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Hello everyone, and welcome to the sixth week of Disney Dollar Deals! This weeks theme is the Muppets, to celebrate Muppets Most Wanted, which was recently released in cinemas! Let’s GO!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide!

Disney Store.com- Voucher Codes:

Unfortunately, once again, this week we don’t have any Vinylmations which fit into the theme on Disney store.com. Luckily we still have some awesome voucher codes for you to use on the store!

$15 Off when you spend $100 plus Free shipping- Code:DMR15

Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more- Code: SHIPMAGIC

10% off, when you spend $50 + with a Disney Rewards Visa- Code:DRVCMEMBER


Current Listings:

Muppets Series 3: Statue of Liberty Miss Piggy- $1.66

(Conversions Correct as of 12/4/14)

For an unbelievable price, Miss piggy from the Muppets series three as been listed on ebay by the seller “storageshedcleanout”, who we in fact featured last week too!

Image Credit To The eBay Seller "storageshedcleanout"

Image Credit To The eBay Seller “storageshedcleanout”

This Vinyl is listed very cheaply, and its current bid is only $1.66. The seller does come from the United Kingdom which could put the price up a bit, for shipping but still will quite cheap. The seller also still has 100% positive feedback, so not much to worry about.

Muppets Series 3: Beauregard- $9.95/$8.95

The Beauregard from Muppets series three is listed currently on ebay. Its currently on sale at 10%, but if not sold it will stay at $9.95. Its currently being sold by the seller “toyboxproductions”.



The seller has 99.8% feedback ships from the USA, so nothing really to worry about!

Sold Listings:

Popcorn Muppets: Kermit- $12.95

Kermit, from the Popcorn Vinylmation Series has recently been sold on ebay by “infinity8oo”.



This Kermit is an open-box, which is un-opened and new! It sold for a total of $12.95. The seller has 99.9% feedback and ships from the USA, so buying from them shouldn’t be any problem. (They actually still have one listed at the same price too!)


Vinylmation Kingdom Trading:

For obvious privacy and security reasons I shan’t be naming names of the sellers on Facebook, due to these are listed under people’s full names. This although will give you an idea of what to look out for or even you could find the actual listing!

Lots of Muppets from lots of different series have been posted in the trading group. First we have one of our very own article writers “RogpalmerUK” who has posted some Vinyls. Here’s a few of what he has to offer.

Image Credit to RogpalmerUK

Image Credit to RogpalmerUK- As you can see there’s lots of Muppets Series 2 & 3

We also Baltar, the founder of this very site, who has posted a few Muppets 9 inches.



Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:

Here is this weeks most expensive Vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey Vinylmations around.

Wall-e & Eve- LE 500

The Wall-e and Eve combo pack, which is a limited edition of five hundred has been listed on ebay by the seller “tinasdolls1993”.  The combo pack, is an open-box which as been un-opened and is new.


It is listed for the hefty price of $999.99! This is very, very expensive for the combo pack! The seller ships from the USA and they have 99.6% positive feedback.

Community Corner:

This week we have an amazing story by a trader on Vinylmation Trading UK. 

Screenshot_2014-04-07-15-21-44 (2)


A fellow user had helped someone to try and find a Frozen Elsa Dress. They were appreciated it so much, they sent the user a Park Seven Chaser, which they needed for their collection. This I an amazing act of kindness which needs to be shared to all!

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Let us know in the comments!

All listings, vouchers and prices are correct as of the 12th April 2014. Voucher codes credit to Retailmenot.com


hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week with the recent release of Muppets Most Wanted, we take a look at Muppets 2.


RogPalmerUK – There are a few stand out figures from Muppets 2 including the great Waldo chaser which is directly out of the Muppets 3D attraction (which I still haven’t been able to get hold of).  The other figures from this series that are my favourites include the Penguin, Scooter and Dr Teeth which are all very well designed figures.

 WDWRobert – Pigs in space 3-piece subset: When pigs in space came on during the Muppets Show I made sure to stop what I was doing and paid close attention as they were very entertaining.. These three definitely bring happy memories of the past. These guys are well done. Next mini-group in this series would be the band members from the group “Electric Mayhem” Zoot is perfect in every aspect plus he has a cool hat to boot. Dr .Teeth: Has a great Groovy look to him. He even has his signature gold to as well. Perhaps out of sympathy I give Janice a positive review. The Mickey Vinyl does vinyl makes her look on the plus size.

BigThunder – I’m not a massive Muppets fan so I don’t really know who the majority of these characters are, this just felt like all the figures they couldn’t fit into series 1.  Having Gonzo, Animal and Kermit as the main characters I like being 9″‘s for this series does make it hard to pick my favorites but maybe Scooter as I always like him in the Muppet Babies and the Penguins are pretty cool.


RogPalmerUK – Muppets 2 is a generally a slightly disappointing series, series 1 was so awesome, this just failed to catch the same magic, but with the majority of the main characters being used up, there are just too many filler characters in here.  The 3 pigs in space feel like a huge waste of time (though Miss Piggy isn’t as bad as the other).  Janice is another figure I really have no time for.  I think had this series been put onto the new mold (which came out around the same time), things might have looked a little better and clearer.

 WDWRobert – Old mold is what I think hurt this set most of the vinyls in this set just look odd. Pepe the Prawn: To be honest I am actually not a huge fan of the character. However there is a huge differences between the TV/Attraction Pepé and Pepé Vinyl. Pepé the Vinyl just looks odd. I think it’s Pepé’s face on Mickeys old mold face. Additionally the extra set of claws that are painted on. Sorry Pepé you’re just a huge miss for me. Waldo: This vinyl reminded me of partially melted snowman. The side view is what looks the oddest to me. I’ll ask this. Where is his head??

BigThunder – I don’t think much of this whole series to be honest, so the whole series is a big miss for me.

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter or PM.

kermit trading night

The Hong Kong Scrapper Sellers continue to give us previews of the 2014 Trading Night Vinylmation as a photo of a Kermit the Frog Vinylmation has been discovered.  This figure is the common figure that will have an Limited Edition size of 450 with a variant edition of 50 which we haven’t seen yet.

This figure will only be available to purchase as a Eachez blind box at one of this years Trading Event which will take place at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  However currently we do not know many dates for these events nor what figures will be released at each event.

We now know about the following 2014 Trading Night figures:

  • Kermit
  • Dumbo
  • Stitch
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Figment
  • Oswald
  • Agent P
  • Mike

As with any Scrapper, we do not recommend anyone purchase these as they are usually damaged goods with flaws and were thrown in the dumpster for a reason.

kermit trading night

bottom kermit $_57

Will you be trying to add Kermit to your collection?

JP-Beaker turns-9-11

Thanks to Roger for this tip off…

Last week, Disney artist Jim Valeri posted these pictures over on his blog:

JP-Kermit turns-9-11 JP-Fozzie turns-9-11

JP-Piggy turns-9-11 JP-Gonzo turns-9-11 copy

JP-Animal turns-9-11 JP-Beaker turns-9-11

“Renderings for some Muppet PVC’s that a client was putting out. Not sure if they are out yet or will be, these were done about a year ago. They wanted an angular look with facets and that’s what they got.”

I don’t know about you, but they look like they would fit into the Disney Infinity world pretty well. And with the Muppets already represented as Townspeople in the Toy Box and the upcoming Electric Mayhem Bus Power Disc in either Series 2 or 3, this would be awesome. And, if all 6 characters are made and released at the same time, that would make it the largest figure release for a Play Set (The Incredibles being at 5).

I, for one, would be stoked!


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at this weeks latest blind box release, Muppets 3.7511002529812


RogPalmerUK – I will happily admit that I am a Muppets fan and have managed to collect both series 1 and 2 minus the chasers, which means this series is already a hit in my eyes and a series I will be picking up as soon as it comes out.  Muppets 3 will be the first full series I’ve blind boxed properly because it will be the first Muppets series to be released in the UK.   When I first saw the first images from Mickey’s Circus, having the first 3″ Gonzo and Animal instantly sold me on this series as those two are two of the biggest and most popular characters, which while the 9″‘s from the second series were fab, (I have the Gonzo but not the Animal), these will be standing at the front on my Muppets shelf.

Other really strong characters from this series include Reporter Kermit, this will be the first proper Kermit in my collection as I haven’t been able to get my hands on the Park 1 or Series 1 and 2 (9″) versions so I’m looking forward to getting that one.  Miss Piggy is another favourite of mine, the Liberty Minnie figure was my very first Vinylmation, so this one really jumps out to me as one of the strongest figures from the series.   The chaser isn’t amazing but I think its a good choice considering the popularity of the latest movie and I really like the Kermit T-Shirt.  Uncle Deadly and Sam the Eagle are also pretty decent figures that have shown the move to the new mold seems to have allowed the artists to really get their teeth into the characters.  But for me, having a Muppets series with commons of Gonzo, Animal, Miss Piggy and Kermit has to be a good thing and I can’t wait to see a Star Wars – Muppets cross over.

@DisneyMart – I personally think the artwork for this series is a real step up from the previous 2 Muppets series! It is fantastic to finally have an Animal 3” and I think he will be one of those popular commons which will probably sell for in excess of the retail price for the first few weeks after release in places where it is difficult to trade easlt such as in the UK. I don’t collect 9”, so I’m glad I can finally add an Animal vinylmation to my collection!! The other big hit from this series is Miss Piggy, she looks wonderful and the accessory is really neat. I see this being another popular figure. Overall this series has surprised me. I didn’t bother with series 1 and 2, but series 3 will definitely get me buying a few bloxes to get the ones I like.

 WDWRobert – There are very few series that can be successful in its third Series. The Animation Series did a nice job, Star Wars did and excellent job and now the Muppets who did a wonderful. wonderful job. I am glad there were some returning Characters Like Miss Piggy which has been in all three series and the welcomed return to a 3″ Kermit. Of course there are quite a few that have never been in Vinylmation form like “Newsman” Mahna Mahna to just name a few. This series I plan to collect the entire group including the Chaser Walter.

Animal: It can be hard sometimes with Animal and to what level of crazy intensity will be portrayed. This Animal is perfect. A perfect Balance of Calm & Craziness that shows on his face. There is a lot of great detail on this 3″ version. Glad he made it to the 3″ mold.

Captain Sam: I feel bad that I have type casted Sam to just these words; Its a glorious 3 hour finally from Muppet Vision 3D. Cant wait to see the hat in person. Lets not forget the nicely done uniform. This is one Vinyl I cannot wait to get him home and on display. I have the 9″ version of him and he looks great there but again the hat is too cool to pass up.

Crazy Harry: Though not a big character in the Muppet Family he is still a big Bang with me. Sorry I could not resist. Look at the TNT on his back hip pocket area. Where ever he goes it will surely be a Blast! Look at the Mickey ears, I am not kidding. Asides the my bad humor this guy is well done.

Gonzo the Great: Gonzo looks great in his 3″ form. Love the outfit love the Red cape. Great use of the Mickey Ears as a Billboard. Even though its a 3″ I feel like I like it better than its 9″ predecessor. It would of been cool if the added a 1 1/2 Camilla

Miss Piggy: Man her Character Drive me nuts. But no matter what her role is in each series such as Muppets 1 Series as “Miss Piggy, to First Mate Piggy, in Muppets 2 and finally to Liberty Piggy from Muppetvision 3D Liberty Pig. They are all there. And all 3 need to be part of the collection. I would of loved to see that done in another character as well. Muppets 3 Miss Piggy is my favorite as it takes me back to DHS and my favorite 3D show.

Mahna Mahna: Maybe I should just say this; Muppet Show, Mahna Mahna and the Snoths! Though not a super huge Character he is still very welcome to the series how can you not just start singing the Song yourself. Well done. Though the Green is a bit light. But this is one of my favorites from this series.

Newsman: I love having him in my collection. Another connection to the Muppet Show. Love the Suite, Glasses well everything. Using the Mickey Ears for Background Maps is the best. Another welcome new minor Character. PS The ears “Maps” are the same ones in the Muppet show.

Reporter Kermit: Now take the Newsman’s and add Reporter Kermit and there is a great tema. I am glad to see Kermit back in the 3″ Muppet series. Can’t wait to see this one in person. The raincoat and Hats are classic. I do wish they would of used one of the older hats that were more grayish. I am still trying to figure out the two red characters that are in red. I think they are Koozebanian’s.

Snowth: How can you have Mahna Mahna with out his Snowth’s They will look great Next to each other. It would of been the best if they could of made a mouth extension for them. Wait a second there is only one in the set. Well just like the Park 12 Splash Mountain Vulture, I had to get two to complete the set. I advice in doing the same!

Uncle Deadly: I love his addition. To the Muppets 3 Lineup. I was really glad to see him in the most recent Muppet Movie. And welcome him to the Muppet Vinylmation World. He is on the darker side of blue for me. He needed to be a bit more gray for me.

Walter: I was really worried that they would do what they did in Muppets Series 2 Vinylmation Chaser position. I was really disappointed when I found out it was Waldo. Well this one is no letdown. Walter the Vinylmation is a great and welcomed change to the growing list of letdown Chasers. The transformation to Vinyl was well done. The T-Shirt pants and Red Shoes are a hit for me. Walters face looks great. Great Smile. Great Chaser.


RogPalmerUK – Ah… Muppets 3, I will honestly say that when I first saw the preview images of this series, I wasn’t blown away, there just seemed to be a few too many lesser known characters.  Beauregard and Crazy Harry both stand out as two characters I actually had to Google since I couldn’t remember them, with the Newsreader also being a character that seems to shout “Filler” to me.  I still think Series 1 was such a stand out series that its hard to compare to, that series featured major characters but I think Series 3 is a step above Series 2.

 @Disneymart – I really like this series, but one ‘missed’ opportunity for me is that Miss Piggy is not a 9”. I think this design would look great on a larger canvas! One thing I do dislike about this series is Kermits ears. I am really fussy about the art on the ears, and when it is not an extension of the character themselves, it does make me stare at it oddly for many an hour. Other than those barrel scratching misses, I do think this series will be a big hit!!!

WDWRobert – Beauregard: He is not one of my favorite ones in this series. They did a nice job on recreating his character for vinylmation form. However, not being a big fan of him I have little excitement with this guy. But will collect him none the less.

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@RogPalmerUK), email (Roger@Vinylmationkingdom.com) or by Facebook.

Next Week – SDCC Behind the Masks 2

variant muppets 3

Today saw the release of the Muppets 3 Vinylmation blind box series and earlier this week we heard from Disney that there was a variant in this series.  But after many hours since release, we might have discovered what that variant is.

Throughout the day, collectors have been checking their figures for the unknown variant, then Vinylmation Exchange member Dean Rowland posted a image of his traders from his blind boxes, when fellow member, Jay Alvarado noticed that there was something different about the Snowth character.  A very small difference in the shape of the mouth, instead of a Circle it is a Oval, as if the character is singing.  Now this could be a production error and not the official variant.variant muppets 3


Here is the original:


What are your thoughts on this?


In the last new release Friday of July, we get a few new releases including the Muppets 3 Blind Box Series which will be available in the theme parks, selected Disney Stores and available online through Disneystore.com.  Priced at $12.95 for a blind box and $310.80 for a tray.  These will also be available in Europe through .co.uk/fr and selected stores but it looks like they are released on Monday.


The Park Starz 2 Dino Institute Variant is also released today at D-Street and Disneystore.com, this figure has a Limited Edition size of 1000 and a retail price of $26.95.


Also released today is the Park 12 Contemporary set which has a Retail Price: $44.95 with a Limited Edition Size of 1,200.  This will be available at D-Street.park 12 cont

Which one are you planning to pick up?


Welcome to the first edition of Growing Up Disney, where I aim to focus on how us as adults keep Disney alive in our lives, because we are young at heart and/or have children that we are sharing our love of the mouse with. You may remember my previous columns Up in the AtticPhotography Fridays, and the Spotlight Series, which appeared either here at Vinylmation Kingdom or on our short lived sister site Walt’s Kingdom. While I enjoyed creating each column, they all seemed to revolve around the celebration of Disney during adulthood. So, when the time came to relaunch my column, I decided to combine them all into what you see before you.

Each week will be different, and hopefully exciting. One week I might be sharing pictures, the next talking about an artist who draws upon Disney for inspiration, and then the next sharing a trip report from one of our readers. What’s that? One of our readers? Yes! My hopes are that, in addition to my ramblings, stories, and interviews, that this column be participatory. If you have memories, photos, trip reports, event experiences, etc. that you would like to share, I invite you to email me at travis@vinylmationkingdom.com and share them with me. I would love to see this column be composed of numerous different points of view over the weeks.

However, since this is the first week… you are stuck with just me. So, here we go!

I am sure a bunch of us who celebrate Christmas can safely say that Disney in embedded into our decorations. I know a few of you out there have Disney themed rooms yearlong, so it is safe to assume that you have a Disney Christmas going on. I have seen pictures on Facebook of Disney themed Christmas trees… I would have one myself if I had room for a second tree.

To share with you EVERYTHING that is Disney Christmas in my apartment right now might explode the server (I currently have 14 tubs of decorations for my small apartment… yes, I probably need an invention… and most of it is Disney). So, I am going to highlight a few of the funner parts of my collection:

A CARS Christmas

One of my collections that is waiting for me to have a bigger place to properly be displayed is my diecast CARS collection from Mattel… it’s pretty big. So, when I saw these on the retail shelves, I knew they were to be part of my Christmas collection.


These were available a few years ago. A couple of them were Toys R Us exclusives, others I were able to pick up at Target in a type of Storybook series. All of the characters are repaints and remolds of previously released characters, aside from Santa, who was an exclusive sculpt. I must say, I like the repaints on Ramone and McQueen for the holidays and the addition of a Rudolph hat on Mater.

Palisades Toys: A Muppety Christmas

As part of their Mini Muppets, Palisades‘ second series was dedicated to one of my must see movies for the holidays, A Muppet Christmas Carol. These two 3pc collections showcased some of the memorable characters from the movie: Kermit and Robin as Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, Fozzie as Fozziwig, Statler and Waldorf as the Marley Brothers, The Ghost of Christmas Present (played by the brilliant Jerry Nelson, who, sadly, passed away this year), and a couple of those fun loving penguins.


Also during the height of their collaboration with The Muppets, Palisades released a couple of exclusives that carried a Christmas theme:


Santa Swedish Chef: Available on eBay in 2004 and thru the Palisades Collector’s Club in 2005.

Holiday Rizzo the Rat: Available online to the members of the Palisades Collector’s Club in 2003.


JCPenney Disney Black Friday Snowglobes

Some of you may have seen my rant on here a couple of weeks ago saying how upset I was about JCPenney stores not giving out a free Disney Black Friday Snowglobe. Why? Because it has been a tradition since 2000. The first year saw the release of three of them: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Lucky. Since you only got one per visit, it took a few trips to get all three. Thankfully, they did have different color boxes, so it wasn’t a bloxing event.

2001 saw only two snowglobes, Mickey and Minnie. Again, they had different color boxes, so it wasn’t that hard to get both.

Starting in 2002, they started only giving out one snowglobe, which was now dated, and all included Mickey. Some years were better than others, but they were fun to get because they were free and made an awesome collection. They also came with a coupon of some sort, which I did use some years to buy gifts for friends and family.



However, last year, I did notice that the year was added on later with a decal and was not part of the mold, like it was for years prior. Was this a sign that they were getting out of the tradition?

Side by side of 2010 and 2011… what a weird place to put the date!

Be that as it may, I did not even touch JCPenney (or that area of the mall, for that matter) on Black Friday. I know for a fact a bunch of my friends did the same thing. I know that JCPenney is hurting for cash these days, but I think they shot themselves in the foot by not continuing this tradition. Maybe it is just because I WANTED A SNOWGLOBE!

…. deep breath….


Disney Christmas Ornaments

Before I leave you today, I figured I would share some shots of a few of the Disney ornaments on my tree. I know that, even after a crappy day at work, seeing that tree lit with all these glittery and fun ornaments calms me down a bit.




I would like to thank you for taking the time out to enjoy some of my Disney Christmas. Also, I have a question for you:

Have you ever been at the Disney Parks during Christmas and taken some awesome Holiday photos?

If you have, I would love for you to send them to travis@vinylmationkingdom.com. Looking to get something holiday related together for an upcoming column.

Thanks again!