Star Wars Fever is in full swing as Disney announced a new series of Juniors will be hitting D-Street at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, plus online on Good Friday. This blind box series features different designs of troopers and features 11 commons and 1 chaser. Included in the set are Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, Tie Fighter Pilots, Scout Troopers, Snow Troopers and many more.

STAR WARS Troopers Jr.

Item #: 400009051599

Retail: $9.95

Vinylmation-Troopers-WebWhat do you think of this series?


There are plenty of new Star Wars Vinylmations at the Imagination Gala that will be coming soon to a Galaxy Far Far Away… (sorry its been a busy day!).

Kicking off with the Star Wars Series 5 blind box series that will be themed around the original New Hope movie, this set is due out in May 2015, to fit in with the Star Wars Weekends.

Coming this November, there will be a special Holiday Boba Fett special open window figure along with two Eachez coming in January 2015. Both Yoda and Luke Skywalker are LE2500 and have a variant, both figures are priced at $16.95 each.

Also coming in December 2014, is a new 12 piece junior series themed around Stormtroopers.

And finally there will be a Star Wars Rebels figure based on the character “The Inquistior” released around the Star Wars Weekends.







Are you planning on adding any of these to your collection?


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Finding Nemo Junior series.

nemo jr


RogPalmerUK – I am not a huge Junior fan but I am a fan of Finding Nemo, so that’s why a few of these designs do jump out at me for being a little cool, figures like Squirt, Nemo and the Seagull are all great designs but honestly, I’m not picking any of these up, I like the fact they have made the junior series smaller but there are still too many filler figures for me.

 HoneyHits for me is Nemo, Dory, Marvin and the jellyfish. Love the clear body, very clever way of doing fishes. Squirt is also adorable and I love how they’re all done in a simple cartoon style which works on a tiny canvas of 1.5″

Jonathan – I don’t have anything from this series, never really been into the Juniors. But I will say that they got a lot of the characters spot on especially with the limited Space. Dory will always be my fave but my favourite designs are the Seagulls and Bruce. I might get a few of these just because of the characters I like.

Donna – Im surprised there aren’t more of the tank gang. I wish there would have been a Peach or Gil instead of the Anglerfish or even Darla. Maybe they could have used Jacques as the chaser instead of Blenny (or even Mr. Ray). There are enough characters left they can easily make a second set though!

WDWRobertI use to have a cold receptive feel to the Jr. series in the past as I initially thought they were just “too small” and not worth collecting. Though little by little and I have warmed up to them and eventually collected in its entirety the “It’s a Small World” jr. series. Though I probably will not collect this series, I feel that there are a few worth noting.

Dory: Though Dory and several others, have already been done in the 3” format, the jr. versions seem to be a bit more animated/cartoonish and 1 ½” Dory is a perfect example of this. I just love that the “Mickey Head” is the fish and the body is clear blue thus giving the look that the fish is swimming. The plants and bubbles are also a nice touch.

Sheldon & Pearl: Though they are in the film for a short time it was nice to see them added to this series. Sheldon & Pearl vinylmations both share that the same look that Dory has with one exception and that is Sheldon’s body continues onto “Mickeys Body”.

Seagull: This is my favorite of the bunch. I just love the face as it shouts outs the famous “Mine! Mine! Mine!” chant. This guy I will most definitely collect.


RogPalmerUK – The whole series is one big miss, I’m not planning on picking any of these up because I just don’t collect Juniors and while many collectors are saying they would have preferred them on a 3″ mold, with the Pixar series Nemo & Dory, there isn’t much need for that either.

WDWRobert –  Darla: For one I was not a fan of her in the movie as she was just an absolute menace every second of the movie. Don’t get me wrong she was a much-needed character in the movie as she gave a real threat of certain death to Nemo I just did not like her and how terrible she was! However, she was already a 3” and I think that was enough for me. Bruce: I love the character but did not like the look of Bruce as a jr. because the Jr. looks nothing like the character from the movie. Missing Characters: Where is Gil, Bubbles and Nigel? Maybe there will be a “Nemo Series 2” eventually as there is definitely plenty of characters to create.

 HoneyMy misses are the right 3 from the top row. Bruce could’ve worked with a clear body but instead looks strangely stretched out especially compared to the other fishes.The seahorse and puffer fish suffer from bloated syndrome and they lack a cute appeal.


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nemo junior box

nemo junior box

Today sees the release of the Finding Nemo Junior series, this series is set to be released at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, along with being released at selected Disney Stores and online at

This 12 piece blind box set consists of 11 commons and 1 chaser, Disney have decided, as with the 3″, to reduce the amount of figures in a tray. Each blind box is priced at $9.95.

And if you happen to be lucky enough to get a chaser or variant, feel free to share it with us, Tweet, Instagram or post it on our Facebook Group.

nemo jr
Are you picking any of these up?


vm_nemo_-jr_-marlin_orgOn July 11th, Disney are releasing a new Junior series based on the Finding Nemo movie and what is so interesting about this series (other than the cute little Squirt figure) was that Disney have finally reduced the size of the series, going from 18 figures down to 12, resulting in a case dropping a dozen figures. Instead of 2 chasers per case, there is now just a single chase, moving the Junior case size down to the original 3” layout of two sets of 11 figures plus a chaser and a filler.

Fans have been saying it for years, the Junior series have been too big and too much of a financial outlay as buying over 16 figures at $9.95 that you don’t want, simply put too many people off buying cases and the other big problem with many of the junior series is there were often too many filler figures which weren’t wanted.

This new Nemo Junior series is a very strong line up with lots of mainstream characters that will get people buying into the series, the previous series Aladdin had some strong designs but again, the amount of figures in a series put off collectors from buying too many blind boxes.

I’ve always felt the Junior was overpriced, at $9.95 a figure, seems a lot for something that is half the price of the normal 3” figure, there obviously is some cost in the keychain but when it was sat on the shelf next to other figures at the same price, they didn’t look that attractive.

aladdin jr trayI’m not a huge Junior collector, I have plenty that came with other Vinylmations as part of a package such as the Brave Triples but rarely have I gone and brought too many blind boxes of Juniors, I did have a punt on some Goofy Juniors and Star Wars Droids but after only picking up the “fillers” that I didn’t want, I almost had to give them away as nobody wanted them.


While this move to make Junior series smaller, I still don’t think they went far enough, since Disney cut the size of the 3” series down to just 8 including the chaser, I thought the Junior series might have matched it and looking at the Nemo series, had they cut out some of the unknown sea creatures, it would have been a very strong series that I think would have been even more popular.

Juniors are a strange thing within the Vinylmation community, some people love them and some people simply don’t bother with them, everyone has a different reason and I’m sure many collectors are happy with the Junior series size being cut, I for one think its a step in the right direction.

What do you think?


Disney’s official website has finally confirmed the Mystery Variant Revealed for Vinylmation™ Aladdin Juniors Series 10 featuring Jasmine.

Update: this looks to be an error from Disney as this figure is just a standard common figure.


Mystery Variant Revealed for Vinylmation™ Aladdin Juniors Series 10

January 21 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Aladdin Juniors Series 10, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Variant  figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.



While Disney accidentally released these images over a week ago and quickly pulled them, Disney have now officially released photos of the two chasers for the Aladdin Junior series via their Vinylmation blog.

Mystery Chasers Revealed for Vinylmation™ Aladdin Juniors Series 10

January 13 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Aladdin Juniors Series 10, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Chasers figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.

vm_jr_aladdin_bad_genie_orig vm_jr_aladdin_lion_cave_orig



hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Aladdin Juniors Series.

aladdin jr tray


RogPalmerUK – Aladdin is one of those great 90’s Animated movies that has become a classic and the Genie is easily in my top 10 favourite Disney characters and I’m sure this junior series is going to be very popular.  There are a few figures in this set that I think are pretty neat such as the regular blue Genie, Abu, Iago and the Cave of Wonders Chaser.  These are all really well designed and the level of detail on these juniors is outstanding, passing this set off to the Disney Store team was a smart move.

Joshua Jackson – When Disney came out with the first juniors designs I was a bit skeptical, I liked the concept but at the same time the designs were just a little plain for me. Over the last few years though Disney has taken this mold and made some of the best designs I have ever seen on a vinyl and Aladdin does not disappoint. For my first hit I have the Abu Elephant. I absolutely love this figure! I love the colors, hat in the ear, and the facial expression make this a great figure. Second hit is Jafar in his black robes, I love how the artist was able to transfer such a large character onto such a small mold and keep such great detail! Next hits are Genie and iago, the facial expressions, colors, and small details make these guys really great figures! My final hit is the cave of wonders chaser. This is hands down my favorite figure from the set, I absolutely love it!

WDWRobert – With each new release Vinylmation Jr. series I find myself getting more and more drawn to these smaller 1 ½ “ counterparts. For one there are fewer release in the Jr. series and second is the smaller area required to display them.

Hits Sultan: This Jolly Sultan looks great! They did a nice job transitioning him to a Jr. format. His proportions are spot on. I don’t think an adaptation to 3” would of look so worked out so well. Genie: You can never have to many Genie’s in Vinylmation form. This enormous fella transitioned well to the Jr. format. And you got to love his facial expression! That’s Genie at his best! Aladdin: Even though Aladdin looks sort of like a Muppet Baby complete with a “Huggies” diaper, I still love him over the A1 version of him. Elephant Abu: Who would of known that a large character would of fit so nicely in a 1 ½ “ Jr size. Once again with good use of colors and a wonderful smile make this Jr. a must collect. Cave of wonders: I love the Park 10 version of this but I love the Jr. version a little more. On this version the colors are more vibrant for me.

BigThunder87 – These Aladdin Juniors are so cool, I love the Cave of Wonders figure (especially because I can’t find the 3″ version) and I love how they have included so many lesser known characters as well.  Love the Jasmine ones and how cute is Rajah the Tiger?


RogPalmerUK – There are a few major problems I have with the Aladdin series and Juniors as a whole, I’m not a big collector of Juniors, I have maybe a dozen all together, most of which came with larger figures.  If I was given a pound for every time I saw the words “I wish these were a 3″ series” on social media sites, I probably could have got enough to buy a tray of them, the designs are just crying out to be put onto a 3″ mold.  I also have issues with juniors in terms of pricing, £6/$10 might be cheaper than your regular 3″, but it just seems very expensive for what they are and then we have the case size.  Seriously, 18 figures from a series is just so insane, almost $400!  Disney have made a big fuss of making most of the 3″ series smaller which nobody seemed to want, yet almost everyone says they wish Junior cases were smaller.  Disney need to cut the size of Junior series in the future, its a major turn off for lots of collectors.

Joshua Jackson – I must say this is probably the only set I don’t have any misses. There’s not one figure in this set I can honestly say I don’t like.

WDWRobert – Prince Ali: I do like the Aladdin character but the Prince Ali proportions don’t work for me all that well. It’s the headdress on his head that looks off to me. If you look on Sultan Jafar’s head there are several dark beige lines that give the head dress a better look. Not to pick on this vinyl too much but his facial expression looks off for me too. Abu: That is one crazy eyed monkey. The animation 4’s Abu looks a lot better. Rajah: He looks too much like his Zooper Hero counterpart. Snake Jafar: The entire look is just a big miss for me.

BigThunder87 – There are way too many Jafar’s and I don’t like my odds of getting the figures I like because there are so many, though I couldn’t resist buying a few in my local store.


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mystery jr

mystery jrIf your a Disney Movie Rewards points collector and fancy a bit of a gamble, Disney are now offering a new mystery promotion for a Junior Two Pack which is probably a Pairs twin pack (like those given away at the Easter Egg Hunt earlier last year).

For 600 points or 480 Points + S&P, you will get send a Junior two pack.

Here is the official description for the item:

Are you ready for a big surprise? Receive a two-pack mystery Vinyl Junior key chain featuring some of your favorite Disney characters. These brilliant mini figurines are perfect for every Disney fan!

You can find out more about this promotion by clicking here



We found out about the upcoming Aladdin Junior series back at the Reflections of Evil event in September and had seen some photos sent to us of the figures at some Disney Stores, but now Disney have finally confirmed some official release information for this series along with some official photos.

They will be released at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland on January 10th 2014 and have a retail price of $9.95 per blind box.  The series consists of 16 commons and 2 chasers. They will also be released online through

There have been reports that Disney Stores are set to release the set on the Monday (the 6th).

20140103-154848 20140103-154841 20140103-154835 20140103-150646 20140103-150639 20140103-150630 20140103-150623 20140103-150606 20140103-150600 20140103-150554 20140103-150033 20140103-150027 20140103-150021 20140103-150012


Which is your favorite?

aladdin jrs

We first found out about the latest Junior Vinylmation series based on Aladdin back at the Reflections of Evil event in September.  Today we have found out some more information on this series from a number of different Vinylmation collectors.  It appears that the Aladdin Junior series is set to be released in Disney Stores on January 6th 2014, so expect to see them online as well and probably at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Vinylmation Exchange member Stevan Agbaba

aladdin jrsVinylmation Kingdom reader David Gallaher sent in a photo of the case of the series which shows that this is still sticking to the standard Junior case size.  These were found at the St. Louis Galleria Store.

aladdin boxWe also have what looks to be what was thought to be a Jasmine variant.  Vinylmation Exchange Member Chris Seesselberg sent in the following photo:

aladdin variantHowever this image on the side of the box proves otherwise:


What do you think of these figures?


Thanks to Stevan Agbaba, Chris Seesselberg and David Gallaher for all the photos.