Disney has announced a new Mickey Mouse Shorts Vinylmatiom blind box series will be released next week at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland, plus

This 8 piece set features Classic characters from the new Mickey Mouse cartoon series and we first saw these back at last years Imagination Gala.

Check out the new Vinylmation™ coming to the Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort Friday, March 6, 2015! The Cartoon Series Vinylmation™ will be available at D Street in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort, D-Street in Downtown Disney® West Side at the Walt Disney World® Resort and Online.

What do you think of this series?

Mickey: Buff or Biff?


Welcome back to “Marry, Blox, Kill.” Here’s a little refresher on how the game is played…

Marry: You marry what you love (or what’s close to death and as rich as Uncle Scrooge.)

Blox: The verb form of “blind box,” the act of buying a blind box Vinylmation not knowing what’s inside. (Not to be confused with when people go online and look for case layouts and then pillage sets for chasers. That’s called being an @$$)

Kill: You kill what you hate… or whoever you mildly dislike, if you’re a professional football player. In this column, we’ll stick to killing what we hate.

So let’s get started.

Marry: 2013 RunDisney Mickey















Ladies, what you want to avoid is the Hero-to-Zero trap. You know the guys I mean, the ones who go from buying roses to picking noses. From charming hunk to junkfood junkie. No, what you want is a self-motivator, and that’s precisely what RunDisney Mickey is. He runs for him. He enjoys the cold wind grating against his oversized vinyl cheeks and the endorphins releasing into a fireworks spectacular for the mind. This guy won’t go from takin’ you out to a case of gout. He’ll  keep it tight. And oh yeah, its one of the most beautifully simple renditions of Mickey we’ve seen on the vinyl mold.

Blox: Park Series 13













Like a lot of people, when I first saw these I was thoroughly unimpressed. Its not a BAD set, but c’mon, this is the PARK SERIES. They’ve already knocked it down to an 8-piece set, and yet the quality ratio is lower than ever.

But then I saw the full 360 images, and man… these babies got BACK. Have you ever seen a set were the back sides were more crucial to the figures’ success? In fact, many of the back sides are heads and tails (buh-dum-dish) above the fronts.


(Far right, Claire de Room droppin’ da boom)









Claire de Room? Dang, girl… I guess that one shouldn’t surprise us:


(No caption needed.)

So yes, some of the back-sides are fantastic (see Baltar’s article from back in the day about the backs of vinyls here.)  But that still doesn’t change my opinion of the set too much; I wouldn’t buy a car for the tail lights. But I think they’re worthy of a blox or two, which, for the Park series, is a bit of a let down.

Kill: King Louie, Fraud Edition (Animation 4 Combo Topper)


(The Oscar to Disney Afternoon Series 2 King Louie’s George Bluth)








“But Scuba, didn’t you have us marrying this dude in the last edition of Marry, Blox, Kill?” No, I had us marrying the Disney Afternoon Series 2 King Louie. And THAT is the problem. Are there not enough characters in the Disney universe to avoid repeats, especially repeats within a couple months of each other? This is basically the same vinyl, but without his stylish hat and Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt, and we all know the saying, “the clothes make the monkey.”

Faux Custom: C3P0, Droids Cartoon Edition

Since Disney seems intent on mining every last nugget of our sentimental yearning for our childhood with sets like Disney Afternoon, why not stretch beyond the Disney Universe to a long time ago (the 80’s) in a galaxy far, far away from good taste where a cartoon called “Star Wars: Droids” was considered awesome by a bunch of kids who would’ve eaten Star Wars branded lima beans. Here’s my 3P0 “faux custom”:


Seriously, youngins, Droids was a real thing. I swear. And it was terrible. And you can watch it on YouTube (not recommended.)

Once again, if anyone else enjoys making 2D faux customs, please send ’em along to and I’ll feature the best and brightest in this column.

Til next time!


Another Eachez Vinylmation is on its way! On November 8th, the 2013 Festival of the Masters Vinylmation will be released. There will be two versions: Paint Splattered and Clean.

vm_fom2013_mickey_orig vm_fom2013_painted-mickey_orig_0

This blind box Eachez will be 9:1. With an LE of 1200, there will be 120 of the Clean version and 1080 of the Paint Splattered version. Each blind box will retail for $16.95 and was designed by Ron Cohee.

This is probably my favorite Eachez to date, followed closely by Gusteau. Will you be adding artist Mickey to your collection?


Today the official image of the next Meet & Greet Mickey Mouse, the 2013 Festival of the Masters, was released. We previously saw this at the Reflections of Evil event last month.


This figure is LE 500, which follows the format set forth with the Reflections of Evil version before it. Designed by Thomas Scott, it will retail for $49.95 and be released on November 8th.


Today I continue photo coverage of my Disney Infinity Toy Box opening up around Walt Disney World and releasing its’ characters out to play. Without further adieu…


Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Kingdom

Captains Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Davy Jones took to the high seas… or in this case Adventureland… for a fun photo shoot around the Pirates of the Caribbean. Fun Fact: The opening boat sequence of the Pirates playset in Disney Infinity was set to recreate how guests enter the town of Tortuga in the ride.


100_9465 100_9463

100_9472 100_9471



Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

From there, it was off to Frontierland, where the Lone Ranger and Tonto sized up the town, ready to defend it against any outlaws.


100_9475 100_9484

Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom

Not to be outdone, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey wanted to get in on the action at the Magic Kingdom, posing with its’ icon.


Radiator Springs, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

From there the Toy Box traveled over to the newest resort at WDW, the Art of Animation Resort, where I found the gang from CARS back out of the box having fun with their counterparts around Radiator Springs.


100_9725 100_9724 100_9735 100_9736

100_9731 100_9739 100_9745 100_9747

Ramone loves McQueen's new look.

Ramone loves McQueen’s new look.

Epcot’s Character Spot, Epcot    &   Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Before leaving WDW, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey had a small request, which the Toy Box granted…. because as Walt put it “It all started with a mouse.”


IMG_8044 IMG_8045


Special thanks to all of the wonderful Disney cast members who helped make this shoot possible, from the characters to the Photo Pass people to the ones who didn’t make me move my setup even if I was probably interrupting the flow of traffic. I think this edition of the Toy Box in WDW was a success, and I hope to do it again come January.

Have a magical day!



This time next week, I will be down in WDW on vacation. (Actually, I will be waiting on line for the Vinylmation Tuck & Roll release at D-Street!) In celebration, I would like to share with you some pictures from my first trip ever down to WDW, in January of 1985.


I was approaching the 4 yr. old mark, and my brother was nearing 1. My parents were SAINTS for driving us down there. At that time, only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were open. From the pictures I can find, they only took us to Magic Kingdom. I am figuring they were not keen on dragging two small children thru a theme park that wasn’t necessarily geared towards them, or the simple fact that we had limited time there, being that we also visited family and friends around Florida on that trip.

ScannedImage-23 ScannedImage-22 ScannedImage-20 ScannedImage-2

ScannedImage-4 ScannedImage-21 ScannedImage-3 ScannedImage-19


The only other time my parents have been to WDW was three years later in 1988, when I was 6 and my brother 3. This is going on 25 years… I have a feeling a goal of mine should be to get them back down there in 2014.

ScannedImage-24 ScannedImage-5


Does everyone remember their first visit? If not, you got photographic representation of the excitement? If you would like to share pictures of a memorable first visit of you or a family member, please email them to me and I will post them in an upcoming column.

See you back here next week, where I will reveal my Vinylmation Trade Project for the trip I will be on then.

Stay classy, San Diego.


Recently a new display at D Street Anaheim has revealed some new Vinyls coming our way soon.

We have our first look at one of the Park Starz Series 2 figures…the Tower of Terror’s Bellboy! A fantastic choice that I know many hoped would be in this series. I love the design. Guessing it’ll come with a briefcase accessory and possibly removable hat.

We also have a look at the upcoming Classics series which I’m pretty excited for.

Pete and Pluto






Gideon Goat


Horace Horsecollar


Donald Duck

Dippy Dog (Goofy) and Clara Cluck  can be seen on the poster as well. And if I had to put my money on it…I’d say that chaser is going to be Oswald (at least I hope!)


The Vinylmation Facebook page gives us a first look at the Popcorns Pie Eyed Mickey variant. In fact this is our first clear look at the Popcorns series.

Pie Eye Mickey is scheduled to be a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive with an edition size of 5000 and a price of $24.95. A limited supply will be available on the Disney Store website on July 15th. So what does everyone think of Pie Eye Mickey? For me he is a must have, then again I am a sucker for black and white versions of the classic characters.

Update: The Official Vinylmation Blog has posted two more images and the following info.

The figures will be presented in a popcorn box with removable clear sleeve. The back of the packaging describes this new series as:

“Vinylmation pops up in another new way! Now the Disney characters have ahot, fresh look you’ve never seen before. Disney Design Group artists have re-imagined your favorites, old and new. Scoop one up today or collect them all.”

This first figure is actually a variant of Mickey Mouse (which was teased in this Disney Parks Blog article back in January 2012).