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Today sees the new Villains 5 blind box series released in selected Disney Stores and online at Disneystore.com. Each blind box is priced at $12.95 and this series consists of 7 commons and a chaser (here is the chaser).   This blind box series has a Pixar theme with villains from the Incredibles, Brave, Up, Monsters University, Bugs Life and Finding Nemo.

Villains 5 have also been released in Europe via Disneystore.co.uk/fr and are priced at £8/€10 each.
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Are you going to be picking these up?

villains 5

If you were not one of the lucky ones to get the SDCC exclusive Pixar Villains set, Disney is giving you a second chance to join the party with the release of the Villains 5 vinylmation set.  This collection will contain villains from at least 8 Pixar films.  Ranging from classics such as Finding Nemo to newer films like Monsters University, this set is bound to have at least one vinylmation that you will want to collect.

villains 5


Charles Muntz

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.16 PM

Charles Muntz is the hero turned villain in the movie Up.  This character was Carl’s childhood idol and the reason Carl and Ellie met.  If Muntz did not inspire Carl and Ellie to pursue adventure, they may have never found true love.  In the end, Muntz went mad with determination to capture Kevin, the creature people did not believe he captured.  In pursuit of Kevin, Muntz put the lives of Carl, Russell, and Dug.


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.10.15 PM

This is the vinylmation I am most excited for.  Although not a villain in a true sense, Darla was the character in Finding Nemo that Nemo and the other fishes inside the dentist office feared.  Known for loving animals but not knowing the proper way to take care of them, Darla was notorious for killing fishes while still in the plastic bag.


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.13.55 PM

Mor’du was the mythical and legendary foe of Merida’s father in the movie Brave.  Legend has it that Mor’du was an evil 12 foot tall black bear.  According to story repeatedly told by Fergus, Mor’du was the one responsible for his missing leg.


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.16.14 PM

This is the third iteration of Syndrome that we’ve seen this year.  We’ve seen him once as a Robot in Robots 4, again as Incrediboy in the SDCC exclusive, and now as his full on evil on evil self in Villains 5.  Seen in the movie The Incredibles, Syndrome was the die hard Mr. Incredible fan who became evil after feeling slighted as a young boy by Mr. Incredible.

Mr. Waternoose

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.17.56 PM

Mr. Waternoose is one of two Monsters Inc villains that we see in this series.  Seen in the original monsters movie, “Monsters, Inc”, Mr. Waternoose was the crab like creature who was the in charge of running the Monsters, Inc business.  His evil doings involved doing whatever it took to keep the business profitable.

Dean Hardscrabble

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.19.26 PM

Dean Heardscrabble was the dean in charge of Monser’s University.  Similar to Darla, Hardscrabble is not a villain a traditional sense.  She was not out to harm anyone nor did she seem to have a vendetta against Mike or Sully.  If anything, Dean Hardscrabble reminds me of my old college professors that were always about hard nosed and always about business.  Wait….I take it back then.  Dean Hardscrabble IS the ultimate villain.


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.35.19 PM

Bambi’s buddy is a villain now?  This Thumper is actually a from the movie A Bug’s Life.  This character is a great counterpart to the other SDCC exclusive released, Hopper.  In the movie, Thumper was Hopper’s muscle.  If Hopper wanted something done to an insect that got in his way, he would unleash Thumper on the poor victim.

Al McWhiggin

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.22.29 PM

Thanks to the lovely thing called the world wide web and ebay, we know that Al Mcwhiggin, better known as “The Chicken Man”, will be the chaser in this set.  In this set, Al will be dressed in his infamous chicken suit.  In the movie, Toy Story 2, Al is the evil garage saler- toy collector who stole Woody from Andy’s front lawn.  Fun fact: Al’s toy store actually made a quick cameo as a commercial on TV in the original Toy Story Movie.

What are your thoughts? Does this set interest you?  If it does, will you purchase the full set or will you just try to get the villain from your favorite Pixar film?



villains 5

Disney are set to release the fifth Villains series at Disney Stores (& online) next Monday but thanks to eBay and Vinylmation Exchange, we now know what the chaser for this series will be. It looks as if a tray of the series was put out early.


The chaser features Big Al from Toy Story.

Here is a look at the rest of the series:
villains 5
What do you think of this Chaser?


UPDATE: The winner has been chosen. Congrats to Christopher Michael from our Facebook group. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to all who entered.

Last week, Vinylmation Kingdom and five other Vinylmation/ Disney news outlets participated in a week long puzzle promo with the Disney Store, where we pieced together puzzles that revealed these: the SDCC Exclusive Pixar Villains Vinylmations.


These awesome guys have been sold at the Funko Booth at SDCC and are limited to 480 each. They will NOT be released in Disney Stores or online. Their allotment has been sold out every day so far, and that trend is expected to continue today and tomorrow.

As crazy as this week has been, I came in to work yesterday to find another box from the Disney Store, this time containing one of the Hopper figures, which matched my puzzle. With it came a note from the Disney Store asking me to share it with our readers, giving one of them an exclusive chance to win a Comic-Con collectible.

10534433_10100470301094910_4693526236509788026_n 10425781_10100470561672710_2108500083_n

Hopper with the puzzle (puzzle not in giveaway).

Hopper with the puzzle (puzzle not in giveaway).

So, how can you win Hopper? Starting at midnight tonight, we will hold a raffle through Raffle Copter (posted below). There are many ways to enter to win, including a daily tweet. Contest ends midnight on August 3rd, and I will draw the winner when I get home from vacation on August 6th, if not before.

Thanks again to the Disney Store for allowing us to give our readers this great chance to own an awesome custom.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
Contest ends Sunday, August 3rd. Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday, August 6th (Travis, who is running the raffle, will be on vacation through the 5th).
Winner will be chosen from all valid entries. Vinylmation Kingdom reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who is caught cheating. Entries WILL be checked.
Open to all. US Winner will have item shipped via USPS First Class mail w/ tracking. International winners agree to pay shipping to their location.
Vinylmation Kingdom, the Disney Store, and any of their staff are not responsible if item is lost or damaged in transit.


week 14 pixar thumbnail


Hello everyone! Welcome to Disney Dollar Deals! This week’s theme is on Disney’s Studio, Pixar to celebrate the new Disney Pixar Villains. These is sort off a two series piece with six exclusive Vinylmations being sold only at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and eight other Vinylmations being sold as normal on 18th August. So let’s start!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide! 

Disney Store:

Voucher Codes:


Unfortunately this week the Disney Store don’t have anything which fit into the theme, apart from the Finding Nemo Jrs ,which we featured last week. Still, we have some awesome voucher codes which you can use with our next order!


$15 Off when you spend $100 plus Free shipping- Code:DMR15

Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more- Code: SHIPMAGIC



Current Listings:


Monsters University: Carrie Williams- $6.22 

Carrie Williams from the Pixar, Monsters University Series has been recently listed on ebay by the seller “laughingsports5211”. The vinylmation also comes with its original box and foil, which is a nice edition to some collectors.


The seller “laughingsports5211” has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA, so nothing really to worry about when it comes to scrappers.


Pixar Series 2: Alpha Dog- $9.99


Next we have the Alpha Dog Vinylmation from Pixar Series Two. The Vinylmation is only shipped on its own but you can request the box and foil which was stated would increase the price.


The seller “3_martin_girls” has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA.




Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: 

Here are some Pixar related sales and trades going on at the moment in the group!

10386271_10202097197414667_5866500885866130710_n 10410605_10203745405227909_676165593747946270_n 10464007_728579169734_5733973395570287710_n


Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:
Here is this weeks most expensive Vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey Vinylmations around.


Pixar Series 1: Pixar Ball Chaser 

For this weeks most expensive vinylmation we have the Pixar Ball Chaser from the pixar series one series. The series includes 11 common vinylmations and of course one chaser.

pixar chaser 2

The seller who recently listed the item ships from the USA and has 99.6% Positive feedback. The price listed is $99.99 which is a massive increase. At the moment, these chaser is being sold for an average of $30!

Who’s That Vinylmation?!

Congratulations to Matt and Caleb who guessed correctly last week. The distorted Vinylmation was Nemo from Pixar Series one!


Here is this week’s distorted Vinylmation! If you think you know which Vinylmation this is and from which series, don’t forget to comment down below your answer!

distorrted image pixar

Competition Time!

Vinylmation Kingdom luckly have a Hopper San diego comic con exclusive vinylmation to give away to our readers! If you would like to be in a chance of winning, check out out how to here: http://vinylmationkingdom.com/2014/07/26/win-sdcc-hopper-vinylmation-kingdom-disney-store/

Do you want cheap deals on Vinlymations like the ones featured in this article?!
Join our trading/buying site and our auction site!

Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vktrading/
Vinylmation Kingdom Auction House: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vkauctionhouse/


All listings, vouchers and prices are correct as of the 27th July 2014. Voucher codes credit to Retailmenot.com



Here is the information from the Disney Store on the upcoming Pixar Villains releases for both the set released at SDCC and the set released on DisneyStore.com/ Disney Store. Yup…. two sets.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is kicking off this week, and Disney Store has developed an all-new Vinylmation series that is a must-have for every Disney fan!

Starting tomorrow, Disney Store will unveil its Pixar Villains Vinylmation series at the Funko Booth. With a limited edition of 480 pieces per figure and a retail value of $10 each, these new Vinylmation figures are pure evil genius! 


And on August 18, Disney Store will release an additional Pixar Villains Vinylmation blind box series with 8 more iconic characters from your favorite Pixar movies. Each figure retails for $12.95 and will be available online at DisneyStore.com and in select Disney Store locations.

But the villainous excitement doesn’t stop there! 

We’re giving you a chance to win an entire tray of the blind box Pixar Villains Vinylmation series early, plus five signed figures premiering at Comic-Con! Head over to our Twitter page, @DisneyStore and be sure to follow us and re-tweet the Pixar Villains Vinylmation tweet. You can find the rules for our sweepstakes here.


Happy re-tweeting and good luck!


The Disney Store has released on their Facebook page official images of the upcoming SDCC Pixar Villains Vinylmations.


The Disney Store also released this little blurb:

Introducing our special set of Pixar Villains Vinylmation figures premiering at San Diego Comic-Con!

We’ll reveal even more Vinylmation news this Wednesday, including a chance to win this entire set!

Stay tuned on Wednesday as we reveal more information once released!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.26.30 AM

It is unmistakeable how much a movie’s score can affect and guide your emotions. For instance, one can’t listen to the first three seconds of the Star Wars theme song by John Williams without getting excited and pumped up to be taken to a galaxy far, far, away.  Or try listening to the intro notes of the Harry Potter score without thinking about Hogwartz and Diagon Alley.  You just can’t.  Great movie scores go hand in hand with great movies.  Pixar has capitalized on this idea with their symphony performance of Pixar in Concert.


With Pixar in Concert, the fancy symphony hall is transformed into a mini Disney playground.  What is usually a solemn and professional atmosphere is replaced with laughter and Disney magic.  When I first walked into the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, I was greeted by a gentleman playing Disney songs on a piano while kids and parents were singing along.  A chorus of kids sang as “Let it Go” echoed through the usually reserved halls.  Throughout the reception area, life size figures of my favorite Pixar characters were scattered throughout as people lined up to take pictures with them.  Even the navigational signs were replaced with pictures of the characters from our beloved films. “Of course I know where balcony seating is!  The sign with Queen Elinor from Brave showed me the way!”


I was lucky enough to go on a night where Brad Bird was hosting.  The name may not sound familiar, but you definitely know his work.  Bird was the writer and director for The Incredibles and Ratatouille.  Before the performance and after intermission, Bird enlightened us to some great behind the scene stories regarding his masterpieces and the music behind them.

As for the performance, it was an unreal way of experiencing Disney/Pixar. Each Pixar film had an approximate 10 minute montage played on the big screening while the San Francisco Symphony performed the accompanying score.  What bewildered me was how watching the films in this manner allowed us to laugh and cry at the same jokes and emotional scenes we’ve known for years as if it was our first time experiencing them.  For example, even though most of the audience has watched all of the Pixar films, this didn’t stop the crowd from bursting into laughter when Woody used Buzz’s helmet to light the match at the end of the original Toy Story.


One of the challenges of the night was deciding when to watch the montage on the big screen versus when to watch the conductor and the symphony execute their virtuoso performances. Since it was hard to not watch Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and the other classics on the big screen, I opted to watch the symphony during their performance of the two Cars movies; a franchise I’ve never been too into. Seeing the conductor Sarah Hicks perform was nothing short of magical in itself.  It was amazing to see her move in rhythm while pointing and directing the musicians with her baton.  I felt like I was watching Mickey Mouse execute his magic on the brooms during The Sorcerers Apprentice scene in Fantasia.


The highlight of my night was watching Carl and Ellie’s “Married Life” montage.  I knew the roller coaster ride of emotions I was in for, but that still didn’t prepare me or anyone in the audience.  When the music slowed down and we saw a young Carl with his hands on the shoulders of a slumped over and crying Ellie, my heart sped up and I had to hold back the tears.  After the entire segment, I knew I wasn’t the only one.  You could hear scattered sniffles and noses being blown all throughout the auditorium.

If Pixar in Concert comes to your town, I would highly recommend it as a romantic date night or a fun filled family outing.  It was an absolutely great time for me and my wife and we will definitely take the kids next time Pixar in Concert comes back to San Francisco.



It’s been a “fun” week, getting puzzle pieces in from Disney and scrambling trying to figure out what they all mean. The final box came today and with it, pieces to complete the puzzle. Here’s my puzzle, Hopper from A Bug’s Life.

10567950_10100465185092420_1413591626_n 10552041_10100465185062480_667414086_n

No other information came with the final set of pieces, but this is what we can gather: San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) will be where they will be released exclusively as open window boxes. As of this post, I only know of six different figures, each from a puzzle another media outfit has received:

~ Hopper (A Bug’s Life)- Vinylmation Kingdom


~ Zurg (Toy Story)- Stitch Kingdom


~ Stinky Pete (Toy Story 2)- Vinylmation World


~ Chef Skinner (Ratatouille)- Inside the Magic


~ Randall (Monsters Inc.)- Chip and Company

~ Incrediboy (The Incredibles)- Destination Vinylmation

Exact location and selling policy is not known, but there is rumor that they will be sold at the Funko booth inside SDCC.

Stay tuned for updates later today as we find out more complete puzzles.


Last night, we updated a story showing five of the upcoming Pixar Villains Vinylmations that have been found via the cryptic puzzle pieces some media outlets are getting, Vinylmation Kingdom included. This morning, we have added a 6th one to the list, thanks to the guys over at Destination Vinylmation. It’s Incrediboy (who grows up to become Syndrome) in the Pixar movie The Incredibles.


Incrediboy joins the ranks of Hopper, Zurg, Chef Skinner, Randall, and Stinky Pete as part of the set. Will this be all for the open window boxed series? Stay tuned, as more puzzle pieces (supposedly) arriving today should paint a better picture… or at least complete some puzzles.

To view the other 5 puzzles in their various stages, you can see our updated article from last night.


Well, this morning I was greeted with another box of puzzle pieces from Disney Consumer Products. Yesterday’s package contained what looked like Hopper from A Bug’s Life, and soon there after, pictures from other media outlets confirmed that San Diego Comic Con will be getting a line of Pixar Villains Vinylmations this year. Today, I got more pieces for Hopper, and a clearer idea of the puzzle.


Looks like each puzzle is made of 15 pieces. If trend continues, the final box should appear tomorrow. looking forward to seeing how the others pan out today, as Inside the Magic has Chef Skinner, Stitch Kingdom has Zurg, and Vinylmation World… well, their’s is not conclusive yet.

Stay tuned as we update throughout the day with more completed puzzles from our other media friends.


Throughout the day, our media friends have also posted updated pics of Chef Skinner (Inside the Magic), Zurg (Stitch Kingdom), Stinky Pete (Vinylmation World), and a new one from Chip and Company… Randall!

skinner zurg photo-41 randall-498x499

Update 2: And Destination Vinylmation also got sent one of these boxes showing off Incrediboy

incredible boy

Tomorrow we all should be getting more puzzle pieces. Stay Tuned!