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What a difference a week can make! In just one week, the Kingsway Mall store has gone from a store full of product to a store that’s been completely emptied and ready for our Magical Makeover. Now, I know the questions that are all on your mind: “Which cases did you pick up for cheap, Ryan? Was it Zooper Heroes? Robots 3? Nursery Rhymes?” Well, the answer is “None of the above.” We had an order to transfer all of our regular-priced Vinylmation, as well as all Wreck-it-Ralph and Jake and the Neverland Pirates merchandise to other stores in our district. I was able to pick up most of the discounted series that included Mascots, I love Mickey, Phineas and Ferb, Spooky 2, Brave, and the Cinderella set. I was also able to complete Villians 3 and get a couple extra for trading. The big story was that we went from 40% off product over the weekend to 75% off the lowest ticketed price on everything starting on Monday. I worked all weekend, as well as Monday and Tuesday evening, so it was neat to see the store transform.

Vinylmation weren’t a hot item at 40% off, so this is where they ended up after everything else was gone at 75% off.

Let’s backtrack a little bit so everyone is on the same page. As most of you know, Disney employees are called Cast Members. This is no different at the Disney Store. In addition to this, shoppers are called “Guests”, never “customers”. The sales floor is called our “Stage” and we are “On-Stage” and the back room is “Off-Stage”. The checkout counter is called “Box Office”.

Our trader box at Box Office. Nothing too exciting in here.

By Friday at close, we were able to get all of the product on-stage so there was absolutely no product left in the back. The company had shipped us an obscene amount of Brave Bear plush, and Jessie, wedding Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and Prince Charming soft dolls and these were the last to go. I’m pretty sure every kid in the city has at least one of these now! After this, though, the fun really began.

I wasn’t lying about the plush. Looks a lot different than the mountain in last week’s post!

We sold decently over the weekend, but not as much as I had expected. One of my managers told me “There was a guy who read your vinylmation column and said he came here because of that”. You know who you are. Thank you, and each of you, for your support thus far with this column. As we sold through, we began to have holes that needed to be filled. The process started to become a “Smoke and mirrors mission” where we had to appear to be a full store to guests walking by. By close on Sunday, we had a lot of product left. There were rumblings that we might go to 75% on Monday morning, but we wouldn’t know until just before we opened. Well, the rumors were true.

I didn’t think we’d be getting a lot of traffic on a Monday. Especially the day which children were back in school from the holidays. Boy, was I wrong. When I came in at 5:30pm, it felt like Magical Friday (Black Friday) or the weekend before Christmas! Most guests were delighted. However, there seemed to be a lot of guests who didn’t understand the concept of “closed for renovation”. Here’s a sample of the questions:

“You’re closing for renovations…are you reopening?”
“Will you be reopening as a Disney Store?”
“Are you still going to be carrying Disney product when you reopen?”
“Will you start carrying (insert non-Disney animated franchise here) products?”

Ah, the joys of working at the Disney Store, but I digress.

Push everything to the front of the store. Looks full right?

Just don’t look to the back of the store!

The pictures in this article are from store-close on Monday. Tuesday saw much of the same, with just a little less product selection. Most of what I would consider “the good stuff” was gone on Monday, but there was still quite a good selection of Vinylmation. The last to go were the plush I named above, as well as Flynn Rider and Fairy Godmother classic dolls, both of which we had been shipped a lot of from other stores to clear out. Sometime after 6pm yesterday, we sold out completely. It’ll be a nice break and I’ll have lots of time to recapture that magic that I feel has been missing personally for a little while. I’m already looking forward to reopening in April, just in time for Animation 3 and Monsters University to be released!

A lot of people have asked what I’m doing in the meantime. Well, I have a day job at a local newspaper in the advertising department and over the weekend, the NHL lockout has ended and I work for the Edmonton Oilers on game-nights. Plus, the Packers are still in the playoffs so I’ve got a lot to keep me busy. Excellent timing for the close, I must say. In the next few columns, expect a lot of reflection of being a Cast Member as well as a collector. Expect maybe some football and a lot of hockey. Hey, this column isn’t called Great White North for nothing!

See you in April, Kingsway Mall!
Fun face about this picture. This is actually the ceiling of Box Office. Small children usually see this because they look up while their parents are paying for product. Parents, on the other hand, are eye to eye with us don’t usually see Mickey. It took myself, and a few other Cast Members, months to even realize this was above our heads all that time.



Happy New Year to all! Ah yes, 2013. A new year, of course, is prone to bring change. Reminiscing what the past year has brought and looking forward to what the upcoming year will bring. Out with the old and in with the new. Blah blah alright, alright enough with the clichés! Let’s cut to the chase. For me, 2012 was an excellent year in every aspect of my life and I’m looking forward to continuing that progress in 2013. If you’ve been following the first couple editions of this column, you will have read that I’m a Cast Member at a local Disney Store. By the time the next Great White North is published, the Disney Store in Kingsway Mall will be closed for a Magical Makeover!

This is the store I work at. One thing I won’t miss about this Disney Store is the wide open entrance.

The store is currently one of the last few “Pink and Green” style core stores. As Vinylmation collectors, and presumably Disney enthusiasts, almost all of you will be familiar with Disney Stores. However, there are three distinct types of stores: Core, Imagination Park, and Outlet. Outlet stores are self-explanatory—they are mainly central hubs that stores will transfer clearance items to. Most outlet stores don’t carry Vinylmation, with the rare exceptions being clearance Vinylmation that gets transferred from another store. Outlet stores also do not have trader boxes.

Most of you will recognize your Disney Store having either a wide entrance with pink and green fixtures (pink and green core stores), a red Mickey head entrance (standard core stores), or a store with a wooden frame entrance (Imagination Park stores). Imagination Park stores were launched in 2010 with the help of the late Steve Jobs. It is the goal of Disney Stores to renovate all of their stores to become Imagination Park stores. When it comes to Vinylmation, there are clear trader boxes in each store. The selection of Vinylmation varies from store to store, but the quantity depends on the size of the store. The store I work at is a smaller store, but we have seen the 9 inch Cinderella and the Cinderella collector’s set. I know the other Disney Store in the city had these, plus 9 inch Extreme Wrestlers and 9 inch Cutesters. If I see an increase in LE’s at the store once it reopens as an Imagination Park, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Core Store

An entrance into a core store, with Mickey’s ears as recognizable as the Golden Arches of McDonalds!


IP Store

An entrance into an Imagination Park store, highlighted by the Pixie Dust trail and interactive displays.

This next week should be an interesting one for me. Right now, all the product in the store is 40% off and that number could go even higher as we get closer to the closing date. We have a number of Extreme Wrestlers, Zooper Heroes and Robots 3 cases left. Nursery Rhymes were 50% off last week and many ended up in the clear trader box (finally got rid of most of the Under the Big Top figures). I’ve been able to collect about half of this set so far.  There are some blind boxes of Classics and Pixar 1 – I’ve already gotten the set of each of these but might try to blind box another Oswald. So many different choices, I don’t even know where to begin! Robots 3 will be a priority, but will this liquidation tempt me to even touch Extreme Wrestlers, Nursery Rhymes or Zooper Heroes? And how about the open-window Phineas and Ferb, I <3 Mickey Mouse, Brave, and Spooky 2 sets? I guess we’ll find out in a week.

In the meantime, I’ll soak in the last week of this store. 18 years and it’s finally about to all change. Which type of store is the store you’re closest to?

This is what our mountain used to look like, filled with various plush. After the holiday rush, and no more shipments, the mountain was filled with just the three bears from Brave – Harris, Hamish, and Hubert.



In what is probably the last new release day of 2012, we have a few new vinyls available including the 2013 Open Window (which was released on facebook last week)

DECEMBER 28, 2012
D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California/Florida/Disneystore.com


While over in Japan, Robots 3 has been released in Disney Stores priced at 990 Yen.



 Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Robots 3 series.


RogPalmerUK – Robots 3 was a bit of a surprise for me, following a awful sequel series Robots 2 which brought in a Mix and Match idea which I thought was original but didn’t grab the attention of the masses.  Robots 3 is a huge step in the right direction as they have brought in the Disney theme which will make this so much more appealing to everybody.  This is what we all want, we buy Disney Vinylmation’s for the Disney link, not just generic characters (like the previous few Disney Store exclusives like Nursery Rhymes & Extreme Wrestlers).   I personally haven’t been too excited about this series even though they are out in the UK because to be honest, there has been too many other great releases (Pixar/Classics/Park 11) in the past month that I’ve spent my money on.  But there are a few from this series that I do like the look of, first up is the Toy Story Little Green Man, the design is very smart with the claw coming down into the Belly.  I also really like the Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck.  But for me the 9” Steamboat steals the show and while at nearly $80 its way over priced, I will be looking out for it when and hopefully it gets reduced in price.

S77Sung – Series 3 is a definite BIG improvement over the previous series. The hits for me are Pinocchio, Goofy and Donald. What I like about Pinocchio is the robotic nose, very cool feature. Next up is Goofy, I’m a sucker for accessories and things alike, the antenna is a very neat add on even thou it has been done in the previous series. Lastly, Donald…I just like the look of it, something about the eyes. The use of the ear to display his hat is pretty neat also.

RyanTurf – I’m not gonna directly get into my hits for the series, but I feel like I am the only one who likes Robots 1 more than this series. This series is a good idea, but for some reason the designs just don’t appeal to me. With that said, my first hit is the Mickey Bot. I really like this one because it represents that character perfectly while throwing in some cool robot features. My second is the Pooh Bot. I really like the belly with the hunny inside. Finally, my third hit is the Pinocchio Bot. He is also represented perfectly and I really like the nose attachment.

Stefan Michael – My biggest regret as a Vinylmation collector so far was the money and time I spent on trying to complete Robots 2. I was new to Vinylmation at the time, so you can say I was naïve and just wanted the first new product I could get my hands on. Robots 3 on the other hand is a series that greatly excites me. It’s true that it is another Robots series, but this time around it feels like something new
and exciting, instead of more of just the same.

I’ll start off my hits with my absolute favorite in the series and just maybe favorite vinyl of all time, Donald Bot. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I can’t stop looking at this design and thinking to myself, “wow, this is so cool!” The colors and transition from Donald Duck to robot is done perfectly with an eerie feeling given to it through the glowing violet eyes and green coming out of his bill. The added signage on the side of his head and design on his ears is also really fitting for the character’s hot-headed personality. My second hit is an actual vinyl I didn’t get yet from my bloxes, but I’m awaiting her arrival from Ebay as I write this, the Minnie Bot. As I said with Donald, the transition from character to robot is done in such a way that is actually quite beautiful. The color scheme that is used is a wonderful treat for the eyes. Also, the clear orbs in her bow that sits atop her head are just one of the many details that keep these designs feeling unique from one another. Pinocchio Bot is another hit for me. From his elongated antenna nose, nod to Jiminy Cricket on his back, and his eyes that seem to mimic the movement of sound on a stereo system; Pinocchio delivers one great detail after another. My final hit is the Goofy Bot chaser. His expression and design is very true to his character like the many others I have mentioned. Having only one eye illuminated, bent antenna ears, and a large question mark on the back of his head breathe life into the design.


RogPalmerUK – There is a good chunk of this series that I’m really not liking, first up all three of the Alice in Wonderland vinyls, they represent a quarter of this series and frankly I’m bored of the amount of AIW vinyls they’ve thrown at us in the past 18 months.  I’m also not a fan of the Pinocchio or Grumpy ones as they just look a little strange.

S77Sung – The misses for me are the White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts, the designs are ok. But I’m a bit over saturated with all the AIW related vinyl designs.

RyanTurf -There are some good ones in this set, but there are also some horrible ones. My first miss is the AIW trio as a whole. The Mad Hatter’s faced is used horribly, the queen’s mouth is unattractive, and the white rabbit isn’t too bad, but I still wouldn’t want it in my collection. Next up is Minnie Bot. She looks almost evil with those eyes and will probably scare away some kids who would’ve wanted her if she was done better. Finally, we have the Grumpy Bot. His face is awkwardly contorted and his body and feet designs are lacking strong details.

Stefan Michael -My first and only true miss in this series is the Grumpy Bot. Nothing on the design really tells me anything about the character. Aside from some wiring detail on his body there is no tie to the personality of Grumpy at all. Even the ears are left blank with nothing to tell a story. I honestly don’t understand why he was chosen for this series when IMO Sneezy, Happy, and Sleepy would have been much better choices. There would have been more possibilities for interesting design elements to help them pop. My other miss in this series is not a specific vinyl, but some QC issues with paint on a few of mine, especially with Queen of Hearts and Pooh.

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter or PM.


It’s another big Vinylmation release day and today sees the launch of the Robots 3 Blind Box series in stores across the United States and online through Disneystore.com.  They will also be released this week in stores/online across Europe on .co.uk/fr as some stores released them early in the UK.

Each blind box series is priced at $12.95 each (£8/€10).

Also released online is the 9″ Steamboat Mickey Mouse which is priced at $79.95 and has a LE of 1000.

There was also some Robot 3 Tray’s available on DisneyStore.com but had completely sold out before I posted this story (much like the previous Tray releases.)

Also it looks like the Disneystore warehouse team have found some Park 8 Trays as they are now available for  $310.80

Are you planning on picking up Robots 3?




First and foremost, thanks again to Vinylmation Exchange member, Phil Palumbo, for emailing us the pictures of the Robots 3 Vinylmations he picked up today. Very nice of you and man are these Vinylmations amazing. Easily, the best Disney Store set to date. Now let’s take a look at all of them. Will have some commentary after each pic!


Top and bottom of the case.

Blind boxes

Pooh and Tigger

Alice in Wonderland Characters (White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts)

Mickey and Minnie (Check out the back of Mickey!)

Donald and Pinocchio (Check out the protective packaging around Pinocchio)

Toy Story Alien and Grumpy

Lastly, Goofy (the chaser)


Thanks again, Phil Palumbo, for sharing your photos with us!


Thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom Forum member JDub11, we now know the base set of 11 Robot 3 vinylmations. According to the cast member he talked to, this is the lineup:

1. White Rabbit
2. Tigger
3. Pooh
4. LGM
5. Grumpy
6. Mickey
7. Minnie
8. Donald
9. Queen of Hearts
10. Mad Hatter
11. Pinocchio

Here are the pics again we’ve seen:

No chaser yet of course but could we see Stitch? Pluto? a Princess? Who do you want it to be?


The Vinylmation blog has released a picture of a new 9″ from the Robots 3 series.

The Disney Store is releasing a limited edition 9-inch figure as part of the Robots 3 Vinylmation™ Series arriving  at Disney Stores and online on November 19. The Steam Boat Pete figure will have an edition size of 1,000 and will retail for $69.95, plus tax.

What do you think of this one?