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From the Vinylmation Vault Alumni Association or VVAA this week we have what I consider to be one of the most underrated series out there today. The Mascot Open Edition only has four vinyl’s in this series and each one is a huge hit for me. What appealed to me the most was all the “fall” Looking matte finished complementary colors that were used on each character. I just love Matte finish. Don’t get me wrong some vinyl’s look way better with a glossy finish but the Matte finish & gorgeous “Fall” colors are my favored choice.


Donald at Duke University


Mascot Donald’s has wonderfully colored Steel Blue sweater with the Maroon colored letter “D” on his chest that could perhaps stand for either Duke or Delaware University or even Disney University. Donald adorns a cap that is colored the same as his sweater that adds a nice touch to the outfit. Then as I look s bit more I noticed that the artist ever so slightly changed Donald’s eyes to have a darker shade of blue as well, which I just love. For the longest time Donald Duck has been my favorite character but as I grew older I noticed I grew tired of his easily angered & envious demeanor and eventually I grew tired his curmudgeonly ways and looked for a character that was a little bit more carefree, but that’s for a different story. Now back to Mascot Donald and why I still love this guy. Now Donald does not always loose his cool and I do like to a point a slightly angered Donald as he becomes very entertaining at that point. So when I first looked at Mascot Donald I absolutely loved his intense and moderately aggravated facial expression!


Goofy at Georgetown University

Mascot Goofy is dressed in a mustard color sweatshirt with a Maroon colored “G” on his chest, which may stand for either Gettysburg College or maybe for Georgetown University. The dark blue foam finger is a nice touch as well. Now unlike Donald Goofy rarely get angered so to see the intense look on his face was a great idea. One more thought on goofy as I look at him I quickly recall all of my favorite cartoon shorts with Goofy trying to demonstrate some type of sport that ultimately ends in some chaotic mess.


Pluto at “Paw Tech”


Mascot Pluto wears a dark maroon sweater adorned with a dark blue letter “P” on the chest. My guess would be is that Pluto had enrolled in and is a huge fan of his Alma Mater “Paw Tech” as he has a firm grip on that pennant and cheering for a Victory for the “Fighting Dog Paws”! Squirrel!


Mickey at Monsters University


Mascot Mickey wears a maroon colored sweatshirt and of course there’s the Universities Mustard colored “M” which can only stand for Monsters University. Well I guess it could also stand for Marceline University as well. Like Donald’s face Mickey’s has that off white color that fits perfectly to the theming. Of course to complete the Retro look for Mickey is wearing sky and dark blue ball-cap with the Colleges “M” embellished in the front.


The whole gang visits Medford College to say hello to their favorite High School professor of Chemistry.


As a whole I really adore these guys a lot and I just love the their facial expressions showing their “Game Face” along with their school colors. Though I eluded earlier on where they all attend College or University by their letter on their sweater/sweater, I must add that the letters on their chest really represents the first letter of each of their names. Though it was fun to imagine what University/College they could be going to.


I actually purchased these at full price at the Disney Store and even though they wound up as clearance eventually I am still very happy with the set. I think it’s the beautifully “Fall Colors” that were used that really drew me to these guys. If you have not collected these well what are you waiting for? Go out there and win one for Walt!

Do you have a favorite Vinylmation that is hiding in the Vinylmation Vault? Let me know and maybe one day I’ll feature it in a future Vinylmation Vault.

Happy Collecting




I am in the process of breaking down all of the fun pictures from my trip to Walt Disney World last week, but couldn’t wait to share with all of you Part 1 of an exciting project that took place down there.

Throughout the vacation, my Disney Infinity Toy Box opened up at various locations throughout WDW for some very fun photo shoots with your favorite Disney Infinity characters. Here we go….


Test Track, Epcot

The Toy Box was first spotted at Epcot’s Test Track ride, where the characters from CARS and CARS 2 came out to play.


After posing outside for the group shot, the gang wanted to go inside and visit the Chevrolet Showroom and have some fun with the Test Track design module.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation... Crystal McQueen.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation… Crystal McQueen.


After that, the gang wanted to cool off nearby at the Cool Wash, where one can mist off and grab a cold drink or snack to beat the heat.

100_9412 100_9411


Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

From there, the Toy Box appeared over at DHS, where it opened up near the backlot by the Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet. Sadly class was in evening session, so the real Mike and Sulley were not available. However, these guys still had fun, reliving their adventures around MU.


100_9601 100_9603 100_9602

The Incredibles Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Across the park, the Toy Box opened up once again, this time in The Magic of Disney Animation. There, the gang from The Incredibles posed for some shots while they waited for the heroes to show.


What’s that? Syndrome has hatched a plan? It’s a good thing Frozone was there to save the day!


Well, that concludes Part 1. No worries, the Toy Box opened up throughout the week. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming early this week.



Welcome back fellow park hoppers! This week my dolls travel to the Magic Kingdom to check out all that is new in the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. They check out a new Monorail, see how the new park entrances are working out and meet some long lost friends. We also stop by the new Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks, play a new pirate game, and check out the new Tangled area.

Everybody have their park maps and water coolers? Its blazing hot outside (when it’s not raining) so grab your sun block and Meet Me on Main Street!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!



Sulley had to see how Monorail Teal transformed into Monster-rail to promote Monsters University.

which Greek are you?

Which Greek are you?

Rather than transform the whole monorail like the previous Tron-o-rail and Avenger-rail did, Monster-rail has a simple wrap that still makes Monorail Teal feel natural. The wrap features the fraternities and sororities that are in the movie and the characters associated with those groups.

OK? PNK? ROR? HSS? EEK? JOX? which one are you in?

OK? PNK? ROR? HSS? EEK? JOX? which one are you in?

I couldn’t get a picture of it, but the Ironman-o-rail that took over Monorail Black earlier in the spring now has the date that Iron man 3 will be released on Blu Ray and DVD which is September 24th.

Green means go!

Green means go!

One day ticket had to see how much the Park entrances have changed since it was being used in 1981. Construction is moving into place the last two sections of RFID turnstiles on the left side of the Magic Kingdom entrance.

Cast members are on hand if things get complicated

Cast members are on hand if things get complicated

The new turnstiles are a very fast way to enter the park when they are operating efficiently, but since one day ticket holders are still being issued paper tickets, the lines can still get backed up if they are not handled quickly.

This weeks Limited Time Magic was round 2 of Long Lost Friends week which saw the return of characters from Robin Hood, Chicken Little, Song of the South, and Princess and the Frog. The characters came out every 30 minutes till about 2 PM.

no autographs, just pictures

no autographs, just pictures


The sky is falling! It did rain a lot later that day

The sky is falling! It did rain a lot later that day

One of the best interactions with the characters came when I took Prince Naveen to see a long lost friend on the other side.

Naveen was very anxious at first

Naveen was very anxious at first

The Shadowman was also very excited to see his little friend too. I had to keep their meeting short because Dr. Facilier looked like he had some evil intentions.

Its a real gator!

Its a real gator!

It was nice to see the Bench with Minnie Mouse and Roy O. Disney is back behind the flag pole in Main Street Square. It was absent from its home for a while taking a spot over by the firehouse where Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is distributed.

Partners No. 2

Partners No. 2

The Bench sits next to a plaque of the Dedication of Walt Disney World in 1971.

Walt Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney

Walt Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney

Moving down Main Street, the back section of the jewelry store used to feature pins and Vinyls, and now features shoes and accessories.

Tour guide Donald Away!

Tour guide Donald Away!

Cuppa Tea was getting thirsty, so I took it over to the new Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks for a drink.

Lines are huge in the morning when the park opens and die down about 11AM

Lines are huge in the morning when the park opens and die down about 11AM

Luckily there are 2 sides to choose from, but don’t worry both have the same items. You will notice that the whole area is used and there are no more tables to sit at inside the bakery.

Side A

Side A

Side B

Side B

Some of the pastries have remained the same, but some, like the famed cheese danish, have vanished. Those Starbucks cake pops are popular though. The prices of the drinks are probably comparable to standard Starbucks locations.

Ill have a blueberry scone please!

Ill have a blueberry scone please!

The late summer season is one of the busiest times of the year to visit the parks and the times board shows it.

all 3 mountains pushing 90 minutes at about 11:30 AM

All 3 mountains pushing 90 minutes at about 11:30 AM!


On to Adventureland to search for treasures of the seven seas!

As long as its not cursed Aztec gold.

As long as its not cursed Aztec gold.

The game has some similarities with Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, and it also has some big differences. You start off at the recruitment center where you pick up your map and talisman. You then set out on your adventure finding various tokens around Adventureland to tell a story.

Yay! no Aztec curse!

Yay! no Aztec curse!

Much like sorcerers, you are given a map and told to go to a particular location.

Off to the parrot!

Off to the parrot!

Tap your talisman or park ticket to the symbol and let the story begin. That is about where the similarities of the two games stop. Everything else that takes place in the game happens right in front of you with props instead of on a screen.


Jacks compass points the way!

Jacks compass points the way!

Thats real smoke coming out of that cannon

Thats real smoke coming out of that cannon

The game will take you from the Pirates attraction over towards the Swiss Family Treehouse, so there might be a lot of back and forth walking ahead of you. There are 5 maps total to play through, so when you find your treasure and want to hunt for more, just head back to the recruitment center and start again.

You found it!

You found it!


Master Gracey was excited to see that the awning was redone for the walkway at Haunted Mansion. They installed some AC units to blow out cool air over the walkway for the summer heat.

Is that cold air on your neck from the AC or is a ghoul out for a little stroll?

Is that cold air on your neck from the AC or is a ghoul out for a little stroll?


Finally this week we will take a look at the new Rapunzel themed area in between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. When the area was first announced, it was heavily rumored for a permanent meet and greet for Tangled characters as the theming was simply amazing. Even though it turned out to be just a bathroom and a nice place to rest for a while, it still is one of the best themed areas in the whole park.

Rapunzels Tower shines in the distance!

Rapunzels Tower shines in the distance!

The area simply glows at night thanks to a few lanterns.


The Mens bathrooms are themed to the guards armory now equipped with frying pans. The women’s bathroom (from what I have been told, seeing how I have never been looks as if Rapunzel painted the walls and ceiling herself adding in the sun symbol found throughout the story.

The area is rich with detail from the movie including posters for the thugs and some hidden Pascals

There are 9 or 10 Pascals to be found in the area. Can you find the one in this picture?

There are 9 or 10 Pascals to be found in the area.


Have you found any yet?

Have you found any yet?


That will rap up this weeks report. Next time we will venture into New Fantasyland to see what Belle, the Beast, Gaston, and Ursula are up to. We will also look at how Fastpass+ will be changing some of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom as well as a few other updates.

Once again, you know where Ill be. Just Meet Me on Main Street!


The Vinylmation Official Blog has posted some information today about the Variant for the Monsters University series.

Vinylmation™ Monsters University Variant Revealed

June 17 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Vinylmation™ Monsters University was released this past Friday, June 14, 2013. Here is a look at the variant figure released as part of this collection.

The Scare Pig figure was designed by Disney Design Group artist Ron Cohee.

This series was released at D Street in California and Florida as well as online at the Disney Parks Online Store –

400007298972-8 400007298972-variant

What do you think of this variant?

monsters uni box

monsters uni boxThe Official Vinylmation Events page has shared some details on a artist signing for the new Monsters University blind box series:

Vinylmation™ Signing – Monsters University Series 1

June 14

D Street, Downtown Disney® West Side

Artist Ron Cohee will be on hand Friday, June 14, 2013 from 5 to 7 p.m. at D Street, Downtown Disney® West Side for a special showcase and signing of the new Monsters University Series 1 Vinylmation™ figures.




Ron Cohee is a Character Artist with the Disney Design Group, where he creates art used exclusively on products and collectibles at Disney Theme Parks and Resorts

Ron has served in many capacities for the Walt Disney Company over the last nineteen years. After attending the California Institute of the Arts, he enjoyed a decade in the Feature Animation department, working on films such as “Pocahontas”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Mulan” and “Lilo and Stitch”.  His art can also be found in several children’s books, on cruise ships, buses, billboards and adorning Walt Disney World’s newest resort hotel, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

As a Disney enthusiast as well as a Cast Member, Ron is overjoyed to have the opportunity to bring Disney’s happiness, sincerity and magic to new generations.

Ron’s favorite Disney memory is the day he proposed to his wife by Cinderella’s Wishing Well.


Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest.  We ask that you bring no personal items to be signedAppearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Walt Disney World® Resort receipt may be required.

Will you be attending?

monsters uni box

Over on the UK Disney Store website, a early place holder page for Monsters University has been found by UK Disney Group member Rebecca Houlding.

monsters uni box 411095731470In other UK news, A Muppets 3 placeholder page has also been found but without any images.

This isn’t confirmation of a European release of both Monsters Uni and Muppets 3, as previous releases like Villains 3 appeared like this but never went on sale.


The Official Disney Park Blog posted a story yesterday previewing some new merchandise coming to the parks this summer, which included some more preview shots of some of the figures from Monsters Uni and Beauty and the Beast.

06_ParksBlog_MonSumMerch_Hats-584x465 08_ParksBlog_MonSumMerch_VMBatB-600x435

New Duffy the Disney Bear Sulley Coming to Disney Parks This Summer

My fellow Disney Parks Blog author Erin Catalano and I spent Friday morning in the Convention Center at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Representing Disney Theme Park Merchandise, we joined a special product showcase event that highlighted exciting things at Disney Parks.

New Disney Parks Logo Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks This June

We filled our 16-foot by 16-foot square booth with new merchandise debuting this summer to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. We gave an expanded look at Star Wars Weekends 2013 merchandise, along with a first look at new Disney Parks logo merchandise arriving this June. Rounding out our assortment, we displayed new Disney-inspired sunglasses by Ray-Ban, handbags by Dooney & Bourke, beautifully ornate shoe ornaments inspired by Disney characters, D-Tech electronic accessories and much more.

As you can imagine, I had a difficult time selecting only 10 images for this article. I’d love to hear which item is your favorite, so please share in the comments below.

I hope to see you at Disney Parks for our first-ever, three-park, all-night party on May 24. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional details about merchandise created for this event.


The previews keep coming and now we have the full 360 images for Monsters University.

SKU: 400007298972

Retail Price: $12.95

Tray Retail Price: $310.80

Artist Name: Ron Cohee/Thomas Scott

Figure: 3-inch

Edition Size: Mystery Box

Disney Parks Release Date: June 14

Disney Parks Online Release Date: June 14


400007298972-9 400007298972-8 400007298972-7 400007298972-6 400007298972-5 400007298972-4 400007298972-3 400007298972-2 400007298972-11 400007298972-10400007298972-1

What Monster do you love?