For Lilo & Stitch fans, there could be some good news with a new twin pack featuring the famous Hawaiian duo and its an exclusive to the Disney Store in Hawaii. Thanks to Lary Clark from Vinylmation Exchange for this image and confirmation that this set is now available in the Hawaiian Disney Store and is priced at $26.95.

hawaii lilo stitch vinylmation

Update- This image was shared by Disney Artist Enrique Pita

hawaii lilo stitch 2

Thanks to @gabby_hayes92 for the tip off.

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News today came from the Vinylmation team regarding new releases coming to DLR, WDW, and online on February 6th.

Guess what? That’s right more Vinylmation™! Here are the new Vinylmation™ coming to the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts and Online Friday, February 6, 2015! Stop by your nearest merchandise locations on your next visit and pick up your favorites!

Releasing at the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts and Online


Tarzan and Jane

Item: 400009012330

Retail: $29.95

Limited Edition


Lilo and Scrump

Item#: 400008975681

Retail: $29.95

Limited Edition

vinylmation vault

Getting ready to start off this article I tried to think of my favorite Vinylmation to showcase. There are so many to choose from. Currently there is 2,603 different vinyls on file, isn’t that nuts?

That being said lets take a look at Park 5 Stitch.


Park 5 was a 13 figure set; which included 12 in blind box form and one topper, Sorcerer Mickey. Stitch was designed by Dan Howard and was released on October 22, 2010. Mr. 626 was a common in the set, but quickly became arguably one of the most sought after vinyls to be released and still is today.

Stitch over the years has become one of the biggest characters Disney has ever created, and the popularity of his vinyls grow with each release. Were you lucky enough to grab this little guy for your collection?

hawaii 2

Disney Artist Ignacio “Nacho” Rodriguez had been teasing us for weeks about the new Hawaii Vinylmation, was it Lilo?  Was it Stitch?  Some guessed it was a twin pack and they would be right.  VK reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto sent in some photos of the twin pack featuring both Lilo & Stitch which was released in the Disney Store in Hawaii this week.

hawaii hawaii 2 hawaii 3 hawaii 4

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