When the Green Goblin figure was released for Disney Infinity 2.0 back in January, immediately questions arose as to the location of Green Goblin’s glider. It’s an integral part of the character. Heck, he is riding it on the back of the figure packaging. Sure enough, the Disney Infinity team confirmed that, for some reason, the glider never made it into the final version of the game, but there would be a patch in early February that would address it. Sure enough, this evening we got the patch, and Green Goblin’s glider.

Green Goblin on his glider.

Green Goblin on his glider.

In order to get the glider, you need to first place the Green Goblin figure on the base, once you update the game on your console. At that time, a pop up icon will say that the glider is now in your Toy Box. You will have to equip it to your character through the Tools and Packs menu.


Once equipped, it’s ready to use. You can activate it the same way you would activate any other pack.

Greenie equipped and ready to fly.

Greenie equipped and ready to fly.

The glider is a pretty sweet ride, like i find most of the other gliders in the game. This one is pretty awesome in that it already has some built in weapons, so you don’t have to find ways to equip it.


While I didn’t have a lot of time to play around with the glider (I need my beauty sleep…. HA!), the few minutes I did play with it was enjoyable, and completes the look for a very powerful character in the game.

What do you think of Green Goblin’s glider? Let us know over at our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group.

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Word came down the pike today that Best Buy has jumped on the holiday bandwagon and will be carrying their own exclusive Power Disc album for 2.0, in the form of a Spider-Man themed album for Marvel Super Heroes.


Included with this album will be the Spidey Streets and Spidey Sky Customization Discs, the Spidey Cycle RARE Toy Disc, the White Tiger Team Up Disc, and the Alien Symbiote Costume Disc, which gives Spider-Man his black suit in game.

This album joins the ones already announced, and being sold in stores already, in other retailers:

Gamestop- Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 (Guardians of the Galaxy cover)

Target- Disney Originals 2.0 (w/ Jack Skellington on cover)

Toys “R” Us- Disney Originals 2.0 (w/ Woody on cover)

Retail cost at publishing of this article is not known, but should follow the $24.99 price tag of the others.

Will you be adding this album to your collection? Let us know.

webcast episode 19

In this episode of the Disney Infinity & Beyond Webcast, Roger & Abe discuss all of this weeks Disney Infinity 2.0 news including the new Vita Starter Pack with Exclusive Black Suit Spider-Man figure, the recent Patch, Up Coming Toy Box Challenges, the release of the Crystal Sorcerer Mickey and more.

Roger & Abe also discuss this weeks Toy Boxes which all have a Big Hero 6 theme and the feature topic sees Abe & Roger talk about the Disney Toy Box Game Discs, Stitch’s Tropical Rescue and Brave’s Forest Siege.

Next week Abe & Roger will be answering your questions, so feel free to send your questions using a comment, tweet or via our Facebook Group,

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spidermand playset

One of the big launch title play sets for Disney Infinity 2.0, was Ultimate Spider-Man, giving Marvel fans a chance to experience New York City and interact with many of the Ultimate Spider-Man characters like White Tiger, Luke Cage, Black Cat and many more. The main storyline is that the Green Goblin and Misterio have joined together to take over the city with clones of Venom, so its up to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (old 80’s reference!), to stop the villainous duo, with the help of SHIELD.

spidermand playsetIncluded in the play set are two figures, Spider-Man and Nova, along with the play set piece which unlocks the story and also unlocks extra toys to purchase with your sparks. Spider-Man will no doubt be a firm favourite and he has been one of my most used figures within the play set environment, having Spider-Man in the game on a whole is just a huge step forward as he is an iconic character that will bring people into the platform. Nova has been one of the big stand out characters for me, he really took me by surprise, I wasn’t too aware of the character before the game was announced, as I had missed the new cartoon (I used to buy Spider-Man comics as a teenager and I have watched every Spider-Man show since the old 60’s ones!). But Nova is a stand out figure, his flying abilities make him very friendly for the large city environment and with fire power plus a good close up attack, he is a great all rounder. One I’ve used much more than I expected to.

USM_Renders_VenomFury-LThere are also some other figures that can be purchase separately that can be used within this play set, you have Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Venom. Venom is one of my all time favourite Spider-Man characters and within this game he is similar to Spider-Man with his web slinging abilities but the way he runs and climbs up buildings is very different, its much more animal like. Nick Fury is probably my least favourite characters for the game, while he has plenty of firepower, he doesn’t feel that special compared to the other characters, but on the other hand, Iron Fist is actually very good for close up attacks, he is very fast and pretty good in a scrap. Though one thing with both Nick & Iron Fist is that its a bit of a chore getting around this huge play set without the flying or web slinging powers. Though it does make you use vehicles and jump points more regularly.

Its also worth noting that both Iron Man and Hulk can also go into the Spider-Man play set for some exclusive challenges, which adds extra value to both of those figures. All the figures are extremely well designed with lots of attention to detail and very vibrant colours.

For me, the Ultimate Spider-Man play set was the play set I was least excited about post launch but once I started playing it, I really enjoyed it and I found the play set to be a very full adventure and it felt a much bigger than the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy play sets, there are some very interesting challenges like the web crawling ones.  One great addition has been the way the bosses work, they are more like sub levels with two battles with Green Goblin and one puzzle themed challenge against Misterio.  Its very noticeable how play sets this year have definite endings, with a final battle, a cut scene and a message saying the main story is done, which is a major improvement over last years editions.

There are many similar challenges to other play sets such as lots of running around collecting or defending items or just defeating enemies, but as with most games, its how they are presented differently to whomever is playing, is the key.  I also enjoyed the parts of the story where the game moved to the sewers, it moved the action from the skyline of New York and offered some different challenges.

For Spider-Man fans, this play set is a must have, but even for those who aren’t into Marvel, I would still recommend this play set to all Disney Infinity 2.0 fans, its got a great storyline and interesting challenges, for $35, to get 2 figures (worth $15 each).  The play set gives much more than $5 worth of entertainment (plus those extra toys that can be unlocked for the Toy Box).  If money is an issue, I’d suggest only getting the play set and maybe miss out on the additional figures as they don’t add too much to the adventure.  Spider-Man is a great experience and well worth checking out.

What do you think of the Ultimate Spider-Man play set?

webcast episode 12

In this weeks episode of the Disney Infinity & Beyond Webcast, Abe & Roger go through this weeks Infinity 2.0 news including news on Crystal Sorcerer Mickey almost being a Park exclusive, Extra Life, Donald Duck being released in Europe plus much more.

We also share our thoughts on some of this weeks new Toy Boxes including the Avenger’s Assemble Challenge.

And for this weeks featured subject, Abe & Roger discuss the Ultimate Spider-Man play set in more depth, discussing the characters, challenges, villains and much more.


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marvel vinylmation nycc 4 iron man

marvel vinylmation nycc 1Today Thomas Scott was a guest on the Marvel Live stream from New York Comic Con and during the show, he shows off lots of future releases including Peter Parker Eachez which will be out in January 2015, along with a preview of the Iron Patriot and War Machine which are out in December, as will the Ant-Man Eachez. Thomas also discusses the recent Marvel Series 2 blind box series that were released in August.

Thomas Scott also showed off the new Iron Man Vinylmation that will be part of the new Blind Box series based on the Avengers 2 Movie which will be out next year.
marvel vinylmation nycc 4 iron manThomas Scott brought along some Marvel 2 blind boxes for the hosts to open and Thomas answered some questions from the fans and discusses the New York City Comic Con.

marvel vinylmation nycc 3

marvel vinylmation nycc 2

You can watch the whole interview in the following video:


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Spider-Man themed Marvel 2.

spidermand trayHits

RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Marvel and Spider-Man fan plus I used to watch the 90’s animated series all the time, so this series is full of characters that I know very well.  The whole series looks like it was inspired from the comics and the animated series, which is something I’m happy about.  But if you are more used to the movies or Ultimate version of Spider-Man, these are a more old fashioned.  There are some real stand out figures, Spider-Man and Venom are instant stand out awesome figures.  I have ordered a whole case of these the minute I saw them, so that shows they are all a huge hit for me.  While the series is very Villain orientated, they have got some great figures like the Green Goblin in there and I love the way they did Mysterio.   I also think the Kingpin chaser is fantastic as he was the big villain from the 90’s TV show as well.

Jon – This series didn’t do much for me because I’ve never been a huge Spider-Man guy. That being said, a few of these were actually pretty nice. It’s great to have the classic Spider-Man design in a line, and I really like the New York skyline on his ears. I think Thomas Scott did a great job with Venom and Mysterio as well. He really captured Venom’s evil smile perfectly. J. Jonah Jameson is another I’d like to add to my (small) collection. The Mary Jane variant is much better than the one found in the series.

Overall, like I said, I’m not a Spider-Man fan, so unless I got a few of these as a trade or found them at the outlets, I’d pass. That’s not a knock on Thomas Scott by any means – he’s a fantastic designer, and he’s done some fantastic work, but this series just doesn’t do it for me. Hopefully Marvel 3 will focus on the X-Men – I’d love to see Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, and a Sentinel or two.

JustinIt’s obvious that the villains steal the show in this set. I love The Lizard’s figure, as well as Rhino, Venom, and Green Goblin. Spiderman obviously is very appealing with the red and blue suit we all love, but beyond these 5, nothing else really stands out. Props to them for taking on Mysterio–he’s decent.

 OscarSpiderman and Venom are pretty much amazing and instant wants. Lizard, Mysterio and Green Goblin are also fantastic. For some reason I don’t care for the rest, not even the chaser.

Akshay –  I am quite happy with the kingpin as a chaser was expecting him, too important to be missed but ALOT of other villeins I’d like to have seen like sandman or doc oc. (Duh) rather keep the whole villains thing together and leave out Mary Jane and Jameson.

Chris – I like Spider-man the most out of the whole set. Maybe Venom too.


RogPalmerUK – While I love this series, there are a few minor issues with it in my eyes, first off, It might have been a stronger set with a few more heroes in there like Iceman or Nova.  And there are some big characters missing Black Suit Spidey, Iron Spidey, Carnage, Doc Oct, Spider-Girl, Aunt Mae, Gwen Stacey and many more, but there could always been series 2.   And Matt pointed it out, but the faces of Kraven and Jonah do look way too similar.

Justin I keep thinking JJ Jameson and Kraven the Hunter are variants of each other. They’re just too similar. Then at the tail end are Electro, and the poor Black Cat and Mary Jane. Women Vinlylmations just don’t seem to get much love. There are just too many I wouldn’t be too happy owning for me to blind box this set.

Jon –  Where to begin.. let’s start with the chaser. I think that Kingpin was definitely the wrong choice for the chaser. I would’ve enjoyed seeing Doc Ock, Electro, or even Peter Parker as the chaser. Green Goblin almost made it into the hits column, but I can’t stand the expression on his face. The variant is even worse. Mary Jane’s “Yay, Spider-Man!” shirt is pretty bad when compared to the plain black shirted variant, and I feel like they could’ve done something with her ears – she’s the only one in the set without some sort of ear design, and it stands out. Rhino’s facial expression is a bit weird as well, perhaps his mouth should’ve stayed close.

CraigShould have included Carnage

Leah – For me I’m just not a Spider-Man fan. None of these appeal to me except Mary Jane just because I like her lol

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@RogPalmerUK), email (Roger@Vinylmationkingdom.com) or by Facebook.


Today saw the release of the Marvel 2 blind box series featuring Spider-Man and many other characters from the Spider-Man comics.

Thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom Trading member Joshua McCoy, we now know that there is a Variant version of the Green Goblin with a Norman Osborn face.


Here is the original figure:


What do you think of this variant?

spidermand tray

Disney has released some details on an Artist Signing with Thomas Scott which is taking place in Walt Disney World on August 29th at D-Street. This artist signing ties in with the release of the new Marvel 2 – Spider-Man blind box series.
spidermand tray

Here are the details:

Vinylmation™ Marvel Series 2 – Artist Signing
August 23 | By: Disney Staff

Meet Disney Design Group Principal Graphic Designer, Thomas Scott who will be on hand to sign for Vinylmation™ Marvel Series 2 on August 29, 2014 from 5 – 6p.m. at D-Street in Downtown Disney® West Side.

Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest. We ask that you bring no personal items to be signed. Appearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid receipt may be required.