Documentary film maker David Jarrett has sent some information about his latest project based on the Reflections of evil event.

Save the date! On October 17, documentary filmmaker David invites you to join an all-star cast of Vinylmation collectors -Travis D from New York, Savannah from Wisconsin, and Jay and Tracie from Florida – as they experience the 2013 Reflections of Evil Vinylmation Showcase event at Walt Disney World!

This new film Vinylmation Vacation: “Evilmation” goes beyond the Vinylmation Showcase! From the events leading up to Registration to a special recap at its finale, enjoy insider analysis from Vinylmation Exchange administrators Jon Plesz & Casey Haute along with a demonstration of Vinylmation power-trading with Bigg Rob. This film also features the amazing talents of independent custom Vinylmation artists Mike Vetrone, Gillian Rice, Dylan Pommer, Mirande Legendre, and Heather Kattelman as they show off event-exclusive custom designs in never-before-seen interviews.

You’ll go to the head of the line for a 1st-hand look at the biggest Vinylmation event of the year as you experience the magic of Vinylmation trading with hundreds of collectors! Share the excitement of limited edition Vinylmation purchase opportunities! Discover the mystery of the Showcase Trade Boxes! Which one did you get? It’s all here in one glorious feature produced by the fans for the fans. Featuring an orchestrated score, this film will get you stoked out of your skull for all things Vinylmation, Disney’s hottest collectible!

Vinylmation Vacation: Evilmation prem”ears” on YouTube on October 16 at 9 PM EST /8 PM central, just one hour after the Toy Story of Terror debuts on ABC TV.* Pop some popcorn and immerse yourself in the action!

* No affiliation or endorsement by Disney is implied.

Join the public Facebook Event invite link here and throw your own viewing party (it’s customary and good etiquette to give away vinyl bloxes to your friends at such events):

Can’t make the big premiere? Watch online anytime after the premiere ends! You can subscribe to David’s YouTube channel here for updates, including a notification when it’s live to watch:

For the mouse,

Dave Jarrett


A few months ago we showed off a docu-film called “ Vinylmation Vacation ” which was made by one of our readers, David Jarrett.  He is planning on making a new documentary at the Villains 13 – Reflections of Evil event and needs some assistance from the people going to the event for the project.

In this short film, Vinylmation collector & filmmaker David sends out an invitation to anyone attending the 13 Reflections of Evil Vinylmation Showcase. Would you like to participate in making a fun fan documentary about the event? David is looking for indie custom artists, casual traders, musicians, and potential stars (!) to volunteer & collaborate on the project!


If you would like to be involved, be sure to get in contact with David via email (


vinylmationvacationVinylmation Kingdom reader David Jarrett contacted us today to exclusivity share a documentary video about his recent Vinylmation Vacation.

This video is a fantastic video for any Vinylmation collector to see what’s going on in Walt Disney World in respects to Vinylmation and being at a trading event along with an artist signing.


I made this documentary to introduce some friends back home to what Vinylmation buying and trading was all about, but the story grew in the telling. For on my trip, I attended the April Trade Night where I met 2 Disney artists as well as some custom artists, went to the May 2013 Disney Artist signing at Pin Traders, made a bunch of trades at the parks using Vinylmation Kingdom’s Mouse Vault app (at the 4:00 & 44:33 minute marks!), and attempted to blindbox the entire Animation series 3 collection (including my quest to find my new favorite vinyl: Nessie, the chaser), which is the basis for the “story” of the film.

What trades did I get at the trade night? Did I manage to complete my Animation 3 collection with my new favorite Nessie? And what pivotal role did Dumbo play in the story? I guess you’ll have to watch and find out! Here’s to hoping I perhaps “earn” that Han Solo with a compelling story of my recent “Vinylmation Vacation.”

Official Description:

This documentary tells a fantastic story of one man’s Walt Disney World vacation driven by the thrill of the chase of Vinylmation collecting! Featuring an original soundtrack, you’ll experience the mystery of blind-boxing, Vinylmation trading at the theme parks (as well as an official Disney trade night), and meet several Disney Design Group artists along this epic journey. The clock is ticking to complete a collection… and the hunt is on! So “which one did you get?”

You can find the Video on Youtube by clicking here
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