hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Robots 4 – Villains.


RogPalmerUK – I think once the Robots series took on the Disney aspect, the whole series took a massive step forward and I like that they are trying to do something different with the figures, we’ve already seen many of these figures within the Villains series.  Being a bit more picky with the figures I get now (due to space issues), both the Villains and the Robots series are both on my “Don’t Buy” list.  However I think the design work on some of these figures are fantastic, the Syndrome figure is fantastic and the use of accessories is very well done.  I just applaud the designers for doing something different with these characters, not everyone will like them, but its a strong alternative series.

Spark – This is far by favourite series in the robots so far with robots #3 close behind! This series i absolutely love! I really like the unique villains theme which has some awesome extras to go with the vinyls. Sydrome, Big Bad Wolf and Captain Hook is far by my favourites!

WDWRobert – Captain Hook: What an amazing hat! I really have to give Disney a lot of credit for going all out the hat. The Mad Hatter must be jealous of this masterpiece. Oh and Hook the robot appearance looks good too.

Jafar: I love the deep rich shades of red that makes up Jafar the robot. He does look a little like red-hot furnace with accompanying temperature needle styled from the ruby & feather headpiece. Too bad the needle did not move. Then to finish things off there is in the back of the head is really interesting with the Genie’s Lamp secured in the oven, err head.

Scar: They did an amazing job creating Scar in Robot form. With Wired whiskers and flames coming from the mouth and head is a nice nod to the movie and a nice effect.

Sid: Sid was evil and evil could be. I bet most kids can recall some form of a “Sid” when they were growing up. Well at least I could. Sid is definitely menacing as a 12 (or what ever his age it) boy but take that and multiply it to infinity and there you have it, Sid the Robot. Now he is twice as menacing as before. You can see it in his eyes that this Robot is pure evil. One could almost say that he in some way or another could either be the Terminator as a boy or the son of the Terminator.


RogPalmerUK – This is one of those sets that looks good but hasn’t connected with me, some of the figures look a little dark for me, though they do look very different from their Villains versions.  I like that the designers are stepping out and trying something different but for me the entire series is one big miss.

Spark – I think that Shan Yu, Cruella and even the chaser Sid, are just to plain! They just don’t have the feel that the other vinyls do, they are too plain and haven’t got anything exciting about them. The others in the series either have a awesome paint job or an awesome extra to go with them. That’s just my own opinion, but they won’t be in my collection.

WDWRobert – Cruela: This one is downright horrifying to me. I can’t stare at her face as it is too scary. But you got to admit the white metal body looks cool with the random spotted bolt to give the look of a Dalmatian. Syndrome: Forgive me but this one reminds me of Jay Leno. I can’t seem to explain why but he does.


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Chasing a chaser, or variant can be one of the most thrilling parts of collecting Vinylmation.  There is no better feeling than picking up a lonely blind box in a near empty tray and opening it to reveal the chaser of the set. We all remember that first chaser we opened up, and it is truly one of the coolest moments while collecting.

Disney has done a good job recently coming up with some great chasers in newly released sets. From the Park 13 “Pardon Our Pixie Dust” chaser to Kaa to the brand new Robots 4 chaser of Toy Story’s own lunatic, Sid.

We all have our own strange methods of how to determine which little blox in the case that sits in front us may be that special one. One of the biggest complaints in the search for the mystery vinyl in each set is seeing boxes crushed, opened and nearly destroyed. This has been a big issue in many stores for a long time. Other than keeping vinyls behind the cash register, which some stores have actually done, there isn’t much being done to be able to control the small few who ruin the hobby for others.

A lot of us though shake the boxes, weigh them in our hands, among other things. I would love to hear what your method is for trying to find which one box may hold the vinyl you are looking for? Who was your first chaser or variant? Let us know in the comments below!

Disney Dollar Deals Week Two- Robots 4 Thumbnail

Hello everyone, and welcome to week two of Disney Dollar Deals! This weeks theme is on the most anticipated Robots #4 (Which came out today!)! This series contains seven 3″ common Vinylmations and one 3″ chaser. This is the fourth set in the robots series, and this one is based on famous Disney Villains. So lets start!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide!

Disney Store.com:

Robots #4 Series Tray- $207.20


 Disney Store.com once again have the complete tray which they sale in stores and at parks! This is cleverly priced so each figure still is $12.95, but it guarantees you one complete set of the series with a few extras. If you have the dosh, this is the best way for any collector to get the set!

Voucher Codes:

As we know, lots of collectors will be buying on a large scale, lots of robots #4. So to save you even more money, we have some voucher codes which you can use on Disney Store.com.

$15 Off when you spend $100 plus Free shipping- Code: DMR15

Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more- Code: SHIPMAGIC

10% off, when you spend $50 + with a Disney Rewards Visa- Code: DRVCMEMBER


Vinylmation Kingdom Trading:

Robots #4 Group Buy:

For obvious privacy and security reasons I shan’t be naming names of the sellers on Facebook, due to these are listed under people’s full names. This although will give you an idea of what to look out for or even you could find the actual listing!

Currently being offered on the Site is a group buy, on a tray of the series. If you don’t know what a group buy is, one member purchases a tray, they upload a list of every single vinyl inside. People leave deposits, when they want to buy a vinyl! A member is offering a majority of the figures available in the set. Each vinyl is $14 each and that includes shipping. This is a great, cheap way to get the last remaining figures in the set, or just to buy certain figure, that you want.


Please be aware, the seller as put a notice that you’re place may not be guaranteed. 

Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:

Here is this weeks most expensive vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey Vinylmations around. 

Park 13 Tower Of Terror Complete Variant Version:

The Vinylmation Park 13, Tower of Terror Combo Box as recently been sold on ebay! It’s the Variant version of the combo box, five piece set. Its part of the Park 13 series Vinylmation set and includes four 3″ vinyls and one 1.5″vinyl. These are the awesome variant type which look amazing!

Picture Credit; ebay seller "myceplace"

Picture Credit; ebay seller “myceplace”


This in total sold for a total of $700!!! The seller i would have no worries about purchasing items from them in the future. They have 100% positive feedback and are from the USA.

Community Corner:

Got any news on cheap prices on the internet for Vinylmations or even a picture of the stock levels and prices at you’re local Disney story?

Comment below this article OR send us a picture with the hashtag #VKDDeals. (Make sure to upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and make sure its public, or we won’t be able to see it!)

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Have you got any of the robots #4 yet? Have you found any great deals?

Let us know in the comments, we love to hear what you think!

All listings, vouchers and prices are correct as of the 17th March 2014. Voucher codes credit to Retailmenot.com



Today sees the launch of the latest Robot Series to be released at selected Disney Stores and through Disneystore.com.  This 8 piece blind box series features Disney Villains in a Robot form with a retail price of $12.95 plus tax for each blind box and a tray will cost you $207.20 plus tax.

Robots 4 will be released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World on Friday 21st March.  They will also be released in Europe through Disneystore.co.uk & fr.

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Will you be adding any Robots 4 figures to your collection?


a1a32878ab1111e382b00e301bf70f05_8Next week sees the release of the new Robots 4 Vinylmation series and thanks to Disney Artist Ignacio Rodriguez, we now know that the Scar figure will feature a Light Up function.

If you didn’t know now you know! #vinylmation #scar #scarbot #lionking #lightup. #comingsoon! #tbtforwhat

Robots 4 is released online and at selected Disney Stores on Monday and in the Disney Parks from the 21st March.  Each blind box will be priced at $12.95.

UPDATE – Ignacio Rodriguez confirmed that this figure doesn’t have a light built in –

It does not light up on its own. I put my iPhone’s flash under the base of the body. I tried it under the head alone and man it looks really cool.

Here is the 360 image of Scar.



What do you think about this light up feature?


Disney Artist Enrique Pita continues to tease Vinylmation collectors as he shares a sneak peek at one of the figures from the upcoming Robots 4 blind box series which is due out later this year at Disney Stores and is set to have a Villains theme.

4244b8f47da011e383430e29cc0d2cdc_8What do you think of this one?