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Another Park 9 Skyway Variant

Over the weekend during all the D23 Expo madness, I was sent an anonymous email regarding the recent ebay listing for a Yellow Park 9 Skyway variant.   I was sent photos of another slight colour variation and obviously wasn’t put through as a official variant.      


The Park 9 Skyway Variant Exists

Last year when the Park 9 Vinylmation blind box series was released we heard rumours of a variant edition of the Skyway figure since there was a different pin that wasn’t red.  However today, via a Hong Kong Scrapper seller, we can actually see that this figure was made and …


Looking Past the Vinyls: Spin Cycle

Welcome back fellow time travelers! To quote a famous doctor of Archeology, “You made it! I knew you would.” Today we look at some of the the most famous types of theme park attractions. Hydraulic spinners at Disney Parks have been around since the early days of Disneyland. There is …


Park Profile – Indiana Jones

While Indiana Jones has recently been added to the Disney catalogue following the purchase of Lucasfilm, before this time, Indiana Jones has inspired a couple of Vinylmation’s.  The Park 9 9” which is based on the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland in Los Angeles and the 3” …


Park Profile – The Dapper Dans

The Dapper Dans are a Barbershop quartet that perform on Main Street in Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom as well as in Hong Kong Disneyland and for a brief time in Disneyland Paris but under the name of the Main Street Quartet in the early 90’s.   They have been a main …


Hits and Misses- Park 9

While flicking through the archives of the Kingdom for some inspiration for new ideas, I stumbled across a old favourite column of mine Xero’s Heros and Zeros, where he would pick his favourite and worst from a new series and I thought, you know what this is a great idea …


Park 9 – Board Walk 9″/3″ combo 360 Previews has updated its Vault with some new pictures including a 360 view of the Park 9 Boardwalk 9″ & 3″ Combo. This is limited to LE1000 and will be priced at $74.95. It will be released at both D-Street California and Florida on Friday 17th August 2012. There currently …


New Release information on Tomorrowland Pack, Star Wars 2 plus more

Disney’s official page has been updated with some new details: AUGUST 17, 2012 PRODUCT RELEASE D-Street at Downtown Disney® West Side in Florida & California Park#9 – Disney’s  BoardWalk Inn, 9-inch and 3-inch set (Edition Size: 1000 / Retail: $74.95) Park#9 –  Tomorrowland, Disneyland® Resort  – 3-inch set (Edition …