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The Vinylmation Critic: BIG HERO 6 REVIEW!

The Vinylmation Critic Editorial: BIG HERO 6 REVIEW! For those of you who have been living under a rock, or haven’t been touched by Disney’s terrible marketing, Big Hero 6 came out today! So my review is gonna be full of spoilers but here are a couple short spoiler-free sentences for those of you who …

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The Vinylmation Critic Review: The Jungle Book

The Vinylmation Critic Review: The Jungle Book Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book (originally released in 1967) is famously known for being the last movie that had Walt’s direct input. The movie is largely known for it’s music, most notably The Bare Necessities, and it’s singer, Baloo. I don’t know much …


Stitch Toy Box Game Disc Coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

So, Blogger Bash had a VIP Event prior to Sweet Suite Thursday night. Since the VIP Event was being sponsored by Activision/ Skylanders Trap Team, I never would have guessed that John Vignocchi would have made a presentation about Disney Infinity. Well, he did, and a picture sent in to …