With the announcement of the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes [2.0 Edition] Starter Pack earlier this year and then the subsequent announcement of the Disney Infinity Originals  [2.0 Edition] Toy Box Starter Pack, and still the further announcement of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Download, some people were wondering how they would get certain pieces that are included in the two Starter Packs if they are not, in fact, getting that Starter Pack. Confused yet? I thought you might be.

So, let’s take Dave. Dave wants to buy the digital download of Disney Infinity 2.0. Why? Well, he has the Disney Infinity base from his 1.0 game. Also, he wants to deal without the disc. So, when the digital download for his XBox 360 become available in late 2014, he will be getting that. However, Dave also wants to play the Avengers Play Set (currently available only in the Marvel Starter Pack) and wants to play with Stitch in the Toy Box (who will be available November 4th in the Toy Box Starter). Is there any way that he can do this without having to buy the two Starters? Disney has made it possible.

The team at Disney Infinity previously announced that Merida and Stitch, the two characters in the Toy Box Starter, would be available as single purchases, and that has been confirmed on websites like Toys ‘R’ Us to be so. Yesterday, Johnny V. announced that the four Toy Box Game Discs (2 for the Marvel Starter and two for the Toy Box Starter) will be available later in 2014 for $19.99 per 2pk. And now, it looks like we have the solution for the rest of the contents of the Marvel Starter. Toys ‘R’ Us is now accepting pre-orders for the Avengers Play Set (which includes Iron Man and Black Widow) and a single pack of Thor. 



So it looks like an individual can truly customize their Disney Infinity 2.0 experience and only buy what they want. However, my question remains…. what don’t you want it all?

Have a great weekend.


In the past hour, Disney Infinity’s John Vignocchi and Mathew Solie were on not one, but two, live segments on the floor of E3 showing off some Disney Infinity 2.0 game play, focusing this time on the Spider-Man Play Set. During the live segments, some fun and new (to me) details emerged. Check it out.

Gamespot Live

gs010 gs011

Since both live spots used basically the same part of the game, most of the information I got that was news to me came from the first one, Gamespot.

Luke Cage and White Tiger are Mission Givers.

People were wondering where Luke Cage (Power Man) and White Tiger were when the figure images were revealed a couple of days ago. Some people were hoping that they would eventually be a character. Bad news… they appear as mission givers.

gs009 gs001


Iron Man CONFIRMED as a playable Spider-Man character.

You heard right. I know is has been said in passing before, but they actually showed him in action in the Play Set. Crossover characters will have their own unique missions and challenges to carry out, in addition to helping to progress the story.

ooooooo... SHINY!

ooooooo… SHINY!


S.H.I.E.L.D. Hovercar an unlockable in the Spider-Man Play Set

After defeating some of the symbiotes, you unlock this flying car, which is pretty sweet.

gs006 gs012

Spider-Man can carry things while swinging.

As they put it during the live spot… he’s doing the butt grab.


Costume Power Discs are NOT for every character.

Unfortunately, you will not being seeing a black Spidey-Suit Mickey Mouse anytime soon. John confirmed that the costume discs contain two parts: an ability, or boost (similar to the previous circular Power Discs), as well as a specific bonus to the character on that disc. Case in point, below you will see Spider-Man in his black suit, as he is currently carrying the bonus of Alien Symbiote.


Iron Man’s Skill Tree

OK, the skill tree system isn’t NEW news, but I have yet to see Iron Man’s Skill Tree before. I think the Missile Barrage looks amazing.

gs007 gs008

Twitch Live


After Gamespot, John and Mathew headed over to Twitch. Like I said, nothing much new, but for one, the Iron Man skill tree this time was fully unlocked, and they showed the Power Pulse Bolts. They also confirmed that each skill tree has a “respec option”, so you can reset your skill tree if you want to. Also, ALL of the characters from the original Disney Infinity game will come on over with their levels and their own skill trees.


They also looked at the Toy Box for a couple of seconds, and here was one of the “transition screens”. Pretty sweet.


They were in the Toy Box for, at most, two minutes. However, they did build this Treehouse, something that would have taken any of us HOURS to build… in under 10 seconds using the new user generated content. John promises that there will be a bunch of user generated content in the Toy Box. Awesome.

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With the announcement of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes earlier today, we here at Infinity and Beyond were sent over some images of the Avengers figures, as well as some of the new 80 Power Discs to be released. One of the discs caught my attention, mainly due to its’ description. Take a look:


Stark Arc Reactor – Try the Mark 42 on for size! Unlock Iron Man’s black and white special edition Guardians of the Galaxy armor with added boom!

Now, back when the Iron Man 3 movie came out, there were toy versions of a “Deep Space Suit” version of Iron Man released (which is a black and white version), but that version was not prominently present in the film.  Even thought it wasn’t a major part of the plot of Iron Man 3, Marvel was was insistent with several toy manufacturers to not show the suit until the film was released. Why? Does this mean that Iron Man will make an appearance in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out this summer?

One could only hope.

images (1)


Last week, I shared with you all Part I of my fantasy revamp of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The part consisted of changes within the part of DHS already there. This week, I busted thru the current blueprint of the park and created another entire area, located over the Main Entrance to the park, in the direction towards ESPN’s Wide World of Sports. This area would consist of five “movie lots”, each housing a different Disney property.

Before we get to the breakdown of each of the movie lots, I wanted to make note that I have, indeed, built the expansion across the main entrance to the park. I honestly feel that the secondary entrance, off of Buena Vista Drive, is more utilized, being that it is the entrance for the buses and most of the resorts guests. However, I don’t think eliminating the entrance would be wise. Instead, a bridge could be built over the entrance, so the incoming guests could go thru a tunnel, transporting them into the land of the movies. It might take some regrading of the main entrance, like they did to Disneyland Drive when they built Downtown Disney over in California. Once completed, the sky’s the limit, given the amount of open space on the other side of the entrance.


So, what kind of expansion am I talking about? Below is a quick outline.

dhs2NOTE: This is NOT to scale. Just shows how I think the layout should go.

Walt Disney Boulevard

We already have Hollywood Boulevard, Vine St., and Sunset Boulevard… I felt that this street (outlined in blue on the map above) could be named after the main man himself, Walt Disney. Honestly, I tried going with one of the famous streets left in Hollywood, but none of them stuck out as being prominent enough. Besides, another nod to Walt can’t hurt, right?


Indiana Jones

The first “movie lot” in the expansion, and recently purchased by Disney from George Lucas. This area would be able to expand on the presence of our favorite archaeologist, adding rides, shops, and a restaurant to the Epic Stunt Spectacular, which I would keep, as it always seems to be filled to capacity when I visit.

Back when Disneyland Paris opened, there was talk and hopes of putting in an Indiana Jones themed “land within a land” in Adventureland. However, with the park facing financial struggles, the idea was never realized. This gives us a chance to realize it here at DHS.

In addition to new rides and a refurbed restaurant, there would be a Moroccan Bazaar, filled with shops and small quick service carts serving traditional Moroccan food, similar to what is served over in Epcot. Also a place where guests can meet Indiana Jones and Sallah.


NEW RIDE: Indiana Jones Adventure

I don’t want to say we need to rip off exactly what they have in both Disneyland (Temple of the Forbidden Eye) or Tokyo DisneySea (Temple of the Crystal Skull), but the proven popularity of the EMV ride for the Indiana Jones makes this a no brainer. What if they took a page from the early 90’s game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis?



NEW RIDE: Short Round’s Mine Train Tours

Based off Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, this roller coaster would be what Imagineers truly wanted when they hastily built Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril in Disneyland Paris. In this ride, guests would take a roller coaster train tour with the character Short Round thru the jungles, temple, and mine shafts depicted in the 2nd movie. The ride in DLP has inversions, and I don’t see why this one can’t have them either.



NEW RIDE: Sallah’s Congo River Excursion

Join Sallah as he embarks on a river raft ride in search of antiques along the Congo River rapids. Similar to Kali River Rapids. Guests exit ride into Sallah’s Antique Shop, which would sell Indiana Jones merchandise and “artifacts”.


Refurbishment: Backlot Express becomes Marion’s The Raven

Depicted in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, Marion’s tavern would be ideal to replace Backlot Express, and would make a nice continual element from the Stunt Show to the rest of Indy’s movie lot.


NEW ATTRACTION: Dr. Henry Jones’ Archaeological Institute

An ever changing exhibit which showcases current excavations around the world, showing guests when amazing things are being realized about the history of the world.



With one of the highest grossing film franchises in recent history, and with more movies scheduled over the next 3 years, it would be ridiculous to try and NOT include it in a theme park expansion. Since Universal Studios already has rides based off the Hulk (and Avengers buddy Spider-Man), I would rather shift focus of two major rides in this area on two movie powerhouses, Thor and Iron Man.

My thought for the setting of this area would be the Stark Expo, with a recreation of the Unisphere and the New York State Pavilion, two of the most memorable structure from the 1964 World’s Fair, where the Stark Expo was set in Iron Man 2. We could include areas for Meet and Greets, quick service food locations, and shops.


NEW RIDE: Iron Man- Supercharged

Help Iron Man test out his new supercharged suit in this “flying” roller coaster, where you actually have the sensation of flying. It would be similar to Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America and Manta at Sea World Orlando.


Following the ride, guests would be invited to design their own Iron Man suit, much like they can design their own Figment or Test Track car.


NEW RIDE: Thor vs. Loki: Battle for Asgard

This simulator/ movie/ effects ride, similar to The Amazing Adventures Spider-Man ride at Universal, finds you accidentally transported to Asgard in the middle of Thor and Loki battling to rule the realm. Thor finds you and decides to guide you back to Earth, but not before you come into contact with Frost Giants, who are once again working with Loki, battling Loki himself, and ending with you traveling back thru the Bifrost.


The Disney Afternoon

OK, out of the five lands, this is my unlikely dream. I have always been fond of The Disney Afternoon. And, with this added to the park, we could have a new type of Fantasyland area to this park. All rides and attractions would be based of the cartoons from The Disney Afternoon.

NOTE: I know that a Disney Afternoon themed area would be a long shot, but I just loves growing up on those shows and I think they would make a great theme for a kids area in DHS.


The center of this “movie lot” would be Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin, sitting on a hill above the action and visible in all of its glory down Walt Disney Boulevard.


NEW RIDE: Launchpad’s Flight School

Similar to Goofy’s Sky School in DCA, this ride will be a crazy mouse, where Launchpad McQuack is trying to fly… er…. crash….. your plane.


NEW ATTRACTION: McDuck Mansion/ DuckTales Meet and Greet

Walk thru Scrooge’s mansion, then meet Scrooge himself, as well as Launchpad and Huey, Duey, and Louie.


scrooge-1 4283179733_59400b8d3a_z

Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers

NEW RIDE: Gadget’s Go-Coaster

Taken from DLR, this kid-coaster would be a nice addition to the area.

Gadget's Go Coaster4

NEW ATTRACTION: Rescue Rangers HQ Walk Thru/ Meet and Greet

Now you can feel like you are also the size of a chipmunk when you walk thru the HQ of the Rescue Rangers. Then meet the Rescue Rangers.



Situated on a patch of water, this part would not have any rides, but rather the area’s eatery, a Play Area, and Meet and Greet.

NEW ATTRACTION: Wildcat’s Water Works

An area for kids to enjoy broken pipes and spraying hydrants, all supposedly “fixed” by Wildcat, TaleSpin’s resident mechanic.


NEW ATTRACTION: The Sea Duck/ TaleSpin Meet and Greet

Explore Baloo’s sea plane and meet him and Don Karnage.



NEW RESTAURANT: Louie’s Retreat

Run by that fun loving orangutan Louie, Louie’s Place would be a Quick Service restaurant, serving  tropical foods and…. DOLE WHIPS!


The Gummi Bears 

NEW RIDE: Gummi Bears Dark Ride

Travel through Dunwyn and help the Gummis protect their Gummiberry Juice from Duke Igthorn, Toadwart, and the Ogres.


NEW ATTRACTION: Gummi Glen/ Gummi Bears Meet and Greet

Join the Gummi Bears for some bouncy fun in Gummi Glen, including a bouncing floor, and meet the Gummi Bears out back among the Gummiberry bushes.


I would also like it if they had a stand selling Gummiberry Juice. Yum.


TRON Legacy

With the success of Tron elements in DCA, bringing a major attraction based off the movie, as well as an arcade, would be fun.

NEW ATTRACTION: Flynn’s Arcade & ElecTRONica

The main area of the Tron-scape would be the indoor Flynn’s Arcade. In addition to it being a huge arcade, it also houses the entryway to the Light Cycle Coaster, as well as a event area where ElecTRONica, that show from DCA, can find a permanent home.



NEW RIDE: Light Cycle Challenge

I still don’t have the specifics on how to make this a reality, but I would love to see a roller coaster type ride where people ride the light cycles. It would be an indoor ride with lots of neon. In fact, the whole world of Tron here would be indoors.


Star Wars

Saving the best for last. I literally could go on and on about what we could do with the Star Wars franchise. Heck, over at our sister site Jedi Kingdom, we asked people to help us design a whole park! Do I think it is going to happen? No. However, having a new area in DHS dedicated to Darth Vader, Yoda, and the rest is the next best thing, and definitely doable. Of course, the new Star Tours would stay, but I would suggest changing the exit of the ride from where it is now to the rear of the show building, right into the expanded area… of Tatooine.

NEW ATTRACTION: Mos Eisley Bazaar

Filled with shops and eateries, as well as the entrances to the rides, this recreation of the famous spaceport would be an ideal “hub” for this area.


NEW RIDE: Millennium Falcon- Kessel Run

One of the major attractions in this area would be a roller coaster where you are hired to complete the famous smuggler’s Kessel Run.


NEW RIDE: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Battle over Tatooine

Dueling Coaster ride featuring the X-Wings and TIE Fighters from the movies. Like Dragon Challenge in Universal.

images (1)

NEW RIDE: Anakin’s Podracer’s

A children’s spinner ride, where they get to pilot their own podracer.


NEW RESTAURANT: Mos Eisley Cantina

A replica of this famous smuggler hangout in A New Hope, this Full Service restaurant would serve out of this world eats, and the cast members would be dressed up like Star Wars aliens, of course.



After being run out of Coruscant, Dexter Jettster moved his diner to Mos Eisley (it was fitted with repulsorlifts for this exact thing, after all). This Quick Service restaurant serves only the best diner food Dex has to offer, including Nerf Steak Sliders, Pickled Gartro Eggs, and Juri Juice. There would also be a wide selection of pasteries.

Dexs_Diner Dex_in_the_kitchen

EXPANDED: Jedi Academy

To accommodate the popularity of the current Jedi Academy, why not built a theater to house the show. I was thinking something open aired, like the theater in Downtown Disney Marketplace. You could also incorporate a video introduction by Yoda himself, explaining the need to the Younglings to learn the ways of the Force.


NEW SHOP: Watto’s Junk Shop 

Of course, Watto would have to be present to swindle as money as he could out of the guests. Would only be right.


Well, there you have it… my “Blue Sky” for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Would any of it actually be realized from the minds of the real Imagineers? You never know.

I invite you to sound off down below. What are your thoughts? What else would you like to see?