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The official vinylmation blog today posted a story about Cutesters En Vogue variants


Vinylmation Cutesters Series 5 Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 en Vogue Variant Revealed

April 4 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 – enVogue was released this past Friday, March 29, 2013. Here is a look at the variants released for this collection.

Cutesters Variant Cutesters Variant

The Blue Dress Girl was designed by Disney Design Group artist Thomas Scott and the Yellow Roses figure was designed by Martha Widener.

This series was released at D Street in California and Florida as well as online at the Disney Parks Online Store –


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Cutesters En Vogue.

Cutesters en Vogue


RogPalmerUK – Cutesters En Vogue, erm…now I am going to say, I don’t like any of them but I’m going to keep that for the Misses, however there are lots of good things about this series, I like the new smaller case size, having just 8 designs and a case size of 16 is good for collectors, having smaller cases are going to make it easier for people to complete sets and if Disney want to keep churning out series after series, this is a good way of counteracting the finance side of things for collectors.  I also think adding a Minnie Mouse mold is a good idea, there is no reason why we can’t have a variation on the mold, most collectors have got past the mold argument and I think putting “girly” designs on a Minnie mold is a smart idea.  I’ve got to give Disney credit for changing things up a little.

 SallySkellington13 – From Cutesters En Vogue I defnitely think there are more hits like the kitty, the clear pet purse and the variant pet purse, the black dress, and the blue dress.

Mark – The Cutesters Series is a series where I thought series 1 was pretty decent (I have 3 in my collection from Series 1 and only 1 from Series Too), but all of the following series have just not appealed to me. Cutesters En Vogue has really done its best to set itself apart from my taste in vinylmation. The positives that can be taken from this series is that it is a step in the right direction from Cutesters Like You & Cutesters At The Beach. I like that they’re utilizing the new Minnie mold to mix things up as well as including variants to entice collectors who are after rare vinyls. I find that the Roses vinyl is an attractive vinyl that makes use of the whole vinyl & has a nice use of the bows. The other vinyl that looks good is the Black Dress. I feel that she fits on the new mold well and she has the best facial expression of all the Dress vinyls.

Imagination Parade – Hits – I actually really like this set. As a young woman with at least a moderate interest in fashion, I think I’m probably closer to the target audience for these than a lot of other collectors on this site. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Minnie mold when we first saw just a plain white version of it, but I think it works well with these designs and will probably make them even more appealing to some girls.   The Kitty and the Poodle are both very cute, and I could see them being big hits with little girls. I also like the Flapper girl (red dress) and the girl in the black dress. I love the facial expression and the design of the flapper, and the girl in the black dress, though her smile seems a bit too big, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I also love how they incorporated the Minnie bow into her hairstyle.


First I must admit I am a fan of the Cutesters Series. Though the Cutesters Like You was a bit harder to like but still I liked them. How I got interested in them was through my wife as she enjoyed collecting them. When the Cutesters En Vogue was announced I was excited with great anticipation. When I got my first glimpse of the new Mold and a few of the designs I could not wait. Now this series is one the first, as you already know is part of the smaller sets and announced Variants and Super Chasers. I’m not sure if I like the smaller sets but as all things Disney I learn quickly to like and accept them. Hits: The new Mold and edition side is a hit for me for now.

Poodle: I would have to say that this is one of my lowest like. Not that it belongs in the Misses Colum but borders on the trying to be cute figure. But the color and design look nice.

Kitty; Love the Matte finish that they used on all of them as it works well with the series. Having said that, the White Kitty with its yellow bow on top and with the lavish collar steels the show.

Pink Dress: At this point the theming starts to take the names theme very well. The Pink Dress Cutester is just wonderful. All aspects of this Vinyls namesake come into play. Well Done.

Yellow Dress and its Variant: They both look the part with nice colors and dresses. But I would say I like the Variant better. The Blue Dress Vinyl is conservative and elegant. I do love the Yellow but the Blue wins. Chaser and Super Chaser: Taking from the elegant look of all the En Vogue Cutesters comes the “Flower Bucket. Sorry it’s pronounces Bouquet. The Yellow are nice. But Red Roses are more appropriate for the series. But I love them both.

Black Dress aka “Audrey Hepburn” I must say I love this one a lot. If you have seen breakfast at Tiffany’s you must admit that this Cutester is purely elegant. I wish they did a few more like this one! This one is perfect.


RogPalmerUK – It’s well known about my dislike for Crapsters,  I accept that this brand of Vinylmation is aimed primarily at the female market (though there are many guys who do enjoy them).  To me, this set doesn’t shout anything about Disney, if you took away the ears, they might not even be a Disney release.  There isn’t a single one of this series I want to have in my collection, that’s not to say they aren’t good designs.

 SallySkellington13– I think the misses with this are the roses, all the other colored dresses, and the poodle. I also think another miss is the fact that it’s virtually the same girl in all of the dresses. I wish they would have done different girls for different dresses. The roses are very oddly designed as well. I think they could have designed this series a little bit better. But I would consider buying these over the urban redux.

Caroline Chapman – I know some people are really excited about these, but I’m afraid I aren’t! I would rather save my pennies for the other new series like A3 which are due out soon.

Mark – While this whole series is considered a miss for me, since I don’t plan to add any of these to my collection, there are some designs that I feel are weaker than the rest. The Pet Purse vinyl just doesn’t seem to work for me since it looks like the dog is coming out of a closed purse. The Poodle is another design I feel that is not as strong since the face makes the vinyl look 2 dimensional. Lastly, although none of the vinyls have eyes showing, the Pink Dress looks like she’s sleeping. And with her pale skin, if you lay her down, it kind of looks like she’s passed away.

Imagination Parade -Misses – The girl in the pink dress would be my first miss, for no real reason other than just she seems a little plain compared to the other three girls. I’m also a little underwhelmed with the chaser & its variant. I’m not a huge fan of the green base color. The one with the yellow roses, especially, kind of veers towards Christmas color territory. I’m not sure what I would’ve rather seen for a chaser, but in a set full of faces, the flowers almost seem a little out of place.

WDWRobert – Red Dress: This is a miss for me as I think I figure what they are looking for is a 20’s Flapper Gal in an eager smile. Thus the look on her face just looks odd. But the rest of her looks fine. But her odd smile just makes her look odd.

Pet Purse Clear and Pet Purse Variant: I get the whole Cutester thing and would consider in a group of 12 I would understand this one. But in this case, no! I must admit I don’t like smaller Dogs. Though I see them all the time with their master helping them to drive their cars. What great helpers they are. But alas I do not like them at all.

If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@RogPalmerUK), email ( or PM on the forum.

en vogue

It’s Good Friday and today sees the release of Cutesters En Vogue blind box series.  This blind box series introduces a brand new case size of 16 blind boxes with 7 main figures and 1 chaser along with additional variants.  This is also the first series to use the new Minnie Mouse mold.  These have been available in Disneyland Paris for a few weeks already.

MARCH 29, 2013 PRODUCT RELEASE D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California/Orlando/In Stores & Online

  • Cutesters Series 5 en Vogue, 3-inch figure by by Caley Hicks, Thomas Scott, and Martha Widener (Edition Size: Mystery Box / Retail: $12.95)


en vogue

Update *

Down in Downtown Disney today, there will also be a artist signing event for this release.

Disney Design Group Artists, Caley Hicks and Thomas Scott will be making a special appearance at D Street in the  Downtown Disney® West Side on Friday, March 29 from 5 to 7pm as we celebrate  the release of the Vinylmation Cutesters Series 5 – en Vogue 3-inch figure.

Are you going to pickup any of these?

Cutesters en Vogue

The official Vinylmation blog has posted this story today about this weeks New Release Cutesters En Vogue

Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 en Vogue Chaser Revealed

March 27 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 en Vogue releases this Friday, March 29, 2013. Here is a look at the Mystery Chaser for this collection.  Stay tuned for a look at the Variant figures next week.


The Mystery chaser figure was designed by artist Martha Widener and this series introduces the new Minnie Mouse-shaped Vinylmation™ platform.

This series will be released at D Street in California and Florida as well as online at the Disney Parks Online Store –

Cutesters en Vogue

The collections blog posted a story today to hype up the release of Cutesters En Vogue.

Vinylmation™ Series 5 – Cutesters en Vogue

March 15 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Vinylmation™ Cutesters is releasing another series entitled, Cutesters en Vogue. The 5th in the Cutesters series, is packed with cute and fashionable Vinylmation™ figures perfect for any collector. Among this series are figures such as the purse puppy, a flapper girl, a kitty, and a pink poodle.

Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue Cutesters en Vogue

Figure Sizes: 3-inch Retail: $12.95 each, plus tax Release Date: March 29, 2013 Artists: Caley Hicks, Thomas Scott, and Martha Widener Locations: D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California D Street at Downtown Disney® West Side in Florida

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the variants and chaser for this series!

If you are interested in purchasing the entire tray with all 16 Vinylmation™ figures, it will be available for purchase online at on March 29, 2013 and retails for $207.20, plus tax.

Please Note – All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, release dates, edition sizes and retail prices.


We reported a few weeks ago that Cutesters En Vogue was set to be released in Disneyland Paris.  Today @VinylmaniaEU posted a picture of them available for sale in Disneyland Paris.


These are set to be released at the end of the month in the US

MARCH 29, 2013 PRODUCT RELEASE D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California

  • Cutesters Series 5 en Vogue, 3-inch figure by by Caley Hicks, Thomas Scott, and Martha Widener (Edition Size: Mystery Box / Retail: $12.95)




Last month the Disney Park Blog launched a online poll for fans to pick the 2014 Disney logo, the winner has now been picked and will no doubt feature on some Vinylmation’s next year.  Patty Landing revealed the winner and you can see the video by clicking here.

2014The Disney Park blog also posted a reminder about some of the artist signing events taking place at WDW,

March 8:  Follow your heart and the road to D Street in the Downtown Disney Marketplace to find Disney Design Group artist Ron Cohee, who will be on hand from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. to sign the Vinylmation two-pack sets, inspired by “Oz The Great and Powerful.” – See more at:

New Vinylmation Set to Release at Walt Disney World Resort New Vinylmation Set to Release at Walt Disney World Resort

March 29: The only thing you’ll be saying for this signing is “how cute!”  That’s because Disney Design Group artists Thomas Scott and Caley Hicks will be signing Cutester Series #5 – En Vogue from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. at D Street at Downtown Disney West Side.

– See more at:

thomas scott

Thomas Scott was in WDW yesterday for a signing event for his new 2013 Vinylmation, thanks to @RodriguesPaulJr for the photo.


Today I received word from Disneyland Paris’s Mail Order service that “Cutesters en Vogue” will be available in Disneyland Paris this month.  Almost a month before they are available in the US.  They also could be released on as part of their Park Authentic series.


Vous trouverez ci-après  la nouvelle sortie de figurines VINYLMATION.
Please see hereunder the NEW VINYLMATION figurines  release. 
209481013014      Set de 8   Fig  3″  Custesters 5  “EN  VOGUE” dont 1  mystère
Prix de vente  unitaire (Unit retail price ) : 12.99 €   
Date de sortie / Date of release : 23 FEVRIER / FEBRUARY  2013
Notre service Mail Order se tient à votre  disposition pour toute information ou commande à distance. Our mail Order service remains at your  disposal should you need any information or wish to  place an order.



The Vinylmation Collection blog posted some news on the new Cutesters en Vogue series

Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 Release Announcement

March 29


Product Release Announcement:

Cutesters Series 5en Vogue

Release Date: March 29, 2013

Edition Size: Mystery Box

Figure Size: 3-inch

Caley Hicks, Thomas Scott, and Martha Widener

$12.95, plus tax

Vinylmation™ Cutesters Series 5 Tray: $207.20, plus tax. Available online only.


  • D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California
  • D Street at Downtown Disney® West Side in Florida
  • Disney Parks Online

Follow the Vinylmation™ blog for a sneak preview of the Variants and Chasers for this series.

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What do you think of this series?