While Indiana Jones has recently been added to the Disney catalogue following the purchase of Lucasfilm, before this time, Indiana Jones has inspired a couple of Vinylmation’s.  The Park 9 9” which is based on the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland in Los Angeles and the 3” from the Temple of Peril ride at Disneyland Paris.

p10indy indy
Indiana Jones has been a main stay at the different Disney parks but each park has its own attraction, except for Tokyo’s Disney Sea which is entitled Temple of the Crystal Skull but is identical to the Disneyland Los Angeles ride but opened a nearly a decade later in 2001.

Both of these attractions feature a EMV (Enhanced Motor Vehicle) which guide visitors through a Indy adventure featuring caverns of bubbling death, screaming undead mummies, erupting lava, evil wraiths, giant snakes, collapsing bridges and more.   The vehicle is also used for the Dinosaur attraction at the Animal Kingdom

Over in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Indiana Jones is a stunt show which feature various stunts based on some of the key points from the Raiders of the Lost Arc movie and originally opened in 1989.


While over in Disneyland Paris, there was originally supposed to be a Indiana Jones themed area within Adventureland however due to budget restraints, those plans were cancelled and a looped rollercoaster was created, where guests sit in small “mine carts“ and is based loosely on the classic Temple of Doom scene .  It keeps the Indiana Jones feel with the surroundings but doesn’t feature a full back story like the one in Disneyland.   In 2000, they altered the ride to be able to go backwards to give a different experience and the design of the ride is also located in Disney Sea in Japan but under the name of Raging Spirits which isn’t connected to the Indiana Jones series.

With Disney now owning the Indiana Jones brand, its much more probable we will start to see many more Indy based Vinyls in the future.



parkprofile The Adventurers Club was a themed nightclub at Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World.  It was styled after a private club for world travelers and explorers and was set in 1937. The walls of the club were covered with artifacts and photographs from various explorations.   The club closed in 2008 and was a available for private functions for a year until all of the items were sent to Hong Kong Disneyland as part of the Mystic Point expansion.

It offered many shows throughout the night. The main shows were hosted in the library, which seated over 100 people, while smaller shows occurred in the Mask Room and Treasure Room, seating about 40 people each. The times were not always fixed, but there were plaques next to each room to show the schedule for that particular evening. The shows mostly follow a script and order of songs and jokes, but performers would sometimes make running jokes about guests’ behavior, dress, or place of origin. Some guests would be invited to participate.

The Adventurers Club opened with the rest of Pleasure Island on May 1, 1989 as part of a fictional legend about the island’s previous owner, Merriweather Adam Pleasure, and back-story describing each of the buildings’ former uses. Disney’s Imagineers led by Head Writer, Show Producer and Show Director, Roger Cox and designer Joe Rohde (who later designed Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park) conceived and created the club.

The Adventurers Club’s unlikely hero, Emil Bleehall, is based on a semi-autobiographical character Cox created. He is a little guy from Ohio who wins over the higher authorities and gains their respect and admiration with his seemingly awkward, modest, but ultimately unique crowd-pleasing talents. Cox felt it paralleled his own story at Disney.  A docudramatic version of Cox’s journey at Disney by Sandra Tsing Loh, called, “It Happened in Glendale” from her Book, Depth Takes a Holiday was performed on the radio show, This American Life episode “Something for Nothing.”

The Adventurers Club featured animatronics, puppets, and a cast of adventurers who performed in shows and improvisational comedy while mingling with the club’s patrons.  Shows and conversation were often laced with innuendo, and the patrons might have been welcomed as guests, given fictitious names and “recognized” as fellow adventurers, or simply referred to as “drunks”.

There is a string of Animated characters including Colonel Critchlow Suchbench, The Yakoose, Babylonia and many others.  And if is the character Colonel Critchlow Suchbench who has was transferred to the Vinylmation form as the chaser for the Park 4 Vinylmation series.  The Colonel plays the Club Gleemeister and is a cable-controlled puppet worked from behind the scenes. He is usually “on duty” (sitting dormant), but he wakes up to lead the new inductees in the club song, and occasionally to converse with guests in the Main Salon.  The words “Kungaloosh” on the back of his head are the Club’s official greeting and its official beverage.


It is also linked to the Jungle Cruise attraction which is themed around the same time with many of the items shown in the club are from scenes in the Jungle Cruise.  While on the actual ride, the crates often show “Property of the Adventures Club” with the address of the club in Downtown Disney.


parkprofileThe Dapper Dans are a Barbershop quartet that perform on Main Street in Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom as well as in Hong Kong Disneyland and for a brief time in Disneyland Paris but under the name of the Main Street Quartet in the early 90’s.   They have been a main stay of both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland since they originally opened

Over the years there have been various singers in the group as many have retired or died and new ones have been brought in to replace them.  Several of the Dapper Dans are members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Visitors can be serenaded by the Dans at the Magic Kingdom in Florida while having their hair cut in a real, working barbershop on Main Street there. The Dans at Hong Kong Disneyland stroll up and down Main Street from Town Square. The Dans at Disneyland can be seen on their Schwinn custom 4-seater bicycle (commissioned by Walt Disney himself) and in various locations around Main Street.

Main Street, U.S.A. is rooted in deep tradition. One of the most soothing traditions one can experience there is the superb four-part harmony of our very own a cappella ensemble – The Dapper Dans. The term “dapper dan” is a turn-of-the century phrase referring to a well-dressed gentleman. Well, our famed barbershop quartet not only looks great, they SOUND great. (that might be due to lots of practice) … Considering the fact that they have been performing at Walt Disney World since 1971, that would add up to around 1,026,208 songs sung, four notes at a time.

The global barbershop music family maintains a core group of a dozen or so “polecat” tunes that everyone learns, but the Dapper Dans possess a song list that numbers around 100. They have performed one of their more popular requests, “Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby” approximately 50,000 times.

In the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, the Dapper Dans perform nine sets a day, seven days a week. They can be found on the horse-drawn trolley in the morning, and all over Main Street USA during the afternoon. At 5pm, the Dans join the Main Street Philharmonic and the Magic Kingdom Security Color Guard for the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

They have appeared in many TV shows such as the Simpson’s, Home Improvement and Modern Family, as well as appearing as the singing busts in the Eddie Murphy movie “The Haunted Mansion” which is based on the attraction at the parks.

While you might enjoy beautiful barbershop music performed by many talented vocal ensembles throughout the world, you will probably never see any of them playing three-octave, antique organ (or shaker) chimes, made in 1901 by the J.C. Deagan & Co. of Chicago. And, without a doubt, you won’t find any group of song-and-dance men anywhere, striding briskly down a sidewalk while playing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” on hundred year-old instruments

While they have only made one appearance in a Vinylmation form, it is one of the most popular from the series because while the Red Dapper Dan is the common figure, there are 3 variants, each consisting of a different colour to represent the quartet, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation

dapperdanvariant dapperdans


parkprofileThe Vinylmation Park series number 6 contained a strange green alien that if you haven’t been to Walt Disney World and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, you might be wondering who this character is.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is located in Tomorrowland within the Magic Kingdom and is your typical fast food place with three counters, one focusing on Chicken, another on Sandwiches with the third on Burgers.  There isn’t anything amazing about the food at this location except for the entertainment put on.

sonnyeclipseLocated in the middle of the café, you’ll find Sonny Eclipse who is a Intergalactic Alien Lounge singer who puts on a 25 minute looped show.  Sonny plays the Astro Organ keyboard and has Space Angels as his backup singers.   Occasionally “live shows” take place on the stage which see’s Sonny lifted into the ceiling and the stage rises up from underneath.  This is where live performers appear from as they gain access from the secret Disney tunnels underneath the park.

Some of his songs include O Bright Little Star, Gravity BLues, Yew Nork, Yew Nork, Planetary Boogie & more.

sonny2 Occasionally characters such as those from Alice in Wonderland appear at the café when its raining as one of the entrances is right opposite the Tea Cups ride.

Sonny was originally created for use at the Tokyo Disneyland park in the Pan Galactic Pizza Port restaurant which is located in the Star Tours Spaceport and goes by the name of Zzzzzyxxxx and isn’t Green.

sonny japanThe voice of Sonny is played by Kal David who is an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, whose 50-year musical career in Illinois, New York and California extended through various phases, including a highly-regarded stint with Columbia Records in early 1970s.




parkprofileOne of the original attractions from the 1964 New York World Fair was the Carousel of Progress which is steeped in both nostalgia and futurism, the attraction’s premise is an exploration of the joys of living through the advent of electricity and other technological advances during the 20th century via a “typical” American family.

The attraction follows a “American” Family with all the changes in technology throughout the years.  This attraction was originally created by Walt Disney himself and after the fair, was moved to Disneyland where it stayed until 1973 before moving over to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.  There are a few members of the family such as John the Father, Sara the mother, as well as their kids Judy & Jimmy along with the family dog Rover.  With appearances from other family members such as the uncle and grandparents.

As with most classic Disney attractions, the theme songs “The Best Time Of Your Life” and “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” are considered classics.  There are two different songs since the “Best Time Of Your Life” theme song run during GE’s sponsorship deal.

One of the unique parts of the attraction is the way its presented, as the audience rotates around a central stage, which allows a new group of Guests to take a seat every few minutes, instead of having to wait the full length of the show.

The attraction has been seen by millions of visitors throughout its lifespan within the parks and is considered by many to be a classic that while has been at risk of being removed from the park all together, it has managed to keep running.  Over the years the attraction has been updated a few times such as removing the old sponsors GE from the show as well as updating some of the technology to keep the attraction up to date such as replacing a old CRT style Television with a flat screen.

There has been much talk of the attraction closing as it closed temporarily in 2001 and reopened on a seasonal basis (though its generally been open every day since), Disney have said there is no plans to close the attraction.

While Carousel of Progress is a classic attraction that has been a huge part of the Disney park history, it has only been transferred onto the Vinylmation mold once with the father figure “John” was featured in the fifth Park series.



Another classic ride at the Disney Parks is Big Thunder Mountain which is a mine train rollercoaster which is located in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland (in Western Land).

The back story to the ride is slightly different in each location but generally some time in the late 1800s, gold was discovered on Big Thunder Mountain in the American southwest. Overnight, the small mining town of Rainbow Ridges (at Disneyland), Tumbleweed (at the Magic Kingdom), or Thunder Mesa (at Disneyland Paris) became a thriving mining town. Mining was prosperous, and an extensive line of mine trains was set up to transport the ore. Unknown to the settlers, the Mountain was a sacred spot to local Native Americans and was cursed.

Before long, the settlers’ desecration of the mountain caused a great tragedy, which, depending on the park, is usually depicted to be an earthquake (Disneyland Paris, Disneyland), a tsunami (Tokyo Disneyland), or a flash flood (Magic Kingdom), which befell the mines and town, and the town was abandoned. Some time later, the locomotives were found to be racing around the mountain on their own, without engineers or a crew. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was founded in the old mining camp to allow tourists to take rides on the possessed trains.  However the French version of the ride has a much deeper back story which is interconnected into the Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion).

The general theme of the mountain is loosely based on the Monument Valley in Utah and the first ride opened in 1979 in Disneyland and 1980 in the Magic Kingdom.  With Hong Kong Disneyland having a slightly different version entitled Grizzly Gulch but it follows a similar line.

As one of the most popular rides at the Disney parks, it has been transferred onto the Vinylmation canvas a couple of times with a 9” limited edition from Park 2 which shows the train on the mountain and from the Disneyland Paris themed Park 10 we saw the only 3” available to represent this iconic ride.  Hopefully in the future we will see more Vinyls based on this attraction but without any characters, it isn’t the easiest attraction to create Vinyls for.


Mickey’s Toontown is a small themed land that can be located in Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland.  With a slight variation appearing at Walt Disney World in Florida called Mickey’s Toontown which was removed from the Magic Kingdom in 2011 to make way for the New Fantasyland Expansion and was originally where the Storybook Circus area is now, this land originally opened in 1988 while the Disneyland one opened in 1993 with Tokyo following in 1996 as a carbon copy of California.

The small area is a based on the “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” movie which is where all the characters live such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and many other characters.   In the WDW area, the Barnstormer was originally featured as one of the rides and was moved into the new Storybook Circus.  The main form of entertainment in Toontown was where visitors could meet and greet the Disney Characters as well as shops.  Also in Walt Disney World, the area was combined with Mickey’s Birthday land as during this period, the Disneyland Paris park was causing financial problems for the company which resulted in many attractions at other WDW parks being cancelled.
While over in Disneyland in both California and Tokyo, there was a few more attractions included such as the Chip & Dale Treehouse, Gadget’s Go Coaster and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.  This area is much more themed around “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” then in WDW.  Towntown is considered to be a area for small children as there are only smaller attractions, fun house’s featuring Donald’s, Goofy, Minnie’s and Mickey’s houses and character meet and greets.

Toontown also inspired Disney to create a online role-playing game which is set in Toontown as is a level on the Epic Mickey video game.

Disney themselves refer to Mickey’s Toontown as “an interactive metropolis full of topsy turvy architecture and screwy sculptures. You can even visit the charming houses of Mickey, Minnie and other classic Disney characters. It’s the place where some of your favorite Toons call home!”

Because of its history within the parks, the area has inspired a couple of Vinylmation’s throughout the years including Park 2’s Toonhole which represents a manhole cover located in the area as well as the Toontown Trolley from Park 3 which is based on the Jolly Trolley that goes through the town.


The Park series is without doubt one of the most popular Vinylmation series ever, its where it all started and where Vinylmation’s heart truly lies.  So for this Fantasy Blind Box, I’m throwing this concept into full blown “Fantasy” mode as this is my idea for a Universal Studios Orlando park themed blind box series.  This idea obviously has nothing to do with Disney and while the idea of Universal being owned by Disney is a far flung idea, how many people thought that before Disney brought Marvel or Star Wars?

Anyway onto my idea.  Lets get a few things out of the way, this set is based on Orlando, not Los Angeles and it is also based purely on the main park and not Island’s of Adventure (of course I’m going to stretch this idea out and both these parks will get a article on their own series later down the line!)

To kick things off, every series needs a few strong character based Vinyls to sell to the mass audience so I would lead with a Shrek Vinylmation to represent Shrek 4D followed by a minion from the other 3D show Despicable Me : Minion Mayhem with a variant version of a slightly different Minion.

Another major ride from Universal Studios is the ET – Extra Terrestrial Adventure ride which is a classic that has been part of the park since its opening and I’m not sure if to go with a straight up ET figure or a vinyl with the iconic Amblin logo which fits more into the park theme.

With Transformers 3D hitting Universal Orlando in 2013, it would be only fitting that the newest addition to the park is also included in the ride.  For this one I once again go back to a well known character, Megatron (in his movie/ride look rather than the animated series).

One of my favourite attractions from Universal is the Terminator 2 – 3D show and once again, another major character could easily present this ride perfectly, the standard T800 which would be a must have amongst collectors and would appeal to people beyond Vinylmation.  Another alternative option would be a Arnie vinyl, but often Human’s don’t translate to the vinyl mold very well.

The Simpson’s ride would also have to be included in this set and I would pick the iconic entrance to the ride with a full blown Krusty head with his mouth wide open.  I would take the Villains approach and have face stretched over the hold body rather than just a Krusty action figure type.

Men in Black – Alien Attack is another easy character to represent, a Alien from the ride would be a simple choice but I think just a generic guy in a suit with a cool pair of black sunglasses as a accessory (like Chicken Little or the Nerds) would set this off perfectly.   You could also include a variant with a hat to act as an variant to represent the Blue’s Brothers since they look very similar but I would keep the Blue’s Brothers for another series.

With the Revenge of the Mummy ride as well, I would just take one of the skeleton mummy’s from the ride as another simple but very effective choice which I think could be a popular choice for those Army collectors.  Another huge favourite attraction of mine is the Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue which while it’s not a “must see” a BeetlejuiceVinyl would just be awesome and I don’t need any excuse to include this character.

That takes us up to 9 characters so far, but some of the kids rides haven’t been fully represented in this series so far, so with Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Fievel, Woody Woodpecker and Curious George to pick from, any one of these could easily fill in a extra space from this set but thinking like Disney I should try and hold back these for a series 2 and since Curious George is also over in Hollywood, I’m going to use that character on a later series.

So to fill in the last 2 spots I am going to going to have some of the lesser known attractions included such as the Rip Rock Rollercoaster and Disaster.  I don’t want a series of just characters, so these might be considered the fillers but I do want this series to be a “Park” series rather than just a collection of characters.  And since we have a number of attractions missing from this list, I’m sure we can spread this out to another series at some point plus I have plans for a Hollywood series too.

Finally we get to the chaser and for me it was a simple idea, it has to be the Universal logo that greets you as you walk near the entrance of the park.  The head could be a globe with a “Buzz Lightyear” helmet with the worlds Universal going around the outside.

What do you think of this series?


Monorails.   There is just something very futurist about the Monorails and they are an iconic part of Walt Disney Parks around the globe as they can be found in Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland in California.   Originally built in the California park and opened in 1959 with the Walt Disney World version following in 1971 and finally the Tokyo version opened in 2001.

The monorail system at the parks are one of the busiest monorail systems in the world as the transport visitors around the parks and between hotels, transportation hubs etc within the grounds of the parks.   With the first monorail in California being used as an attraction in its own right before eventually becoming a mode of transportation.

Throughout the years, there have been many upgrades to the systems in each of the parks with newer models introduced along with new colour schemes and paint upgrades such as the recent Tron and Avengers versions.

Each park has a slightly different system for using the Monorails, for example in Disneyland, California, there is just 2 stations, Downtown Disney and Tomorrowland, which acts as a way of getting paid customers into the park.  Where as in Tokyo the monorail stops at  both parks (Disneyland & DisneySea) along with the Hotel station and Car Parking.  And finally in Walt Disney World, there is a much larger (covering nearly 15 miles because WDW is so much larger) and has stops at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks along with stops at the Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian resorts along with the transportation centre.  The monorails at WDW carry over 50 million visitors each year.

As such iconic symbol of the Disney Parks, they have been featured on the Vinylmation form in many different series.  The original series featured a Red Monorail, with a Blue variation following in Park 3, a Green version in Park 4 and then a Orange one in Park 6.  The Monorail returned in Park 8 as a 9” /3” combo pack which saw the 9” represent the Contemporary Resort with a gold coloured 3” which was the first time the Monorail moved onto the new mold.  There was even a plush version of the original Park 1 Red Monorail.

The monorails even got their own mold, with the release of the Car’s Monorail blind box series which the majority of the main characters from Cars featured on the Monorail mold.  There was even a prototype series made up for a Urban Monorail mold series which was shown at the Mickey’s Circus event (and even have started popping up in clear trade boxes in WDW).

And finally if that wasn’t enough, the Monorail system was also represented in the Disneyland 55th Anniversary series with a special 9” which had the words “First in America” written across it along with a image of the red monorail and the Matterhorn.


One of the most popular attractions at Disney Parks across the world is Dumbo which is based on the character from the 1941 animated feature, the sixteen ride vehicles each resemble Dumbo and are mounted on articulated armatures connected to a rotating hub. The passengers ride in the “Dumbos” and can maneuver them up and down with a joystick that operates a hydraulic ram. The ride itself rotates counterclockwise at a constant rate.

Dumbo originally opened in 1955 just a short period after Disneyland opened and for each park opening across the globe in Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the ride was recreated.

While over the years there has been a few slight variations such as colours as well as what Timothy was holding in the middle which is either a whip or a feather.   There are other slight variations across the world as Tokyo doesn’t have a Disco ball in the middle as it has a hot air balloon.   And over at the Magic Kingdom, in 2011/12 the Dumbo ride was moved to the new Storybook area and given a major overhaul with a second ride being placed next to it, to allow more visitors to ride it since it is always extremely popular with families.

As you might expect, being a major attraction at the parks means that is has a place in the hearts of most Disney Park visitors and as such, it has been transferred to the Vinylmation format on a few occasions.

In Park 9, Dumbo was represented by a simple vinyl representing the ride and the ride was also featured in the Disneyland 55th Anniversary 9” collection which shows visitors sat in the ride itself.

The character was also represented in the Popcorn’s series with a special Variant edition which is only available in Walt Disney World as it was launched at the Mickey’s Circus event to tie in with the soft-launch of the new Storybook circus area and re-launched ride.  The variant edition features Dumbo with face paint on which is a nod to a scene in the movie.

Dumbo is also represented a few other times in other series which aren’t directly associated with the ride but with the movie.  Specifically the Dumbo vinyl from the Disney Store 25th Anniversary blind box series.

Also at the Mickey’s Circus event, a special gift was given out to all attendee’s which featured Dumbo as a junior with his mother as a 3” in a lovely looking gift set which saw the box designed as a circus tent.  This also tied in with the launch of the Storybook Circus that summer.  Dumbo was also featured in another combo pack from the previous years trading event “The Florida Project” which was named after Walt Disney World’s original codename.

When the Hong Kong Disneyland park celebrated their 5th anniversary, they created 2 special edition Vinylmation’s to mark the event with Dumbo once again being featured as a major character from the park.

Over the years both the Attraction and Movie have inspired the artists to create a wide selection of Dumbo related Vinyls and the ride will continue to thrill children and adults for years to come.


One of the most popular attractions at Disney Parks across the globe is Pirates of the Caribbean which is a dark log flume style ride but located inside where the visitors are taken on a voyage through the life of the Pirates.  This ride originally opened in Disneyland California in 1967 and was the last attraction Walt Disney himself worked on.  The attraction was so popular that is was copied and placed in all of the Disney Theme parks around the globe including Orlando, Paris and Tokyo.

While many new visitors to the Parks may associate POTC with the movies starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, those movies are based on this ride and following the global success of the movies they have slowly introduced the characters like Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Blackbeard and Davy Jones into the rides afterwards.  Throughout the history of the ride there has been small adjustments here and there, along with slight variations depending on the location as for example the Disneyland Paris ride doesn’t have any characters from the movies (at the moment).

Pirates of the Caribbean is without doubt one of the most popular rides at the parks and as such, have been transferred onto the Vinylmation mold on numerous occasions.

The ride was first seen in Vinylmation form with a pirate in the blind box series, Park 3 and then represented in Park 4 with the Guard dog from the ride holding the key.  POTC was represented again when it show up in Park 5 as a Skeleton Pirate but hasn’t yet reappeared in the main park series since then (up to Series 11).   However the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was represented in the Park Starz #1 series.

There can be little doubt that the POTC attraction is a major park of the Park series and for good reason, which is why it was given its own blind box series with 12 different figures representing key characters in the ride with Captain Jack Sparrow appearing once with Barbossa as the chaser.

And if that wasn’t enough POTC, in December 2012, Disney released a small series based on the On Stranger Tide movie featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Blackbeard and .  This series was released around the same time a new Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opened in Hollywood Studios, Orlando entitled the Legend of Jack Sparrow.

While over in Japan, there was a extra little Pirates of the Caribbean special edition which saw Mickey dressed up as a Pirate with a special tin.  Along with some official custom Vinylmation’s from the launch of the blind box series.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fantastic ride and because of that, its easy to see why they have had so many Vinylmation’s inspired by it.