The Imagination Gala: A Magic Carpet Event!

But was it really that magical? For my second trip to a hard ticket event, it was a big improvement from last years Reflections of Evil, but there is still much to discuss. You can read the review of Reflections of Evil here:


Much like last year I only attended Thursdays pick up event, and the Vinylmation day on Sunday, so my experiences will be based off of those events. Since this event was themed around an awards show, I will be introducing each category and the nominees. Lets see who won! Hint….its probably me in most of them.


Best Packing by a Vinylmation Collector:

Nominees: Pink Elephants40, Mickin16, Baltar, BlindBox28, Chaser08

Winner: Mickin16

Cameo by Mr. Nemes

Cameo by Mr. Nemes

This year I decided to let go(LET IT GOOOOO) of some of my collection since I have had a few big changes occur in my life. This time I needed some extra equipment. Last year I took 4 tackle boxes and a bag or two. This year I had 10 tackle boxes, a full backpack, and a case full of random figures. I had become a suitcase person. But hey, there is something funny about seeing guests faces after the event wondering why you are walking around EPCOT with a rolling suitcase.

Best Early Risers:

Nominees: Mickin16, Travis, People in Front of Me, Procrastinators, The Sun

Winner: People in Front of Me

People in a line for something? Must be Disney

People in a line for something? Must be Disney

Thursdays Registration didn’t officially start until 10AM, but that didn’t stop the usual early risers from getting there super early. Some collectors arrived at Coronado Springs Resort as early as 7AM to be some of the first in line. Now, this is not an uncommon experience for Disney collectibles. Some collectors will get to ESPN on a trade night event as early as 12AM for an event that starts at 6PM. Last year I got to this point at about 10:30 and I knew I wanted to get a good spot so I planned on being in line at about 8AM in which this picture was taken.

Conga anyone?

Conga anyone?

Not to be confused with about 9:15 when the picture above was snapped. When the line finally started moving about 5 min before 10, this line was extended almost around the whole room.

Best Adjustment for a trading area:

Nominees: ESPN, Contemporary, All Star Sports, Coronado Springs Ballroom, My House

Winner: Coronado Springs Ballroom

So many pins and dolls

So many pins and dolls

Those of you who attended last years event, or who read my recap above, would remember the tiny space that they allowed for trading activities on Thursdays Registration event. The tables filled up so fast and they were asking traders to condense there stuff to allow more guests to have a chance to sit. What a big improvement this year! I remember walking in to get in line and thinking that this room is huge and that it was too big and that there was going to be leftover tables. One of the better things was that they left more room between the tables and it was much easier to navigate around the room.

Winner for best supporting actress

Winner for best actress

I felt like the ratio between pin and vinyl traders increases at every event and it showed here. As I walked around I got a chance to stop at way more traders tables and if I wasn’t trading I at least stopped and had a conversation with people. This community grows stronger every event I go to and its great to see.


Best Entrance to an Event:

Nominees: The Front, International Gateway, Run for Your Lives!, Sleep in the Ball, Princess Breakfast

Winner: International Gateway

Snub: Run For Your Lives!

Late Arrival Limo Line

Late Arrival Limo Line

This year we chose to try the front entrance of EPCOT. Not only because of the rumors that the front got in first last year, but mainly because we weren’t staying on property and drove from our house. We arrived early for the breakfast at about 6:45 and were some of the first at the front. Then when the security guards started to arrive they moved the line around to the other side and some of us were forced in the back although we had been there for more than an hour previous to some that had jumped the line. I got over that fact because security check went very fast and we were in the line above at about 7:30.

Photo: Nick Touchette

Photo: Nick Touchette

This was the line at the International Gateway. Now I was not at this location so I am not sure exactly what time they were let in the park and granted they have less of a distance to travel to the World Showplace where the Gala was held, but they definitely were there before us. The Cast Members working the Breakfast line were nice and got us all in a timely manner so it really is hit or miss comparing the two entrances. If you want to be one of the first at the boxes, its a hard call, but I would recommend the International gateway mainly because it is closer than the front entrance. The Cast Members at the front suggested we push our bags facing forward and walk to the area, however; there were a good number of guests that as soon as they saw a clearing took off and ran the 100 yard dash to the event. Although they ran their hearts out, I still saw them behind a good number of people in line so I hope it was worth it.

Least Amount of Decor:

Nominees: Mickey’s Circus, Imagination Gala, Mickin16’s House, Fairytale Hall

Winner: Imagination Gala

Winner for best Art Direction

Winner for Direction of Meh Backdrops

Compared to last years event in which the decor was the highlight of the event for me, this year left me really dissatisfied. Gone were the elaborate sets dedicated to a particular villain and in its place were what seemed just some cardboard cut outs.


Winner for best Song: Small World of Cutouts

There was no smoke or fog when walking in. No movie clips playing. If there was an “awards show” theme present I certainly didn’t feel invited. The entertainers for the event also got annoying by the the second or third time they hit the stage to sing their sets. Some had nice voices, it was just very loud and they tried some comedy bits that just didn’t work. The piano player was great and I would have been fine if he just came out and played throughout the day instead of the singers.

A round of applause for Mickey and the Electronic Philharmonic!

A round of applause for Mickey and the Electronic Philharmonic for playing our winners off if there speeches got too long.

The one decent backdrop that was present consisted of some of the instruments that were featured in the original Imageworks location on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion. These were from the Electronic Philharmonic exhibit in which you would wave your arms around sensors and the corresponding instruments would start to play.

Winners for best Choreography

Winners for best Choreography

I’m not sure what this display from Fantasia’s Dance of the Hours was doing here, but it was nice to see. You can see more cutout backdrops in the background. Im guessing something villainous was occurring over there.

In Memorium: Jrs. and Trade Nights

If there was one thing my wife was looking forward to it was trying to complete some earlier Jr. figures that she had not gotten yet. Much to our surprise there was no Jr. trading box or spinner at this event. None. No Jr. event chaser either. You would think maybe they were doing away with the line, but they announced another Jr. series based off of Star Wars Stormtroppers, so they are still producing them. Did they not have enough traders in the lines last year for them to deem it unnecessary to have one this year?

There was also no Trade Night figures announced or previewed for next year. At last years event we found out about the Trade Night Eachez figures and I was so excited to see Stitch and a few others. We have only had 2 official trade nights covering both coasts in 9 months with none announced (at the moment) for the rest of the year. With no figures announced does that mean they are doing away with this concept? Maybe they didn’t want to preview anything in case they don’t get a chance to hold many events for 2015. Thoughts?

Outstanding Overpriced Auction Items:

Nominees: Ebay, Facebook, Imagination Gala Silent Auction, Soethbys

Winner: Imagination Gala Silent Auction

Winner for Most Wanted Photo by Vinylmationworld.com

Winner for Most Wanted Ever
Photo by Vinylmationworld.com

Every collector loves a good auction. A chance to score some cool stuff and the chance to set your own price for it, Awesome! However I think this year Disney got a little greedy and thought that since they could upcharge us crazy amounts for other events and parties that we would have no issues paying high prices for some of these too. $1000 starting bid for a case of Furry Friends? About the same for a Little Mermaid case? Thats way over anything I could afford.

Catering provided by Bad Apple Inc. Photo: Vinylmationworld.com

Catering provided by Bad Apple Inc.
Photo: Vinylmationworld.com

This display from Villains in Vogue had a starting bid of $500. Congrats to Nicholas Robinson who won it, but still too much for me.

Winner for Best Presentation Photo:

Winner for Best Presentation

This was really the only interesting item to me at least. With a starting bid of $1400, I thought that was fair for this item. I think it ended up going for about $1750 so congrats to whomever won this item, it looks great. With only 6 of the 20 auction lots being sold at the Gala I think they need to rethink either the items they are putting up for sale or probably more important their choices of starting amounts if they want better results next year.

Best Idea That Worked Out Only Just OK:

Nominees: Smaller Case Sizes, Urban Redux, Open Window, Vintage Vinylmation Vault

Winner: Vintage Vinylmation Vault

Seating Chart Photo:

Seating Chart

I honestly didn’t even realize the time that the Imagination Gala store opened. I was in a trade line and saw a bunch of people start to line up for some random line, so like most Disney things I just got in line not knowing what I was in line for. We eventually found out that there was a Trade Night figure and an additional Gala figure. Then they announced the Vintage Vinylmation Vault! What excitement arose for that. For just $10 you could buy blind boxes of extinct series. YAY! Except if you were in the back half of the line forget it. By the time I got up to purchase my items more than half of the page above was crossed out. All of the worthwhile series were gone and I was left with items that I could purchase at the outlets for $3.99 instead of here for $10. I got a Cutesters 1 and Muppets 1 with hopes for the chasers since I didn’t have them yet. I would have loved to been able to purchase a Park 2,5 or Urban 4, but as they say “the earliest Mickey gets the cheese.”

Best Trade line:

Nominees: Box #5, Villains Spinner, Colored Spinner, Box #1, Thursdays Registration Line

Winner: Colored Spinner

Winner for Best Special Effects

Winner for Best Special Effects

This time around, the boxes were a lot kinder to me. I managed to hit a lot of refreshes and I had a much better time waiting in lines. The colored spinners above were the best lines because they were shorter than the regular boxes, and you had a better chance of getting some quality figures due to there being 10-12 figures in each box. I will say I feel like I saw a lot less chasers, variants, and one of a kinds pulled this year and mostly people were pulling one of the four chipmunk figures created for the event. Some traders ended up walking away with multiples of all 4. I was content with a pair of blues, since I didn’t even see an orange in any box I saw.

Best Haul:

Nominees: Mickin16, Jim Parsons, Matthew  Mcconaughey, Jessica Lange, Adel Mazeem

Winner: Mickin16

Thursdays Haul

Thursdays Haul

Sundays Haul

Sundays Haul

LOL of course its me. Thanks goes out to all the great traders and people of this community. You are all that makes this hobby fun and worthwhile.


Overall this event was an improvement from a year ago. I had a lot more traders so I was able to make some great trades not only in the boxes but with other traders too. The decor, entertainment, and auctions were a disappointment, but if you are just there to trade over and over in the boxes I guess it doesn’t bother you that much. Im not sure what to expect with next years theme of genEARation but I hope I at least will be able to purchase/get some form of this poster because it is just awesome.

So many dates on here Photo: Destinationvinylmation.com

So many dates on here
Photo: Destinationvinylmation.com

Thanks for reading. Did you attend this years Gala? What was your thoughts? Are you excited about any particular series that was announced? Will you be going to next years event? Did you trade for any grails or get that must have figure? Comment below!


Today Disney revealed details on the Park 14 blind box series which will be released on August 15th at both Disneyland & Walt Disney World, as well as online through Disneystore.com.

This series features well known characters & attractions from the theme park including Aerosmith’s Rock n’ Rollercoaster, Soarin, Grizzly Gulch (From Hong Kong Disneyland), Tomorrowland Transit, Ollie the Owl from America Sings, an Iguanadon from Dinosaur and a Gargoyle from the Be Our Guest restaurant.

Here are the details:
Vinylmation™ Park 14

SKU: 400008563543
Retail Price: $12.95
Tray Retail Price: $207.20
Disney Parks Release Date: August 15
Disney Parks Online Release Date: August 15

Here are the official 360 photos:







What do you think of this series?


With the Villains 13 – Reflections of Evil event slowly creeping towards us, we usually find out plenty of information on the upcoming new releases heading our way soon.  But today we have heard some tentative release dates for some big new releases in the Fall for D-Street over in Walt Disney World from our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange.

  • Oct. 11 – Marvel Vinylmation Release
  • Oct. 18 – Marvel Vinylmation signing at D Street
  • Oct. 25 – Urban Redux Series 2 signing at D Street
  • Nov. 8 – Vinylmation 5th anniversary LE figure signing with Thomas Scott at D Street
  • Nov. 29 – Park Series 13 signing at D Street
  • Dec. 6 – Cutesters series 6 signing at D Street
  • Dec. 13 – Animation 4 series signing at D Street

Please note these dates are subject to change and haven’t been confirmed by Disney.


It’s a Small World After All, It’s a Small World After All, It’s a Small World After All, it’s a Small, Small, World.  Those lyrics are enough to put any Disney park fan into a rage since that song will be rotating around their brain for the next few days or weeks.  It’s a Small World is a very popular boat ride that can be found in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland  Los Angeles, Disneyland Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland.  The ride features over 300 different characters from across the world, with characters representing countries in their stereotypical outfits and famous landmarks, while at all times singing the same song (though in different languages) with the theme of “it’s a small world” throughout.

The ride originally was developed back in 1964 for the New York World Fair to raise money for UNICEF and was moved over to Disneyland once the fair closed as it was a testing ground for some new attractions.  Originally entitled “Children of the World” but was changed following the development of the song by the Sherman brothers.  IASW also opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1971 with both rides getting upgrades in the late 00’s.  With the Japanese, Paris and Hong Kong versions all being similar but at the same time featuring slightly different scenes and the song sung in different languages.

As it is one of the most popular attractions in the Disney Parks, it is has been represented in Vinylmation form in a number of different series.
In the Park series, It’s a Small World was one of the first 9”’s from Park 1 and also featured as the chaser for Park 3.   The leopard from the ride was then used for one of the Park 4 series and the Disneyland Paris version from Park 10.  IASW also pops up in the Park Starz series as a Australian and a Goat.   So throughout the last few years, the attractions has been a firm main stay for the Park series.

Not only has It’s a Small World appeared in numerous forms within the Park and Park Starz series, but it has also had its own Junior series.

Welcome to the first installment of Blue Sky Vinylmation. If you are unfamiliar with the term blue sky, it generally refers to when imagineers design new things, regardless of cost or chance of becoming a reality. In this space we will do just that: design our own dream vinylmation sets, limited editions, and standalones.

For my first dream set, I’ll head to Epcot, where there are plenty of opportunities for designs. Because of the diversity on display in World Showcase, it only makes sense to look at the costumes that the Cast Members wear. Before we discuss a full set of 12, let’s look at existing vinylmation for some inspiration.

We have already seen costume wearing vinylmation from other previous series:


Cast Member Exclusive Ambassador


Dapper Dan


Coming back to Epcot, it only makes sense to show each country’s culture and traditions. And since there are 11 countries, we have a set that is easy to put together. Let’s look at each country and what could be:


Canada: Nothings says Canadian like lumberjack clothing… Seriously folks, we don’t dress like this on the worst of days.


UK: Clothing of a time gone by. Maybe they could showcase the hat lady instead.



France: I say they add a wine glass in hand…


Morocco:  Could end up with some interesting looks here, including the belly dancers!


Japan:  The costumes are colourful and have so much detail that could translate well to a Vinylmation



American Adventure:  Disney has done period clothing on Vinylmation before (Park 7 America on Parade) so this shouldn’t be a stretch


Italy:  Should be pretty straight forward here.

Germany:  One word… Lederhosen

China:  Similar to Japan, costumes could have lots of detail.

Norway:  White blouse and fancy skirt would like nice on a vinyl

Mexico:  Guarantee the vinyl will have a sombrero, or it just wouldn’t look right.

Chaser:  I think the generic flag shirt worn during Food and Wine would work well here.


Disney could even do a combo set that contains the Disney characters dressed in the clothing from the host countries.  They’ve done it before on plush, so it should be an easy transition.

Thanks for joining me on my first post.  I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to my future posts.


Vinylmation.com has updated their blog with some information regarding a Silent auction taking place at the Mickey’s Circus event.  Here are some details on each of the lots involved in the silent auction including information on never before vinyls including 9″ Star Wars, 18″ model, Monorails #1 and more.

Full Details of the Silent Auction can be found here

  • Lot 1 – Ring Master Mickie with Artist Stetch.
  • Lot 2 – 3 Pack Obi Wan Chaser set featuring Normal, Ghost and 3 way colour variant
  • Lot 3 – Holiday 9″ pack
  • Lot 4- Park Starz 1 molds
  • Lot 5 – Complete Monorails Series 1 set
  • Lot 6 – Production Prototype Wall-E set
  • Lot 7 – Vinylmation 95 Prototype
  • Lot 8 – Maximillian 9″ figure
  • Lot 9 – Prototype 18″ figure
  • Lot 10 – Set of 5 hand painted factory samples
  • Lot 11 – Urban Series 9 9″ samples
  • Lot 12 – Urban 9 Sample 3″‘s including Blueprint mickey
  • Lot 13 – Urban 1 9″ set
  • Lot 14 – Urban 2 9″ set
  • Lot 15 – Store Display Banner
  • Lot 16 – 9″ signed Shag
  • Lot 17 – Nightmare before Xmas set
  • Lot 18 – Chaser/Variant collection
  • Lot 19  – Tin Proof set
  • Lot 20 – Star Wars Display board
  • Lot 21 – Park Stars Display board
  • Lot 22 – Villains 1 sealed case
  • Lot 23 – Park 2 sealed case
  • Lot 24 – Park 4 Sealed case

What do you think about these Silent Auctions and some great previews of vinylmation’s that never happened including Star Wars 1 9″‘s, the Monorails series and the 18″ mold?  Discuss it on our forums.



Twitter follower and VK forum member, @MKannett sent me a note pointing me to photos of the Park Starz for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that were posted in our vinylmationkindom.com forums! Take a look. These are coming from eBay dumpster divers. Hopefully, Honest Abe will get a hat to go along with the figure!


I got an email a bit ago  with images that appear to be the Park Starz figure for the Haunted Mansion Attraction. If this is what it appears to be, it appears that the Haunted Mansion Bride is the Park Starz! Take a look!

I am going to assume this was another Dumpster Diver finding a scrapped figure from the first run. I like the idea of the bride being chosen because we need more female characters used in these series. Although I will admit that a decaying Master Gracey would certainly have excited me almost as much!


Park Starz is receiving a lot of buzz since it was announced last Sunday. Has it seriously only been 5 days since I was in Walt Disney World? This has been an insanely long week. Oh, back on topic. At the Florida Project, the Park Starz series was announced and we were shown Big Al, Figment, 20,000 Leagues squid, and the Yeti vinyl figures. Today, we have gotten two more and man, I can’t be more excited about the first one.

The Horizons Butler! THANK YOU DISNEY DESIGN GROUP! When the GPS coordinates pointed at the Mission: Space pavilion, almost everybody naturally assumed the Park Starz vinyl would relate to uh Mission: Space. My favorite guess would be that we would be getting a Gary Sinise vinyl. (life sized at that!) One of my favorite aspects of the Vinylmation team is their love of the Disney past. Whenever I get a vinyl from an old attraction, it just makes me smile. This is no exception. Losing Horizons was one of the saddest things to ever happen to WDW and I miss it each time I’m there. The pavilion, the music, THE BUTLER!  Honestly Just can’t say enough about how excited I am about this one


This fella is the gator you can find at Blizzard Beach. Although I’ve been to Disney over 100 times, I’ve never been to either water parks. Regardless, I have seen the images before and I really like this vinyl. It’s a whimsical, little guy isn’t it? Yeah, I said whimsical…


Anyways, I’m really excited about the release of the rest of the series. The series will be released on October 21st at D-Street locations and online sometime in November. The mystery tins will be 18.95 with 11 known designs and 1 “unknown”.  If you have any guesses, drop them in the comments!


This will be a quick update after my 6 hour drive home but prepare for more over the next few days. For starters I want to thank the Disney and the Vinylmation team for a great event. Now one of the primary reasons people were anticipating the Vinylmation chat was because of Project Z. Whenever there is a mystery, people begin freaking out trying to figure it out. This is sorta how it went down:

Oh my God what is Project Z?

I bet it has something to do with a machine.

Or Sesame Street. Those damn muppets love letters.

I wonder if Bert and Ernie will be a combo set?

It’s not Sesame Street idiots. It’s obviously for Zorro.

Or a Zebra.


(random fans faint)

I am sad to report that no free ponies were given out. Project Z was announced to be what I sorta thought it would be: a series based on different molds. And that is mostly what it is. Project Z has an official name now. It is Park Starz.

Unless Starz Movie Channel sues then get used to that name. So what is Park Starz? Here’s my unofficial non-pony description.

Park Starz is a series of 12 figures. Each case will only have 12 figures so when you buy a case you have it all. Also, chasers are now a 1/12 ratio. Each figure will have a different mold based on the shape of the character. There will be 1 chaser and the prices will retail at $18.95 and come out in October. Why the price difference? Well for starters, each figure will come in a beautiful tin. I’m also assuming each figure costs more due to the different molds. I also assume Bob Iger wanted more gold coins in his money bin.  It was also announced that Park Starz Series will most likely only be released one per year.

This is the case of 12. When you buy a case, you get the entire set. (Photo courtesy of Sean Hasle)

Here is a blown up shot of the packaging and the case from Sean’s photo.


Now lets take a look at a few of the series. The first two photos were taken at the Florida Project event.

Figment and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Squid (Photos courtesy of Sean Hasle)

The Yeti and Big Al (Photos courtesy of Sean Hasle

Now here are some official photos released by the Vinylmation team.


So the difference in these figures from the traditional Vinylmation mold is obvious.  I know that some fans are upset about the mold change. I really think this is overreaction though. Let’s review. Does the “Park Starz” mold replace Mickey? Absolutely not. This is a new brand.  I’m a fan of analogies so compare the Mickey mold to Coca-Cola and Park Starz is Sprite. Sprite’s existence doesn’t diminish Coca-Cola. It just reaches out to a new market. Ricky Brigante at “Inside the Magic” website made a comment to me earlier on Twitter that he doesn’t like Vinylmations but he will buy a few of the Park Starz. So this brand extension shouldn’t hurt your love of Vinylmations. I’m not saying you should love the line or even buy them.  I just wouldn’t castigate the DDG for their existence.