The Hong Kong Scrappers continue to give us previews of the up and coming Trading Night Vinylmations and this time it’s a Dumbo figure.  This figure has a LE450 with another 50 clear variant figures released as part of the Eachez line and these will only be available at official trading events that take place at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  We currently do not know what figures will be available at which event as we have had no official information on this nor of any events outside of March but we do now know about 7 different figures:

  • Oswald
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Figment
  • Stitch
  • Agent P
  • Dumbo
  • Mike

As with any Scrapper, we do not recommend anyone purchase these as they are usually damaged goods with flaws and were thrown in the dumpster for a reason.


dumbo 2 dumbo

What do you think of Dumbo?


In the past couple of days we have found out about a number of unreleased figures found in the trade boxes at the Reflections of Evil event, which included a Animation 1 Tarzan and some Shellie May’s.

Our friends over Vinylmation Exchange have shared an image feature two more unreleased figures found in those trade boxes by Exchange members.

BUY-Nw0IQAA8WutThanks to Vinylmation Exchange and their members for sharing these images.

What do you think about these unreleased figures?


One of the most popular attractions at Disney Parks across the world is Dumbo which is based on the character from the 1941 animated feature, the sixteen ride vehicles each resemble Dumbo and are mounted on articulated armatures connected to a rotating hub. The passengers ride in the “Dumbos” and can maneuver them up and down with a joystick that operates a hydraulic ram. The ride itself rotates counterclockwise at a constant rate.

Dumbo originally opened in 1955 just a short period after Disneyland opened and for each park opening across the globe in Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the ride was recreated.

While over the years there has been a few slight variations such as colours as well as what Timothy was holding in the middle which is either a whip or a feather.   There are other slight variations across the world as Tokyo doesn’t have a Disco ball in the middle as it has a hot air balloon.   And over at the Magic Kingdom, in 2011/12 the Dumbo ride was moved to the new Storybook area and given a major overhaul with a second ride being placed next to it, to allow more visitors to ride it since it is always extremely popular with families.

As you might expect, being a major attraction at the parks means that is has a place in the hearts of most Disney Park visitors and as such, it has been transferred to the Vinylmation format on a few occasions.

In Park 9, Dumbo was represented by a simple vinyl representing the ride and the ride was also featured in the Disneyland 55th Anniversary 9” collection which shows visitors sat in the ride itself.

The character was also represented in the Popcorn’s series with a special Variant edition which is only available in Walt Disney World as it was launched at the Mickey’s Circus event to tie in with the soft-launch of the new Storybook circus area and re-launched ride.  The variant edition features Dumbo with face paint on which is a nod to a scene in the movie.

Dumbo is also represented a few other times in other series which aren’t directly associated with the ride but with the movie.  Specifically the Dumbo vinyl from the Disney Store 25th Anniversary blind box series.

Also at the Mickey’s Circus event, a special gift was given out to all attendee’s which featured Dumbo as a junior with his mother as a 3” in a lovely looking gift set which saw the box designed as a circus tent.  This also tied in with the launch of the Storybook Circus that summer.  Dumbo was also featured in another combo pack from the previous years trading event “The Florida Project” which was named after Walt Disney World’s original codename.

When the Hong Kong Disneyland park celebrated their 5th anniversary, they created 2 special edition Vinylmation’s to mark the event with Dumbo once again being featured as a major character from the park.

Over the years both the Attraction and Movie have inspired the artists to create a wide selection of Dumbo related Vinyls and the ride will continue to thrill children and adults for years to come.



I am super excited to be able to share with you a first hand account of the opening weekend of BOTH New Fantasyland and Test Track. When I found out that friends and forum members Jimmy (floydnjanicefan) and Scott (SPMorris) were going down last weekend, and staying at the new Art of Animation Resort, I asked them if they would grace us with their experiences during the weekend.


So, take it away Scott…

We had had our WDW trip planned for months when they had announced that the New Fantasyland would be opening on our very first day. I had very mixed feelings on this, because as excited as I was to experience the New Fantasyland, I dreaded the crowds that it would bring on what I expected to be a very slow period. We took a 6AM flight, so we got to our hotel, the brand new Art of Animation Resort, around 10AM. After seeing the previews of the Cars-themed buildings, I was so excited for the Little Mermaid rooms we were staying in. Having said that, it was a bit of a let-down. The theming of the Little Mermaid buildings seemed much more on-par with an All-Star resort, and our bedspread already had a stain on it. 

548720_10100800206736085_1326475678_n 380634_10100800206751055_469299585_n 222346_10100800225633215_1634328717_n 531859_10100800213497535_2058166707_n

532411_10100800229979505_91182074_n 179561_10100800229994475_1094337365_n IMG_8830 3879_10100800225693095_1667125674_n

199496_10100800206671215_1056717377_n 205049_10100800213632265_1254170340_n 154473_10100800213677175_1448443985_n

We managed to get to the Magic Kingdom on our first day around 11, and after riding Space Mountain, we made a beeline for the newly expanded Fantasyland. We managed to ride Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid with only about a 20 minute wait. The queue for the line was beautiful and fairly interesting, with little holographic crabs crawling out in various frames and nooks carrying different objects. It was a novel idea, but nothing spectacular or special. The ride itself was okay. It’s comparable with the other story rides (Peter Pan’s Flight) but was a little too abridged for my taste.

532559_10100800212719095_1374594175_n 598413_10100800213238055_771927439_n IMG_9053


After this we went on the newly reopened Goofy’s Barnstormer, again with a fairly short wait. I didn’t know much about the Barnstormer before this, but was letdown with how short the ride was. I hadn’t expected it to be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it was maybe 30 seconds long.


We decided to roam through the stores looking for Grand Opening merchandise, and I was surprised by how little they had and how rude the cast members were. The only thing available were tee-shirts, and I had to ask 3 different cast members before finding it. The first two, standing outside the main circus shop, repeatedly told me that this wasn’t opening day, everything had been open for weeks. They finally told me there were tee-shirts inside the store, but gave me the wrong location. I found another cast member who brought me to a different area and showed me the tee-shirts.


We also saw Rapunzel’s Tower, which was a surprise! I had no idea they were building this into Fantasyland. You can’t quite reach it yet, so I’m not sure if there’s a point beyond decorative, but still- really cool!

IMG_9071 [Editor’s Note: Rapunzel’s Tower was erected where the old Fantasyland Skyway station was located. From other pictures that have surfaced, it looks purely decorative. One drawback is that you can clearly see it inside Liberty Square, so it sort of detracts from the feel of the Square and the Haunted Mansion.]

After our shopping experience, we left Fantasyland and had dinner with our entire party (10 people all together!) at Liberty Tree Tavern. We kept an eye on wait times for Fantasyland, but everything had exploded to a 1 hour plus wait time.

The next day we went to Epcot, and went straight to Test Track. This was the official re-opening, and even with running there at opening, we had about a 25 minute wait. The entire queue was given a much more futuristic look. it was interesting and different. When you get taken in, you’re given a white key card that stores your information. Each person/pair goes up to a computer station where you design your own car, focusing on power, efficiency, responsiveness and capability. You could choose the shape, color, tires, boosters, etc. This was a lot of fun, and we were all really excited to see how our cars performed. When you’re about to get on the ride, you tap your card again so it loads your vehicle. The ride itself was the same as before, except the temperature section was replaced with an efficiency section, testing out how “green” your car is. The appearance of the ride is very heavily Tron-inspired. After the ride, you have the option of tapping your card at various kiosks to see how your car performed. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for anyone and no one was around to help. 

IMG_9200 IMG_9188


On Sunday we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and used it as an opportunity to re-visit New Fantasyland. We went on the Dumbo rides for the first time, and I really loved the new queue area. Parents now get a buzzer and their children can play in a circus-themed play area until it’s time to get on the ride. Despite the addition of a second ride, our wait was still about 30 minutes.


Next we went to meet Madame Daisy Fortuna and Minnie Magnifique! The wait time was posted at 20 minutes, but it definitely was more like 40. Maybe it’s because I don’t have children, but if you’re child doesn’t want to take a picture with a character, I don’t think the cast members should spend 10 minutes trying to coerce your youngin’. Prepare your child beforehand, you get maybe 2 minutes and then move on. 

IMG_0183 598465_10100800230238985_293673661_n

For our final day, we went back to Magic Kingdom and went straight for New Fantasyland. Our first stop was Enchanted Tales with Belle. The wait time was about 25 minutes, but once you get into Belle’s cottage, it’s beautiful and interesting. There’s a painting in it of what is either Belle as a toddler and her mother, or a slightly aged Belle and her toddler daughter. I really can’t tell.


You get taken into Maurice’s workshop where you see the many chandeliers he’s made for Belle. After that, you go through a “magic mirror” that transports you into the Beast’s castle. Madame De La Grande Bouche then assigns roles to everyone, and you proceed into the library where Lumiere is waiting to surprise Belle with the story of how she and the Beast met. Not exactly a romantic story (I kidnapped your father! Now you’re my prisoner!), but it works, I suppose. Our Belle was hilarious, though clearly she attended the Miley Cyrus school of acting.

44767_10100800232748955_629589673_n 543972_10100800232768915_2102958986_n IMG_0568

We walked around Fantasyland a bit longer then got in line for Be Our Guest for lunch. We got in line a little after 10, and were far from being the first in line. Once the restaurant opened at 10:30, the line moved very quickly and you proceed to a kiosk to order your food. After this, you proceed to your table and they magically know where to bring your food. The dining rooms were not as beautiful as I expected them to be. The food, however, was pretty delicious. My brother and his family went for dinner and said the entire experience was magical. 


154687_10100800232888675_482461160_n 16179_10100800232803845_371303761_n 481649_10100800212684165_369925898_n


Overall, the New Fantasyland was a beautiful let-down. They put a lot of thought into the design and aesthetics, but the rides themselves were mediocre. We spent a lot of time there because it was brand new, but it wouldn’t be a major destination in any future visits. 


Thanks for the synopsis, Scott! I have a feeling that parts of it will let me down when I get to experience New Fantasyland myself in a few weeks. However, that does not make me beyond excited. I saw during the opening ceremonies of New Fantasyland that there is a walk around Dumbo character. This pic has been floating around on Tumblr:


I swear, if there is a Dumbo Meet & Greet, I will literally freak.

Remember, I am on the lookout for Disney Theme Park Holiday Pics for next week. If at anytime over the years, you took a holiday inspired picture at any of the Disney theme Parks, I would like to share them on here. You can email them to me at travis@vinylmationkingdom.com. If you or other family members are in the pic, I would appreciate a note on who so I can tag the picture accordingly.

Have a great weekend.