Last week we reported that GameStop would be releasing a special collector edition of Rocket Raccoon on Valentine’s Day. However, according to the GameStop website, this has been pushed back to Feburary 21st. This collectors edition is priced at $19.99 and features the identical figure to the one already released, however it comes in a special Guardians Of The Galaxy themed box.

rocket collectors


Last week, members of the UK press were invited to visit with Studio Gobo, who developed the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set for Disney Infinity 2.0. During the event with Studio Gobo, who previously developed The Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set for the first game, head of the studio Tony Beckwith dropped something that might please a lot of you: Rocket Raccoon with be a crossover character for The Avengers Play Set.

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Now, until Disney Infinity releases this information officially, I would still consider this “rumor”, as in the past companies and websites have reported figures coming and things happening that never did (Zurg anyone?). If we get confirmation from Disney Infinity, we will surely let people know.


Thanks to our Infinity and Beyond member John Crocker who let me know that the Disney Infinity website has been updated (must have been recently, because it wasn’t like this earlier today) showing that indeed… Rocket is an Avengers crossover.


What do you guys think? Will Rocket be a good addition to the Avengers? Let us know.

Special thanks to WIRED UK for the original article.