We always like to share photos of the Vinylmation selection at stores and VK reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto has sent in some photos from Disneyland’s D-Street & even Star Traders.


Vinylmation Kingdom reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto headed over to Downtown Disney at Disneyland, California this past Friday evening to share what Vinylmation is available in the World of Disney store and in D-Street which shows plenty of the new releases including Afternoon Series 2 and Park Starz variants.

World of Disney

1150145_592398833736_1314402806_n 1095098_592398818766_332192325_nDowntown Disney

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Thanks to Kiyoshi Kuramoto for sending us these photos.

If you would like to send in the Vinylmation selection from your local store, feel free to get in touch.


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While lots of the focus this weekend will be over in Los Angeles at the D23 Expo, there are a couple of big new releases that are also out on Friday, that have been put on display at D-Street at Walt Disney World.  Our friends Vinylmation Exchange posted a couple of images of the new display via Twitter (@VinylmatXchange) featuring the variant Park Starz 2 Hitchhiking Ghost Gus and the Black and White variant Popcorn Donald Duck.

BRA8adoCAAEVHMw.jpg large BRA8rdkCYAAth41.jpg large


Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange for images


Over at D-Street at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, the window display has been updated with pictures of the Park Starz 2 Variants – Pirates of the Caribbean set and the new Park 12 Country Bears set.  Vinylmation Kingdom Tavern member Robert Speich posted some pictures of the new display at D-Street.

598377_10101939831508951_1010526720_n 1012192_10101939831419131_951327722_n

Also Vinylmation Kingdom Trading member Patrick Comstock shared a photograph of what is currently available behind the counter at D-Street in Orlando.



Thank you to Robert Speich and Patrick Comstock for sharing their photos.

What do you think of these?


Vinylmation Kingdom reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto visited Disneyland, California on Independence Day this week and took some photographs of the Vinylmation selection in some of the stores including D-Street and stores in both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Here’s the display from Julius Katz & Sons in DCA:

1010284_587278235456_1754061765_n 1044575_587278215496_910196704_n 998338_587278200526_1690068552_n

Display at Fly n Buy in DCA:

1010295_587278325276_1066095765_n dca 994835_587278310306_2098242218_n

Display at Off the Page in DCA:

993899_587278529866_684272652_n 580506_587278509906_515578680_n 1044722_587278489946_71917491_n 1003083_587278460006_549950460_n 1011794_587278435056_779475239_n 1017130_587278420086_358605095_n

Display at Star Trader in Disneyland:

998343_587278699526_1239025314_n 1044793_587278679566_2122008287_n 946843_587278664596_1264902506_n 998844_587278649626_1181570311_n

And finally, here is the selection from D-Street, California.

1016804_587278983956_21523724_n 1003815_587278968986_326731688_n 1012004_587278954016_793392623_n 995908_587278854216_109081133_n 995419_587278839246_2066326307_n 1044478_587278819286_1112488881_n 969162_587278799326_158252872_n 1005724_587278784356_862806983_n 1004465_587278769386_696150216_n

What you be spending your money on if you were in these stores?


Our trading partner, Vinylmation Exchange today posted some photos via twitter (@vinylmatXchange) from D-Street, Walt Disney World which features a new display for the Oz twin packs plus a new store layout since they have removed the table filled with vinyls.


It’s another big Friday release day.

In D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Park 10 is released at $12.95.

Also out today in selected stores in the US is the Geisha Minnie which is priced at $9.99.

Also available today from are two brand new 9″‘s

Urban 8 – Urban 8 9″ toilet paper and boy 3″ and is priced at $74.95 with a LE1000.

And the Urban 8 Monster 9″ with 3″ which is also $74.95 and is a online exclusive with a LE1500.

Click here to Order

Click here to Order

What do you think of these new releases?

Aw5fvo7CMAEPBSl.jpg large

Thanks to @Intercot we have got our first look at the new Animation 2 9″ Humphrey and Ranger J.Audubon Woodlore 9″ & 3″ combo which will be released at D-Street on July 6th and on on 20th July and has a limited edition number of 1200 and is priced at $74.95.

Also on display is the new ESPN World Wide Sports 3″ Open Window and will be released on July 6th at D Street and will be priced at $12.95.


Both of these are on display at D-Street in Walt Disney World, Orlando.