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The Trade Game – Chasing the Chaser

Chasing a chaser, or variant can be one of the most thrilling parts of collecting Vinylmation.  There is no better feeling than picking up a lonely blind box in a near empty tray and opening it to reveal the chaser of the set. We all remember that first chaser we …

trade game

The Trade Game – The Outlets

Every collector likes to save money on their Vinylmation purchases. Sometimes we can find deals on social media boards, and sites like eBay, but not every collector seems to know about another option; Disney Outlets. Disney’s biggest outlets are in Florida, and out of reach for many. Those outlets though do seem to …


Out of the Box – Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I’ll be featuring “Out of the Box” each week with the aim of highlighting a vinylmation/combo pack and talking about the vinylmation’s history- everything from the inspiration to the Disney history to its release. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Disney Afternoon Series 1 …

Mickey: Buff or Biff?

Marry, Blox, Kill. – December 2013

Welcome back to “Marry, Blox, Kill.” Here’s a little refresher on how the game is played… Marry: You marry what you love (or what’s close to death and as rich as Uncle Scrooge.) Blox: The verb form of “blind box,” the act of buying a blind box Vinylmation not knowing what’s inside. …


Marry, Blox, Kill. – October 2013

Welcome to a new column, “Marry, Blox, Kill.” You may have heard of a game by a similar name, but let me just give you a quick handy guide… Marry: You marry what you love (at least, that’s how its supposed to work.) Blox: The verb form of “blind box,” …