comiccon12Later this month, the infamous San Diego Comic Con takes place and for the past two years, Vinylmation has had a presence at the event.

Last year, Vinylmation cohabited a booth with Funko and released the “Behind the Masks Series 2” at the event which featured some of the biggest names in Disney with masks.  This was a follow up to the terrible Behind the Masks and was only available at the event.

behind the masks 2In 2012, Vinylmation had a very strong presence at the event with lots of future Vinylmation releases on display at their own booth such as Star Wars and John Carter.  They also had some special Vinylmations being handed out (Frankenweenie) as freebies along with some So Tasty figures being available to buy (though these later got released online).  They also released some special figures like the Pixar Up, Alice in Wonderland King & Queen, Urban Superheroes, Park Starz Squid Variant and Popcorn Black & White Mickey Variant, which had been released via through a special QR (barcode) that became a huge mess as anyone not at the event could get hold of them and all of the figures except for the super popular Up twin pack ended up being reduced in price.

So that brings us to 2014, with last years event having a much smaller presence from 2012, I’m personally not expecting Disney to have much on offer at the event, especially with the slow down of releases and no confirmation from Disney that Vinylmation will be at the event.  But as with last year, they could surprise us with a unannounced release or freebie.  Here are a few of my “theories”:

Marvel Series 2 – Comic Con fits perfectly with the Marvel Vinylmation and putting series 2 out early for release (like Disney did with the Little Mermaid series at the D23 Expo).  Having thousands of die hard comic book fans all under one roof would be a perfect location to show off this new series, create a buzz within the Vinylmation community and more importantly, reach out to new collectors.

Guardians of the Galaxy/Big Hero 6 – This year Marvel has two big movies left to release, Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6, so there could be a chance we see some previews for future figures for these, especially Big Hero 6.

A Special Eachez – Disney seems to love the Eachez brand and it would make perfect sense for Disney to release a special Eachez blind box for the event (much like they did for last months Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland trading event).  This could tie in with Marvel or just be a simple Comic Con design, but I think the chances of a Eachez release is extremely high.

What do you think we will see at SDCC?



comiccon12The San Diego Comic Con has become a mainstream event with people travelling from all over the world to get hold of loads of exclusive products, meet other comic, sci fi and pop culture fans and meet stars from those worlds.

Last year Disney headed to Comic Con for the first time and displayed some of the up and coming series that would be available in the coming months along with handing out special limited figures featuring a Wreck it Ralph and Frankenweenie logo.   Other figures available at the event included a range of So Tasty figures which ended up being made available on the following week but quickly sold out.  They also had a few limited edition items available to buy from such as the Park Starz Squid Variant, the Urban Boy/Girl twin pack, Black & White Popcorn Mickey variant, Alice in Wonderland King/Queen set and the Up Pixar twin pack.   The Up set was a instant sell out with the other figures hanging around on the site so long they ended up being sold for just $5 each.

Then we fast forward to this year and the scene has changed a little.  First off, Vinylmation never really made any announcement about being at the event, with Funko mentioning that they think they will be at the booth with them.   SDCC arrives and we start seeing pictures of the Behind the Masks Series 2 and that 2 figures every day will be available.   comiccon

These figures look fantastic and the artwork is amazing, this is what series 1 should have been and fans across the world are looking at these and thinking “I want them”.  The same couldn’t be said about series 1 and it seems a shame that such a fantastic series has been almost demoted to being shoved away into the corner.  One of the biggest issues with this series is again down to communication, are these limited?  Is this just a preview release?  Will they be available in stores or on .com after the event?  Will they be at the Villains 13 event?  So many questions, no answers.

They have been successful in creating a buzz about this series and they have been selling for a small fortune on eBay, but while I would more than happily buy the entire series, I just don’t trust Disney enough with “Exclusives”, they have proven on too many occasions that anything “exclusive” can just turn up in any location and at any time.

Still after a few days of the event, we still hear nothing official from Disney, which isn’t surprising, as since this series has been done by the Disney Store side rather than the Theme Park side, news is extremely rare.  If you look back at this years news, almost every bit of information that has been released prior to release, has been from the Theme Park side, with news slipping out about Disney store releases either when people in store or cast members spot something new or the artists themselves post a image.

Disney Store’s communication about Vinylmation can only be described as dreadful, in today’s world, getting information out there is probably one of the most important things a company can do, especially if they are selling new products, its simple business sense.  The use of Social media now has made it so easy for companies to be able to communicate with their customers, the use of Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, websites etc are all there to help a business make money.  Simple put on a image and a little information such as date, time, price, etc and boom, customers know what is going on.

Comic Con is without doubt one of the biggest showcases to show off new products and to the mass audience, Vinylmation should have had a booth or at least put a little effort in, as just sharing a part of the booth with Funko just makes Vinylmation feel like it couldn’t be bothered.  Funko have really made the most of Comic Con, using it to boost their brand with loads of exclusive items (and announcing them before the event) and getting the word out using social media that they are there.

This was the perfect place to make a big deal about the upcoming Marvel series 1, they could have had a big banner up with them on display and maybe even for sale, link in with the Thor 2 and Captain America 2 movies with special figures and really got the comic crowd into Vinylmation.   They could have even had a display stand with a few preview items like they did last year or maybe have some of the last couple of releases like Star Wars 3, Monsters University, Beauty and the Beast and Muppets 3 (and available to buy, especially the Star Wars ones).  That would have been at least something to tie in with Comic Con.

jack skellington popcorns comic con normalBut I think the real problem isn’t that Vinylmation has been scaled back nor that they don’t want to spend as much money on Vinylmation, its because of D23.  Disney are throwing so much at D23, especially when you look at the amount of special edition items being made for that show.  Now there is nothing wrong with making a big deal out of D23, it’s a big event and should be celebrated but that show seems to have also overshadowed the Villains 13 event, which is supposed to be a celebration of Vinylmation and Pins.   But that’s a different issue all together.

Comic Con was a great opportunity and I honestly thought after last years show they would have put even more effort into it, instead they went backwards to the point of would have it been better if they hadn’t have turned up at all rather than a poor showing.

I’m really surprised at how poorly Vinylmation was shown off at Comic Con, but as we got closer and closer to the event without any information, my expectations got less.  For me, Comic Con was a missed opportunity, there could be lots of reasons why Vinylmation wasn’t represented such as running costs like the staff, the booth, accommodation etc, but its not as if Disney is a small company and can’t afford to promote its brand.  I still think having the two big events over the summer like 13 and D23 is the major reason why Vinylmation wasn’t represented at Comic Con.

What do you think?

behind the masks 2 all

Earlier in the week, we found out about the new Behind the Mask 2 series that has been available at the San Diego Comic Con.  Throughout the last few days we have seen pictures of some of the figures but today, Vinylmation Exchange member Doug Robertson posted a image showing all 8 of the figures for this series, front, back and without their masks.

behind the masks 2 allDisney artist Gerald Mendez later posted a photograph of himself

At the San Diego Comic-Con Funko booth with my good friend Nacho!  Holding our Behind the Mask Vinylmation Comic Con exclusive my Evil Queen design, and Nacho’s Stitch

gerald behind the masks

We still haven’t heard anything official about this series yet from Disney.

Which one is your favourite?

behind the masks 2

Earlier today we posted some pictures of the new Behind the Masks series which got released at the San Diego Comic Con.  Since then a few more images have come out plus some other information.

There has been lots of talk on the Facebook Groups about this series with lots of rumours running around including some people saying they’ve been told by Cast Members in Disney Stores that they are listed on product lists while others reporting that the people at the booth that following the complaints about how last years figures were handled, these won’t be released elsewhere after the event.   And that while the first preview day of SDCC saw a 100 of each being available, 2 figures will be available per day during the Comic Con to purchase for $10 with a limit of 1 per person but in much larger limit on the numbers of figures available. (Thanks to Jaime Burgos from VE for that information)

This could just be a “preview” of a new series being shown off at SDCC or a line of figures that was pulled from being a full release following the failure of “Behind the Masks” series 1 which was recalled and destroyed last month due to the use of a Japanese Rising Sun symbol.

Last year, most of the Comic Con figures later got released on such as the So Tasty figures, with some figures like the Park Starz Variant Squid and Urban Super Heroes set being on their for months.

So at the moment these are all just rumours, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Also the artists for this series include Gerald Mendez, Enrique Pita and Dg Nacho.

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Jay Alvarado, who shared this image of 5 of the figures.

behind the masks 2

These figures are also now popping up on ebay for over $300 for the set of 8.  However we would advise to maybe hold off until more details emerge as many previous “exclusives” have been released later down the road, such as last years So Tasty Comic Con figures.

behind the masks 2 x$(KGrHqFHJCkFHm(pV6!qBR54-BYLnQ~~60_57


Today updated with some surprise updates.  We originally thought these were cancelled when the first 6 got released, but then we were told that they are Comic Con Exclusives with a limited edition size of 250 but there is no mention of edition sizes on the website.   They still state Comic Con on the box and in the description.

Each So Tasty is retailing for $10 (so $2 less than the previous So Tasty series).  Limited to 2 per item.

What are your views on this series?

Also incase anybody is still looking for the other Comic Con “exclusives” they can still be found through Disney’s Facebook Vinylmation store.



The past few days have been very hectic with plenty of previews of up and coming series as well as many exclusive Vinylmation’s available to buy through

So here are some links to previous stories from this week (since there is so many)

And here is the link to the Comic Con items that are still available to purchase.

What did you think about Comic Con? and What are you looking forward to?




Besides cool swag and breaking news, Comic Con is also known for the creative costumes many patrons choose to wear.

When the Vinylmation team first announced their involvement at Comic Con, we were excited to see what they would come up with. Artist Eric Caszatt certainly did not disappoint. The set “Comic Con Boy/Girl” captured the spirit of the many Comic Con fans.  This set has a limited edition of 2000 and classified under the “Urban Series” line.

I knew I would order this set as soon as it was previewed. So at 7am on Comic Con Preview Day, on I got up and ordered the set from From that moment on, I anticipated its arrival   When my packaged arrived yesterday, I immediately opened it so I could see the little details which really makes this set a sleeper hit. Let’s take a look at the Boy First.

When the description said Jet pack, I knew I had to see it. As you can tell from the 2nd photo, the jetpack has the Vinylmation logo on it for an added touch. On the front, the boy has the VM initials, an awesome utility belt, and a mask. Staples of every superhero right? But their are subtle touches that makes this a geek dressed up as his favorite superhero. First, is the ball cap in the ear. Next are the sneakers. Superheroes don’t normally don sneakers and an old cap but geeks sure do. That little touch just makes the boy a perfect example of a Comic Con geek!


What cute girl doesn’t want to get some attention at the Con? With her pigtails and glasses, she has immediately grasped the sexy geek chic look. A matching belt and cape complete the superhero look of course. Or does it? To me, it’s again in the shoes. The purple comes up to a transform the plain VM feet to some 70s style platform shoes. Caszatt must have a thing for shoes because they make both our Geeks wardrobe complete.

While everybody was rushing to get the Up Series, I think many didn’t give this one the credit it deserves. Comic Con “Boy and Girl” is still available at Don’t miss out on your chance at a great Comic Con inspired  set.



It’s the final day at Comic Con and their final online release (plus a rare Sunday update).

Click here to Order


Please Note: Each Guest will be limited to ordering a maximum of two of this item per order.

  • Vinylmation is the original vinyl collectible figure inspired by the Disney Theme Parks
  • Poseable arms and head
  • Variant of Mickey Mouse from Popcorn Series 1
  • Vinyl
  • 5” H (from foot to tallest ear) x 3 1/2” W
  • Imported
  • Limited Edition of 5,000

Looking at the box, we can see other designs for the up and coming blind box series.

What do you think of this one?  Are you going to buy one?


I need a day off but Vinylmation certainly doesn’t take breaks! Let’s take a look at these photos seen at Vinylmation Exhange:

More reveals from the Classics Collection photo courtesy of Skye Allyn Stolnitz

More Haunted Mansion Photos courtesy of Skye Allyn Stolnitz

Free Frankenweenie Swag Photo Courtesy of Skye Allyn Stolnitz

Prep and Landing: Photo Courtesy of Bryce Hamamato


New Pixar Series: Photo Courtesy of Daniel D.J. Jue


AIW King & Queen

The Comic Con weekend continues with the release of the Alice in Wonderland – King and Queen set which features a 3″ Queen and Junior Queen. This one has a Limited Edition Size of 2500 and has a order limit of 2

You can order it here


  • Vinylmation is the original vinyl collectible figure inspired by the Disney Theme Parks
  • Set of one 3” figure plus one Junior figure inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland
  • Created by Disney artist Thomas Scott
  • Poseable arms and head
  • Vinyl
  • Queen 3” H
  • King 1 1/2” H
  • Imported
  • Limited Edition of 2500

What do you think of this one?