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From the Vinylmation Vault Alumni Association or VVAA this week we have what I consider to be one of the most underrated series out there today. The Mascot Open Edition only has four vinyl’s in this series and each one is a huge hit for me. What appealed to me the most was all the “fall” Looking matte finished complementary colors that were used on each character. I just love Matte finish. Don’t get me wrong some vinyl’s look way better with a glossy finish but the Matte finish & gorgeous “Fall” colors are my favored choice.


Donald at Duke University


Mascot Donald’s has wonderfully colored Steel Blue sweater with the Maroon colored letter “D” on his chest that could perhaps stand for either Duke or Delaware University or even Disney University. Donald adorns a cap that is colored the same as his sweater that adds a nice touch to the outfit. Then as I look s bit more I noticed that the artist ever so slightly changed Donald’s eyes to have a darker shade of blue as well, which I just love. For the longest time Donald Duck has been my favorite character but as I grew older I noticed I grew tired of his easily angered & envious demeanor and eventually I grew tired his curmudgeonly ways and looked for a character that was a little bit more carefree, but that’s for a different story. Now back to Mascot Donald and why I still love this guy. Now Donald does not always loose his cool and I do like to a point a slightly angered Donald as he becomes very entertaining at that point. So when I first looked at Mascot Donald I absolutely loved his intense and moderately aggravated facial expression!


Goofy at Georgetown University

Mascot Goofy is dressed in a mustard color sweatshirt with a Maroon colored “G” on his chest, which may stand for either Gettysburg College or maybe for Georgetown University. The dark blue foam finger is a nice touch as well. Now unlike Donald Goofy rarely get angered so to see the intense look on his face was a great idea. One more thought on goofy as I look at him I quickly recall all of my favorite cartoon shorts with Goofy trying to demonstrate some type of sport that ultimately ends in some chaotic mess.


Pluto at “Paw Tech”


Mascot Pluto wears a dark maroon sweater adorned with a dark blue letter “P” on the chest. My guess would be is that Pluto had enrolled in and is a huge fan of his Alma Mater “Paw Tech” as he has a firm grip on that pennant and cheering for a Victory for the “Fighting Dog Paws”! Squirrel!


Mickey at Monsters University


Mascot Mickey wears a maroon colored sweatshirt and of course there’s the Universities Mustard colored “M” which can only stand for Monsters University. Well I guess it could also stand for Marceline University as well. Like Donald’s face Mickey’s has that off white color that fits perfectly to the theming. Of course to complete the Retro look for Mickey is wearing sky and dark blue ball-cap with the Colleges “M” embellished in the front.


The whole gang visits Medford College to say hello to their favorite High School professor of Chemistry.


As a whole I really adore these guys a lot and I just love the their facial expressions showing their “Game Face” along with their school colors. Though I eluded earlier on where they all attend College or University by their letter on their sweater/sweater, I must add that the letters on their chest really represents the first letter of each of their names. Though it was fun to imagine what University/College they could be going to.


I actually purchased these at full price at the Disney Store and even though they wound up as clearance eventually I am still very happy with the set. I think it’s the beautifully “Fall Colors” that were used that really drew me to these guys. If you have not collected these well what are you waiting for? Go out there and win one for Walt!

Do you have a favorite Vinylmation that is hiding in the Vinylmation Vault? Let me know and maybe one day I’ll feature it in a future Vinylmation Vault.

Happy Collecting




When pictures of the Policeman Mickey and Fireman Donald Jrs. surfaced earlier this week, there were also rumblings of a third Jr. featuring everyone’s favorite, Goofy. Well, Disney artist Enrique Pita laid speculation to rest with the release of this on his Facebook page:


My new designs, New York Exclusive Jr. Keychain Vinylmation. NY Taxi Cab Driver Goofy, NY Policeman Mickey, NY Fireman Donald. At NY Time Square Disney Store.

I was debating about picking up the Mickey and Donald pair. However, with the third one being part of the set now, it’s looking as though they will be in my shopping bag when I hot Times Square in a couple of weeks.

Thoughts on the new Jrs.?

UPDATE * We have been sent this picture of all three together in their packaging from a reader:




This time next week, I will be down in WDW on vacation. (Actually, I will be waiting on line for the Vinylmation Tuck & Roll release at D-Street!) In celebration, I would like to share with you some pictures from my first trip ever down to WDW, in January of 1985.


I was approaching the 4 yr. old mark, and my brother was nearing 1. My parents were SAINTS for driving us down there. At that time, only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were open. From the pictures I can find, they only took us to Magic Kingdom. I am figuring they were not keen on dragging two small children thru a theme park that wasn’t necessarily geared towards them, or the simple fact that we had limited time there, being that we also visited family and friends around Florida on that trip.

ScannedImage-23 ScannedImage-22 ScannedImage-20 ScannedImage-2

ScannedImage-4 ScannedImage-21 ScannedImage-3 ScannedImage-19


The only other time my parents have been to WDW was three years later in 1988, when I was 6 and my brother 3. This is going on 25 years… I have a feeling a goal of mine should be to get them back down there in 2014.

ScannedImage-24 ScannedImage-5


Does everyone remember their first visit? If not, you got photographic representation of the excitement? If you would like to share pictures of a memorable first visit of you or a family member, please email them to me and I will post them in an upcoming column.

See you back here next week, where I will reveal my Vinylmation Trade Project for the trip I will be on then.

Stay classy, San Diego.


First and foremost, thanks again to Vinylmation Exchange member, Phil Palumbo, for emailing us the pictures of the Robots 3 Vinylmations he picked up today. Very nice of you and man are these Vinylmations amazing. Easily, the best Disney Store set to date. Now let’s take a look at all of them. Will have some commentary after each pic!


Top and bottom of the case.

Blind boxes

Pooh and Tigger

Alice in Wonderland Characters (White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts)

Mickey and Minnie (Check out the back of Mickey!)

Donald and Pinocchio (Check out the protective packaging around Pinocchio)

Toy Story Alien and Grumpy

Lastly, Goofy (the chaser)


Thanks again, Phil Palumbo, for sharing your photos with us!


Thanks to Trellis Collections, we have got our first look at the new Spooky Series 2 set which features Goofy and Pluto in a Halloween style.

No official word on the release date but we should easily assume it will be available before Halloween.

It will also be released in the UK.

What do you think of this set?  Make a comment below or on the forum

UPDATE: We now know it will arrive on August 20th and will retail for $26.95. Check out these cool new images courtesy of the VM Blog.