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Star Wars 4 Boba Fett Combo Topper Released Today

Today sees the release of the Star Wars Series 4 Combo Topper, this is the first Combo Topper for a Star Wars series and much like the Urban Redux Combo Toppers, there are two choices, the standard Boba Fett and the concept art Boba Fett (the white one).  Each combo …

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Vinylmation™ Star Wars JAWA and DROID Out Now

Today sees Disney release the Jawa & Droid twin pack as part of the Star Wars Weekends in Walt Disney World and this twin pack is also being released on the West Coast at Disneyland as well. Here is the official details on the twin pack: Vinylmation™ Star Wars JAWA …


Details on a Star Wars Series 4 Combo Pack

We have seen plenty of Star Wars themed Vinylmations this year and we now know about another new release featuring Boba Fett & a concept Boba Fett design in a combo pack which is coming soon to both Walt Disney World & Disneyland as well as online through There …


Star Wars Rancor/Keeper 9″/3″ Combo Released Today

Today continues the Star Wars releases with a rare 9″/3″ Rancor and Keeper combo being released exclusively at Darth’s Mall in Hollywood Studios as part of the Star Wars Weekend. This is the only 9″ Vinylmation released so far this year and comes with $59.95 price tag.  The Rancor & …