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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

christmas carol trayHits

RogPalmerUK –  I am a huge fan of the Christmas Carol story, there have been many versions made over the year and I’m gonna be honest, this version wasn’t a staple of our holiday viewing (Scrooged with Bill Murray, every single year!).   This set is a interesting one for a number of reasons, first off its a set of 12, something we haven’t seen too much of in 2014 and also its a holiday release.   To release a full 12 piece set with a Christmas theme is risky.   There are lots of people that love collecting Christmas Vinylmations, the Jingle Smells look perfect on my tree but this set doesn’t have that unique selling point.  However the designs are amazing, the colours are vibrant and its a lovely looking set.  Personally I love the Scrooge chaser with Jimmy, its a amazing figure and a awesome chaser.

Crystal –  The gravediggers (weasels). I have wanted this vinyl ever since I saw it in the case at the imagination gala… i have never seen a scenery on a Disney vinyl before, and the different hues of purple made it a bit more unique as it wasn’t pure Disney bright pop colors. I watched mickeys Christmas carol *just* because of this vinyl.

Goofy as the ghost for obvious reasons. Clear platforms are always awesome.

Daisy duck, not only because the ears are beautiful and remind me of gingerbread, but the look on her face is perfect. Sweet and sexy. If a duck could be sexy.

Mickey as Bob Cratchet. Just because the ear of tiny Tim is the most clear, detailed ear i have ever seen made. Props for not just making it a background but a big part of this vinyl.

Beggar rat. An ugly character, but its still cute in its own ratty way.

Old Scrooge- two accessories? yay!

Chaser scrooge and Jiminy cricket- first blind box with a regular and a junior!!! breaking a lot of new ground on this set…. A+!!!

PatricaGravediggers – the art is good enough to look like a custom artist did this.
Scrooge x 2: Love the fact that they made him angry, cranky Scrooge and a softer, smiling Scrooge (chaser). Really helps show that change in him.

Mickey: Bob Cratchit is a simple design but they captured exactly as I remember it in the movie. Love the use of the ear on this to show Tiny Tim.
Ghosts: Jiminy is perfect as the 1″ to the bed clothed-Scrooge. Willie cramped onto the 3″ model looks just like he did trying to fit into the house. Pete’s ears are great.Goofy as Marley was a great choice on a translucent.


RogPalmerUK – For me, the majority of this series are a miss for a number of reasons, the main one is because I don’t want to collect too many holiday figures and that’s the main reason.

 Crystal – Minnie. Boring. She looks like a boring regular d-street mickey and friends release.    Ghost of Christmas present. He looks like he has a humpback, or severe osteoporosis. Drink your milk, kids.  Beggar mole. What a weird look. and the wreath… i just don’t like it.

 PatricaGhosts: Pete – his face is lost in the design.   Daisy: With the eyes looking sideways and the sideways smile, she looks mean.

MaureenI know Tiny Tim is supposed to be tiny, but I feel he deserves more than just a painted ear. A 1 inch for him would have been nice.

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Big Hero 6

big hero 6 8Hits

RogPalmerUK – As with any new Vinylmation based on a new franchise, it is hard to connect instantly with characters and buy into it.  Last year we saw Monsters University and Frozen, once the movie came out, people got more interested in them.  Here in the UK, the movie isn’t out until 2015, so its a difficult choice for me to say what are hits & misses, but there are some things I like about this set.  First off, they are new characters and have a different style to them, mainly due to the introduction of a new artist which is needed, introducing new artists is the best way of keeping things fresh and this set is a breath of fresh air.

WDWRobert – When I first saw the trailer of Big Hero 6 I was impressed on how diversified Disney was in creating such a wonderful film. However, I learned quickly that Big Hero 6 is a comic book series from Marvel Comics that shares the same name. Honestly, I have yet to read any of the comics of Big Hero 6 nor have I seen the movie yet. Having said that I must say that the big hero 6 Vinylmation series looks rather impressive. On their own they almost look a little bit like Robot Series with a twist of Tron. Now that’s not a bad thing, but that was my first impression of the series. I cannot wait to get to see the movie in the upcoming weeks as well as reading the comic book series as well. After that I’ll probably have a stronger connection with this series that I have now. Disney is very good at that giving something a background story to help tie in to your interest into the product or creation that they have come up with.

Baymax Nurse & Baymax (Mech) – These two characters from the movie even if you never go an see the movie you never heard of it these two Vinylmations are just fantastic. I do like how they kept it simple with Baymax Nurse and that simplicity is probably what I liked most about it. Baymax (Mech) is just fantastic as well. He is absolutely beautifully done with a glossy red finish. Now that is one thing I do really like that is the decision to either use a Matte or Glossy finish on the automation. That subtle difference because that could make or break the Vinylmation.

Hiro (Hamada): Hiro looks absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful adaptation from the movie to the Vinylmation format. I absolutely love the facial expression of Hiro (Hamada) with a look of determination that he has it the present moment again complimenting the film.

Wasabi-No Ginger: I absolutely think that Wasabi-No is one of my top favorites from this series.. To be honest, he looks like he is from the movie “Cool Runnings”, the story about the Jamaican bobsled team. Wasabi-No looks fantastic and just like Hiro Wasabi-No his expression of determination and confidence Is amazing. I would probably say even if I never saw the movie I would probably want to collect Wasabi-No as he is just a cool Vinylmation.

Crystal – ​Only good because the movie is good. Otherwise, though the style is nice and simple, but not extraordinary. Can you imagine if they did portraits of each of the main six, like the weasels in Christmas carol? A background of those colorful bubble poppers with honey lemon and an accessory messenger back​…. Hiro with a background of those little robots he invented as he rides Baymax? idk… i just though they could’ve done more detail. i only really like nurse Baymax and its just a white vinyl with two dots and a line.

 Talia – -I like all the figures, but there are three in particular that I love.   Baymax(Armor)- While the regular Baymax functions OK as it’s own piece, his armored counterpart is the star of this set. Baymax, being a pudgy, inflatable robot, fits the mold perfectly. In his awesome armor, I can almost see the metallic sheen of the red and purple reflecting sunlight.

Fred-Man, is this a cool figure. I was originally concerned with how the artist would manage to translate Fred’s unique Monster suit to the mold, but again, it melds perfectly. The bold colors add to the striking design, and it’s an overall great addition to my collection.

Yokai-I cannot praise this figure enough. I am slightly disappointed that Yokai is the chaser(mostly because he is the figure I wanted to see most), but I understand why he is the chaser-his design is amazing. That touch of gradience in his eyes adds to his menace, and his mask is a bold contrast to his otherwise black body. I think he’ll be a sought after chaser for a while, so I hope to blox him in the near future.

Gerald – Love them all.  Only slight miss is the plain Baymax, but my son wants it to go with a vinyl record he bought, so gotta get them all.

MaureenThe entire set is visually appealing. It was a limited cast, so I feel they did choose the 8 central characters. Would have been neat to see a variant with the microbots incorporated in some way. I also wish Fred had fire, and some battle accessories would have been nice.

Brittany – After seeing the movie, I love them all. Though I think a variant of Baymax in his original blueish colored armor would have been awesome.


RogPalmerUK – At the moment, the entire set is a little bit of a miss because I don’t know the characters but that could very easily change into a must have, depending on how I connect with the characters.

 Talia – I have no misses in this set. There is no “stock” or “filler” character here that I see clogging up trade boxes in the future. Every vinyl has charm, with outstanding design choices to back them up. I have two minor nitpicks, however:

1) Regular Baymax is OK, as I said before. While not a miss, he is a little plain compared to the rest of the set. But his face is too cute not to love.
2)As others have pointed out, some accessories would have been nice. While the set works well on as is, a weapon or two would have pushed the set over the top.

As I prepare to watch Big Hero Six in the coming days, I find myself liking this set more and more. The simple designs of these Vinylmations fit the style of the film perfectly, and I hope to get my hands on this set soon.

CraigSeems they could have had an EASY variant with a Baymax with the ‘Rate Your Pain, 1-10’ logo on his chest.

 WDWRobert – The series in general actually is really good. But I think they could’ve done more on the creative side of for lack of a better phrase taking it to the next level. Just like the movie the vinylmation series will be a big hit and I hope that this won’t be the only movie but just the beginning. As vinylmation collectors we almost have become expectant of groundbreaking ideas like hair From Syndrome from the Villains series 5or the Dragon from the Medieval Series.

Fred Kaiju: Though I love the way the character looks from the movie, but the transition from movie to Vinylmation with this one just didn’t quite work out well. Its just looks too crammed together. And it looks like this almost should of done perhaps with neck extension or the larger body 3 inch mold would’ve maybe made this look little better.

Go-Go Taomgo: Now this one really isn’t a true miss and she actually looks rather nice but I think they could’ve done a better job of translating Go-Go from movie to Vinylmation format with a little bit more creativeness.

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dtour 2

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at D-Tour Series 2.


RogPalmerUK – One of the most interesting things about the D-Tour series 2 is that Disney have decided to take a little risk while still staying a little safe.  There are couple of great designs in this series such as the excellent black and white Mickey (which looks very Miss Mindy’ish) and the Tiki Mickey looks good as well, plus the classic red dress Minnie will fit nicely next to the Mickey from the first series.  One thing that has jumped out at me with this series is that Disney has found a interesting way of relaunching the Urban brand following the unsuccessful Redux re-brand.  Keeping a underlining Disney theme means this set will still appeal to most Vinylmation collectors and give artists a chance to step away from characters.  I think the idea of doing a “Urban” style design is important for Vinylmation, its important for people to have a choice, the Minnie Mouse’s have a different style to anything else we have out in the parks right now, which is nice.

Samuel – Love this series love the Mickey designs and most of the Minnie designs. love how there is Mickey and Minnie molds.

Gerald –  Not a fan of any of the Minnie designs personally.  I feel an all 8 set of Mickey would have been fine.  My hits are all 4 mickeys, especially that really clever chaser.

NicoleI think one of the big highlights for the D-Tour series is the addition of the Minnie mold. It is a welcome change and may bring new collectors to this series for the chance to pull Mickey & Minnie.

MorganHopefully the D-Tour series replaces the Urban series. These really showcase the artistic side of Disney instead of relying on franchises to copy and paste ideas as they get bought up or released on DVD, and the addition of the Minnie mold to the D-Tour series is actually refreshing. Both Mickey and Minnie get equal billing on this (of course Mickey would be the chaser though as he IS Mickey Mouse). Each one is almost like an example of a different art style (vintage black and white, Anime, 80’s New Wave pop that seems to be making a come-back in fashion today). Although there are a couple that I’m not a huge fan of (the white/blue “Greece” styled one and the Tiki Mickeys), for the most part, this series did rather well. So far I have bloxed 4 of the 8 and, in person, they look amazing! Very bright and vibrant, even in the display case. It’s nice to see Vinylmations, Mickey, and Minnie look like little pieces of art that actually fit the mold.

WDWRobert – The original D-Tour series to me was a whimsical and colorfully created series. But I always wondered why they were not incorporated into the Urban series. Perhaps, D-Tour is what the Urban series should of been? Well, with the re introduction of new ad-Tour series being introduced though now as a Blind-Box series of eight (still loving the smaller sets size) my guess there were others that felt that this series needed to come back.

80s Minnie: Growing up as an 80’s kid meant being growing up enjoying some amazing music on MTV watching the rise, then fall, then rise again of video games but one of the biggest memories had to be the 80’s fashion vibe and style. Every inch of the 80’s Minnie reminds me of MTV and big hair all over again! Anne Marie did not let one inch go un-flashbacked. I especially love the throwback to the Urban 5 Squares look too! As I make my final edits on this weeks Hits & Misses I’m listening to one of my favorite 80’s band Erasure! What was funny was that the moment the song came on I instantly thought of 80’s Minnie. For Sure. Totally!

Kawaii Minnie: The very moment I saw Kawaii Minnie I instantly thought of Hello Kitty and the entire world that surrounds it. The word Kawaii itself has evolved many times but the most recent Japanese culture defines it as “Cute” or “Loveable”. The colors utilized on Kawaii Minnie reflect the colors that are used in type of lifestyle as well as the “Adorable” facial expression that Minnie has. It took a little while to figure out the meaning of the Japanese phrases. The one on the back of Minnie is actually “Kawaii” but in Japanese. Now the front took a bit longer to figure out. I did learn, thanks to fellow Vinylmation collector, that the wording on the ears on Minnie is actually “Minnie Mause” in Japanese. I just love the effort and creativity that it took to design this Minnie.

Mustache Mouse: This guy is my absolute favorite of the series. I just love the vintage 30’s comic style look he has! It’s the Bees knees! I really wish the next series has a Minnie version to complement this one.

Queen Minnie: One of the reasons why I really love Vinylmation series like Animation, Park Starz and now D-Tour is that as the Series grow so do complementary vinyl’s. So now King Mickey has his Queen. And all that is the icing on the cake. With a little bit of a “Wood Cut” feel and pencil drawn colored sketching I cannot wait to get this Minnie!

Tiki Mickey: Keeping right with the previous posts discussion of complimentary vinylmations I want to say this. “Please make a Tiki Minnie” in D-Tour 3! I just love all of the Tiki inspired Vinylmations that have been made over the years and this one is just about my favorite!

dtour 2Misses

RogPalmerUK –  For me, this set is a miss, there isn’t anything that is jumping out at me as a “must” have, there are a few nice designs but honestly, its not for me as I have to be more selective in what I add to my collection.   Disney have made some great steps forward with this series, its much stronger than either of the Redux Urban sets and I think this is the way forward, however I think Disney need to be very restrictive with this, they need it to have a very low production run, if they over produced these and they end up going to the Outlets like almost every other “non-Disney” set, the D-Tour brand could be over.  I think the re-brand of D-Tour with a blind box element and strong designs is a way forward, but they have to be careful.

Samuel – I think they could have done some of the Minnie’s a bit better still a great series

WDWRobert – The entire series is actually a hit for me but if I had to pick one that I personally do not love it would be Rearranged Mickey. Don’t get me wrong its very creative but just not my cup of tea.

Ryan – For me personally, there’s two ways to go about making a stylized new release set of anything, whether it be Vinylmations or any form of collectible figure sets: You make them so minimalist that that’s the style they are, or you make them so stylized that they’re dripping with just plain “wow” factor.

When I first looked at the set, I was trying to figure out gems that I might want to own, and from there pieces that “spoke” to me, or items that I won’t mind seeing near my workspace (where most of my figures end up) until the next one comes along to replace it.

That all said, nothing in this set screams “Display me!” or “Put me on your desk!” or “Wouldn’t you like that piece there as something to talk about to the next person to ask?”

Most of it seems muddy and muted, the chase piece is humorous, but it’s just not “Wow!” and some of them I could almost imagine finding gracing an antique’s store shelf, so people could ask what year they were made in, which is awesome from a “Look at our new old style!” standpoint, but from a collector’s standpoint, well THIS collector’s standpoint, the set as a whole seems like a meaningless and largely ignorable release. *shrug*

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toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Toy Story Series 2.

toy story 2 toy story 2 7511055880181


RogPalmerUK –  I am a huge fan of Toy Story and the original Vinylmation series was one of first blind box series I brought (Rex and Woody!), so the Toy Story Vinylmations do have a special place in my heart.  This series has some great characters, Buzz is another awesome figure that blows the rest out of the water in my opinion, the look on his face and the unique way they did another Buzz (since we already have had a few versions of him).  Another fave of mine is Woody, I like how they have done the black and white version to look very different from the first series figure.

Crystal – Buzz as ms Nesbit. When I saw this…. I screamed. This is just behind Al in the chicken suit as vinyl idea of the year. What more iconic of a scene than buzz out of his mind… The Google eyes, the missing and extra arm, the Nesbit hat…. I just love that someone thought of this as a vinyl idea. I would love it even if it was the ugliest in the set.    Woody and Jessie. This is a very close second behind buzz. I looooove woodsy roundup as an idea and the blank stares of the puppets.

JennieMrs Nesbit is great, I love the arm accessory and happy they found a way to get Buzz into the set.  B&W Woody and Jessie. Love these two. Looks like round three will have Bullseye and Pete to round out my Round Up.    Mr and Mrs Potato head. They look great and I adore their expressions. The variant is also smart and I need it!   Twitch. Lotso gang is slowly gaining ground. Hopefully more to come in additional sets like Pixar 3.


RogPalmerUK –  I’m not going to lie when I say I was very disappointed when I saw this set revealed, even though its a smaller set, it just looks like a collection of fillers to me, there is a fine line between doing characters too many times (like the Aliens) and doing characters which no-one is interested in and I think they went a little too far by throwing in Dolly and the Chaser.  Trixie could have been an interesting character but I’m not sure on the way the face has been done.  And then we come to Mr & Mrs Potato Heads who remind me of Mr Hanky from South Park.  This series could have been awesome, we’ve had 3 fantastic Toy Story figures released lately in the Villains series (SDCC/5), Zurg, Stinky Pete and Al in a Chicken Suit, all of which would have made this series a “must have”.  Disney scored a huge own goal in giving the best characters to San Diego Comic Con exclusives and the chaser to Villains 5, this has probably cost them so much cash in loss of sales.

Crystal- The chaser. Who. The. Eff. Is. This. I don’t know about you guys, but I ain’t chasin nothin’
Trixie- I barely remember her. Meeeeh.     Mrs and Mrs Potato Head. Did they really need to do both? I’d rather have Mr potato head and a pack of three juniors as the little green men.   Dolly- again. Who?

JennieMy only miss is Trixie. I think she was lost in translation here. Which is a shame because she is a fun character.

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Spider-Man themed Marvel 2.

spidermand trayHits

RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Marvel and Spider-Man fan plus I used to watch the 90’s animated series all the time, so this series is full of characters that I know very well.  The whole series looks like it was inspired from the comics and the animated series, which is something I’m happy about.  But if you are more used to the movies or Ultimate version of Spider-Man, these are a more old fashioned.  There are some real stand out figures, Spider-Man and Venom are instant stand out awesome figures.  I have ordered a whole case of these the minute I saw them, so that shows they are all a huge hit for me.  While the series is very Villain orientated, they have got some great figures like the Green Goblin in there and I love the way they did Mysterio.   I also think the Kingpin chaser is fantastic as he was the big villain from the 90’s TV show as well.

Jon – This series didn’t do much for me because I’ve never been a huge Spider-Man guy. That being said, a few of these were actually pretty nice. It’s great to have the classic Spider-Man design in a line, and I really like the New York skyline on his ears. I think Thomas Scott did a great job with Venom and Mysterio as well. He really captured Venom’s evil smile perfectly. J. Jonah Jameson is another I’d like to add to my (small) collection. The Mary Jane variant is much better than the one found in the series.

Overall, like I said, I’m not a Spider-Man fan, so unless I got a few of these as a trade or found them at the outlets, I’d pass. That’s not a knock on Thomas Scott by any means – he’s a fantastic designer, and he’s done some fantastic work, but this series just doesn’t do it for me. Hopefully Marvel 3 will focus on the X-Men – I’d love to see Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, and a Sentinel or two.

JustinIt’s obvious that the villains steal the show in this set. I love The Lizard’s figure, as well as Rhino, Venom, and Green Goblin. Spiderman obviously is very appealing with the red and blue suit we all love, but beyond these 5, nothing else really stands out. Props to them for taking on Mysterio–he’s decent.

 OscarSpiderman and Venom are pretty much amazing and instant wants. Lizard, Mysterio and Green Goblin are also fantastic. For some reason I don’t care for the rest, not even the chaser.

Akshay –  I am quite happy with the kingpin as a chaser was expecting him, too important to be missed but ALOT of other villeins I’d like to have seen like sandman or doc oc. (Duh) rather keep the whole villains thing together and leave out Mary Jane and Jameson.

Chris – I like Spider-man the most out of the whole set. Maybe Venom too.


RogPalmerUK – While I love this series, there are a few minor issues with it in my eyes, first off, It might have been a stronger set with a few more heroes in there like Iceman or Nova.  And there are some big characters missing Black Suit Spidey, Iron Spidey, Carnage, Doc Oct, Spider-Girl, Aunt Mae, Gwen Stacey and many more, but there could always been series 2.   And Matt pointed it out, but the faces of Kraven and Jonah do look way too similar.

Justin I keep thinking JJ Jameson and Kraven the Hunter are variants of each other. They’re just too similar. Then at the tail end are Electro, and the poor Black Cat and Mary Jane. Women Vinlylmations just don’t seem to get much love. There are just too many I wouldn’t be too happy owning for me to blind box this set.

Jon –  Where to begin.. let’s start with the chaser. I think that Kingpin was definitely the wrong choice for the chaser. I would’ve enjoyed seeing Doc Ock, Electro, or even Peter Parker as the chaser. Green Goblin almost made it into the hits column, but I can’t stand the expression on his face. The variant is even worse. Mary Jane’s “Yay, Spider-Man!” shirt is pretty bad when compared to the plain black shirted variant, and I feel like they could’ve done something with her ears – she’s the only one in the set without some sort of ear design, and it stands out. Rhino’s facial expression is a bit weird as well, perhaps his mouth should’ve stayed close.

CraigShould have included Carnage

Leah – For me I’m just not a Spider-Man fan. None of these appeal to me except Mary Jane just because I like her lol

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animation 5 tray

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Animation 5.

animation 5 trayHits

RogPalmerUK – I have always been a big fan of the Animation series, its classic.  You have many of the biggest characters in Disney and even some of the lesser known characters get their own figure.  This is the first smaller case size for the Animation series and I think it has helped improve the selection, there is a nice mix of main characters like Donald Duck and Fix It Felix which are two of my favourite figures that are very high on my most wanted list at the moment.  With Piglet standing out as great additional figure plus I love the Mr Toad chaser, I always loved the Wind & The Willows.

Melissa – Hits: Wow what a series! We got Flynn, we got Doc, we got (my fav) Felix, we got Rutt or Tuke depending on who you ask (and the other ones the variant!), we finally got Donald for those who were waiting for him. I personally like Piglet, though I think I’m one of few. Overall the best set I’ve seen in a while.

David Jarrett – The Animation series always depends on good pacing. A-list characters are a must to sell a set while B-list stars fill in the gaps. The series is reliable for its tame, non-risky representations of classic Disney characters. It largely works. Animation 5 is no different than series past, with Sombrero Donald leading the pack not necessarily because of a stellar design but because of his long-awaited release: collectors must finish the 3 Caballeros! Piglet is the obligatory Pooh admission (following Eeyore, Rabbit, and Tigger), while Doc is our obligatory 7 dwarf. Fix-It Felix goes great with A4 Ralph. Flynn from Rapunzel… doesn’t quite look right, but there are design limitations with thin faces on roundish Vinyl heads. The Brother Bear Rutt/Tuke additions and Gravity Falls’ Mabel escape me but their respective variants mix things up with a tinge of excitement – I might have to explore those Disney productions as a result, so chalk it up as a success for Disney’s marketing, then. The “motorcar” Toad chaser with his look of madness is crazy fun, a true throwback to another age of Disney – a la A2’s Headless Horseman – that grounds the series in its roots in Disney’s deep animation history. Not sure if the 2 variants and the small edition size number of 8 figures (compared to the usual 12) will help the series stay out of the outlets, but it’s exciting enough. Donald alone is worth it; you have a good chance of pulling a chaser or variant otherwise. Grade: B



RogPalmerUK – Animation 5 was the first set from the Animation line that I haven’t brought straight away (though had they had some in the UK, I probably would have).   My problem with this series is there are too many figures I have no interest like Mabel and Tuck, while I’m getting slightly bored of the 1 dwarf per series.  Then we have the terrible Flynn, he just doesn’t look right.  The ratios for me just aren’t good enough to warrant blind boxing, so while I might pay a bit more for Donald Duck whenever I can get him, I’m just not feeling the rest of the series.

Alex – One of the misses is that they didn’t make a gold hammer accessory for Felix i thought that was a big miss

Melissa – Miss: My only miss was Mabel. I don’t know the show, so she was a miss for me. Though I’m happy that other people like her. I don’t have to like every piece to really love a set

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logo_slider imagainative gala

Welcome to a special bumper edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at everything that we saw at the Imagination Gala.

logo_slider imagainative gala


RogPalmerUK – Watching from a far, the Imagination Gala looked a fun event but it was the announcements that I was excited for, there are lots of new series coming up this year that I’m excited about including the new Avengers blind box series and that both Park 15 and 16 will be coming out during the next year.  I’m also excited about seeing more Eachez, some people might not like these, but I think they are a much better idea than an open window box.  Other figures I’m looking forward to include the 60th Anniversary Park Starz Variants and more importantly, the new Designer Series 1 from Miss Mindy.  This feels like something brand new and fresh, which is exactly what Vinylmation needs.

Jason Cracraft-Windell – Can’t wait for the Mickey Cartoon Series! Looks a lot like Mike Vetrone’s custom series!    Excited for 101, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and from the Villainous Duos the Jafar and Iago set. Also a huge fan of the Chernabog D23 Eachez! Huge Congratulations to Miss Mindy on her Designer Series #1!!! Hope to see more Wonderground artists doing their own series!

David Jarrett – All the Figment love: Showcase event gift, the TN Eachez vinyl, and the golden award Park Starz. Awesome! Also liked the Peter Pan set sneak peak. Oh! And the vinyl community rallying around a crying collector’s missing shopping bag… and – with a true Disney fairytale ending – finding it! That was a *big* hit. Someone should make a movie about that.

Gerald Hawthorne – My main is park 15 and 16, ant man eachez and the avengers marvel set. I also loved the TN figures this time around. Good stuff!!!

Shea DittmanVillainous Duos Vinylmations are going to be AMAZING!!! HUGE hit for sure!!! I LOVE this series!!!

Kimberly Hawk I loved the all the singers! and the trading

Jerry Higgins – GREAT event! lots of fun every year!

WDWRobert –  The imagination Gala had so many beautifully designed Vinylmations that were available at the Gala itself and then add all the wonderful future releases how could you not say, “Take all my money please as I’ll take one of each” event! As there were so many great vinyl’s to choose, it’s hard to break each one them down and go into detail why I just love them all. Well okay there a few Misses but lets save them for later.

Figment Free Gift: This guy has always been a hit with me and I just love the 3” & 1 ½” set. The reason is simple, but the connection is huge. This “Free” Gala Figment brings to mind the original Journey into Imagination attraction where Figment is all dressed up and joyfully dancing to the music. As always for me if there is a connection to something I love in the part. I will love it no matter how it looks!

D-Tour 2: The D-Tour series or as I like to call it “The series that the Urban line should have been” I loved the 1st series and was sad they did not continue with them beyond series one. However, D-Tour 2 will finally come to fruition and I cannot wait. One thing that will be new in the addition of the Minnie platforms and as a whole the looks very creative and Tiki looking Mickey will be a must for me.

Park Starz “Figment Award”: This one is easy. 1. It’s Figment. 2. It’s Figment. 3. It’s Figment and it’s gold! Classic Mickey Mouse & Goofy: I just love the B&W versions of any and all of the Fabulous 5 and “Early Ancestors” too. That’s why I will never get rid of them, hopefully. Please release these next Friday. I will have my money ready!

Villainous Duos: Si & Am and Flotsam & Jetsam These perfectly diabolical “Twins” were in dire need of being their own selves in vinyl form. And now they are and now are twice as evil as before!

Gravity Falls Series and Twin Pack: About 6 weeks ago if you had asked me about Gravity Falls I would of said of course it does. But after catching an episode with my son I was hooked. I commend Disney for not only thinking outside the box but to throw out the box entirely. As for the actual vinyl’s them themselves they too are amazing as well. Mabel & Dipper look great on the 3” Mickey mold. Grunkle with his hat is spot on as well.

Finally there is Soos. He is my favorite and his Mickey Mouse 3” doppelganger is awesome! Mickey & Friends or “M&F” Pirates of the Caribbean Series: I just loved the M&F HM set and Disney Continues on that principal with the Pirates of the Caribbean set. Maybe not as exciting as the HM set I am still excited to collect them all.


RogPalmerUK – There was a lot of figures and series announced at the Imagination Gala that I felt, came across a little too safe.  Other than the Designer Collection, nothing seems to have taken too much of a leap forward.  Which makes sense, too many series and figures were getting discounted and I understand why Disney is being a little more conservative with their selections.  Some of the Limited Edition numbers still feel a little too high and the Eachez format could be easily overdone if they aren’t too careful, but I’m generally feeling overall, that there wasn’t anything that dreadful coming.

Gerald Hawthorne – My only misses have got to be the Half Mask Peter and anything to do with gravity falls. Milking that too hard.

David Jarrett – If you weren’t a Figment fan you might have struggled with an overkill of merch. Hopefully, you’re now a fan!

WDWRobert – Though the Hits far exceeded the Misses at the event there were still Vinylmations that I did not care for. Award Ceremony Chip & Dale: Usually Chip looks great no matter the occasion but for some reason Dale always seems to be either stoned or Drunk.

Disneyland 60th Park Starz “PS” Variants: First there were the Original Bride from the PS1 then a Sepia version and now this? Wow now that’s stretching it a bit. Then the Pirate Skeleton has the same progression and my feelings are the same. Why? Please tell me why? $$$? Imagination Gala Cast Chasers: I have just one thing to say. Dumb & Dumber. Oh and one more thing. Why?

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villains 5

hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Villains 5.

villains 5Hits

RogPalmerUK – The Villains series has always been one set that has never fully grabbed my attention, I’ve never been a fan of the split face design and thus I have only a few Villains in my collection, but from Villains 5, Syndrome was that one figure I wanted to get and thankfully I was able to blind box it (a very rare occasion).    I also think the Chaser for this series is one of the best designs we’ve seen for a figure this year, its obscure but so perfect.  I love it.

Talia – There are three hits in Villains 5 for me, two of which I believe to have been done exceptionally well. The first of those two is Syndrome; I absolutely adore this figure. Not only is his flame-red hair piece a brilliant choice, I think the overall design and layout of this figure work exceptionally well. His wicked grin is enough for me to want him in my collection; heck, I thought this figure was a custom when I first say it! My second hit is the Big Al chaser, for being both exceptionally creepy and hilarious. I saw the design and laughed out loud, that’s how much I loved it. Again, designed perfectly for the mold. My last hit would have to be Darla. Though her design isn’t the prettiest(let’s face it, she isn’t meant to be) I love the details on this one, especially the little fish baggy in her possession.

 Melissa – Waternoose, Mordu, Thumper, Syndrome, all well done. Overall I love the whole set and I’m glad they finally did some Pixar villains.

JohnAll of these are great ideas for Vinylmations, yet I am honestly disappointed with the design execution on all of them. (Have not been a fan of this particular team’s stuff in the past either). If I had to pick some Hits — Waternoose & Hardscrabble.

Crystal – 1. Darla- not the prettiest character and the separated mouth design is atrocious, but how can you hate a vinyl with the COOLEST accessory ever made?!? The bag makes this a great vinyl. It is clear and has an image of a dead floating Nemo in it. I also appreciate the head gear that wraps around and I also just realized her shirt is a matte, clear platform. Holding it up in front of a computer screen shoes it can glow!

2. Dean hardscrabble- vinyls with neck extensions are always cool. This one is very difficult to draw appropriately the short, fat platform, but Enrique pulls it off by showing us her scaly, bug like under-body. Her expression is perfect- skeptical and judging. It could only be made better by putting her scare-can in one ear and silhouette of MU on the other

3. Syndrome- two words: the hair. I don’t think it needs more more explaining as to why everyone appreciates the awesomeness of this one

4. (And last but not least….) big al- I screamed when I saw this. O. M. G. Who is this artist that I may bow to his/her feet? What a BRILLIANT character! The costume….. Accessory…. The chicken gobbler thing… And his face!!! How come they can’t make Walt Disney Vvinylmation using realistic art like that? It’s beautiful! I am dying to get this one… Best. Vinyl. Of. The. Year. Calling it.

David Jarrett- I like that these villains are not a rehash of villains done time and time again. To that end, the series is a success. However, no A-listers makes the series largely forgettable for me. These B-sides hardly stand up to the awesomeness of SDCC Villains 5. One Vinylmation repeat, Darla who was once a chaser, is now a miss, namely for the face split. Can’t stand it! However, Syndrome – if only for his hair – is a win, while Al in the chicken suit as the chaser totally redeems the series.

WDWRobertFirst and foremost I am really happy with the set being only 8 for many reasons. Only having 8 makes it a lot more affordable to get a case without breaking the proverbial piggy, or should I say Mickey Bank. Additionally, only needing to come up with fewer characters there’s fewer flops to be bloxed & fewer to be collected for the die-hard completest in the hobby. Ironically, having said all that there is six more that Vinylmations Villains that were only offered at 2014 SDCC. Thumper & SDCC Hopper: I love with the addition of Thumper & Hopper to the other A Bugs Life Vinyl’s. They are both rather menacing looking and can’t wait to put them on display with the other from that movie. Waternoose: Yes he is a Villain but it was only out of desperation in fear of the company going under and creating mayhem in the city if power outages that would cripple the city. Now that’s how I saw it. I’m really impressed with how the artist took an unusual body with all those appendages and all in a 3” Vinyl too! Syndrome: Out of all of the Villains the have been released this guy ranks near to the top of my all time favorites. With the sky high fiery red hair to his diabolical and of course the cape that helped him meet his demise! SDCC Stinky Pete: Sitting just above Syndrome in my all time favs list is this guy. He looks so amazing! Stinky Pete’s body is a perfect match for the 3” vinylmation. What is not to love with this guy!


RogPalmerUK – For me the Villains series is a big miss, I’ve mentioned I don’t like the split face design and so while the design for Hopper looks good, compared to the designs that we saw at San Diego (like Zurg and Stinky Pete) this series, seems a little flat.

JohnMisses = Muntz face is bad, Syndrome looks weird, and Mor’du doesn’t come across well. [So glad that Toy Story 2 includes Thomas, Marian, and Ron as the artists]

 Melissa – The other 3. I hate when the face doesn’t’ fit on the head. (This is a little true of Syndrome too) Darla scares me. LOVE her little Fishy bag, but the rest is just super scary. Like Dean Hardscribble, but her neck just doesn’t fit well. Looks strange. The chaser is super cute, but not a fav for me.

WDWRobertMy biggest Miss would actually be that some of the incredible Vinylmations were released in a Limited Edition for SDCC. Stinky Pete, Zurg Hopper and even Chef I wish would have been in the the Villains 5 or even Villains 6 series. Dean HardScrabble: I like how the front turned out but the back really looks odd. Everytime I look at it I initially ask myself where is the rest of the clothing and why does her back look like a skeleton? But it’s the remainder of her body that is blocking the clothing. But nonetheless its just a weird look for me. Mordu: I’m not sure why this looks so odd to me but it just seems like a few things are out of place and it shows. Darla: Now this Vinylmation could really give someone a nightmare. The head that continues into the body make her look like a possessed ventriloquist dummy. Though Charles Muntz head goes into the body its not right at the mouth opening? Lastly didn’t we just get a Darla recently?

Crystal – 1. Mordu- could they have picked a worse character? The bear?? I would have rather seen Merida’s mother as the Pixar bad guy… It just looks too skewed up.

2. Waternoose- don’t get me wrong, I love the portrayal on the platform, but he’s just a tad plain. The ears could have used some decor. I ended up trading this one.

3. Muntz- such potential, all messed up by a ginormous jaw. Too scary to even display.

4. Hopper- another boring character. Equivalent to piglet in the park series. Yawn.

Talia – Unfortunately, most of this series is a miss for me. The Pixar villains aren’t really my thing, and the designs on the rest of the vinyls just seem a bit mundane to me. Luckily, there are a few vinyls that outshine the others and make up for that. I certainly hope to acquire one of my Hits in the near future.

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park 14 tray

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Park 14.

park 14 tray


RogPalmerUK – I am a big fan of the Park series and picked up a case of these, there are a couple of stand out figures that look impressive, the Gargoyle from the Be Our Guest is a unique twist on a very popular restaurant and I love the detail on the arms.  I also think the Dinosaur is pretty cool and I love the feet dangling on the Soarin figure.    I’m not a huge People Mover fan but I do think the Vinyl is a great representation of that attraction.  And while I have never seen “America Sings”, the Owl seems to fit the mold perfectly.

 Hayley – People mover, Rockin’ RollerCoaster and Be Our Guest Gargoyle.

WDWRobertI’ve always loved the Park series as they recreate fond memories and help make in reconnecting one to the experience at the park that the Vinylmation has created. Soarin’: Though this vinyl is not one of my favorites in the set I still admire on how it was done. As you turn the Vinylmation around you can see the scenes unfold into a beautiful landscape. On Mickeys head you can see the feet dangling from each of the angles I felt that it helped identify that this vinyl was from the one and only Soarin’ Additional note. I just love the music that is used throughout the ride.

Peoplemover & Peoplemover – Wedway : The people mover is one of my all time favorite rides! Just like the narration says that this ride is perfect for people watching. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this attraction to be made into vinyl form. Though the Vinylmation does a good job in recreating the attraction itself it’s the strong connection I have for this ride that makes it a must have! With the variant only having minor differences I still will have the need to collect it.

Be our guest Gargoyle: I have not yet experienced the new Fantasyland so I can only go by what pictures I have seen on the Internet. Having said that I like the Gargoyle even without knowing where it is from. But once I found out where it is from I really like it. I love the stained glass clear arms that it has to reference the stained glass windows above the doors. I could really see people wanting collect two of these.

Ollie the Owl: All I can say is YES to this one and please in the future make more from this awesome extinct attraction!


RogPalmerUK – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think this is probably one of the weakest Park series ever made, while they’ve picked some popular attractions, they have gone very obscure with some of the choices, resulting in a series that only the harden park fan will love.  There is little doubt that this series isn’t aimed at people who love characters as there isn’t a single figure that stands out on the box to the casual collector or tourist.  I really hope they cut back the production numbers on this series as I have a feeling they could be sat on the shelf for a long time.

WDWRobertI really don’t have all that many misses in this series as I really love the Park series and even it the Vinyl does not look all that exciting if I love the attraction more often that no II will love the vinylmation Esmeralda the Fortune Teller: I love where this Vinylmation is from I am just disappointed on how the face looks. I know Esmeralda has a vacant and distant stair I still am not pleased in how this vinyl turned out. I know others will disagree and my guess that they would have a connection to it where as I do not!

Iguanodon: I love the Dinosaur attraction at Animal Kingdom but I have not been impressed with what has been released for this attraction. The Park 12 Dinosaur Vinylmation is another disappointment in my eyes as well.

HayleyOwl and Dinosaur.

BrittanyThe dinosaur variant is lame, though the The Transport Authority variant is actually pretty cool. Do not like the chaser at all.

PatriciaThe Iguanodon variant should have at least been a different color or in profile rather than face on. The change on the ears is so minimal and the front view doesn’t distinguish it from any other reptile, alive or extinct.    Or they could have channeled their inner-paleontologist and done a “bones” version!

FranciscoAll, except for soaring of Cali is a miss

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends series.

haunted mansionHits

RogPalmerUK – I love this series, I love how Disney have taken one of my favourite attractions and mixed it up with the classic characters to do something amazing.  The detail on some of the figures are amazing, I love the Mickey and Donald Duck the most, these figures are simply fantastic and without doubt some of the best figures of the year.  I also think the Groundskeeper Goofy and Pluto are a nice touch.

 CrystalHits- the toppers. The sinister expression, shadowing, and cast member outfits are outstanding.    Grounds keeper Goofy. I love the accessory and the backside where Pluto is cowering behind him, scared.


RogPalmerUK – I don’t think there is any figure in this series that is a miss, however I’m not keen on the reveal/conceal concept.  I get blind boxing, I can handle that.  But I don’t like the idea of being forced into buying additional figures that I don’t need.  Instantly if I just brought 4 combo toppers and was lucky enough to get the set of 4 + the combo toppers, I’d still have 2 figures I didn’t want.  It just seems very sneaky of Disney to sell extra figures like this.  I think Combo Toppers are great (even better if they are released on the same day…Boba Fett?) but I think this way of making people buy the figures is right.

 CrystalPete as the opera singer. One, why didn’t they choose a female character? Daisy would have been good. Or even a dopey character like goofy would have made more sense than Pete. Also, the colors are completely different than the other bi-color characters- it is this straight blue and Donald and daisy are more of a green. It makes it seem to not fit in with the set

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Sleeping Beauty blind box series.


RogPalmerUK – I need to hold my hand up, I’ve never the Sleeping Beauty.  It is currently on my “to buy” list (I’ll wait for the BOGOF’s that come around every few months!).  So because I’ve never seen the movie, I don’t have the same connection with the characters.  But that doesn’t stop me from liking a few of the series that have meaning else where, for one that Dragon is marvelous, when the wings and neck accessory were used on the Dragon from the Myths & Legends series, this is what it was meant for.  For me this figure represents Disneyland Paris, it represents the Dragon you will find underneath the castle.  It’s simply fantastic and one figure I want to add to my collection.  I also love the idea of using 3 Juniors for the fairies, though I can never understand why Disney don’t reduce the price of the Junior series if they can throw this many juniors into a standard blind box (along with Nursery Rhymes and Jungle Book).

 Crystal – The entire set is magnificent. The real stand out to me is the dragon- the colors just pop off one another, and combined with the fire design, this one just looks animated. The color pallet for the “good guys” (Aurora, Phillip, Owl and Fairies) is so sweet. I love the crown accessory for Aurora. I love the idea of the 3 junior fairies and wish every set had a junior option to pull. Also, I like the detail of the shoes of the goon and Phillip looking like patent leather (glossy).

OscarOverall the set is nicely designed. Vibrant colors, great use of ears and a great paint job.

Jeremiah – King Stefan and King Hubert would’ve been nice additions to the set, they had some great dialogue in the movie. Too late for a two pack?

Christine – 1. Quality of the vinylmation, I.e. Great paint job and the color on them really stands out.

2. There is a variant of sleeping beauty in her blue dress witch we don’t see often. Love that they incorporated it!

3. That we get the fairy god mothers as little vinyls. Like how they keep making small jr vinylmations in sets!

Alex – The Maleficent dragon is the best one in the set, it looks epic!

Linda – Love this set but would have preferred another character instead of the hog goon.


RogPalmerUK – My misses for this series are pretty much down to not fully knowing the characters that well, I think having three versions of Sleeping Beauty in her different outfits, seems a little overkill and the Goon just reminds me of the Goon from Return of the Jedi who gets fed to the Rancor.

Crystal – I wish they gave Phillip the cape accessory as he seems to be a bit boring otherwise. A cape accessory for maleficent would have been even better.

Christine – 1. There could have been other characters added to the series, like Diablo (Maleficent’s raven), prince Philips horse, or even Aurora’s parents. By adding these it make the set go from 8 to 12 and would have been interesting to see new characters that most series don’t focus on.

2. That goon was the filler, cause most people don’t like him and makes trading hard.

3. That these vinyls are released in a month with so many other great series, so have to choose if set worth adding to collection.

Overall, this is one of the best series I have seen in a long time! The quality it top notch, and is what drew me to buy the full case. The color and variety of characters (even though we get Maleficent again) is great. The only real negatives is too many goons, release date ( too many good vinyls at once) and they could have added other unique different unexpected characters.

Oscar – The one miss is how there’s no Diablo in this set whatsoever (I did like the Jr idea someone else posted however).


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