cherie Eglinton picked up a blind box from the Emporium on Main Street at Disneyland in California and pulled this Super Chaser by Caley Hicks.  This is only the second super chaser discovery we’ve heard about.

urban redux super chaserThese are the 4 versions of this figure that we saw released back in April.

What do you think about this super chaser?