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Part 1

As I start my packing for a wonder trip on the Disney Wonder for a wonder 7-Day Caribbean cruise. It will be a wonderful cruise that I know will be lots of fun for me my wife and my son. After the cruise we head to WDW to experience our long time favorites like Spaceship Earth at Epcotand the all the new attractions and expansions that have opened since our last visit in 2012 like 7 Dwarfs Mine Train in the newly expanded Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.20.08 PM


This will be our first Disney cruise and we are all excited to experience all the “Disney Magic” we can handle. Our cruise takes us to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and of course Castaway Cay. There will be many fun things to discover at each port of call From Key West Aquarium, Grand Cayman Turtle farm, with a visit to Hell and so many other great experiences along the way. So what does this all mean in the world of vinylmations and the Vault? Well, everything of course.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.15.18 PM


We will have quite a few vinylmations that will make the Journey with us. Some will traders perhaps on the ship and of course in the park though so many have the trade boxes are now extinct. As for the others they will hopefully make cameos at their current or former place of residence and one lucky vinyl will be autographed by my favorite Park Starz 3 Dreamfinder’s Ron Schneider. So we will be taking a small army of vinylmations with us and each one will have their own purpose during this trip. But our absolute favorite vinyl will go with us everywhere. Well of course it will be Park 5 Carousel of Progress “John” from Park series 5.

He will go wherever we go! Now this type of Journey is not new to the world of vinylmation and has been done for as long as….well for a very long time


I hope this expanded Vinylmation Vault will be as entertaining for you as it will be for me.

Bon Voyage!

food wine 2014

In this video, Roger opens up a Chef Louie Eachez Vinylmation from the Food & Wine Festival which takes place at Epcot in Walt Disney World every year.  This Eachez release features Chef Louie from the Little Mermaid, in this video, Roger shares his thoughts on the figure.

What do you think of this years Food & Wine Eachez?

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2014-05-25 10.54.41

Vinylmation Vault looks at Retro EPCOT CENTER Vinylmations

This week on Vinylmation Vault we continue the exploration of Epcot inspired Vinylmations. Pulling out from the Vault will be Walt Disney Imagineering Master Planning, Park Series 8 Epcot Center 1982, Park 8 Future World Mickey and Park 4 EPCOT ‘82 Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.08.10 PM As most of you know the Project X was one of Walt’s last great Dreams of the Future. On October 27th 1966, which was to be one of Walt’s last television appearances before his death in December 15th 1966, did a television program detailing was Florida Project (Project X) was all about. If you have never seen the video just search “ Walt Disney’s Original EPCOT Film on YouTube. What is so uniquely special about this one is that it is the first Map Vinylmation to be produced. Actually the whole Imagineering set is rather unique with its Audio Animatronics, Landscaping, music and more. To help correlate what areas are there on the Vinylmation to the areas on the 1966 Map Walt see the following picture. The one area I was a little confused about was the top right ear so if you feel it’s a different area on the map please let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.07.59 AM

Park 8: EPCOT Center 82

Another great Epcot Vinylmation that deserves to be pulled out of the vault as well is the Park 8 EPCOT Center 82. This vinyl is inspired by the Vintage 1982 EPCOT CENTER Kodak Thumbwheel Map Guide & the smaller pocket map guide. Not having the guide itself is a little hard to guess the accuracy of the colors from guide to Vinyl but one can say that that colors that are used on the Vinyl are a nice representation of Blues, Oranges, Purples, and so forth to the maps.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.10.42 AM

Park 8: EPCOT, Future World Mickey

EPCOT, Future World Mickey from Park 8 also needs to be added to the Retro EPCOT CENTER lineup. Looking back now these outfits look rather dated but in the early 80’s these were dare I say “Radical” or “Awesome to the max? Sure why not. As a friend of mine said the outfits were like, “Astronaut meets Rainbow Brite”. One item worth mentioning about the 3” version is the fact that the jumpsuit has a glittery appearance just like the actual suit that the full size character. One last note that I just came upon while searching for pictures of the actual characters in the same outfit, as the vinyl was that there was also a character dining experience at the Odyssey Restaurant in 1991. What is even odder is that some of the photos I am sharing are from their dinning experience. Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.15.21 AM Keeping inline with rainbow rendition themed merchandise from the 80’s comes this Park 4 EPCOT ’82 Vinylmation. I just love the Sky Blue in the body with rainbow colored lines followed with the Spaceship Earth in the immediate front. And the last detail that I truly love is the inclusion of the seven original symbols that were operational when the park opened, well maybe give or take a month for accuracy’s sake. One thing that is great about the Vinylmation Vault is that one vinyl or even several like this weeks article was about can tell a story. Well what’s in store for next week vault? Don’t know it has not been opened back up yet.


Vinylmation Vault is a new column that I will be writing weekly. In this column we will be showcasing the history of Vinylmation and showing off random vinyls that were produced through the years and little tidbits on each.

What better way to start this off with the first Vinylmation that was ever introduced. Believe it or not the introduction of these vinyls was as simple as the 3″ blank white vinyl.

Who would think that Disney would start off this crazy, trendy new venture with something as simple as a blank Vinylmation. This vinyl was first introduced on November 7th, 2008 at Disney World’s annual “Festival of the Masters” in Downtown Disney.

These vinyls weren’t even sold in snazzy eye popping boxes back then, but something as plain as a little plastic bag. Excitement was still very high with the promise of soon being able to find your favorite character on one of the most interesting canvases to have ever been created.

Something as simple as this has turned into one of the hottest collector items that the house of mouse has ever produced. Vinylmation is alive and strong more than 5 years later now, and a great collector item for the Disney fan in all of us.


Took me long enough, but finally got to snap some photos of the Starz in Magic Kingdom and Epcot (still need to hit DHS and Animal Kingdom). Hope you enjoy these and can’t wait to continue the tour with Park Starz 3 this summer!


Robot Butler (Horizons)


Redhead (Pirates of the Caribbean)


Big Al (Country Bear Jamboree)


Bride (The Haunted Mansion)


Orange Bird (Sunshine Tree Terrace)


Figment (Journey into Imagination)


Funmeister (Pleasure Island – Downtown Disney)


Skeleton Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

photo 1

Jose (The Enchanted Tiki Room)

photo 2

Disc Man (Tapestry of Nations Parade – Epcot)

photo 3

Tree Troll (Maelstrom – Norway Pavilion, Epcot)

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.42.10 PM

Dead men tell no tales!


Can’t have Orange Bird without a Citrus Swirl!

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.50.58 PM


As always, if you like these and want to see more of my Park Starz and Vinylmation photos check out my Instagram account @ParkStarz! Thanks and hope you guys enjoy!

epcot food and wine 2013

Today sees the release of the new Silly Symphonies blind box Series which is based on the classic cartoon’s.  Each blind box is priced at $12.95 and is available at the Disney Parks as well as online through Disneystore.com.

Mickey Mouse presents a colorful collection of Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony characters from golden age cartoon classics

7511055880020-2  7511055880020 7511055880021

And on Disneystore.com, Beauty and the Beast blind boxes are now available again (though they might not last long!).

Also released today at Epcot in Walt Disney World is the Food and Wine Festival figure which features the new “variant” system which means the its sold in a blind box with a LE size of 2500 with a LE250 on the black and white version.  This figure is priced at $16.95 + tax and the artist is Thomas Scott.   These can usually be found in stores around the World Showcase lake and at Mouse Gears.

epcot food and wine 2013Are you going to be picking up any of these?


I am in the process of breaking down all of the fun pictures from my trip to Walt Disney World last week, but couldn’t wait to share with all of you Part 1 of an exciting project that took place down there.

Throughout the vacation, my Disney Infinity Toy Box opened up at various locations throughout WDW for some very fun photo shoots with your favorite Disney Infinity characters. Here we go….


Test Track, Epcot

The Toy Box was first spotted at Epcot’s Test Track ride, where the characters from CARS and CARS 2 came out to play.


After posing outside for the group shot, the gang wanted to go inside and visit the Chevrolet Showroom and have some fun with the Test Track design module.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

As beautiful as these care are, Francesco and Lightning McQueen think that they are superior, by far.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation... Crystal McQueen.

Mater would like to show off his newest creation… Crystal McQueen.


After that, the gang wanted to cool off nearby at the Cool Wash, where one can mist off and grab a cold drink or snack to beat the heat.

100_9412 100_9411


Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

From there, the Toy Box appeared over at DHS, where it opened up near the backlot by the Monster’s University Meet ‘n’ Greet. Sadly class was in evening session, so the real Mike and Sulley were not available. However, these guys still had fun, reliving their adventures around MU.


100_9601 100_9603 100_9602

The Incredibles Meet ‘n’ Greet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Across the park, the Toy Box opened up once again, this time in The Magic of Disney Animation. There, the gang from The Incredibles posed for some shots while they waited for the heroes to show.


What’s that? Syndrome has hatched a plan? It’s a good thing Frozone was there to save the day!


Well, that concludes Part 1. No worries, the Toy Box opened up throughout the week. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming early this week.



Today our Travis is in Walt Disney World for his first full day of his vacation for the Reflections of Evil event, today Travis has been visiting Epcot and has sent us in some photographs of the Vinylmation selection at Mouse Gears.  Here we can see plenty of Popcorns, Little Mermaids and lots of older series such as the On Stranger Tide open editions.

1231463_10100258359482600_565942872_n 581559_10100258359452660_1109047191_n 1240107_10100258359402760_647749125_n 1235007_10100258359372820_2036656638_n 1185069_10100258359347870_1428829631_n 1240627_10100258359317930_855840257_n

What would you pick up?



Hello and welcome back! I can see we have some returning guests and for those of you that are new, welcome to the tour!

Today we will look at all that is new in EPCOT. We will travel to the future to check out new technologies that await us in Future World. We will put on our thinking caps at Innoventions, talk about a possible “reFURBishment” to the Imagination pavilion, and Herbie and DJ explore new Test Track.

All that and more awaits you on the best tour of all. Where does this tour start you ask? Meet Me on Main Street!

Welcome to EPCOT!

Look a giant golf ball!

Look a giant golf ball!

The Main gate at Epcot is still undergoing changes as the middle section is now behind walls so that more of the RIFD turnstiles can be installed.

Do you know how many triangles make up Spaceship Earth? 11,324

Do you know how many triangles make up Spaceship Earth? 11,324

It was a very nice, hot day in EPCOT. I always wonder if anything will ever happen to the Leave a Legacy stones that are at the front of the park. I have never really taken the time to look at all of them, but there are some pretty funny pictures on there.

Want a faster way to time travel?

Want a faster way to time travel?

Spaceship Earth now has a Fastpass+ side to it. Will the attraction really ever need it? I don’t know, but do to the Fastpass+ initiative coming full force soon, all attractions are now getting Fastpass+ entrances. Since this is the first attraction most guests see when entering the park, long lines can form early in the morning, but have no fear, it usually moves very quickly.


Revenge of the Nerds!!!!

Revenge of the Nerds!!!!

Over in Innoventions West, IBM has recently opened up there new exhibit entitled THINK.

Great minds think alike!

Great minds think alike!

The exhibit features motion capture screens that reveal images and information about our global community. As you walk up to or by the screen, part of the image is revealed and with every new step or motion more is revealed.

NO, Great minds think for themselves!

NO, Great minds think for themselves!

Inside the exhibit there is a short presentation room that runs about every 15 minutes and more motion capture screens displaying information from computer processing, imaging, and digital mapping. The exhibit replaces IBM’s other exhibit in which you turned yourself into a video game character by the use of green screen technology and then played through a Mario Bros. style game with yourself being the character.

Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming

When this awening was installed a few months ago, I knew it probably was not just to give the Cast Members some shade. In fact like I stated before, every attraction is getting a Fastpass+ line and Nemo is no exception.

Finding fewer wait times?

Finding fewer wait times?

The wait was 5 min at the time of this picture at about 10 in the morning. Although at the same time Soarin’ had a 70 min wait and a Fastpass+ return time of 3:30-4:30PM.

MIne! MIne!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

After a few months of no talking allowed, the seagulls are back claiming there property in front of the attraction.

Grab the handrails so you don't LAND on your butt!

Grab the handrails so you don’t LAND on your butt!

Over at the Land Pavilion, the escalator on the right side is still being worked on. The other escalator is also shut down, but can still be used as stairs.



With the escalator being shut down, they opened up a detour on the bottom floor of the Land Pavilion that will take you out at the back of the Land Pavilion towards the Imagination Pavilion.

Time for a ReFURBishment!

Time for a ReFERBishment!

Speaking of the Imagination Pavilion, rumor-mill has the area being closed in early January for a full blown refurbishment. No official word or press release has been said about it, but much is speculated that characters from Phineas and Ferb will overtake the area. Will Figment remain? Most guests hope he does.

Captain No!

Captain NeO!

The Magic Eye Theater will also be shut down and Captain EO will be removed. It was nice to have it back, but after seeing it once, I was done. Again, no word on what will be replacing it, or if the theater will be torn down. Most rumors have a Phineas and Ferb meet and greet going in this location.

Stairway to Imageworks

Stairway to Imageworks

Thanks to some unofficial and banned videos on the internet, we do know that some of the items that were once accessible in the upstairs Imageworks still are there like the rainbow tunnel. What is to become of this area during the refurbishment? Will it ever see a guests eye again?

Create an Agent P?

Create an Agent P?

If the new characters do overtake the pavilion in the future, what will happen to our favorite purple dragon? Will he become a figment of our imagination? Now that the Kodak sponsorship has ended is there really a need for Imageworks at the end of the attraction? Only time will tell, but it might be time for one last visit to the Imagination Institute.

These guys are some real characters

These guys are some real characters

Gawrsh! Goofy somehow managed to find Dr. Salinsky’s Shrink Ray machine and got himself shrunk to 3 inches. He wanted to come by the newly redesigned Character Spot though to see some of his friends.


The line was only about 15 minutes when I went by, but as you can see it could be much longer.

Oh Mickey!

Oh Mickey!

Mickey had a quick chuckle when he saw Goofy had his accident. I assured him Goofy was ok. New to the Character Spot is the Epcot themed backdrops. Notice the Communicore logo on the TVs on the right side.

Hey Pluto!

Hey Pluto!

Pluto said Bark! Bark! and let out a he he when he saw Goofy. This backdrop has futuristic transportation tubes as well as the Monorail and Soarin’ gliders.

Yoo-Hoo Hello!

Yoo-Hoo Hello!

Minnie just shook her head and said oh well! This backdrop has the EPCOT park on the FL map. Although the actual park entrance is on the north side so the image should be reversed.

Starbucks at EPCOT!

Starbucks at EPCOT!

The Fountain View restaurant (which once served Edy’s ice cream) is finishing up its transformation into a new Starbucks location.

Coffee fountain?

Coffee fountain?

A few leaked pictures shows the inside having a more futuristic looking shop which will go with the theme of the area.


Boo to You!

Boo to You!

Halloween time is coming to the parks in its early fashion as normal. The first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starts Sept. 10th. Most of the merchandise is available property wide, but there are some specific items that are mainly found in larger shops like Mouse Gear.

Creepy Wallpaper everywhere!

Creepy Wallpaper everywhere!

New this year is the singing busts ornament set and shot glasses.

Villains 4?

Villains 4?

With Halloween comes more Villains stuff. Im hoping we will see these and more at the Trade event in September.

We are the good habit heroes!

We are the good habit heroes!

Over at Innoventions East across from Sum of All Thrills is the new Habit Heroes exhibit. Originally tested and opened in early 2012, the exhibit closed due to fan backlash concerning bad habits being considered villains like being obese, smoking, and depression. The attraction re-opened almost a year later with a new premise and deleted the villain aspect of it and it is pulling in some good wait times.

Yo Mr. Herbie, Hello Mr. DJ

Yo Mr. Herbie, Hello Mr. DJ

With the new Test Track being open for almost a year, the fan community is split down the middle on it. I thought why not take a classic car like Herbie and a newer car like DJ and take them around the attraction to see the recent changes.


The attraction still has its stand by, single rider, and Fastpass+ lines. Gone is the crash-test dummy motif of yellow and black. The que now has colors of neon blue and slim line graphics of concept cars and cars of the future.

The car of the future

The car of the future

The next part of the que has you entering the design phase of the attraction where you can design your own car, truck or compact car using the 4 elements of the attraction which are: power, efficiency, capability, and responsiveness. You then ride the attraction and “tests” are done based on those 4 characteristics.

who won?

who won?

After the ride is over, there are multiple showrooms to explore. The first is a screen that shows the overall best design of the day and the  best designs in each category. Tap your Magic Band or card that was given out to see how your creation did.

Test Track 500

Test Track 500

Another extra after the ride is a figure 8 race track that you can upload your concept car and race against other guests designs.

Like a rock!

Like a rock!

The final showroom has Chevrolet cars and trucks that you can sit in an look at much like the old Test Track showroom. The stages that used to have curtains opening up every few minutes to reveal cars is now gone and in its place are picture spots. You can either take pictures with a real Chevy car like a Camaro at an exotic location, or your vehicle that you designed against a green screen.


Overall the ride itself is the same, with new scenery and audio. I prefer the old Test Track ride, but I do love the new look of it and the interactivity the design element brings to the attraction. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Sadly, that will end this portion of our EPCOT tour. Don’t worry, next week we will travel the world as we embark on a world showcase. As always I hope you enjoyed the tour and please comment below on what you liked, didn’t like, or what you would like to see more of. You can pick up the tour next week on the #1 street in the world:

Meet me on Main Street!








As soon as the Vinylmation community heard/saw the fact that we were being featured in a “Limited Time Magic” promotion, a crazy sense of joy has all overcome us. What would this be? How will Vinyls be incorporated? What is the special prize and how much of a nominal fee would it be to obtain the prize? Slowly the two park maps that were featuring the event showed up with the stickers. Then came the nominal fee of only $4.95. Only one thing was left. And then it was answered.

For completing the quest you would receive………one of four Jr. pair keychain sets. BOOM!

Well maybe not that much of a mind blow as we all had anticipated. Some were speculating it could be some secret vinyl. Others thought it would be a give-a-way much like the ones at Comic Con over the summer (wish I could have gotten my hands on one of the Ralph ones). The big daddy thought was going to be the unveiling of a hidden Flower and Garden Festival figure that would have been given out since this weeks “magic” would be taking place during the festival. I would have preferred any of those options to what actually is the prize, but honestly I don’t mind the Jr. packs either.

Lets get on with the Egg-Venture!


Park map and stickers for EPCOT Photo: Disneyparksblog

Park map and stickers for EPCOT
Photo: Disneyparksblog

You can pick up your maps and stickers at 3 locations.

  • Pin Station
  • World Traders
  • Port of Entry

We got ours at the Pin Station since we got to the park before World Showcase had opened and we knew we would be going around the world visiting the marketplaces for the festival-more on that later. You can start in either direction once you hit World Showcase but we chose to start on the Canada side because we were following the Festival Passport-again, more on that later.

There may be some spoilers ahead of the locations of some of the easter eggs. If you wish to skip ahead you should do so now. Otherwise its time to play Find the Egg, Guess the Country. Im going to post the locations of all the eggs in a random order. Its your job to guess the country. Ill post the answers at the bottom.

Note: We couldn’t find the egg in China although we walked everywhere. So don’t guess China.











Here is the completed map and answers:

Chip is around China somewhere!

Chip is around China somewhere!


Once you are done finding all of your eggs, you can take your park map completed or not back to the Port of Entry shop to claim your prize.

Choose wisely! Photo:

Choose wisely!

They have the 4 boxes under egg halves and you choose one. If you don’t like the one you picked you can ask to see the other options.

Photo: vinylmationworld.com

Photo: vinylmationworld.com

The 4 packs are Goofy, Simba, Tinkerbell, and Donald. The promotion says “while supplies last” so by the end of the week there might only be a few characters left, but when I went it looked like they had many boxes of them.

The egg hunt itself was fun, but not that challenging (except for China). It was definitely intended for children as a majority of the eggs were found along the main walkway around the world. I would have loved it if they put the eggs more IN each of the pavilions because that would have made you walk into each country to really experience what they have to offer.

What made this more fun for us was that the 20th International Flower and Garden Festival was happening and this year started the addition of the food booths added to the festival. Much like Food and Wine in the fall, the Flower and Garden Festival is now issuing “passports” to help you plan your day around the festival. These free booklets are a fun addition and all of the gardens, topiaries, marketplaces, and experiences that the festival has to offer are in the book. Even if you don’t plan on trying any of the food and beverage options that they are offering, its fun to just go around to all the booths and get your passport stamped.

If you do want to try some of the food and drink offerings, here are some of the featured items:

  • Dole® Whip with spiced Rum
  • Heirloom tomatoes with house mozzarella
  • ratatouille
  • frushi
  • Pulled Pig Slider
  • Lasagna Primavera
  • Spring Pancake
  • organic tequila flight
  • watermelon salad



Well that raps up another trip report. Please comment below and thanks for reading.