tinkerbell eachez

It might be Halloween but today’s big new releases are all very Christmas themed as we have plenty of new holiday Vinylmation released at D-Street and online through Disneystore.com.

First up we have the Tinkerbell Eachez, which is a limited release and has a retail price of $14.95. The common figure features Tinkerbell in her red dress with the variant (1 in 10) version showing off a lovely green outfit.

“Ring in the holidays with this limited release Vinylmation Holiday 2014 Santa Tinker Bell Figure. Created by artist Ron Cohee, Tink is available in two designs, but you won’t know which you’ve got until you open the box”

tinkerbell eachez

Another holiday themed release is the twin pack featuring Mickey and Minnie as snowmen. This twin pack is retailing for $29.95 and has a limited edition size of 2500.

snowman mickey

snowman mickey 2

And today’s other big new release is this Gingerbread Duffy created by Caley Hicks which is also Limited Edition 2500 and priced at $16.95.

duffy gingerbread

duffy gingerbread 2

Disney are also offering a bonus 40% off selected items including Park Starz Pirates of the Caribbean variants, Park 13, Park 14, Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2, Villains 5, Indiana Jones, Urban Redux 2, Duffy, Silly Symphonies and much more. So its a great time to pick up some bargains or Christmas presents.

What will you be adding to your collection?

BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large

While over in the US saw some new Holiday Vinylmations released today, over in Japan some new Holiday related Vinylmations have gone on sale.  There is a Santa Mickey and Minnie Open Window 3″ and also some new Christmas Juniors as well.  Our friends over Japan @Vinylmati0n posted some images from Tokyo Disneyland’s Pirate Treasure store of the new items on display.

BX_A_5pCEAA5rbR.jpg large BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large BX_A0-qCUAABTnS.jpg largeThanks to @vinylmati0n for the images

skating mickey minnie

Today is the first of the November and today sees plenty of new releases to tempt you for the Holiday season.  Available today in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as on Disneystore.com, there are three new Holiday themed Vinylmations including a Santa Minnie ($14.95) and two twin packs, a Ornament pack and a Skating pack, with both priced at $24.95.  None of these sets have a Limited Edition size.

skating mickey minnie 7511055880040-2 7511055880039-2 7511055880039-3

Also available today in both D-Streets is the November 2013 Poster Art series which has a Limited Edition size of 2013


Which one will you pick up?

holiday 2013

Today sees the release of the new Disney Store holiday Vinylmations in the United States with Jingle Smells 3 and holiday 2013 now available on Disneystore.com and in selected US stores.  Each figure is priced at $12.95 each and the Jingle Smells also have a unique “smell” such as Mickey is Chocolate Cookie, Donald is Sugar Cookie, Goofy is Peppermint and Minnie is Strawberry Cupcake. 6387047711274 6387047711273 6387047711276 6387047711275-1 holiday 2013 These will be released in Europe later with Jingle Smells released on October 28th and Holiday 2013 on November 4th.

Also released today in Europe through Disneystore.co.uk/fr is the new Marvel blind box series which is in selected stores and online.

marvel set

Will you be adding any of these to your Christmas Tree?


We saw some photos of these new Disney Store Christmas offerings earlier this month but now we have been sent some more close up shots of these figures which are due into Disney Stores.

These are set to be released in US Disney stores on October 21st and they will also be released in the United Kingdom, with Jingle Smells 3 coming on October 28th and November 4th for the 2013 figure.

1393157_10153353274060453_281069272_n 1394889_10153353274065453_1675548085_n 1388714_10153353274055453_142863761_n


We have some official confirmation of the new Holiday 2013 Vinylmation which is set to be released in November.  Disney Store.co.uk has popped up a new banner showing off the logo for this figure which is set to be released on November 4th in Europe.

Last years figure featured Donald with Chip & Dale and was extremely popular.  But how will this one go down?


Here you can see on the right the figure in person.jinglebells


Starting November 1st, guests at Walt Disney World and Disneyland will have a chance of adding some new Christmas themed Vinylmations to their collections. First up, a Holiday Ornament 2pk, designed by Caley Hicks, and priced at $24.95.



Next up is the Mickey and Minnie Skating Set, by Maria Clapsis. Like the ornaments, this set retails for $24.95.



Finally, we have Santa Minnie, also by Maria Clapsis. Designed to match last year’s Santa Mickey, this retails for $14.95.


As much as I have pared down my collection, my Christmas collection will be added to this season. Looking forward to what the Disney Store holds in store for us with Jingle Smells 3 and their 2013 Holiday exclusive.


At the Reflections of Evil event we found out about a load of new series coming out this winter and we have recieved a tip off from a Cast Member of some dates for the next couple of months for Disney Store releases.  These obviously haven’t been confirmed by Disney so we should take them as a “rumour” for the moment.

We already know Marvel is set to be released on October 11th but it looks to be heading to Disney Stores as well as to the parks.

marvel 1Villains #4 currently has two dates being thrown around, Friday October 11th or the following Monday 14th October which sounds about right as most Disney Store releases tend to come out on Monday.


October 21st will see the Disney Store release Jingle Smells Series 3 and a new Holiday figure.   The holiday figures shown off at the Reflections of Evil event were from the “Park Team”, so we don’t yet know what these are.

November 11th will see the release of Pixar Series 2, these got previewed at the Reflections of Evil event and look to have moved from the Disney Park team to the Disney Store team (Gerald Mendez and Enrique Pita).  This series has also been reduced to 8 figures.  In this series there is Boo (with a Jr), Dory, Elastigirl, Mr Pricklepants, Dot, Alpha, and Emile.

Our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange posted these images of the Pixar Series 2 figures that got shown off at the Reflections of Evil presentation event.




With the Villainous Breakfast coming to an end, the Vinylmation team have been filling up the display cases with new previews of Vinylmation.   We know of two different Holiday Vinylmation’s that will be released on the 1st of November along with the previously announced Skater set.


  • Holiday 2013 – Ornaments Set
  • Released on 11/1/13
  • Priced at $24.95


  • Santa Minnie
  • Released on 11/1/13
  • Priced at $14.95

Thanks to @DizThruBrwnEyes for the photos.





vm-independence-day 400007148475The Official Vinylmation blog posted a story today about the up and coming holiday release for Independence Day.

On July 4, 1776, the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence and because of this, each year we celebrate Independence Day, also commonly referred to as the Fourth of July. This yearly celebration includes fireworks, parades, barbeques, family and fun and we wanted to make sure we created a figure to remember this special day. This open edition Vinylmation™ figure was modeled after the Bald Eagle, the national animal of the United States of America and features stars and stripes to represent our flag.


Artist: Maria Clapsis
Figure Size: 3-inches
Retail: $14.95, plus tax
Release Date: June 7, 2013
Locations: Walt Disney World® Resort & Disneyland® Resort

Are you going to pick this one up?


Every now and again, we get a sneak peek at some up and coming Vinylmation from the “Scrappers” in Hong Kong, and thanks to Ebay, we have got our first look at the Independence Day 2013 Vinylmation which is designed my Maria Clapsis.  It should be out in shops around May/June, as Holiday vinyls are usually out before the event.   We would never recommend to anyone to buy anything from “Scrappers” in Hong Kong and to wait for the official release as you are never too sure what you will get.

$T2eC16hHJG!E9nm3s!r5BRHZHDQYqg~~60_57 $T2eC16NHJHgE9n0yEiwMBRHZH!qrhQ~~60_57 $T2eC16JHJFoE9nh6m-mjBRHZG-MMBw~~60_57

What do you think?