At the Imagination Gala Purple Talk, we found out about many new Vinylmations including this new Eachez figure which will tie into the 75th Anniversary of Fantasia. This Eachez blind box will be out in August 2015 for the D23 Expo which takes place in California.
What do you think of this figure?


Earlier this week, I shared pictures from my Disney Infinity photo shoot in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Today, I share pictures from a day spent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then a very special shoot at Epcot. Without further adieu, off we go to DHS!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sorcerer’s Hat

Our first stop, of course, was the Sorcerer’s Hat, located at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. The D23 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey insisted on taking some photos. I just wish the sun was cooperative.


Since the lighting facing south wasn’t working right, we went over to the DHS sign, located in the same area, and got a couple of better pics.

di01.14.008 di01.14.007

Pixar Place

From there, it was off to Pixar Place, where Buzz, Woody and Jessie had a blast rompin’ around.

di01.14.009 di01.14.011



Then, while Jessie took Bullseye for a ride to wrangle up the herd, Buzz and Woody met with their real life counterparts in the Toy Story Meet ‘n’ Greet.


di01.14.012 di01.14.013

Magic of Disney Animation

From there, it was off to the Magic of Disney Animation, where Ralph and Vanellope got their chance to meet their counterparts and the Sugar Rush Meet ‘n’ Greet.


di01.14.003 di01.14.002



This is where things got exciting. My entire vacation, this line was a 2 1/2- 3 hr wait. I didn’t want to wait that long in the middle of the day, so i got to the Norway Pavilion in World Showcase as soon as the rope dropped, and I was second in line for… the Frozen Meet ‘n’ Greet with Anna and Elsa.


di01.14.026 di01.14.027


di01.14.031 di01.14.030

And with that, our Disney Infinity Photo Shoots for this trip has come to an end. But do not fret! This summer I will be making my way back down for the 2014 LeakyCon over at the Orlando Convention Center/ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I will be staying on Disney property at Saratoga Springs Resort, so I will be at the parks when I can, and with me will come with Agent P, Phineas, and any other Disney Infinity figures that arrive by then.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


FWB_vinyl-madness_20130903 Disneystore.com are once again running a Vinylmation Madness sale which includes Buy One Get One Free on Popcorns #1 plus the BOGOF continues with Fantasia twin packs down to $16.99, Juniors in Space down to $6.99, Mechanical Kingdom down to $8.99, Duffy is down to $9.99, Park 11 9″ down to $29.99 & Combo toppers.  Plus lots of older sale items are also included in the Buy One Get One Free promotion.

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hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Fantasia sets.



RogPalmerUK – Fantasia is a strange movie, last year I cashed in some Movie Reward points to get a few classic movies which included Fantasia, and other than the main Sorcerer Apprentice portion, I couldn’t remember seeing it when I was a kid.  Fantasia is one of the original classic Disney movies and some sections of the movie haven’t aged that well but considering this movie is over 70 years old I think its amazing, as I doubt people will be talking about today’s animated movies in 70 years.  However I can understand that it was groundbreaking in the day and a important part of Disney history.  Which makes this Fantasia series a interesting one

I saw the first set on display at D-Street while I was on vacation last year but was flying home before it got released, but was able to get one from a kind VK member, the classic Sorcerer Mickey & Yen set is without doubt the biggest hit of the series in my eyes.  I know it doesn’t count but I really want to track down the Villains 3 Chernabog which continues to grow on me.

@Pluchiot – I honestly believe Fantasia is such an underrated movie with all its rich visuals and characters set to synchronize music. Likewise I feel this is such an underrated series with obscure but fascinating choices.

While difficult to choose my three best personally, as I do love the obscurity that would be less appreciated from some if it was a blind box series even with some excellent designs (I mean Hop Low is pretty brilliant alone with the helmet as the mushroom ‘roof’)… I’ll have to pick Series 1, 8 and either 5 or 2. Yensid & Mickey was a great choice to begin with, with great expression, detail though I’d have liked to see a broom Jr to pair up as well. Ben Ali & Hyacinth, my second choice, are my favorites from the movie though so it was a no brainer that I would choose them – took a long time for Ben Ali to appear and it was worth the wait. As for the last selection, I really like Bacchus/Donkey and the Faun/Unicorn, they’re just cute and has an awfully vivid color scheme that stands out nicely.

@DisneyMart – My favourite part of ‘Fantasia’ is the ‘Dance of the Hours’, so I am naturally drawn to the latest set which included the wonderful Hyacinth and Ben Ali Gator! I think they look great in a combo pack with the contrasting green Ali Gator with the grey Hippo! They just look good together. My other HIT from this series is the goldfish. I love the use of the head as the whole fish and the rest of the vinyl’s body to illustrate the background, I think it is really cleverly done by the artist and I initially like the way that Flounder has followed suit from this figure in ‘The Little Mermaid’ series!!

WDWRobert – I have mixed feelings about the movie Fantasia. I know I am suppose to like it even admire it. Walt and his team put a lot of faith and money into this picture. Honestly everyone should see the movie at least once in his or her lives. I was excited when I heard that a Fantasia series was coming to Vinylmation. However there were some problems before the series came out. One problem is that the movie is almost 70 plus old and it has characters that are readily not noticeable for the most part a very limited appeal. Then add the fact that each two piece set was $24, which is too much in my eyes for any 2 piece set. To be honest I only love the movie because of its history and not for its great storytelling. And the story holds true for the Vinyls themselves. All in all there are eight sets that are/were to be introduced, with a set representing the eight scenes.

Set 1 The Scorer’s Apprentice: This is my favorite of all the sets. Everyone knows this story. Walk around any of the theme parks and there will be a reference to this wonderful scene. Mickey looks great. The Mickey Vinyl is great representation of the character likeness in the Movie. Yendis is captured the same way. I love this set!!

Set 2 Faun/Unicorn: One would have to see the movie to truly appreciate how the Vinyls pay tribute to the movie. Again Faun is done beautifully and the Unicorn is just amazing. The Unicorn just as a Vinyl and not connected to anything is cute on its own. But again $25 for them, No Thank you.

Set 3 Dinosaurs: Having previously admitted somewhere of loving Dinosaurs and at some point of their youth boys and girls like Dinosaurs you would figure that this series of Dinosaurs would have been better represented. The Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus from the movie don’t quite transfer all that well to the Vinyl format. The Stegosaurus looks more like an angry Turtle than a Dinosaur. This set was just a miss for me.

Set 4 The Nutcrackers Suite: If you have waited on the line for the Great Movie Ride you have seen this part of the Fantasia. It’s a light hearted and whimsical part of the movie and the Vinyls reflect that. Though Hop Lo looks a bit odd and perhaps, well I leave that part out. Goldfish is just beautiful and just well done but a bit off color. Next to The Scorer’s Apprentice was my favorite part.

Set 5 The Pastoral Symphony: I must admit the Baucchus reminds me of Captain McCrea. That is a good thing actually. I do love the joyful, or should I say inebriated smile. The Donkey is okay, not sure why the call him a donkey and not a unicorn though. This set becomes a 50% 50% for me.

Set 6 Night on the Bald Mountain: This scene scared me as a child, it was very powerful and full of someone satanic feel. Very dark for Disney I felt. But it is very powerful. The Demon was toned quite a bit. The Chernabog style mold would have been perfect. This little guy looks like he has a black Mustache on him. Harpy follow the same thought as it was quite toned down Honestly there are better ways that Disney has used scary characters but to the point of making them terrifying

Set 7 Mount Olympus: The Vulcan Vinyl just seems to have its color off a bit. He is not easily identifiable to me. The facial expression just did not do it for me as well. Zues, I really like this one Again this set does not really carry any two strong Characters that I would want to buy for the kids (though I only have one) though Zues does comes with a cool Lighting Rod. And who doesn’t love lightning rods! Oh I must look this up but to me I see a Hidden Mickey in the Clouds at the end of the scene, it’s a 22:00 into the movie.

Set 8 Dance of the Hours: Having several characters to chose, the Ben Ali Gator and Hyacinth Hippo were probably the best characters for the set. The cape on Ben Ali Gator is a great addition, I really love how there are so many accessories being created now. One last note, I love the clear/colored ears as well. Nice look.

Finally though this Series/Movie is not my favorite, I do appreciate the Vinylmation Artist interpretation. Finally the only way I could honestly critique was to re watch the movie. I actually enjoyed it this time a bit. Additionally I am now excited to purchase the rest of the series as well. Thought I will wait for them to go on clearance.


RogPalmerUK – The Fantasia box set’s in my eyes haven’t been a huge success, they’ve had pretty decent LE numbers but hardly any from this series have sold out, even though they’ve been spread out over almost a year and none have yet been reduced yet (which should be a Hit in its own right).  Maybe if these had be LE1000 or LE750, they would have been quicker sell outs and deemed more successful.  I can’t help but think these will soon be discounted once the last set has been released.    These characters aren’t strong enough to be a blind box series (though a Redux set might have been cool) or having some of these characters mixed into the Animation series, I still think this set is fantastic for anyone who loves Fantasia, but for me I haven’t really been that excited about them.  The other 7 sets that I haven’t brought just don’t shout buy me, I just don’t love the movie enough to warrant buying them.

@Pluchiot – My misses aren’t really misses but just not as unique/memorable when translated onto vinyl form along with other reasons. My first miss is Rite of Springs’ Dinos, the designs are flat and hardly resemble dinosaurs like the reddish-brown Dino resembling an angry turtle while the T-Rex is just bizarre. Another set that doesn’t cut it for me is Bald Mountain’s demons, well, just the light bluish femme demon where the maniacal flourish from the film is reduced to a relatively simple design. Believe me, I’d love the horned demon if it was a solo figure. As for my final miss, well, I’ll just say while Zeus is amazing, Vulcan is disappointing since Thomas Scott reused the Mad Hatter’s head. Otherwise I could construct my own nonStar-Trek Vulcan with that head and a John Henry variant.

 @Disneymart – My major miss in this series is seeing Mickey in his sorcerer robes without his sorcerer’s hat. I know he is still an apprentice but for a Fantasia series I really would have expected him to be in the iconic outfit that so many people associate him with. Secondly, I have to admit that if this was a blind box series, I would have bought lots of bloxes to get the ones I wanted, but being Window Boxes has taken away the opportunity of a bloxing fix and it has made it too easy for me to obtain the sets I wanted whilst avoiding the boring dinosaurs and uninspiring ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ figures!! I just feel that window boxes in general make collecting too easy and it removes the fun for me..

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter or PM.


It’s another new release Friday and today sees the release of the first Park Starz 2 Variant, the Glow in the Dark Tower of Terror Bellhop.  This figure is priced at $24.95, is a LE2000 and is Released online through Disneystore.com and at D-Street in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. variantbellhop

The final twin pack from the Fantasia series is released today at both D-Streets and through Disneystore.com.  This pack has a LE of 2000 and is priced at $24.95.

Also released yesterday on the Disney Cruise Line in Italy was the Italian Mickey with a LE1000.


Which one did you pick up?


The Vinylmation blog today posted a small reminder story about this Friday’s Fantasia #8 twin pack.

Fantasia Series 8

June 25 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

We’re delighted welcome the next set of Vinylmation™ from the Walt Disney’s Fantasia Series, celebrating the animated film released in 1940. This set features two, 3-inch figures inspired by artwork from this innovative feature.

400006977489-1-front 400006977489-2-front

Edition Size: 2,000
Release Date: June 28, 2013
Retail: $24. 95, plus tax per set
Location: Walt Disney World® Resort & Disneyland® Resort

Fantasia Series #8 stars Ben Ali Gator & Hyacinth Hippo from the Dance of the Hours segment of the film. The set will be released at the D-Street locations in Florida and California on Friday, June 28. These limited edition 3-inch figures were designed by Disney Design Group Artist, Thomas Scott.

Fantasia Bottom

400006977489-1 400006977489-2

Are you going to pick up this set?


The Official Vinylmation page has continued to be updated with more details on up and coming releases:

400006977489-2 400006977489-1

Fantasia Series 8

SKU: 400006977489

Retail Price: $24.95

Artist Name: Thomas Scott

Figure: 3-inch

Edition Size: 2,000

Disney Parks Release Date: June 28

Disney Parks Online Release Date: June 28


What do you think of these?


The Official Vinylmation.com blog posted pictures today of the new Fantasia #7 twin pack:

Fantasia Series #7

April 19 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

We’re getting ready to welcome the next set of Vinylmation™ from the Fantasia Series, celebrating the animated film released in 1940. This set features two, 3-inch figures inspired by artwork from the classic Walt Disney film.

 Zeus Vulcan

Location: Walt Disney World® Resort & Disneyland® Resort D Street Locations
Name: Fantasia Series #7: Pastoral Symphony
Retail: $24. 95, plus tax per set
Edition Size: 1,500

Fantasia Series #7 stars Zeus & Vulcan from the Pastoral Symphony segment of the film. The set will be released at the D-Street locations in Florida and California on Friday, April 26. These limited edition 3-inch figures were designed by Disney Design Group Artist, Thomas Scott.

Fantasia Bottom

400006977472 400006977472_2

Are you going to picking these up?


It’s another new release Friday and today see’s the release of the Fantasia #6 twin pack


MARCH 15, 2013 PRODUCT RELEASE Disney Parks Online & at Both D-Streets

  • Fantasia Series # 6, Harpy & Demon from Night on Bald Mountain, 3-inch figure set by Thomas Scott (Edition Size: 1,500 / Retail: $24.95)

Click here to order from Disneystore.com

fantasiaDisneystore.com are also running a Buy One Get One Free Promotion on blind boxes of Zooper Heroes, Robots 3 and Myths & Legends.

Are you going to be picking these up?


The Vinylmation Collections blog posted a story yesterday to promote their next Fantasia twin pack:

Vinylmation™ Fantasia Series 6

March 7 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Welcoming the next set of Vinylmation™ from the Fantasia Series, celebrating the animated film released in 1940. This series features two, 3-inch figures with artwork from the classic Walt Disney film.

Location: Walt Disney World® Resort & Disneyland® Resort Name: Fantasia Series #6: Night on Bald Mountain Retail: $24. 95, plus tax per set Edition Size: 1,500

Fantasia Series #6 stars Harpy & Demon from the Night on Bald Mountain segment of the film. The set will be released at the D-Street locations in Florida and California on Friday, March 15. These limited edition 3-inch figures were designed by Disney Design Group Artist, Thomas Scott.

400006967480_1 400006967480_2

What do you think of this set?