It’s Friday and that means we have some new Vinylmation Releases and today’s main release is a twin pack featuring Blonde & Madusa from the Haunted Mansion. This twin pack is priced at $29.95, was designed by Casey Jones and has alimited edition size of 1000. It was released online at and at both D-Street’s.


Also relesed at D-Street today were the Star Wars Eachez Yoda and 101 Dalmatians blind box series that have previously been released online.


Good morning! Today we have info for you on the Vinylmation that will be released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World on January the 30th.

Do you have a growing collection of Vinylmation™? Here are the latest Vinylmation™ releasing at the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts, as well as online, Friday, January 30, 2015. Stop by your nearest merchandise locations and pick up your favorites before they run out! To view additional releases for the month of February, click here.

Releasing at the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts and Online


Medusa Limited Edition

Item#: 400008858588

Retail: $29.95

Star Wars™ Yoda Limited Edition

Vinylmation-Yoda Vinylmation-Yoda-2

Item#: 400008875585

Retail: $16.95

101 Dalmatians


Item#: 400008834001

Retail: $12.95

jared hitch


I’m a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion attraction and its always in my top things to do when I visit a Disney theme park and when custom artist Jared Flores emailed some pictures of his latest Haunted Mansion series.  I had to share them with our readers.

jared hatbox jared haunted gus jared jared hitchYou can find out more about Jared by visiting his website


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Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends series.

haunted mansionHits

RogPalmerUK – I love this series, I love how Disney have taken one of my favourite attractions and mixed it up with the classic characters to do something amazing.  The detail on some of the figures are amazing, I love the Mickey and Donald Duck the most, these figures are simply fantastic and without doubt some of the best figures of the year.  I also think the Groundskeeper Goofy and Pluto are a nice touch.

 CrystalHits- the toppers. The sinister expression, shadowing, and cast member outfits are outstanding.    Grounds keeper Goofy. I love the accessory and the backside where Pluto is cowering behind him, scared.


RogPalmerUK – I don’t think there is any figure in this series that is a miss, however I’m not keen on the reveal/conceal concept.  I get blind boxing, I can handle that.  But I don’t like the idea of being forced into buying additional figures that I don’t need.  Instantly if I just brought 4 combo toppers and was lucky enough to get the set of 4 + the combo toppers, I’d still have 2 figures I didn’t want.  It just seems very sneaky of Disney to sell extra figures like this.  I think Combo Toppers are great (even better if they are released on the same day…Boba Fett?) but I think this way of making people buy the figures is right.

 CrystalPete as the opera singer. One, why didn’t they choose a female character? Daisy would have been good. Or even a dopey character like goofy would have made more sense than Pete. Also, the colors are completely different than the other bi-color characters- it is this straight blue and Donald and daisy are more of a green. It makes it seem to not fit in with the set

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week 15 thumbnail

Hello everyone! Welcome to Disney Dollar Deals! This week’s theme is on the new Haunted Mansion Combo Toppers released on the 8th August. So let’s Start!

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide! 


Haunted Mansion: Mickey & Friends Combo Toppers- $24.95 

First of we have the toppers themselves on disney! In the new series there are six vinylmations. When you buy a topper you get either mickey or minnie, which you can see, then a blind box containing one other vinylmation from the rest of the series.

haunted mansion

Disney store have each topper up for $24.95 each.

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Current Listings: 

Haunted Manssion Series 1: Singing Bust Ghost- $15.19 

Next we have the singing bust ghost from the first series from the Haunted Mansion. The seller “mariolajolanta” has 99.9% positive feedback and ships from the USA, so no worries about scrappers.

haunted mansion


Sold listings: 

Mystery Baker Series: Haunted Mansion Ghost Ezra- $9.00 

“Mrtoyland113” on ebay recently sold Ghost Ezra from the mystery baker series for $9.
The seller has 100% positive feedback and ships from the USA.


Vinylmation Kingdom Trading: 

Here are some of the trades going on at the moment on the group!

984164_10203721511772710_8153901368010496946_n 10377091_841224105895982_2121750010402215552_n 10590599_792168446585_9126008375526944009_n

Who’s That Vinylmation:

Congratulations to Matt, Caleb, Ryan and Aiden who guessed correctly! It was the San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exclusive Chef Skinner!

Capture Capture 2 mrN97HEXr2Ewuw0DYzgbnnQ

Here is this week’s distorted Vinylmation! If you think you know which Vinylmation this is and from which series, don’t forget to comment down below your answer!


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haunted mansion

Today sees the release of the Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends Vinylmation series at both D-Streets in Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as online through  This series is a “Reveal & Conceal” concept which are very similar to how the Topiary series was sold, there will be a blind box with 4 characters (Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pete) and two combo toppers, Mickey & Minnie.  These combo toppers will be sold for $24.95 and are the only way you will be able to buy them.

haunted mansion

Here are the Combo Toppers:

vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_minnie_as_maid_org vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_mickey_as_butler

And here are the blind box figures:

vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_pete_as_opera_singer vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_daisy_as_constance_org vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_donald_as_organ_player vm_mickey__friends_haunted_mansion_series_goofy_as_caretaker

Will you be adding these to your collection?


This Friday, August 8th, Disney will be releasing the Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmation set.  This set arrives a day before the 45th year anniversary of the beloved Haunted Mansion ride at the Disneyland Resort in California.


Introduced on August 9th, 1969, this theme park attraction has become a “must see” for Disney fans visiting the happiest place on earth.  One cannot consider a trip to Disneyland complete without visiting this timeless house of horrors.  Throughout its forty-five year span at Disneyland, this ride has maintained its classic feel while performing modern updates to keep younger Disney fans engaged.

Due to the popularity of this Disneyland attraction, Disney officials made the decision to replicate this haunted mansion at various Disney parks throughout the world including Florida, Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong.  In fact, this theme park attraction also spawned the Eddie Murphy classic *cough, cough*, “The Haunted Mansion.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.19.57 AM

Traditionally, Haunted Mansion vinylmation sets tend to be very popular. The last haunted mansion box set literally sold out online in minutes. Although this set has the dreaded topper, I still believe that this will sell out quickly.  The combination of Haunted Mansion nostalgia mixed in with traditional Mickey Mouse and friends is a recipe for success.

Looking at the 360 degree previews from, I am most excited for the Mickey and Minnie toppers.  The smug and disinterested look on their faces makes this a definite must have for me.  As a topper, you would think that I would be guaranteed to get both of these vinylmations.  I wish this was true, but as an online shopper, I risk the chance of getting two of the same toppers.  Many people shared this sentiment when the last Star Wars Bobba Fett topper set was sold online.  If only would give us the option to choose which topper we wanted.

What do you think?  Will you be up at midnight waiting for this release?  Will this set be one of the sets you chose to get in August or will you save your money for the other 17 billion sets being released this month?  Now if only this set had an Eddie Murphy chaser…..






We found out about the Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends series months ago but today, Disney have confirmed some details for the release including full 360 photos of the figures. This series will be similar to the Topiary series with a mixture of combo toppers, offering a blind box underneath and a known topper, in this case either Mickey or Minnie. Which means the other 4 figures will be found in the blind boxes and will be released online through and at both D-Street’s at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Here is the official details:

Vinylmation™ Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Combo
SKU: 400008235952
Retail Price: $24.95
Disney Parks Release Date: August 8
Disney Parks Online Release Date: August 8







What do you think of these figures and the idea of combo toppers.