We love to see what is currently being stocked at D-Street and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd‎, we can see everything available in Walt Disney World’s D-Street, including the latest releases, Animation 5 and Park 14 twin packs, plus lots of older series and Eachez releases.

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We always love to share what Vinylmation are currently available in the theme parks and thanks to Disney Vinylmation UK’s Marlon Van Mol, we can share some images of what is currently in Disneyland Paris.  From these photos we can see some of the recent releases including the Haunted Mansion & Friends, Star Wars 4 and many more.

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We love to show off the current Vinylmation selection at Disney Stores and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd‎, we can see some of the current selection that is available at Walt Disney World’s D-Street.  In the display case, Disney are showing off two twin packs that will only be available at next month’s Imagination Gala as well as some recent releases like Ink & Paint and Star Wars 4.    It also shows there are plenty of Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends combo toppers and other series including Sleeping Beauty, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and many others.

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If you’re down in Orlando and fancy a bargain, there are plenty of Vinylmation on offer at the Disney Outlet store on International Drive, thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Denise Dacanay Floyd, we have some images of what is currently available including lots of blind box series (like Cutesters 6, Silly Symphonies, Pixar 2 and Urban Redux 2) as well as lots of open window boxes like the Star Wars Characters, Popcorns and many more.






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While our Travis is on vacation in Walt Disney World, he has been sending us back some photographs of the stock currently available in the park.  Today Travis was in Hollywood Studios and here is the selection in the Keystone Clothiers store. 1525636_10100347293702710_1317840453_n 1601519_10100347293657800_1110289871_n 1604443_10100347293757600_256407945_n



If you would like to sent in pictures of the Vinylmation selection at your local store or on your trip to a Disney theme park, feel free to get in contact with us.


With so many releases this month, Vinylmation Kingdom reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto has sent in some photos of the Vinylmation selection at D-Street at Disneyland, California over the Holiday week which includes the new Haunted Mansion Stretched Portraits and Animation 4 King Louie.

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This weekend, Vinylmation Kingdom reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto headed to D-Street at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney and sent in some photos of the current Vinylmation selection.  Kiyoshi mentioned that they had another delivery of 2013 Poster Oswald’s but it would probably be the last and that the Haunted Mansion themed September figure was also in short supply.

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We always love to see the Vinylmation selection in any Disney Store, especially D-Street and today Teresa Jimenez from Vinylmation Exchange shared some images of the selection at the Disneyland D-Street which shows plenty of different Vinylmations available for purchase including lots of limited edition items from the D23 Expo.

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If you would like to send in photos from your local store or D-Street, feel free to get in touch with us.


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