Welcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Gravity Falls.


RogPalmerUK – I’ve only watched one episode of this show for research purposes (for all these Vinylmation and Disney Infinity items appearing this year), so I’m not really a fan, so that puts the entire series in the misses category for me but more on that later.  Even though I don’t really know the characters, I’ve still got to say, this is a lovely looking set, the figures look so bright, colourful and I like that Disney are branching out to cover new characters.  Having lots of variants adds some more excitement to people to purchase blind boxes.  I think its a very strong series and has some excellent designs.

 HayleyLove Dipper and the variant. Glad they changed not only his expression but also the hat. Makes variants like the mad hatter just look lazy.  

OscarI’ve never liked human vinyls as they rarely fit with the Vinylmation mold without looking chubby or awkward, but they all look great on it! That’s pretty much my only positive as I’ve never really watched Gravity Falls. Otherwise, won’t be buying.


RogPalmerUK –  Not knowing the characters means its a miss for me, but that’s not based on designs, I just don’t want to spend money of figures I know nothing about.

HayleyI’m really over the Mabel vinyls with the now 4 i think that are out, hopefully she doesnt turn into the next tinker bell being wayyyyyy over done.

BenjaminSo Wendy, a main character, doesn’t get a figure but the dwarf who appears in only a few episodes does?

Patrica3 Variants? One more and they could have just put out a set of 12.

AdrianMiss: working/shopping at The Disney Store, we don’t have any merchandise regarding Gravity Falls, so I’m not familiar with it. Making it not Parks exclusive would have broadened the notoriety of the series.

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Duffy Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – ?  …. urm……..  I do actually like the whole idea of doing something completely different and I’m sure Duffy fans will love this series.

WDWRobertHits: I am not sure about this series, as my initial feeling towards the set is rather cold to it. I do like Duffy as a character and I have 2 of the original Duffy vinyl’s as well. Perhaps it maybe that I see a lack of effort or creativity what has been released. For goodness sakes the Chaser is just a clear Duffy Bear! But here are a few that I like but for the most part I am not intending on collecting this set.

Bumble Bee – Though the first second I looked at it I thought of the Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons I still like the look of this Duffy Bear and the more I look at it, the more I want to at least get this one. With a simple, clean and the Bee look on Duffy just looks fabulous.

Green – Out of all the plain colored Duffy’s I like the green one the most. I think it because the green is similar to Kermit is why I am partial to it. Anyways, the two toned Green Duffy works out just fine.

Polka Dot – Am I the only that said to themselves “Hey there goes Twister Duffy” or “Hey there goes Color Dot Candy on Paper Duffy”? If you did then you must like this Duffy for the same reason. A colorfully fanciful Duffy for me, yes, for me!

NicoleDaughter and wife are HUGE fans of Duffy so this set was a no brainer. We all think the mold is unique and a nice change.  Would have liked to see Duffy in a Mickey costume, Mickey with a Junior Duffy or Shellie May

LudicI just visited Disneyland and could not resist buying these. I saw them and absolutely loved them, I kept going back and buying more. In the end I ended up with one of each except the green and mystery one. I ended up with 4 extra purple ones, luckily the extras will make great gifts.  Although I hope that for series 2 they have Duffy painted in various costumes because Duffy is all about changing outfits and cute costumes.



RogPalmerUK – Ah Misses, yep lets put this whole series into the misses pile.  I don’t get Duffy and so this series is a complete miss for me, I just feel this whole series is missing something special, this is more of an urban brand and not aimed at Duffy fans.   Its cute, but I hope they try another series but maybe more “Disney” for the Duffy fans alone.

Stephanie – I think it would have been cute if they did holidays like how Duffy dresses up at Epcot.

TravisThe whole series is a miss….. they could have gone a different route (character based) and been a lot more popular and interesting

WDWRobertMisses: Brown – In my best Ben Stein voice I say this; “Wow a brown bear how unique”! Anyone? Anyone? Clear – Amazingly boring. Let me make this clear. I am not amused. Pass. Pink – I only gave the Pink bear a miss was only because I do not like it. But this one will probably be a hit for a lot of people. I must give Caley Hicks a lot of credit for not just making a plain old pink bear.

Blue – The moment I looked at this one I thought of Sally from the Cars Movie. Not only for the similar colors but for the artwork “Tattoo” on the back of Sally that can be seen when she is driving away from Lightning McQueen. I might be me but the more I looked at the Line/scribble art the more I see things that just look odd. I’ll leave it at that.


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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Park Starz 3 Variants.



RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Park Starz fan and I have purchased every single release including all of these figures so for me they are all a hit.  There are a couple of figures that stood out as being fantastic releases including the Hitchhiking Ghost Ezra which looks perfect next to last years Gus. I just love the hitchhiking ghosts and I love how they have captured his face and the little bowler hat looks great.  I’m also really impressed with the Mission to Mars variant as its not just a variant for variants sake but also representing an entirely different attraction.

 Chris : Ezra and pirate. Nice addition to the variants from 1&2 keeping consistency for collections.

Nick – Hits: or HIT would be Ezra. Continuing the HM series the same as series one and two. Classy, simplistic, and cool.

WDWRobertPig Pirate “Black”:  When the Park Starz 2 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 pack came out I immediately bought them, as I loved their Sepia inspired look. Though as time continued on I questioned why they did them in this format and I even thought of selling them. Then when they released the Pig Pirate in the same style I was glad I decided to keep them. The look suits them well and I can’t wait to collect this set within the Park Starz series.

Hitchhiking Ghost – Ezra “Clear”: Following with the Pirate Series collecting Variants within series to complete a variant set really hit the mark. The clear ghosts look great and displaying them together really adds to the variant clear look. Hopefully Phineas will be included in Park Starz series 4.

Astronaut “Red” It took me a while to come up with a reason why they picked Red & Blue. After you leave the briefing room two groups are are lined up for their mission at one door with one group being Red and one being Blue. The variant looks great in red and the small detail of the Mission Space patch on the chest is a nice touch. Though I like this color combo I think a Red/Green Astronaut might have been a better choice?

Big Al & Trixie: Having never seen the Holiday show for the Country Bear Jamboree I did not get the purpose of this set and initially I was taking a pass on this variant set. Now I know the reason why I am excited to add this set to my collection. Thanks to YouTube I was able to experience the show and I absolutely love it. I wish they would bring the show back, but for now I will have these two to fill in the gap. I really hope that Park Starz Series 4 continues the tradition on matching regular and variant sets!


RogPalmerUK -I think the oddest choice for a Park Starz variant is the Country Bear Big Al, popping a little hat on his head, 3 years after the figure was released, just seemed to be a bit lazy and I also think Trixie’s variant is a bit weak with just some holly and some ice skating boots painted on.  Not great for $50.

Chris – Country bears and astronaut. Country bears fall flat because they aren’t really that different from the normal versions. Adding skates and baby new year outfit isn’t worth it. The astronaut is a bland figure already so the red one is really no better. Would have liked to see a Glow turtle

Nick – MISSES: or MISS is the Country Bears two pack. The biggest issue I have aside from the lack of thought put into this variant is the fact that we are still getting variants from previous series (Big Al from series one) it’s kind of lazy to “re release” older figures in a series where we could’ve seen (like Chris mentioned) a glow turtle.   Overall the variants are DECENT but lacking in creativity.

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the new Ink & Paint Set.


RogpalmerUK –  I love how Enrique has stylized the figures, they have a unique look that sets them apart from other Vinylmation but I’m going to have to put this out there straight away, I don’t have that much love for this series.  But I will admit, the Mickey Mouse figure has a certain charm to it that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

SparkWhen this series was 1st announced, it looked like a very cool, original design for a new series of Vinylmation. Then when the images of the vinyls in the set were announced, i had to get myself some! I love all the characters! I really like how they have sort of a pop arty style. The black and white Donald chaser i think is an awesome variant!

@ImagineerinstaEnrique Pita has done a Great job with this set. I really enjoyed the idea of giving Disney’s classic characters an old pop art feel. I am a huge fan of Horace and love when she is put into a set. Mickey, Goofy and Pete are all very strong designs, but Donald is by far my favorite, I really enjoy seeing an old school Donald on a vinyl. Enrique did a great job portraying Donald on a vinylmation.
HarryMy hit was bloxing 3 Minnie chasers, I have never bloxed a chaser so many times in my life, but I will still be hunting that variant! Amazing series!
ChristineHit the paint job and how it looks so vintage looking, love the old fashion look to them!
RyanHits. Pluto, love the use of furry friends/w&t arms and Goofy, great hat and facial expression.  Plus Minnie, first time as a chaser!   Overall I can’t wait to have this set in my collection even if I don’t get the variant. Great to display next to classics set.
WDWRobertThe ink & Paint series is rather a unique set. It is either one that you love or one that you loathe. There are a few in the set that if on their own would really stand out as ugly duckling but put them all together and they look amazing! Each and every one of these for me is a hit. Though they’re maybe a few parts of an individual Vinyl I might not love but as a whole I still love. So here are the hits.
Donald Duck: Some may say that he looks a bit odd but he is a version of the early 20th century Donald and not the one of today. I for one love the look. I love the happy or even the annoyed but still in control Donald for the vinylmation world.  The one feature I truly love if the hat it’s a perfect touch on this early and classic style Donald!
Horace & Clarabelle: Though not my favorite of the Disney Characters I must say that these two look amazing. I wish Horace would of come with a real hat like his “Classic Series” version and that does take away some of his charm unfortunately. Clarabelle on the other hand is beautifully done. She has enchanting look to her. Perhaps it the colorful outfit she is wearing or its her flirty smile she has. They do make to be an attractive couple.
Pluto: Though pretty much the same style Pluto as in other Vinylmations there is a vintage feel to him. Though it’s a bit hard to see from looking straight at him he is happily chewing on bone. This Pluto is now one of my all time favorite Pluto Vinylmations.
Mickey & Minnie: What a loveable couple they make in this format. Though Mickeys face can look like it’s been a little squashed I still love it. Minnie of course is captivating as always but not to upstage her is an amazing new hat that includes a single flower on it! The simple and innocent flower decorated hat embodies everything that the Ink & Paint Series is.
Goofy: At first glance his sideways look might not be all that appealing but because of what this series is one starts to appreciate it. Great uses of most of my favorite colors are used to create this Ink and Paint Goofy. Finally a first if I am correct but a hat that is not held in position by the Mickey ears.
Peg-Leg Pete: This time lets start with the green cap that Peg-Leg Pete has. It’s a great topper to this menacing looking advisory to Mickey.


RogpalmerUK – While I enjoy Vinylmations based on the original characters, this set is a huge miss for me for some bizarre reason, they just don’t jump out at me and even though I should be really excited about a classic Donald Duck, I am probably just too used to how Donald evolved and not this original design.  I think the idea of doing a completely different style and going back into the history books is a great idea, but maybe I’m just getting more picky and won’t buy anything I don’t “love”.

SparkMisses: The chaser for me was the down fall for the set. I know some people will really like it, as it is Minnie mouse of course! But to be honest, i would have like to see mickey or Pluto as the chaser and Minnie as the regular vinyl. The chaser really was the only think which ruined it for me, but most likely i will get it anyways!

Christine – Misses is my Donald variant came with no hat.

RyanMisses. Only 1 variant. Making Horace a variant or Clarabelle would have been great and added some desire to blox more.  Donald, not a fan of his bill.

HarryMy misses for this set was bloxing 5 Clarabelle’s & 5 Horace’s. I kept trying to blox the Donald Variant & didn’t want to give up!

@ImagineerinstaWhy Minnie? I know alot of people really liked seeing her as the chaser but I would have much rather seen an older disney character as the chaser and Minnie as an original. As for the rest, Clarabelle and Pluto, they are ok but just not Must haves for me.


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2.

pirates tray]


RogPalmerUK – I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, both the rides and the movie so for me this set was an instant must have, pretty much from the minute I saw the preview of Davy Jones from way back in September.  There are three instant stand out figures from this series that look fantastic, first off we have the awesome skeleton which might be a little too similar to the figures from series 1 but the glow in the dark variant makes this even more awesome and in my mind, you can never have too many skeleton’s.  Davy Jones is another extremely cool design and is probably one of the main characters in this set, I think they’ve done a great job in spreading his tentacles over the body and the hat accessory is a nice touch.  The red lady is also another great design though I still prefer the Park Starz version, this one looks maybe a little too close to that figure which is a slight disappointment.

WDWRobertWhen I heard about that they were making another Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation set I was reserve about how I felt. I asked myself what else could they possibly make into Vinylmation form from the attraction that would be worthwhile. Well they proved me wrong by creating a solid Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2 and thankfully with only 8 this time instead of 12. With a set of only 8 it makes for a cheaper case and also, in my opinion makes for less “filler” Vinyls needed to make it a set of 12.

Hits: Carlos –The transformation from Audio Animatronic or “AA” to Vinylmation is amazing. The new mold works perfectly for his face as his face has a roundish appearance. The addition of the dripping water is a nice touch. Jailed Pirate: To help aid me in comparing the “Jailed Pirate” Vinyl to the actual one in the attraction I turned to YouTube where I was reminded that there a total of 6 in jail and the Vinyl one if the one from the 1st set of 3 and not the second more famous set that are closer to the dog. On a side note the three jailed pirates close to the dog would have been an awesome 3 Vinyl set to have released. Well finally getting back to the subject the “Jailed Pirate” looks compare to his AA friend. The facial expression is well done. The vest Jacket looks a little different but its good enough for me!

Redhead: What a wonderful job they did with my Read Head! I love the Park Starz one but the 3” version looks just as amazing. The one feature I like about the Park Starz one is that she shows a little of the her extra girlish charm with a little bit of the dress ever so slightly showing some…

Pirate Helmsman: It took 3 tries to get this one perfect. The Park 5 looked nothing like the one from the attraction AA but still made for an interesting Vinyl. The Pirate Series 1 looked pretty good but still missed the mark on capturing the look. With the Pirates Series 2 this Helmsman is amazing. The addition of the Lightning was a great touch. Then there’s the Variant that Glows-in-the-Dark! This is what a variant should be.

Peg-Leg-Parrot: As for Chasers this is one of my all time favorites. I always love it when a chaser is worth chasing after. They did an amazing job on this one. What a wonderful transformation from AA to Vinyl!

 Timothy – Wasn’t entirely sure about getting this series; being quite new to Vinylmation collecting, I missed out entirely on the first PotC and the On Stranger Tides set. But once I noticed that Davy Jones was being included, having a few of the collection became a must.

Glad to see Disney is continuing with the more recent mold that utilizes slightly larger heads. It might only be the difference of a quarter inch, but it prevents the figures suffering from the onset of gout. Also like the avoidance of black lines and the use of either lighter or darker colors; the figures appear far less graphic and more painterly with this technique.

Hits: The Auctioneer is spot on, from his ginger hair to his frilly kerchief. Love the water drops on Carlos’ forehead and the ropes circling his body. Red Head is perfectly busty. I’ve seen complaints about the Jail Pirate, but when I went on the PotC ride in ‘78, THAT’S what he looked like; and the detail of bars on the mouse ears are a nice subtle touch.

The Helmsman is wonderfully evocative of that moment on the ride when you realize you’re floating into dangerous territory; the bleached white bones, grey tattered clothing, and blood-red bandana are far creepier than the almost friendly yellowed of the Helmsman from the first series. Particularly love the lightning bolts on his mouse ears; you can almost feel the misty sea wind whipping a chill through your bones when you passed him.

But there’s two real out-of-the-ballpark hits in this series: Davy Jones and the Peg-Leg Parrot. Designer Casey Jones absolutely nailed Davy’s likeness: the soft, almost ocean-blue of his eyes; the captured movement of his tentacles; the inclusion of the lobster claw; and the random bubbles scattered across the figure. That is Davy Jones, boiled down to three inches and no less menacing than he would be at his full height.

And then there’s that parrot, that glorious Peg-Leg Parrot, that shaved-belly icon of the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to add him to my collection, but the pictures I’ve seen tell me all I need to know. The green of his plumage, the pink of his bald belly, the simple detail of the anchor tattoo; seeing him takes me right back to the first time I stood in line to see WDW’s pirates. I may love Davy Jones, but I ADORE that parrot.


RogPalmerUK – I have purchased a case for this entire series which instantly puts all the figures in the hits category but just to be a little picky I’m gonna throw the guy from the jail into the misses pile as my least favourite.

 Timothy – Misses: While I wouldn’t call any of these figures a miss, not even the rather lackluster Flute Pirate I glossed over, the one complaint I do have is the absence of accessories. The Auctioneer needs his sword; the Flute Pirate needs his flute; the Jail Pirate should’ve had a bone firmly in his grip. The parrot got a peg-leg, but Davy had to be satisfied with a painted version. I would’ve liked to see Red Head in the new Minnie mold, with a slit up the leg. This entire line was great, but those little accessories could’ve made it phenomenal.

Still, this collection nailed it where the first just sort of tacked it down. PotC 2 simply feels like the ride, both classic and modern incarnations. You can hold one of these figures in your hand and smile as you remember precisely which scene they’re from. Yeah, we may collect Vinylmation, but in reality these are souvenirs. And that’s what souvenirs should do: remind you of the Magic.



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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the classic Pirates of the Caribbean Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, both the movies and the ride, it was one of my Dad’s favourite rides and since he would never go on anything big or fast, it was a rare treat.  So this has a special place in my childhood memories and I think this series does a good job in covering the majority of the main characters from that attraction.

I’ve got to kick off with easily the best figure of the whole series, Captain Jack Sparrow, he might a new addition to the attraction but this figure is simply fantastic and without doubt an all time classic figure that is extremely popular.  I also think the chaser is pretty neat, though the On Stranger Tides version is maybe slightly better due to the peg leg.   My other favourite figures include the skeleton’s, they just look fantastic and who doesn’t like skeleton’s.

Joshua Jackson -My first hit for this series is hook hand. The main reason I love this figure so much is he’s the first vinyl to ever feature the hook hand! It was a great accessory they added instead of being lazy by painting it on. Second hit Barbosa, I love his hat and facial expression! Third hit is skeleton pirate with hat. I love everything about him! Whether it be the awesome hat or all the detail out into his body. He’s just an all around great figure!

WDWRobertAs I have mentioned in the past the Pirate of the Caribbean Series was the series that made me a Vinylmation collector. With an attraction that has so many great characters to choose from one could tell that this series would not be a single series release. Having said that one can see that this set of twelve will have a good mix of characters. Having said that, one can surmise that there will be a mix of major and minor characters in this release.

The Skeletons: I just love these guys! These are much better looking than the Park 5 Helmsman. It’s hard to pick which of the 3 Skeletons I like most. The Skeleton Helmsman & Skeleton Crewmembers are nice but the Skeleton Beaded Pirate with his hat and muted colored beads is my favorite. Jack Sparrow in Barrel: They did a nice job capturing the look but I would of loved if they actually used some type of barrel to put him in. Dirty Pig: The moment I look at this one it instantly transfers me to scene where the pig is blissfully enjoying the muddy grounds around him.

 BigThunder – I love the Pirates movies and think the ride is an all time classic, but I don’t remember most of the characters from the ride in that much detail and I had thought they might have done a few more movie characters but I love the Captain Jack Vinylmation and would love to one day add it to my collection.  I also think the skeleton’s are pretty cool.


RogPalmerUK – There are two figures I’ve never been a huge fan of, first off we have the pig who looks out of place but it is at least a good representation of something in the attraction and then we have the Fat Lady which is just a disappointing figure.

Joshua Jackson – Misses First miss is tiny. This is my lest favorite figure of the entire series, there’s next to no detail out into her and she just looks like a lazy and cheap vinyl. Second miss is the pig, I’ll admit that he is rather cute but like tiny he strikes me as being another lazy vinyl. My final miss is the Pirate with glasses, I don’t know what it is about this figure but I just don’t like it. The detail is there but he facial expression is just off, he just doesn’t seem like a pirate.

WDWRobertNone. Seriously none.

BigThunder – Most of the figures from this series are lost on me, so its a very hit and miss set for me, with the majority of them being misses.

NEXT TIME – Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2

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hitsWelcome to a retro edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the classic Urban 1 Series.


RogPalmerUK – Non-Disney designs have always been part of Vinylmation, as much as most of us have reconditioned ourselves to avoid anything Non-Disney, this is still considered to be a classic series that still has some highly desired figures, I know I would love to add Oopsy to my collection, its an all time classic figure that Disney even re-released as a USB drive.  I also really like the blacked out Mickey figure, where all you can see is his eyes.  One of the best things about this early Urban series is that its loosely based on Disney, there are a couple of Mickey’s in there and even a Pirates of the Caribbean themed one.

But for me, Urban 1 contains my number 1 holy grail, the El Raton Mexican wrestler, as a huge wrestling fan, this is always been very high on my most wanted list.

Spark -Even though, myself, i’ve not got any of these, i love this series! They series features some awesome, original designs! The Oopsy Mickey and the Mummy 9″ would have to be my favorites! I really like how these were the first of there kind, before many more great Urban’s were released!

Bridgette – Urban 1 has always been my favourite series, even though I haven’t the luxury to own them. Checkered: A favourite design of mine, high on my wants list even though it has a simple design.
Oopsy: The artist put great care in the makings of this figure. I bought the USB because I can’t afford the real one!

WDWRobert – I’ve never a huge fan of the Urban Series but every now and again they turn some really creative. To me, when they first released this series I was expecting to see Iconic Disney Characters, Attractions & Parades with an urban feel. And I think for the most part that is true but some I am not sure whom they were trying to appeal to.

El Super Raton: I love this one. There is a super hero feel to Mickey and great color combo too. Pinball: This vinyl is a great example of what an Urban Series should look like. With Bumper Caps used for Mickeys eyes and a roll over button for his nose makes for a very imaginative piece to say the least! Pirates of the Caribbean: This vinyl is definitely an urban twist of an iconic attraction. Okay so here is the honest truth. What is it? I think it’s a bandana. What do you think?


RogPalmerUK – There are plenty of figures in this series that are misses to me, I’m just not keen on about two thirds of the series because I’ve been made accustom to not caring about Non-Disney related figures, while none of these figures are “awful”, I do think looking back over 5 years later, shows just how far the design team have done in mastering how to make designs work on the mold.

Spark – I think a few of them are quite bad. Swiss Cheese, Who’s there?, Glow Mickey and even the Golden Chaser, i think in my honest opinion are not awfully great! They don’t have a lot going on, on them are just are frankly, too plain!

Bridgette – Some of these vinylmations aren’t that great.  Gold: Even though it’s the first ever chaser, it’s pretty much just store-bought acrylic gold spray painted on a vinylmation design.  Who’s There: Pretty much just eye decals on a black vinylmation.  If faced with a decision of buying a case of Urban 1 vinylmations, I’d say check the price, as it is a good set but multiple designs are not the greatest. Mainly a collectors item.

WDWRobert – Furr: Along with the Urban 5 Hippie Furr is just one vinylmation I am not sure why they put this one into production. I think if they made the front the back and back the front I would of dis-liked a little less.

Gold: Okay so this is it? Just one color and nothing else? Yes this is the first Urban series but I think they could done almost anything better than this.

Swiss Cheese: Well maybe they made this one as mice technically like cheese.

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hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week with the recent release of Muppets Most Wanted, we take a look at Muppets 2.


RogPalmerUK – There are a few stand out figures from Muppets 2 including the great Waldo chaser which is directly out of the Muppets 3D attraction (which I still haven’t been able to get hold of).  The other figures from this series that are my favourites include the Penguin, Scooter and Dr Teeth which are all very well designed figures.

 WDWRobert – Pigs in space 3-piece subset: When pigs in space came on during the Muppets Show I made sure to stop what I was doing and paid close attention as they were very entertaining.. These three definitely bring happy memories of the past. These guys are well done. Next mini-group in this series would be the band members from the group “Electric Mayhem” Zoot is perfect in every aspect plus he has a cool hat to boot. Dr .Teeth: Has a great Groovy look to him. He even has his signature gold to as well. Perhaps out of sympathy I give Janice a positive review. The Mickey Vinyl does vinyl makes her look on the plus size.

BigThunder – I’m not a massive Muppets fan so I don’t really know who the majority of these characters are, this just felt like all the figures they couldn’t fit into series 1.  Having Gonzo, Animal and Kermit as the main characters I like being 9″‘s for this series does make it hard to pick my favorites but maybe Scooter as I always like him in the Muppet Babies and the Penguins are pretty cool.


RogPalmerUK – Muppets 2 is a generally a slightly disappointing series, series 1 was so awesome, this just failed to catch the same magic, but with the majority of the main characters being used up, there are just too many filler characters in here.  The 3 pigs in space feel like a huge waste of time (though Miss Piggy isn’t as bad as the other).  Janice is another figure I really have no time for.  I think had this series been put onto the new mold (which came out around the same time), things might have looked a little better and clearer.

 WDWRobert – Old mold is what I think hurt this set most of the vinyls in this set just look odd. Pepe the Prawn: To be honest I am actually not a huge fan of the character. However there is a huge differences between the TV/Attraction Pepé and Pepé Vinyl. Pepé the Vinyl just looks odd. I think it’s Pepé’s face on Mickeys old mold face. Additionally the extra set of claws that are painted on. Sorry Pepé you’re just a huge miss for me. Waldo: This vinyl reminded me of partially melted snowman. The side view is what looks the oddest to me. I’ll ask this. Where is his head??

BigThunder – I don’t think much of this whole series to be honest, so the whole series is a big miss for me.

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Topiary Series.


RogPalmerUK – The Topiary series is a very interesting concept, they are a major part of the Epcot Flower and Garden event and even feature outside Hollywood Studios, so they have their hearts very much planted (see what I did there?) in the park themed Vinylmation.   The 5 figures themselves are all nicely designed, they look different enough from their previous figures to stand out and I love the Donald Duck with the Bee in the ear.  The idea of putting out a combo topper as the only way to get them is a little interesting and I’ll admit I am planning on picking up a pack to get the Sorcerer Mickey which looks pretty neat.

Ben Whitmore – : Donald! the trademark angry face and big red bow is a must for my collection. The addition of a bee on the ear is also a nice touch as it throws back to the classic Donald cartoons (Bee On Guard, Honey harvesters and Bee At The Beach) which usually explains what has caused him to have such a face. Its this attention to detail that makes this vinyl a literal must have for any collector or fan of Donald.

Joshua Jackson –  My first hit for this set is sorcerer Mickey. I love this figure! My favorite thing about this figure is the all the detail the artist put into it. I really enjoy the stars and moons on the hat as well as the classic red robe. Second but is Donald, I love his facial expression and all the small details the artist added like the bee and hat in the ear. My final his is daisy. I love her! From the butterflies in the ears, the light pink bow, the cute facial expression, the light pink dress, and all the small details in the dress make this a great figure.

WDWRobert – Daisy Duck: I am going on the preverbal limb for this one and say this is by far the best Daisy Duck vinylmation they have ever done. The pink colored flowered dress & bow really compliments Daisy’s green dense foliage body. The dancing butterflies on the clear ears complete this really well done vinylmation.

Donald Duck: Topiary Donald in my absolute favorite in the Vinylmation Garden. The artist really captured what to me is the perfect amount of disdained glee! Once again, using clear ears allows for the addition of buzzing which is obviously the cause of Donald’s curmudgeon demeanor.

Minnie Mouse: Though not as enchanting as Daisy, Minnie complete with red dress and matching bow make for a truly lovable topiary. Sorcerer Mickey: From the very moment I saw this Mickey Topiary my mind instantly transcended me to Disney Hollywood Studios and a garden where Sorcerer Mickey is using his newly acquired magical powers to do his biding of mopping up the floor. I am happy to see a slightly darker type of foliage to create the right balance of appearance.


RogPalmerUK –  Figure wise, I’m not keen on Daisy Duck and if I get any figure except for Donald, I will be instantly trying to trade for it, I just don’t want two different versions of Mickey Mouse.  Why didn’t they do another character like Pluto or Goofy?  And why just do 4 characters?  Why not make this a full 8 piece series with other well known characters like Stitch or Beauty & The Beast?  I understand Disney wanted to try something different and to “bring the chase back” but making people buy combo toppers is insane as the price of the Sorcerer Mickey is going to plummet as people try to sell off their traders.  I think this might have been a bit more exciting if they had added a limited edition size with different ratios to spice things up, but this just seems like a cash grab.

WDWRobert – Mickey Mouse: With only a total of 5 topiaries did they really need to have too Mickeys? Yes Sorcerer Mickey is a Topper and thus one is technically in the set of 4 it still doesn’t explain why they felt the need to have two Mickeys. The Mickey Mouse itself looks fine though his high wasted pants lends to a feeling of an “Old Man” Mickey.

Topper Setup & Price: I’m not sure why the thought there was a need for a Topper in this series as a whole. But my guess is somewhere in the Design & Marketing department thought that this was a good idea. I would have been okay with the $24.95 price is there were only one Mickey in the series. Well there is some good to this though too. The Sorcerer Mickey will be very cheap to collect, as everyone will be buying them up as to try to finish the set.

Joshua Jackson – My only miss for this set is Mickey. He’a just to plain, there’s not a lot of detail and it looks like the artist took the lazy route in him.

Ben Whitmore – : Its hard to pick a miss in a collection that you really like however if I had to choose it would be Daisy Duck. Clearly the collection wouldn’t be complete without her however the pink dress is slightly overboard for me with all the other vinyl relying on greens and red this colour choice made the least sense to me.

I also have a few other issues with this series, why didn’t they do it flocked like Duffy?  That would have been so cool, I just feel this series has gone some great figures but the execution in how its been delivered is going to annoy collectors.


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Welcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Theme Park Favourites series.

theme park faveHits

RogPalmerUK – I only have picked up a single Theme Park Favourite which is the T-Shirt figure as it was really cheap on and I couldn’t resist while placing an order but this series is a very generic series aimed at casual collectors and theme park guests.  That being said, I like a few of the designs and feel had they thrown them into an Urban series, they could have been very popular.  The Character Mix figure is pretty decent design and I also think the signature figure is perfect reminder of a trip to the park.  Even going against my better judgment, I obtained a Princess figure in a eBay bundle and was really impressed with how the figure had been designed with the shadows of classic Princesses (though I still sold it on!)

 InfinityBrothers – This series in my opinion has a original mix of designs, they are available most of the time due to they are a open-series which can have it’s faults. These vinylmations are good in the fact they are aimed at kids as well as adult collectors, specially with the character signature vinylmation.

 WDWRobert – With only liking a few of the Open Edition Series in general, the “Theme Park Favorites” continued my dislike for them. Now there were a few in this series that I really liked. But what I really don’t understand is why some of the Vinylmations were doing in this series.

Hits: The three Shirt ones were a nice idea. Having different colors choices was a nice touch. The Blue and Red ones were nice color choices however; the Yellow one was my least favorite. Now if they had picked a Green or even a clear one that would have been great! Next up would be the Character Letters one was another identifiable choice for a Theme Park look. This Vinylmation has a real nice color combo, which is a hit for me.


RogPalmerUK – The whole Theme Park Favourites series is pretty weak in my eyes but its a good series to put it on the shelves in the parks to grab people’s attention but there are some rather boring designs such as the Ying Yang and Rainbow figures which just look so dull.

 InfinityBrothers – These like i said before, are an open series, and to be honest kinda defeats the point of hunting down vinylmations for your collection. This are to be honest, always online to buy, and never seam to stop being sold. I like to collect vinylmations which you don’t often see around.

WDWRobert – Peace Love Mickey. I have just one question. How is this a Theme Park Favorite? What is the link between Theme Park Favorite and this Green thing? Yin Yang: Again what does this have to do with being a Theme park Favorite? This Vinyl has no reason being here. Rainbow: Again a nice Vinyl but why is it here in this series? Autograph: This is a great example of a Theme Park Favorite but the light blue arms and ears don’t work for me. Lastly why are they bringing some of these types back? I passed the 1st time and I will pass the 2nd time as well.

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hitsWelcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a step to the side to have a look at the Funko Disney Mini Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – When I first saw these figures, I wasn’t entirely too sure of them but on the off chance, someone had some up for sale with some Vinylmation and I decided to pick up a Mickey Mouse and a Stitch and once I saw them in person I was extremely impressed with the size of the figure along with the level of detail.  I am a little late to the party on these figures but still went ahead and brought a few more blind boxes to try and get the main set.  Mike, Sulley and Pooh are also extremely well done figures that I would like to add to my collection at some point before series 2 and the Marvel series come out as I feel much more excited about these lately than many of the Vinylmation series.

WDWRobert – Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis Blind Box Mini Figure Series by Funko was released just about a year ago with much excitement with me, as here is a case of 24 Disney Figures for around $100. There were 8 characters in a series and each character had 3 different expressions and to make things really confounding was that each expression had its own ratio. So if one wanted to collect them all it took several cases of Bloxing to collect all 24 character/expressions combinations

Hits: Pooh: The paint quality was great on Pooh and loved displaying them on the shelf. All three expressions of Pooh were a hit for me. From the 1/18 sitting down version with his honeypot to his 1/18 version of him pointing to the right or if you were inclined so to do and reverse his body to make him point to the left and the 1/144 Pooh sitting with a side splitting bout of laughter all were great hits. However, I decided to leave alone the rarer version of Pooh, as I love the other versions just as much.

Maleficent: She looks amazing! Each of her expressions were a huge hit. My favorite is the 1/72 smiling expression. I am not sure why though. Maybe it’s a rare to see here in that light. She is genuinely happy and I love it. Mike: He may not of been the best in the series but the Funko mini is a near perfect sidekick to my Popcorn Sully. So just for that Mike was a huge hit for me. Stitch: I am not a huge fan of stitch but I decided to add one to my collection and I was happy I did. The Funko mini Stitch had such great expressions. And the quality was superb.

Joshua Jackson – When I first heard of the Disney mystery minis set I was really excited! I had been collecting pops for a while at the time and was really looking forward to the blind boxes especially the various ratios. My first hit is Sully, I love all 3 versions of this figure, they were very well done and have great colors on them. Second hit is Mike, he’s my favorite character from Monsters Inc and I love the expressions all 3 versions have. My final hit has to be laughing pooh, I love the expression that he has plus the fact that he’s a 1/144 makes it even better. Took me a while but I finally got him in my collection.


RogPalmerUK – There isn’t too much to dislike about this series, I’m not a huge lover of variants but having 3 versions of each figure is certainly a unique way to bring out the collector in droves.  The only figure I’m not overly sure of is Jack and that’s purely from the point of view that I’m not a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

Joshua Jackson – The only miss I have for this series is Timkerbell. The colors are to bland for me plus the facial expressions are almost exactly the same. It just seems to me like they really cheaper out on her.

WDWRobert – Mickey: Mickey was a huge miss for me and not because I did not like the different expressions, which I loved, but it was the poor paint job that this guy had. It took a while to get some halfway descent ones to add to the collection something I just gave up on. Tink: I loved this version Tink and was excited to collect this style of her are the Vinylmation versions of her did not transfer well to the Mickey Mold. The sad part was that the 1/18 versions of her were so off balanced so she toppled over all of the time. I was bummed about that. I can’t wait for the next series to be released. These little guys are a welcome addition and diversion from my Vinylmation collecting.


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