For Lilo & Stitch fans, there could be some good news with a new twin pack featuring the famous Hawaiian duo and its an exclusive to the Disney Store in Hawaii. Thanks to Lary Clark from Vinylmation Exchange for this image and confirmation that this set is now available in the Hawaiian Disney Store and is priced at $26.95.

hawaii lilo stitch vinylmation

Update- This image was shared by Disney Artist Enrique Pita

hawaii lilo stitch 2

Thanks to @gabby_hayes92 for the tip off.

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Disney have been re-releasing many classic open edition Vinylmations recently and today it has come to light via Vinylmation Exchange member Natalia Keomalu‎, that Disney have re-released the Aulani Mickey and Minnie Vinylmations.  These figures are only available at the Aulani Resort in Hawaii and while these figures look to be very similar, there have been a few changes to the design.

The biggest difference to Minnie has been that the shaved ice accessory doesn’t seem to be present on the updated version.  There have also been some slight adjustments to the box (the Vinylmation logo is now a different colour), while on the figure itself the dress and flower in her ear have been slightly adjusted with more detail on the flowers on the newer figure and the face is slightly larger.

This photo below shows both figures next to each other.

hawaiiThese figures have been available at the Resort for a few months and it appears as if Mickey Mouse is currently sold out.

As these are Open Edition figures, Disney will often re-order popular figures and do occasionally make slight adjustments to the design.  Unlike the other location exclusives like Liberty Minnie and Hulu Minnie, these haven’t had the full redesign process.

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hawaii minnie new

Disney Artist Enrique Pita has shared an image of his new Hawaii Minnie Mouse figure which is set to be released at the Ala Moana Disney Store in Hawaii on July 9th.  This figure has been slightly changed from its original release with different colours on the figure and the skirt, along with this figure now coming in a open window rather than a tin.

An updated version of Hula Minnie coming July 9 at #alamoana Disney Store in #hawaii #disneystore #vinylmation

hawaii minnie newHere is a look at the original Hawaii Minnie Mouse which shows the how the colours have been adjusted on the new figure.


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Disney Artist Enrique Pita has has another location exclusive figure tweaked due to it’s popularity.

The official Vinylmation blog posted some details for the new release which will only be available in Hawaii.
It’s not yet known if this will be released in a tin like the previous figure or in an open window box.

The new figure has had a few slight adjustments Such as the colours looking at the concept art released.

Here is the official word from Disney:

Vinylmation™ Minnie Hula
June 9 | By: Disney Staff

Aloha! Vinylmation™ Minnie Hula will release in July exclusively at the Disney Store in the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu, HI. This 3” figure was designed by Disney Design Group artists Enrique Pita.


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We found out about the new Hawaii Junior Vinylmations a couple of weeks ago but today Disney Artist Enrique Pita has shared some images of the two Juniors including their packaging.

Mickey and Minnie Tikies jrs. Vinylmation keychain. To release soon at Ala Moana Disney Store in Honolulu,Hawaii

a701af9664f411e394da12766a112465_8 b198a23a64f311e3aa9312b18b76241b_8 hawaii jr

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hawaii 2

Disney Artist Ignacio “Nacho” Rodriguez had been teasing us for weeks about the new Hawaii Vinylmation, was it Lilo?  Was it Stitch?  Some guessed it was a twin pack and they would be right.  VK reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto sent in some photos of the twin pack featuring both Lilo & Stitch which was released in the Disney Store in Hawaii this week.

hawaii hawaii 2 hawaii 3 hawaii 4

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Disney Artist DG Nacho has posted a new sneak peek of the new Hawaiian Exclusive which confirms it is Lilo.

Here is what DG Nacho tweeted

I spy with my little left eye… Still can’t believe no one outside has seen this open box #vinylmation. Hopefully soon! #creepin at Disney Store Headquarters

We don’t know much about this figure yet such as the release date.

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hawaii nacho

Disney Artist DG Nacho posted a sneak peek on Instagram of a new Vinylmation:

hawaii nachoHere is what DG Nacho teased us with:

I spy with my little left eye a new #vinylmation holding a #guitar. Who could it possibly be and where are they at? Let the guessing begin!

Could this be a new Hawaii Vinylmation?  Or possibly the first Las Vegas Vinylmation?  Lilo or Stitch?


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UPDATE * DC Nacho posted another teaser photo later today, almost confirming this figure is Lilo and also confirming it as a Hawaii figure.

Damn I was going to take a pic of the whole vinyl but my phone fumbled out of my hands and took this pic. #fail. #vinylmation #sneakpeaknumbertwo who could this possibly be? #disneystore #hawaii ☺️