Last year when the Park 9 Vinylmation blind box series was released we heard rumours of a variant edition of the Skyway figure since there was a different pin that wasn’t red.  However today, via a Hong Kong Scrapper seller, we can actually see that this figure was made and was probably just for a test run  since it never appeared before now.

Here are the pictures of this Skyway variant:

$T2eC16hHJFsFFSDd-BSNBS!,oOcyEQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqFHJ!0FH6lWZ7i)BS!,oK)N4Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqNHJFIFHm))q-+vBS!,oOVikQ~~60_57This was the Pin Variant that started the rumours originally last year:

$T2eC16Z,!yUE9s6NG)w(BR5(K3sv)g~~60_57And finally this is the normal edition that was officially released:



Vinylmation Kingdom does not recommend anyone purchase anything from Scrapper Sellers.

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange Member Ronnie Robinson for the tipoff


Welcome back fellow time travelers! To quote a famous doctor of Archeology, “You made it! I knew you would.”

Today we look at some of the the most famous types of theme park attractions. Hydraulic spinners at Disney Parks have been around since the early days of Disneyland. There is at least 1 hydraulic spinner attraction at every Magic Kingdom style park in the world. Vinylmation design group artists have definitely noticed this as they have created multiple figures through 12 Park series to represent these classic attractions. From flying elephants, rockets to the moon, and spitting camels, we will spin ourselves dizzy on this weeks Looking Past the Vinyls.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant:

But I wanted to sit in the blue one!

But I wanted to ride in the blue one!

Dumbo was slated to be an opening day attraction in July of 1955 at Disneyland. Turns out that although 700 pounds is light for a real elephant, it was too heavy for a fiberglass ride vehicle. After some modifications, Dumbo opened on August 16, a month after opening day.

Pink Elephants?

Pink Elephants?

The ride was actually conceived as 10 Elephants on Parade. Because there is only 1 Dumbo (and every other character), Walt didn’t want there to be 10 separate Dumbo ride vehicles. An idea was tossed around to make the ride from the Pink Elephants on Parade segment in Dumbo. After some thought about riding in a drunken segment from a classic movie, Walt decided to break tradition and go with 10 real Dumbos.

Circa 1957

Circa 1957

There have been many updates to the attraction with Timothy mouse being added around 1959, the newer body design for the 1983 Fantasyland remodel, 1990’s 16 arm design, and most recently the Dueling Dumbos at Magic Kingdom, which provided the Magic kingdom with its first Dumbo attraction with fountains.

The attraction is absolutely stunning at night

The attraction is absolutely stunning at night


Tomorrowland Spinners:

Tomorrowland has been spinning guests to the moon and back since the early Astro-Jets that opened in March of 1956.

Photo: disneybymark.com

Photo: disneybymark.com

In the late 1960’s, guests were getting tired of all the corporate sponsors shoving ways of living and homes of the future at them. The WED, (later WDI) team designed a whole new look to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland adding new scenery and attractions. After the success of the 1964 Worlds Fair, they brought over the Carousel of Progress, and the new Omnimover ride system with Adventures Through Inner Space. One of the biggest changes was the creation of Rocket Plaza complete with a Saturn V rocket pointing straight to the sky.

Photo: Lunar.org

Photo: Lunar.org

The Rocket Jets at Disneyland started the tradition of roof spinners as one of the focal points for Tomorrowland, then followed by The Magic Kingdoms Tomorrowland expansion in 1974/75 with the Star Jets. This is where we get our Park 7 Figure.

Star Jets and Space Mountain Photo: bigfloridacountry.com

Star Jets and Space Mountain
Photo: bigfloridacountry.com

The Star Jets were basically an exact copy of the Rocket Jets in Disneyland. The only difference were the ride vehicles. Star Jets featured a wider based space shuttle style featuring winged tips and jet engines, while Rocket Jets…well, looked like rockets. But take a close look at our Park 7 figure below. Notice anything strange?

Photo: chasingvinylmation.com

Photo: chasingvinylmation.com

If this figure is supposed to be based off of the Magic Kingdom attraction, then why does it have the wrong jets? Look at the ears. As I mentioned above, Star Jets featured a different ride vehicle than its Disneyland sibling. Oops! Somebody put the wrong ride vehicles on the figure! Bet you never noticed that before.

Astro Orbiter:

1994 brought a New Tomorrowland to the Magic Kingdom. It was redesigned as a futuristic space port where guests and other space creatures would take off to their destinations. The idea also came with a new spinner attraction on top of Rocket Plaza named the Astro Orbiter.

Day time spinning Photo: grumpydisney.com

Day time spinning
Photo: grumpydisney.com

This attraction brought back the rocket style ride vehicles and added planetary orreries to act as if you were flying past Jupiter and Mars. Unlike past spinners in Tomorrowland, the attraction is almost a completely different experience once night falls.

It could get cold up there! Photo: flickr.com

It could get cold up there!
Photo: flickr.com

This night time version of the Astro Orbiter is where we get our Park 4 figure.

Photo: chasingvinylmation.com

Photo: chasingvinylmation.com

Although not in Vinyl form yet, the Astro Orbiter at Disneyland has been grounded since the frame for the new style of the attraction was too heavy to be placed on top of Rocket Plaza. It has a steam punk/Jules Verne style to it and now acts as the main focal point for Tomorrowland when entering the land from the hub as the World Clock did in the 50/60s.

Photo: monkeyheartsdisney.blogspot.com

Photo: monkeyheartsdisney.blogspot.com

Speaking of this new design of the Astro Orbiter, lets head over to Disneyland Paris where we will find our final Tomorrowland spinner, The Orbitron Machines Volantes. 

Photo: taeleman.com

Photo: taeleman.com

This version of the Astro Orbiter was the first of its kind, opening in 1992 before Disneyland’s version. Inspired by the writings of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, it fits with the Discoveryland (DLP Tomorrowland) theme perfectly.

Photo: vinylmationkingdom.com

Photo: vinylmationkingdom.com

However, among collectors, I don’t know if you could say the same thing. The Park 10 figure is mostly a low end common on collectors lists, mostly because is it a bland figure and those of us who have never been to Paris to see the attraction probably don’t get the representation on the figure. I do like the artwork on the ears. Maybe some readers who have been to the attraction can comment on the subject below.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin:

The ride featured in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom was the first Aladdin spinner attraction that opened in 2001. Before that, the area was just a big planter with benches in the middle of Adventureland. The ride has copies in Disney Studios in Paris and DisneySea in Tokyo. It is, however, the only attraction to feature our Park 12 spitting camel.

Watch out, They spit! Photo: destinationvinylmation.com

Watch out, They spit!
Photo: destinationvinylmation.com

The spitting camels found at the attraction have been surprising guests with their expectorating long before the attraction opened in the new Agrabah area of Adventureland. They were in fact featured in Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Disneyland and MGM studios in 1993/94.

Dont worry kids, Its just water!

Dont worry kids, Its just water!

Remember the days when Disney used to do something big for every animated film they put out. Oh there was this parade, and then that show and such. Now it seems like its a few characters and thats it. Oh the good old days of the 90’s. Anyways, looks like Disney kept these spitters around and put some new hats and ponchos on them because they came back for the attraction.

Photo: disney-pal.com

Photo: disney-pal.com


OK! Are we all standing up straight, or all we still falling over from spinning too much? Thanks for taking a tour with me on the spin cycle. Leave your comments below and well see ya next time on Looking Past the Vinyls!

Side note: Looking Past the Vinyls will now be a bi-weekly column as I will be writing another column for the site as well. My other column starting next week will be a parks update style column with photos from WDW featuring my vinyls. Hope to see you next week when you see how I play with my dolls.









While Indiana Jones has recently been added to the Disney catalogue following the purchase of Lucasfilm, before this time, Indiana Jones has inspired a couple of Vinylmation’s.  The Park 9 9” which is based on the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland in Los Angeles and the 3” from the Temple of Peril ride at Disneyland Paris.

p10indy indy
Indiana Jones has been a main stay at the different Disney parks but each park has its own attraction, except for Tokyo’s Disney Sea which is entitled Temple of the Crystal Skull but is identical to the Disneyland Los Angeles ride but opened a nearly a decade later in 2001.

Both of these attractions feature a EMV (Enhanced Motor Vehicle) which guide visitors through a Indy adventure featuring caverns of bubbling death, screaming undead mummies, erupting lava, evil wraiths, giant snakes, collapsing bridges and more.   The vehicle is also used for the Dinosaur attraction at the Animal Kingdom

Over in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Indiana Jones is a stunt show which feature various stunts based on some of the key points from the Raiders of the Lost Arc movie and originally opened in 1989.


While over in Disneyland Paris, there was originally supposed to be a Indiana Jones themed area within Adventureland however due to budget restraints, those plans were cancelled and a looped rollercoaster was created, where guests sit in small “mine carts“ and is based loosely on the classic Temple of Doom scene .  It keeps the Indiana Jones feel with the surroundings but doesn’t feature a full back story like the one in Disneyland.   In 2000, they altered the ride to be able to go backwards to give a different experience and the design of the ride is also located in Disney Sea in Japan but under the name of Raging Spirits which isn’t connected to the Indiana Jones series.

With Disney now owning the Indiana Jones brand, its much more probable we will start to see many more Indy based Vinyls in the future.



parkprofileThe Dapper Dans are a Barbershop quartet that perform on Main Street in Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom as well as in Hong Kong Disneyland and for a brief time in Disneyland Paris but under the name of the Main Street Quartet in the early 90’s.   They have been a main stay of both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland since they originally opened

Over the years there have been various singers in the group as many have retired or died and new ones have been brought in to replace them.  Several of the Dapper Dans are members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Visitors can be serenaded by the Dans at the Magic Kingdom in Florida while having their hair cut in a real, working barbershop on Main Street there. The Dans at Hong Kong Disneyland stroll up and down Main Street from Town Square. The Dans at Disneyland can be seen on their Schwinn custom 4-seater bicycle (commissioned by Walt Disney himself) and in various locations around Main Street.

Main Street, U.S.A. is rooted in deep tradition. One of the most soothing traditions one can experience there is the superb four-part harmony of our very own a cappella ensemble – The Dapper Dans. The term “dapper dan” is a turn-of-the century phrase referring to a well-dressed gentleman. Well, our famed barbershop quartet not only looks great, they SOUND great. (that might be due to lots of practice) … Considering the fact that they have been performing at Walt Disney World since 1971, that would add up to around 1,026,208 songs sung, four notes at a time.

The global barbershop music family maintains a core group of a dozen or so “polecat” tunes that everyone learns, but the Dapper Dans possess a song list that numbers around 100. They have performed one of their more popular requests, “Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby” approximately 50,000 times.

In the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, the Dapper Dans perform nine sets a day, seven days a week. They can be found on the horse-drawn trolley in the morning, and all over Main Street USA during the afternoon. At 5pm, the Dans join the Main Street Philharmonic and the Magic Kingdom Security Color Guard for the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

They have appeared in many TV shows such as the Simpson’s, Home Improvement and Modern Family, as well as appearing as the singing busts in the Eddie Murphy movie “The Haunted Mansion” which is based on the attraction at the parks.

While you might enjoy beautiful barbershop music performed by many talented vocal ensembles throughout the world, you will probably never see any of them playing three-octave, antique organ (or shaker) chimes, made in 1901 by the J.C. Deagan & Co. of Chicago. And, without a doubt, you won’t find any group of song-and-dance men anywhere, striding briskly down a sidewalk while playing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” on hundred year-old instruments

While they have only made one appearance in a Vinylmation form, it is one of the most popular from the series because while the Red Dapper Dan is the common figure, there are 3 variants, each consisting of a different colour to represent the quartet, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation

dapperdanvariant dapperdans


It’s another Friday release day on DisneyStore.com and today we have seen the Vinylmation Park 9 Series Combo Pack — 3” with Mickey Mouse as The Brave Little Tailor released online for $24.95.


Also today Disneystore.com is getting ready for another 50% sale and they have put up some preview items for this sale which includes POP! vinyls such as Wall-E, Eve, Oggie Boogie, Sorcerer Mickey, Jack Sparrow and others to $6.99. There is a few Vinylmation items in the sale such as the Flordia Project 9″ but those have been at those prices for a while.

Also today at both D-Street sees the official release of Star Wars 2 Blind box as well as the
Disney Vacation Club Exclusive VinylmationTM, 3-inch figure (Exclusive / Retail: $14.95)
Please note, in order to purchase this figure, guests must present a valid Disney Vacation Club ID at time of purchase.


While flicking through the archives of the Kingdom for some inspiration for new ideas, I stumbled across a old favourite column of mine Xero’s Heros and Zeros, where he would pick his favourite and worst from a new series and I thought, you know what this is a great idea that rather than just come up with a new name for it, I’d just do what Hollywood does, take the original concept and redo it, hopefully making something more like The Dark Knight Rises than Superman Returns.  And why not start off with one of the most recent blind box Series, Park 9.

But Heroes and Zero’s will now represent a few different people’s views on what they love and hate about these series.  So if you would like to be involved in a future edition of Heroes and Zero’s, feel free to PM me.

Park 9 Heroes

RogPalmerUK – To me the Phantom Manor Ghost is the first vinyl that jumps out to me, it just jumps out at you with those beady little red eyes that follow you around the room and since its based on my “home” park its a must have that easily jumped up into my top 10 favourite vinyls of all time.  This one really should have been part of the DLP themed Park 10 in my opinion.  Obviously the chaser is another big favourite of mine that just seems so cool, I’m not sure if its the face which just wouldn’t have been possible on the older mold as it looks so creepy.

Another strong vinyl that I really love from Park 9 is the Dapper Dan and all three of his variants, it again is a very colourful vinyl that is simple but effective.  I wish the other variant colours were at a slightly higher ratio of 25% each as I’m sure most people want to collect the entire set to make their own quartet.  It is also a variant which makes complete and utter sense rather than just taking a shirt off John Henry.  I have to give a brief shout out to the Lilly Belle Train which I also think is a very strong vinyl.

1Rocky – My heroes of park nine would be the Disneyland Paris themed Phantom Manor as I love the detail and thing it look awesome.  I also think the chaser which is the bell hop from the Tower of Terror is awesome as he is a part of my all time favorite ride, the tower of terror.

Penguin – Picking favourites out of Park 9 is tough, some great designs, some unsual uses of the mold and a nice mixture of subject matter. My favourite would have to be the Camp Minnie-Mickey Bear, but alot of that has got to do with my love of Animal Kingdom. It’s an unusual choice and little bit obscure. But the art style and colours of the sign has been captured perfectly! Not to mention those big ears. Second is Lilly Belle, to fit a long train onto a vertical figure is an impressive feat, and the whole figure is put to good use with lots of details. Third hero is the Tower of Terror Bellhop. The lightning in the ears and the accessory hat is a great added touch, and probably wouldn’t have worked without them. Plus his expression is superb, you can see his hint of enjoyment as you enter the elevator.

DDuck4Life –

Dapper Dan – Big fan of the Dan’s we always stop to listen when ever we see them out. The Vinyl captures them very well. Just a nicely done vinyl and you have to love the hat accessory.

Lilly Belle – In my house we love trains. All because of my son and any Vinyl that every time he sees it he goes “choo choo” that’s a winner in my house. Lol Lots of detail on this one makes it exceptional. Love the detail put in on the back on the Vinyl.

Skyway – While I was never around to be able to ride the skyway when it was still running, this is a very well done vinyl. Love the use of the clear on this one. Really makes this pop. Visually it’s just a very good vinyl.

Park 9 Zero’s

RogPalmerUK – Park 9 is a strange series that has some very strong vinyls and some very weak ones that I can see selling for very little on ebay in the long term.  The three vinyls that stick out as being the weakest are Flik’s Flyers, the Camp Minnie Blue Bear and the Castaway cay which are just rather dull and if I wasn’t trying to collect the whole series, I probably wouldn’t want them. Maybe because I haven’t been on the Fliks Flyers or stayed at the Camp Minnie lodge they don’t have any connection to me.   The only reason Dole Whip isn’t in my Zero list is apparently everybody tells me they taste fantastic so I’m planning on getting one on my next trip.

1Rocky – I do not get the idea and concepts of fliks flyer and the Animal Kingdom fruit bat, so they would be my Zeros, overall I think park nine is not really a great series and that the artists need to come up with more ideas for the future park series.

Penguin – How am I meant to choose Zeros they’re all good in their own way? Probably the only zero for me is Dapper Dan. His expression is too simplistic, plus I’ve never liked a vinylmation that’s balding. Although very clever in incorporating variant colours, and I do like variants that have a purpose. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve never liked the Dapper Dans in the first place.

DDuck4Life –  

Dumbo – While I’m a fan of Dumbo I already have a good Dumbo with his hat. While this one does capture his innocence very well, I’m not a fan of making the same vinyl again unless they make a different take on the vinyl.

Castaway Cay – Very plain and simple for me. Maybe if I had been to Castaway Cay and seen Mickey underwater this might mean something more to me and pull it out of the bottom the fact is I haven’t so this one sits at the bottom for me.   

Fruitbat – Just not a fan of bats. Lol. This one just falls flat for me. They could have done so much more with everything that the animal kingdom has to offer and we end up with a boring sleeping bat. I’m still waiting on a meerkat, everyone loves the meerkats right?

Do you agree with our thoughts on Park 9? Comment below or on our forums?

Would you like to be involved in future editions of Heroes & Zero’s?

Let me know via a comment, forum post, a PM, or Twitter?


It’s friday, so it’s time for more new releases on DisneyStore.com and in both D-Streets including:

Vinylmation 3” Tomorrowland Set — 2-Pc.

Priced at $26.95 with LE1750

Description: The future of your Vinylmation collection will be improved today with this Tomorrowland Set of 3” Vinylmation Figures. Disney artist Thomas Scott has created this limited edition pair of space age figures in celebration of the Disneyland theme land.

Click to Order

Also released today was Vinylmation Park 9 Series 9” Figure — BoardWalk Clown Slide with 3” Mouseketeer which is priced at $74.95 with a LE1000.

Description: This Vinylmation Park 9 Series 9” BoardWalk Clown Slide Figure will add a splash of color to your collection. Inspired by the popular Walt Disney World Resort water attraction, the Clown Slide figure comes with a 3” Mouseketeer Figure.

Click to Order 

Also released via the Facebook Store (until September 21st 2012) Priced at $12.95 each

You can find the Vinylmation store at www.facebook.com/vinylmation

What do you think of these vinyls?  Comment below or on the forums 




Vinylmation.com has updated its Vault with some new pictures including a 360 view of the Park 9 Boardwalk 9″ & 3″ Combo.

This is limited to LE1000 and will be priced at $74.95.

It will be released at both D-Street California and Florida on Friday 17th August 2012.
There currently is no mention of a Online release as of yet but all the other Park 9 9″‘s have gone online.

Are you planning on picking this one up?


It’s Friday and its a new release day for Disney Store.com and on D-Street.

As expected Rhino sold out in a few minutes as there was such a limited number being released online (maybe just 100 to 200).  Which probably makes it the fastest online selling vinyl.

Also released today at the Animation 2 Geppetto and Park 9 Indiana Jones both are priced at $44.95 with Geppetto having a LE1000 (so it shouldn’t see out too quickly) and the Mara statue has a LE550 which might make it a little more appealing.  These will also be available at D-Street.

What do you think of these new releases?  Did you manage to get a Rhino?



Disney’s official Vinylmation.com page has been updated with some new details:

  • AUGUST 17, 2012
    D-Street at Downtown Disney® West Side in Florida & California
  • Park#9 – Disney’s  BoardWalk Inn, 9-inch and 3-inch set (Edition Size: 1000 / Retail: $74.95)
  • Park#9 –  Tomorrowland, Disneyland® Resort  – 3-inch set (Edition Size: 1750/Retail: $26.95)

The Park 9 Tomorrowland twice pack will also be available online through Disneystore.com.

Here are a couple of preview picture of the Tomorrowland set from a previous trade event.

They have also corrected some information regarding the Star Wars 2 signings, Casey Jones will be in Flordia on the 24th and California on the 25th.  No longer is he visiting both sites in one day.

Please mark your calendars for two special upcoming events for the release of Vinylmation – Star Wars™ #2.  Disney Design Group Senior Character Artist Casey Jones and artist Maria Clapsis co-designed this exciting new limited release mystery series.

Meet Casey Jones and Maria Clapsis from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at D-Street in the Downtown Disney®  West Side at theWalt Disney World® Resort.

D-Street will open at 9am on Friday, August 24.  Starting at 9:00 a.m., wristbands will be distributed at the registers for Guests wishing to meet Casey and Maria.  Please note that each artist will only sign two figures each per valid wristband.

The promenade will be available to Guests starting at 8 a.m. To ensure a great guest experience, folding chairs are prohibited on the promenade. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meet Casey Jones from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. at D-Street in the Downtown Disney®  District at the Disneyland® Resort.

D-Street will open at 8 a.m. on Friday, August 25. Wristband distribution guidelines apply.