Today we have found out about some new Japan exclusive Hinamatsuri Vinyls which are based on the dolls festival that takes place in March each year.

These vinyls will be Coming out December 26th at Tokyo Disneyland.

These are priced at 1200 Yen each.

Thanks to our friends Vinylmation Exchange for the information

What do you think of these?

BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large

While over in the US saw some new Holiday Vinylmations released today, over in Japan some new Holiday related Vinylmations have gone on sale.  There is a Santa Mickey and Minnie Open Window 3″ and also some new Christmas Juniors as well.  Our friends over Japan @Vinylmati0n posted some images from Tokyo Disneyland’s Pirate Treasure store of the new items on display.

BX_A_5pCEAA5rbR.jpg large BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large BX_A0-qCUAABTnS.jpg largeThanks to @vinylmati0n for the images


Christmas and New Year aren’t far away and today we have discovered via our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange that there are some new Vinylmations coming out in Japan for the holiday period.  2014 is the year of the Cow and it is represented in this figure which is due out on November 14th.


Also released on November 1st in Japan are these two cute Christmas Mickey and Minnie.   It’s interesting to note that Minnie is also on the Minnie Mold. d6c979bc3a4611e39c4e22000ae9119c_8And finally, there is also a new 2014 Daruma figure which is also out on November 14th in Japan.


Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange for sharing the images.


What do you think of these?

d23 expo

Japan is getting ready for their own D23 Expo which takes place on October 12-14, 2013, at the Tokyo Disney Resort® in the Maihama area.   Much like at the Los Angeles event, there looks to be some exclusive Vinylmation for the event.  Our friend @Takuya_Vinyl sent us a photo of the figures which feature Mickey Mouse, Oswald, Winnie the Pooh, Sulley and Mike.  We aren’t yet sure if this is a blind box series or a open window figure.

These vinyls are priced at 1260 Yen each.

d23 expo

What do you think about these figures?

Huge thanks to @Takuya_Vinyl for the information.  Be sure to check out their website at



halloween jr

Over in Tokyo Disneyland, not only are they getting two new Halloween Vinylmation’s (Vampire Minnie Mouse and Mummy Donald Duck) but they are also getting two new Halloween Juniors.  Our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange posted a image of the two Juniors which will be released in Tokyo Disneyland on September 3rd.

halloween jrWhat do you think of these Jr’s?

japanese summer

We found out about two new Tokyo Disneyland Exclusives last month which featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse and today they were officially released in Japan.  Our Japanese friend @Vinylmati0n posted a image today of the figures along with their packaging.  These are priced at 1200 Yen each.

japanese summer

Update – Later in the day, @Vinylmati0n posted some more detailed images of these new figures –

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Are you going to be picking these up?

110th uk

In a surprise release, European websites and .fr was taken down for most of yesterday for a upgrade and when it came back up, a few extra items came with it, including the Japanese 110th Anniversary blind box series.  These are priced at £8 / €10 each.  This is the first time Japanese items have been made available in the UK.

110th uk

Could these be heading to the US/Canada too?

Update *** these were very popular and sold out within hours


We always like to see photographs of what’s available in stores across the world and our Japanese friend @Vinylmati0n posted a few images from one of the stores in Japan which features a very large signed Vinylmation.

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And below is a photograph of the Vinylmation’s available to purchase in the store (notice no Disney Store items such as High School, Zooper Heroes etc).  b42cb5fa946e11e2bb0922000a1fbf4a_7Huge thanks to @Vinylmati0n for the pictures.


Last week we reported that there are three open window Vinylmation’s set to be released soon in Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the park which is set for April 15th..  Today Vinylmation Exchange member Yuko Otsuka showed off this photograph of the set of three.  You can see one of the Mickey’s is based on the design of the promotional poster for the event.


Are you planning on picking these up?