Logged in this morning to find an awesome email from Zach over at Diamond Select Toys, who puts out Minimates. Looks like they had some fun with the Peter Pan Minimates prior to the release exclusively at the Disney Store.

Captain Pan

Plank LostBoys2

Peter Wendy

Roger2 Roger


I am quite excited for these, which have begun to show up at Disney Stores, and will be up in the future on



Last week, I reported back from Toy Fair with what 2013 offerings Diamond Select Toys, including a bevy of Minimates from licences ranging from Star Trek to The Walking Dead. Well, I was shocked and overjoyed with an email I got today with the announcement of Peter Pan Minimates, coming in March to The Disney Store and


The celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Peter Pan, and the recent release of it on Blu-ray for the first time, The Disney Store and Diamond Select Toys has teamed up to release THE FIRST EVER Disney themed Minimates. The release will consist of two boxed sets and Jolly Roger Playset. Included in the release are:

Boxed Set #1: Peter Pan, Cubby, Tootles, and Nibs w/ mini Tinkerbell



Boxed Set #2: Captain Hook, John, Michael, and Tinkerbell



What’s that? No Wendy? No Smee? Fear not, they are exclusive to the Jolly Roger Playset, which features opening doors, extending planks, and adjustable masts.




Each Minimate stands 2″ tall and has 14 points of articulation, so they can be posed in a variety of positions. Also, in addition to standing bases for each character, both boxed sets will come with one flying base each, so you can have Peter Pan and Tinkerball flying… with the help of Pixie Dust of course.


Now, what excited me is that, with Disney and DST finally teaming up with Disney Animation, what else can we see from them? More movie boxed sets? Regular releases, like the Marvel Waves? Could this mean that Star Wars is not far behind?

Also, with this venture into yet another adult collector toy line, how will it affect Vinylmation? We already have a lot of people looking to Funko to bring forth a better vinyl product. However, Minimates have the pose-ability factor. They are a block figure and, although not necessarily a vinyl product, can lure people away.

Personally, I was excited about the Funko Disney/ Pixar Mystery Minis when I saw them at Toy Fair last week, but I am just as equally as excited about these coming out in March.

 [NOTE: Updated to add more pics, including packaging. Main point of the article is to show something new and exciting coming out Disney related for us adult collectors, with the possibility of even more fun stuff coming from Disney and DST in the future.]