While we found out about the Ink and Paint, Black and White Donald Duck Variant a couple of weeks ago, Disney has released the official 360 photograph of the variant.

Mystery Variant Revealed for Vinylmation™ Ink and Paint

June 2 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Ink and Paint, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Variant figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.


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 Hey everyone! Welcome to Disney Dollar Deals week eleven! This week’s theme is Art, to celebrate the new Ink and Paint series! Let’s Start!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide!

Disney Store.com 

Ink and Paint Tray- $207.20 

 The new ink and paint series contains 7 common figures, one chaser and one variant! The tray itself contains 16 boxes which guarantees you one complete set with the chaser.

inkpaintDisney Store have once again cleverly priced the tray at $207.20. Each box still works out $12.95 so its not a cheaper alternative.

 Voucher Codes:

To save you some more money when shopping on Disney store.com, we have some money saving voucher codes. Maybe this can help if you order the new series tray!

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Current Listings:

Urban #4: Yellow Splattered Paint- $18.99 

Yellow splattered paint from Urban #4 is currently being sold on ebay. Its part of the the 12 figure Vinylmation set.
The seller has 100% positive feedback and also ships from the USA so no worries about scrapers hopefully! The Vinylmation also comes with original box and card which is a bonus!

Park #6: Donald Wet Paint- $13  

Wet paint Donald from the 12 Vinylmation set, released in 2011, park #6 is now being sold on ebay by the seller “retiredmats”.
The seller has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA. The seller also is donating 10% of the money received to charity and ships the vinyl with its original box and foil, which is a really nice bonus.


Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: 

Here is a taste of the trading going on in the group. Which artistic vinylmations you can spot?

10014615_10202795345237737_2015727583451901317_n 10350351_10204049797034453_4444731514466439737_n 10376286_10101905621770799_1809429304449226054_n

Image credit to all their rightful owners on the group.

Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:

Here is this weeks most expensive Vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey Vinylmations around.

Castaway Cay: 9” & 3” LE200 

Currently being sold on eBay is the Castaway Cay 9” with a 3” from the disney cruise line! The set has a limited edition size of 200 and is really rare. The set is part of the Park #3 series.

The vinylmation set is being sold for $399.99 which is a super massive increase from the original RRP. The seller “worldvinyl” has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA.

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All listings, vouchers and prices are correct as of the 24th May 2014. Voucher codes credit to Retailmenot.com & Disneystore.com




While we all guessed the Ink & Paint Chaser months ago, Disney has released an official 360 photograph of the Minnie Mouse Chaser for the series which was released last week.

Mystery Chasers Revealed for Vinylmation™ Ink and Paint
May 26 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Ink and Paint, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Chasers figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.

vm_disneys_ink__paint_minnie_mouse_chaser_orgWhat do you think of this chaser?

what v1

inkpaintWith the release of the Ink & Paint blind box series due out in May, we thought it would be a interesting to guess at what the chaser could be for this series.

1) Minnie Mouse – Almost everyone’s instant reaction to seeing the 7 commons in this series is that its missing one very important character, Minnie Mouse, making it almost a shoe in for the chaser for this series and it’ll be interesting to see Minnie Mouse as a chaser for the first time. minnie ink guess2) Oswald – This one is maybe less likely, but since Oswald is older than Mickey Mouse, he fits nicely into the theme of this series however Oswald was the chaser for the Classics series and while anything Oswald related seems to be selling like hotcakes, it would be a great nod to the classic Disney character and Enrique’s artwork could give this character a different style to the other figures recently released.

oswald-the-lucky-rabbit3) Chip & Dale – I am a massive Chip and Dale fan and while Chip & Dale didn’t debut until many years after many of the other characters in this series, they are still one of the classic figures and throwing in a variant super chaser of Dale or Chip could make the chase very interesting for die hard collectors.


What do you think the chaser will be?


Disney Artist Enrique Pita continues to hype up his upcoming Disney Store blind box series “Ink & Paint” by releasing this image of Goofy.  This series is set to be released in Disney Stores and online in May.


What do you think of Goofy?


A few weeks ago we reported about a new 8 piece blind box series featuring classic Disney characters with a unique “Ink and Paint” design being released this spring.  This is Disney Artist Enrique Pita’s first series completely designed by himself and today he has shared a preview of Donald Duck from this series and also confirming the set for May.  Expect this set to be available in Disney Stores as well as in the parks and online.

9becd6ecb91a11e3a045121329a708f4_8Donald Duck “Disney Ink & Paint” Vinylmation series to be release in May.  #donald #disneyinkandpaint #vinylmation #disneystore

Here is the artwork for all of the figures in this series.inkpaintWhat do you think of this series?


We have seen a couple of sneak peeks from Disney Artist Enrique Pita of the new Ink & Paint blind box series which is due out in the Spring and judging from those sneak peeks, Donald Duck and Clarabelle Cow are included in this series which is set to be part of a 8 piece blind box series.

VK has discovered that Disney’s Ink and Paint is not based on the TV series from the 90’s of the same name but it is a standard character series based on the golden age of printing techniques.

This series features Mickey Mouse and friends and simulates a vintage style (1930’s – 40′) with a distressed look, featuring half tones and offset printing as well as a not so perfect printing.

Here are those sneak previews:



What are you hoping to see in the Ink & Paint series?


Disney Artist Enrique Pita has confirmed the news that we reported earlier this week about the new Ink & Paint series that is coming to Disney Stores in the Spring which is based on the TV series from the 90’s that featured classic cartoons from the Vault.  Enrique Pita has shared a new sneak peek photo of one of the figures via Instagram which looks to be Clarabelle Cow.
d38e90be831311e3af9d125892e7acd6_8Disney’s Ink and Paint Coming this Spring 2014


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