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Hello everyone, I’m Vinylmation kingdom’s new column writer Spark and welcome to the new ‘Disney Dollar Deals”. In ‘Disney Dollar Deals’ We show you the new deals around the internet, for Vinylmations, from ebay to Amazon, from Facebook to the Disney store. Every week will have a theme, where we show you the best deals on Vinylmations which fit into the theme, including the most expensive Vinylmation of the week and our community corner.

As with buying from anyone on the internet, please be on the watch for sellers selling scrappers online from any sites outside of the Disney official stores/shops. Make sure to check out our scrappers guide!

To kick off the first week, the theme is going to be on the newly released Jungle Book series. The series includes six 3” Vinylmations and four 1.5” Vinylmations in order to celebrate the re-release of movie to DVD and Blu-ray.

Disney Store.com:

The Jungle Book Series Tray- $207.20:

Each tray contains sixteen blind boxes of the series and you are guaranteed one complete set, most of the time. Even though the Disney Store have cleverly price the tray, so its not a cheaper alternative to buying sixteen random blind boxes separately, you are getting a complete set. The tray, despite the price, is a easer way to complete the series straight away for collectors who what to complete the set quickly. If you have the money to hand, its the best way to go.

For Disney Dollar Deals- Week One


Current Listings: 

3” King Louie- From the Jungle Book Series- $16.99:

King Louie is currently being sold by theluckypennyllc. She currently as 100% feedback, ships from the USA and as a very minor chance of the figure being a scrapper. Even though the price doesn’t include shipping, the Vinylmation Is relatively cheap, for a newly released figure, which can help you complete your collection.


For Disney Dollar Deals- Week One

Sold Listings: 

3” Mowgli- From The Animation #3 Series- $6.99:

This awesome Mowgli figure sold for a very cheap price of $6.99. The seller ‘disney_pins_and_vinyl’ overall has 98.8% positive feedback and ships from the USA. Once again, this has a very minor chance of being a scrapper.



Vinylmation Kingdom Trading:

For obvious privacy and security reasons I shan’t be naming names of the sellers on Facebook, due to these are listed under people’s full names. This although will give you an idea of what to look out for or even you could find the actual listing!

This weeks seller is currently selling a wide range of the series for $12.95 each. Also being listed, the seller is offering to negotiate if you are interested in more Vinylmations which can save you more money! The shipping per a figure is relatively cheap too and can save you lots of money for the last few figures you need for the new series.

Picture Credit; From The Seller On Vinylmation Kingdom Trading

Picture Credit; From The Seller On Vinylmation Kingdom Trading


Most Expensive Vinylmation Of The Week:

Here is this weeks most expensive vinylmation of the week. Every week, we scavenge the internet for the pricey vinylmations around. 

Vault 28 Villains Maleficent 9”

This Vinylmation will blow you away on the price it’s listed for on ebay. Back in 2012 the Vault 28 Maleficent was sold on Disney store for about $650, which was expensive as it is, and sold very quickly. This vinyl, you can kind of see why the price tag is so high! It’s a limited edition part of the Vaults series, hand painted, by Noah, the artist himself, but it’s also signed! 

For Disney Dollar Deals- Week One

I bet lots of you thought you would never see this again and never get to add it to your collection, but you’re wrong, if your pocket can reach that far! The Vinylmation is now up on ebay for $999.99 even more that the original price tag. This seller I would have no worries about getting scammed or worse. Shopaterikas has 100% positive feedback and is from the USA.

Community Corner:

Welcome to our community corner! This is where you get involved! We want you to send us your pictures of deals you have found in Disney Parks and Disney stores, as well as letting us know in the comments section, any great deals you’ve found on the internet! We also want to see pictures in general of what you’re local stores have in-stock.

Want to send us a picture? Upload it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, make sure its public, and tag it with the hashtag #VKDDeals.

Lastly, would you like to join our very own trading,selling and auction sites. Click the links to join the groups and to get selling now!!!

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Please let us know what you thought about our new column below! See you next week on Disney Dollar Deals!

 All listings and prices are correct as of the 9th March 2014.




Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I’ll be featuring “Out of the Box” each week with the aim of highlighting a vinylmation/combo pack and talking about the vinylmation’s history- everything from the inspiration to the Disney history to its release.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Disney Afternoon Series 1
Artist: Chris Chapman
Released 5/27/11
LE 1000

BACKGROUND: Chip and Dale are infamous characters we have grown to know very well. They are actually my all time favorite characters. Did you know about there short stint as detectives? Well, debuting on March 4, 1989, Chip and Dale became Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers where they were personified beyond the meager squeaks heard in earlier cartoons. Along with Gadget, Monterrey Jack, and Zipper, the gang started a crime fighting detective agency.

The show was created to jump onto the coattails of the highly successful Ducktales. When Tad Stones, producer of Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, pitched the show to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, it did no originally include Chip n’ Dale; however, they felt it best to have established characters in the show. As we have seen with vinylmations, series with the backing of familiar characters seems to do much better (i.e. Park series vs. Urban series).


The show was later added to the Disney Afternoon lineup in 1998-1999. A frequent arch nemesis in the series was Fat Cat, whom we recently saw in line up for Villains 4 vinylmation series.

Gadget Go Coaster in Disneyland’s Toontown

There is definitely a degree of nostalgia for the Disney Afternoon series, which is why I believe the first series, composed primarily of principle characters, created a frenzy of early morning line ups and immediate sell outs. In fact, the Rescue Rangers set was my very first early morning D-street adventure. I also wanted to include a picture of one of my favorite rides at Disneyland as a kid- Gadget’s Go Coaster. The Disney Afternoon Series 2 were/still in stores longer compared to the first series. The edition sizes increased in the second series and more obscure characters were introduced.


REVIEW: The Disney Afternoon Series 1 is an awesome series! Overall, I really do like this version of Chip n’ Dale. The Dale is spot on! One can immediately see his playful demeanor and his vibrant Hawaiian shirt. On the other hand, the expression on Chip’s face missed the mark. The beady eyes look almost menacing and does not truly reflect the character. For example, a determined or more serious facial expression would have been more appropriate. I do however, really like Chip’s hat. Considering not many original mold vinylmations came with accessories, the Indiana Jones inspired hat is a fantastic addition.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be posting on a weekly basis on Saturdays. I’ll be posting RAKs occasionally- let’s start now!


What was my first vinylmation (Hint- Thomas Scott)?

The Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers show introduction/theme song has a montage of various clips from the show. Name as many villains as you can!


Did you know there are 358 different vinylmation series and sets to date ? The first series was released in 2008! For many of us that is before we started our collections. Its fun to spend some time browsing through old series and making our “wants” list. After that fun, comes the sad moment when you realize that some of these “wants” are unattainable and expensive, and we quickly move them over to our “dreaming” list. Surprisingly though, it can be easier to get some of your most desired vinlys than you thought.

What really makes a vinylmation rare? You may think age would be the key reason as to why a certain vinyl may cost so much or be so hard to find, but that’s not always the case. Vinyls from Park 1 are generally scarce and tough to find.  Those aren’t the only ones though, newer series like Beauty and the Beast seemed to have a very short run and prices on some of that set have skyrocketed. We tend to make the price on vinyls by what we are willing to pay or trade for that certain vinylmation that we must add to our collection.

The easiest and one of the greatest ways to start collecting your wants list is through online trading. Vinlymation Kindgom Trading and Vinylmation Exchange are a good place to start when you are looking to pick up some pieces from a retired set or those limited edition sets that can only be found in parks. For me, I had my eyes set on attempting to collect Park 1. Although, it is doubtful that I will ever complete my whole set it’s the experience that makes shooting for such a desired set worth it.  I have been collecting for just under a year now, and have made so many great trades in these online communities.  I just recently started to piece together my Park 1 collection by acquiring the Park 1 Monorail. The monorail was the first I decided to get for numerous reasons; 1. I have every monorail but the P12 variant (which will probably never happen). Also the monorail is one of the easier ones it seems to acquire. Don’t be afraid to offer someone what you have for what you want, you never know what another trader may be looking for and you may just luck out.

Getting that dream list down 1 by 1 is such a fun thing to accomplish. After purchasing/trading for awhile you really can build yourself up a nice little army of traders. When you see someone post that vinyl that you need to have, contact them. Sometimes offering up numerous vinyls for the 1 you want is good enough, as they just want to knock a few off their wants list and may be willing to give you that 1 awesome vinyl off your dream list. It really is like a game, have fun with it. Vinylmation collecting has been such a fun and great family experience for us.
It may seem silly or hard to believe that it could just be that easy to dwindle down your dream list, but you never will know if you don’t give it a shot. Acquiring that first one off that special list is a pretty awesome feeling. What’s the greatest trade you ever made?



(You know I had to show a pic of my P1 Monorail, I mean I am proud of it)



Online trading is one of the hottest commodities with Vinylmation; it’s addicting, exciting and just overall a ton of fun to be apart of. With the numbers of exclusives that are available at the parks, it’s near impossible to get everything you want without trading with others online, or going the dreaded eBay route. With Disney seemingly releasing a new set almost every week, it’s tough to keep up with all the new releases, especially if you are one who must collect them all.

Of course we all wish we could walk into D-Street on release days and come out with the vinyls we crave to have, but for the majority of us, that’s not an option.  Luckily these online communities have become a great place to acquire your most wanted vinyls (still on the hunt for a damn supermouse), make lifelong friends, and play the vinyl game.

When I first started trading online in the many Facebook groups, one member, I forget who, equated trading Vinylmation to “trading stocks, it’s quick, fiery and you usually don’t know every vinyl you have or are getting, you just trade for the fun of it.” Not sure how much sense that made, but I guess in a way it does, especially after trading for awhile. Like any kid at heart, you love getting mail all day, excited to check what vinyl you got in the mail that day, whether it’s completing that long lost set that may have taken you years to build up, or just something that you thought “hey, that’s pretty cool, I want that and you know what, I’m going to get it.”

Collecting vinyls is fun, there’s no way around it, it’s also can be very very costly, and most of us know that as well, at $12.95 a pop these days it’s not easy to complete sets. Although it seems if waiting a couple weeks, you can grab new releases for sometimes half the price on the online communities.

So before you hit up eBay for that vinyl you want most, don’t be afraid to check out the online communities for that vinyl you may be searching for. Admittedly it does take a lot of trust, especially before you build up relationships with other members, but once you find yourself a core group of people to deal with and getting yourself a nice reputation you will be well on your way to building up your collection and making some awesome new pals along the way.

Happy trading, and hope everyone has themselves a wonderful holiday weekend.

Cheap plug below for our own little Vinylmation trading community on Facebook, check us out!


If you’re a heavy Vinylmation collector like me, you probably find yourself in one of the following camps:

  1. You throw away all or most of your empty Vinylmation boxes once they’re opened (in which case this post may not interest you as much as my others)
  2. The following scene is ALL too familiar:

photo 7

If you’re in Camp #2, then you’re probably asking yourself…

“What the heck am I going to do with all these empty boxes?!”

Well, allow me to shine the spotlight on a few ideas from the creative folks out there in the various Vinylmation Facebook groups and collecting communities – in hopes of creating a spark of inspiration.

Vinylmation package design:

I think it’s safe to say that if you are a fan of Vinylmation design, then you are equally a fan of the Vinylmation packaging. It can also be argued that as much time and thought is spent on the Vinylmation boxes and tray design, as in Vinylmation characters themselves. Think about it, it’s the initial eye-catcher we see before buying that blind box, it’s the allure of the possibilities inside, it is the enticement of the mystery, it is…well you get the idea.

Unfortunately, once you crack the blox open and reveal your treasure, that gorgeous box design that you coveted only moments before is now headed for the recycle bin. But what if you could UPCYCLE that box into something both creative AND useful? Or, maybe fashion it into something functional AND beautiful? Wouldn’t that be worth keeping?

Shelf decoration:

Here is a personal example of how I used the top from the empty tray boxes, as well as a couple empty Vinylmation boxes to help decorate each shelf dedicated to that particular set. I did this for ‘The Little Mermaid’ & ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sets in my daughter’s room very recently.


I’ve also seen a few examples where folks have cut a panel off of a single empty Vinylmation box for a  set, framed it, and placed it on the same shelf next to their complete set of Lion King, etc. (for example)

Create your own shelves:

This first example of “shadow boxes” from Steven Edwards is a really nice, albeit ambitious, combination of Vinylmation box art and traditional materials. Steven cleverly uses the case/tray toppers as the background for the shelving, and then uses the images from the sides of the individual boxes for the shelves. He finishes off the box with a nice wood frame, a glass door, and even burns the logo of the movie/set into the wood – a really nice finishing touch!


Some of you may have seen Tony Bianuuci’s custom-made shelves that he inserts into the actual Vinylmation trays of the set for displaying. While not using the individual boxes, it’s still a nice way to display your collection with official Vinylmation packaging.

1379711_387707574665054_889345989_n-1 1370497_388020781300400_1783839168_n 1372932_388020787967066_710604131_n

Last, but not least, are these amazing custom shelves created by Anthony Michella. These customized shelves conform themselves to the either the traditional Mickey Vinylmation platform, or something more tailored to the set itself.

What’s really nice about these shelves is that Anthony uses a bunch of the individual empty boxes from a particular set to create a very cool, stylized mosaic effect as the background in his shelves. This allows the viewer to enjoy the vinylmations in the foreground while still tying in to the overall design of the series. Sort of a perfect blend of the vinyls themselves along with their packaging.

AnthonyMichella_ww2 AnthonyMichella_lk AnthonyMichella_batb AnthonyMichella_ww AnthonyMichella_sorcerer AnthonyMichella_bw AnthonyMichella_mu AnthonyMichella_sw

RAK: Share your own display ideas and WIN!

We had a few great ideas submitted in the Facebook group for the creation of this article, but we’re always looking for more sources of inspiration on how to display our Vinylmations in more creative and fun ways. What’s the fun in collecting if you can’t display your vinyls proudly, right?

That said, we’d like to extend an invite to all of you who enjoyed this article to share YOUR display ideas and executions incorporating one or more of your extra empty Vinylmation boxes – which may inspire even more creative ideas than just the ones we saw today.

We will take submissions via the comments section in this article from now until the end of the month, and then I will award a blind box from a recent set (something good like Marvel, Wild West, or Star Wars) from my personal collection to the best submission. (I will also be sending out a blind box of their choice to Stephen, Tony and Anthony for contributing to this article just as a big ‘Thank You!’ to them as well! Thanks guys!)

Hopefully, this article has already created the spark for you to be creative with your empty blind boxes, and we’re looking forward to see where you take things from here!

 “One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of all creation.” – Journey into Imagination


It was a regular, middle of March Tuesday in Edmonton. The fresh snow from the weekend was just beginning to melt and I was sitting comfortably in the office after lunch. Among my daily routines at work is to brose disneystore.com for sales, check out Vinylmation trading groups and forums, and peruse Kijiji for anything Disney that might be selling. I know, I know…tough job I have! I’m starting a new one in April though, so I’ll enjoy the little luxuries this one provides while I still can! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Kijiji is an online classified site similar to Craigslist, but with a little more colour. I usually search “Disney” to find some deals on Blu-rays, DVDs, or any miscellaneous collectibles that catch my eye. Usually, this is just to procrastinate from my regular duties of filling out my fantasy hockey roster or actually doing some real work and I don’t find anything exciting. On Tuesday, I saw this ad:


The ad reads:
180$ gift card will sell for $100 obo
*sold pending pickup

My heart sank after I saw “*sold pending pickup”. Most days, I would just let it pass but I saw that a phone number was posted. I thought…oh what the heck. Let’s give it a shot. I sent a text saying “If your deal falls through, I’ll pick it up after work tonight around 6pm.” I didn’t get an immediate reply. I was feeling extra lazy, so I sent the person an email with a similar message. Again, without an immediate reply. I kept thinking about all of the extra product I could get when the store reopens with $180 instead of $100. I called the number from my office line. Straight to voicemail. Not sure how many calls, texts, or emails were received in that period, but the person must have thought there were at least 3 people desperately wanting to pay $100. After that though, I actually did some work at work. At least for about an hour until I got a text back asking if I could meet at the mall. I replied saying yes and asking to confirm meeting at the store.

I sent a text to my girlfriend, Sara, telling her we were going to the mall to get the gift card. Once I picked Sara up, I called and a man answered and he said he was still good to meet at the mall. I told him I’d be there about 6:30pm and the call ended abruptly. I thought I had accidentally hung up on him. I called back to no answer, so I left another text asking to meet at the Disney Store around 6:30pm. During the drive, Sara and I were speculating about the gift card because here in Canada, we do it differently than the stores in the USA. Hopefully it wasn’t a gift card that couldn’t be used in our stores; we sell gift certificates in denominations of $10 or $25. My assumption was that it was an unwanted gift and he only had a gift receipt so it had to go on a merchandise credit.

We ended up getting to the mall at about 6pm. I tried calling him to no response, so I sent him a text telling him I was at the mall. Sara and I shopped for a bit. I stole a $3 shirt from H&M for about 3 minutes. I was holding the shirt and we were both busy discussing the strange offer, a little ticked annoyed that this guy wasn’t responding. I said that it would be nice to at least tell me that he sold it already or something instead of ignoring my calls and texts. We walked out of H&M and I told Sara to call him with her phone.  She handed her phone to me…I dialed the number and no one picked up. At this point, I realized I still had the shirt I was going to buy on my arm.


Jiminy Cricket told me to go back!

I looked at Sara and said “uhh…did I just steal a shirt?” She looked at me and then to the shirt and we both burst out laughing. The first good decision of the night was going back to pay for the shirt. We walked back to H&M, paid for the shirt and was asked “would you like a bag?” …As Sara said while walking out “If we didn’t want a bag, we would have kept walking. That was an expensive $3 plastic bag.” We continued shopping and basically gave up on waiting for the guy and finally walked towards the Disney Store. I said we should go in anyway, just to check out the trading box. The second good decision of the night was going into the Disney Store. At the store, we saw our former manager, Cathy, greeting guests and we said hi to her asking how it was going.

“Well, it’s been quite a day.” was Cathy’s half-sighing and half-laughing.

“What happened?” we both asked.

Cathy replied, “Well the police are just finishing up…”

Sara and I looked at each other and I looked back at Cathy and interrupted “It’s for $180 worth isn’t it?”

“How do you know?” said Cathy. And that’s when I told her about the post on Kijiji, the text messages, and phone calls. And that is when we figured out why we weren’t getting any responses either. It’s probably pretty tough to answer your phone when you’re in handcuffs in the back of a police car. The officer at the store asked me to write a statement describing what I knew. I take no credit for his arrest…he was already in custody before I got to the store. All I did was give the police the facts I had.


I wonder if I could just submit this column as evidence instead. Much more elaborate.

It turns out on Monday night, the suspect stole the items from a vehicle that belonged to a family who was in town from Nanaimo, BC…a solid 14 hour drive. Good thing we have their contact information! The next morning, he carried the items into the store and wanted to return them without a receipt. He got his merchandise credit (that was flagged once it was issued) and left the store, only to come back later on in the afternoon (I’m guessing this is right before he was to meet me). The Cast Member who dealt with him earlier recognized him and notified management. I didn’t see him, but she described him as a “big, tattooed guy who looked like he could pull a knife out at any moment.” Naturally, I picture him looking like Gaston without the flashy smile. When he tried using his merchandise credit to make a purchase at box office, he was asked for ID. He refused and once he walked out of the store, the police were waiting for him.

I’ll be honest here. The Disney Store has one of the most lenient return policies I have ever dealt with. We make our guests happy—it’s what the company has been based on since it was an idea in Walt’s head. Unfortunately, people take advantage of this.  As Cast Members, we are sometimes put in situations where we have to say “yes” when our gut instinct is to say “no” and I’m very happy that we have a system that acts as a checks and balance for these situations. At the end of the day, just don’t mess with the mouse. Good things won’t happen. In the end, Sara and I finally got around to doing what we entered the store to do in the first place—trade vinylmation. We found a Robot 3 White Rabbit in the middle of the clear trading box behind box office. I’m certain the White Rabbit watched all of this transpire throughout the day. We traded a Villians 3 Gideon for the White Rabbit, who will forever be our White Knight and a reminder to everyone to never, ever mess with the mouse because you never know who’s watching.

White Rabbit

I’m watching you.

If you have 22 Vinylmation figures and you had to divide those equally amongst 7 friends, how many would each get? Okay fine, let’s be irrational today because today is the day we celebrate Pi.  Before we celebrate our Irish selves, let’s celebrate our Pi-rish selves. Pi Day might not be quite as awesome as Friday or St. Patrick’s Day, but hey…let’s take what we can get okay?

We get a real boy.

Credit: Disney Blog

We get a feisty diva.

Credit: Dizcollect

We get an entire collection.

Credit: Vinylmation Park

Unfortunately, we get a character with a backwards name.

Credit: Vinylmation World


But we also get one of the best pictures in all of Disney.

Credit: Disney Blog

Alright alright, you’re telling me to step my game up? Those words just start (or end backwards) with P-I but there’s no actual “pi” in there. Let’s see what I can do…

I’ll give you an X-Wing Pilot…

Credit: Chasing Vinylmation

And a big scary vampire.

Credit: Pinterest (which is also probably celebrating Pi Day)

Credit: Pinterest (which is also probably celebrating Pi Day)

And if your birthday is today, you’re a (surprise, surprise) Pisces!

Credit: eBay

And if it is your birthday today, happy birthday! May all your wishes and dreams come true! If not, Happy Pi Day! Celebrate and have a slice…because let’s be serious. Without Pi, all we’d be stuck with is P1.

Credit: Vinyl Toy Guide


A tribute to Stompin' Tom Connors (Photo credit to the Globe and Mail)

A tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors (Photo credit to the Globe and Mail)

Last night, Stompin’ Tom Connors passed away. For many of you in the United States or around the world, this name might not ring a bell. I don’t expect you to be familiar with a 77 year old Canadian country artist. Stompin’ Tom is best known, however, for The Hockey Song…virtually the second national anthem here in the Great White North. Immediately after his death, his family released a letter that Stompin’ Tom had written a few days ago to be published as his final words. The letter summed up Stompin’ Tom’s class and humility.  It reads as follows:

Hello friends, I want all my fans, past, present, or future, to know that without you, there would have not been any Stompin’ Tom.

It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with its beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world.

I must now pass the torch, to all of you, to help keep the Maple Leaf flying high, and be the Patriot Canada needs now and in the future.

I humbly thank you all, one last time, for allowing me in your homes, I hope I continue to bring a little bit of cheer into your lives from the work I have done.


Your Friend always,

Stompin’ Tom Connors

Tying that letter into this week’s column, I would like to raise my hockey stick to Stompin’ Tom and extend my sincere gratitude to all of you, the Great White North readers here at Vinylmation Kingdom. I started this column last December to try and give some perspective from a Canadian collector/trader as well as from a Cast Member working in a Disney Store. These last couple of months, I haven’t been able to report much from the store with our store currently under renovations but the feedback I’ve received from many of you with the column and all of the support you give me has been humbling and it keeps me writing. For all of that, thank you.

I am happy to report that the Kingsway Disney Store in Edmonton will re-open at the end of April. I got the call to come back, as did most of the Cast I work with. I’m very excited, as many of us were pretty close and worked very well together. Moving forward with this column, I’d love to have some feedback on previous articles (both positives and negatives) and what you would like to see in future instalments  Would it be more behind the scenes of what goes on at the store? Stories about what’s happening On Stage at the store? More about Vinylmation themselves or more about different products at the Disney Store?

I’m sure I can go 101 different ways with this column, but I’d like to know what you would most be interested in reading about.Also, what are your thoughts about a monthly mailbag? I’ve always loved reading these from some of my favourite writers in the sports would and have always wanted to try. If there are enough questions (through email, twitter, PM’s on the forums, etc), I’d be open to doing that as well.

Once again, thank you for being so supportive in my first few months. As Vinylmation evolves, so will this column. I appreciate every single one of you and feel free to give me a shout, would love to know more about you as well!

And of course, a stick tap to Stompin’ Tom for reminding us all to keep humble at all times. You’ll be missed, The Hockey Song will live on, and I’m sure you’ll score one in Heaven. Rest in peace.


VinylTemplateNoFace.pngLet me start out by saying this: I am not trying to determine WHY Disney made this decision. I think King Baltar lays out some excellent (and very legitimate) ideas as to the WHY. Honestly, as Greg from Vinylmation World has been reporting Vinylmation icons disappearing form D-Street, I doubt Disney is really trying to invest in the Vinylmation community as it once did.

I can also only vouch for the WORLD side of trading, and not the LAND side. That being said, let me present a case for a single park box.

When I first heard about blind boxes slimming down, I was outraged. How could they? We don’t often trade online because of the cost, so we mostly brought figures with us to trade when we visited the World every month. My bride and I did a TON of purchasing back in 2010/2011 before Outlets were the rage, so we have quite a bit to trade. We were often happy even getting some “Outlet Fodder” cause it meant we didn’t have to buy it (gathered all of So Tasty this way, a series I personally loved). However, as time goes by… it became harder to get anything you wanted. Back in December, we traded at all 5 locations at Downtown Disney and several times at a varying 9 or so different places in the parks, then at resorts. Here is what we came back with successfully:
photo 2
This time was different. With trade boxes slimmed down, the outlet gurus had less places to unleash their items. Things seemed to cycle quicker as guests placed more into the boxes. We ran into other traders more often, getting to help people out and informing them of trade groups online. We were able to offer two little sisters anything they wanted from our boxes of traders for anything they had. They were ecstatic. One took the Tunes Stitch we had pulled at Dstreet (she apparently LOVED Stitch, so this made her day). We gave a snowcone to the third and youngest sister because she had left her trader in the car and really liked it. We had some of the BEST interactions with other guests we’ve ever had… and I honestly believe that was because of the lower quantity of boxes. We also pulled better. Star Wars 2. Classics. Pixar. Park 11. By contrast to the above photo let me show you what we walked away with this trip for our own personal collection:
photo 1
This does not include several Pixar, Classics, Starwars etc… that we didn’t need for our collection but will be better collector to collector traders. Overall, we spent far less time on our trip trading, with much better results. I felt like I was trading back in early 2011.
D-Street also changed their policy, which I think is great, and would not have a problem with if they enforced it across the board. Instead of one and done, they gave you two. All trades were still final, however, you picked a number, gave up your vinyl, and got the new one. If you liked it, you could keep it AND pick another number with a new figure from your traders. If you didn’t like it, you could take that same vinyl you just got and put it in the box. One girl even gave us a third number. AT D-STREET!!! This is a HUGE policy change, and one that I like. A lot. There’s something about being given two chances that makes me quite OK with HAVING to give up 1 vinyl. This has to help with rotation and makes you feel less defeated with a one and done policy. Place this across the board, and the boxes will get the overhaul they need.
I will say… I wish they still had boxes at at least SOME resorts. I honestly don’t understand that move. However, I also don’t think any of the decision to limit trade boxes was really done with a “let’s do this for the good of the collector” kind of mentality. My other big issue: LOCATION. Downtown Disney choose decent spots. You have to keep it a D-Street, and Pin Traders is busier then Art of Disney, but a much better solution then World of Disney (which was always a wait). But in the parks… they picked some of the worst spots for both EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. We waited in several VERY long lines almost every time. We also saw lines clogged with traders, blocking actual paying customers. Villians & Vogue was the easiest (though we only traded there once in 4 days). I wish they would have chosen easier spots to get in and out.
I won’t say this is what Disney intended, but in a way it seems this is what park trading NEEDED. I came back for the first time in a long time excited about trading. I write this to say: keep an open mind if you haven’t been trading since the slim down. I went angry and left happy.
Until next time… may the bloxing be ever in your favor.


Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of the third Marvel Series! The Marvel Series is a huge and massive universe so there are pretty much an endless supply of possibilities for series so MAKE IT HAPPEN MARVEL AND DISNEY! But I digress without further ado it’s Marvel Monday!


Howard_T._Duck_(comic_series)Howard the Duck: We’re going to start this Heroes Series 3 with a weird one; Howard the Duck. He was born in Duckworld where people evolved from waterfowl. When the demon Thog caused the cosmic axis’ to shift, Howard was dropped into the Florida Everglades. Howard tried to get back but was unable and eventually met Beverly Switzler who he tried to have a normal relationship with. Howard the Duck is skilled in Quack-Fu and is a formidable opponent in hand to hand combat. He has run for President of the United States and fought alongside Iron Man in the secret invasion against the Skrulls. His vinyl would have him in his signature red coat and wearing his blue tie. His face would be yellow and have his beak wide open and smiling on it. His ears would say Quak-Fu.

2077636-1f21c1029db9953a9f983a77efd1c270Falcon: Sam Wilson lived a tragic childhood when his parents were both murdered by gangs. Forced to live on his own, he briefly turned to a life of crime until he ran into the Red Skull and saw the error of his ways. After touching the cosmic cube in the Red Skulls possession he was given limited superpowers and began molding into Captain Americas ideal sidekick. After helping Captain America to defeat Red Skull, Sam started to call himself the Falcon and entered into a partnership with Cap. A gift of jet powered wings from Black Panther enabled him to become Captain Americas airborne sidekick. He is trained by Cap and therefore agile and skilled in martial arts and has the ability to fly. His vinyl would have him outfitted in his red and silver uniform with his arms having red feathers on them signifying his wings. He would be wearing his silver mask and in his ears would be a falcon flying.

HawkeyeHawkeye: Clint Barton was only 14 years old when he joined the carnival and was trained at throwing knives. Eventually the ringmaster noticed he was better at archery though so that became his skill. When Barton saw Iron Man in action he wanted to fight crime with his arrows. After fighting crime for a while, Barton was noticed by Iron Man and invited to join the Avengers where he would take on the name Hawkeye. Wickedly sarcastic, Hawkeye has developed many trick arrows that not only harm his foes but also humiliate them. He is an expert archer with perfect accuracy and skilled in hand to hand combat and aerial piloting and has become a key member of the Avengers. His vinyl would have him in his signature purple and blue uniform with the back of his vinyl having the arrow holder. His face would have one eye closed, teeth baring as he aims at his next target. Similar to the bow Merida had in the Brave set he would also need his bow as an accessory.

she-hulkShe-Hulk: Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner was enroute to becoming a successful lawyer when she was shot by the criminals that she was prosecuting. She received a life saving blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce but this transfusion had some of the gamma-irradiated blood in it which fused with her blood and made her into She-Hulk! At first Jennifer tried to keep the She-Hulk a secret but then found she enjoyed being the She Hulk so much that she couldn’t stop transforming. She is much better at controlling her anger and now has a role as both a lawyer in her normal form and a very close bond with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four when called upon. Her vinyl would have her in her purple and silver liatard with green arms and legs. Her hair would be green and go down the sides of the face with her smile and green lips showing through.

                  VARIANT ALERT!!! She Hulk in Lawyer Form: As Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk continues to practice superhuman law for the legal firm of Goodman, Lieber and Hollway. She is very vital to making sure that superheroes are treated fairly too. This vinyl would have her in a blue suit but still have her green features showing in her face and hair.

Nick-FuryNick Fury: Nick Fury grew up on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York during the Great Depression. Recruited by Sam Sawyer, Fury was enlisted in the US Army at the outbreak of World War II. He eventually became the Sergeant in command of an elite unit of soldiers who were given dangerous missions defeating enemies such as Baron Von Strucker and the Red Skull. When Superheroes began to emerge the CIA employed Fury as a liaison between them and the government and was later appointed the leader of SHIELD who was to rid the world of all potential threats with superhero power. Nick Fury is a trained soldier with decades of experience. His youth has been maintained by the rejuvenating formula and his is highly trained in hand to hand and weaponry combat. His vinyl would have him in all black with his face having his signature eye patch and a stern look.

250px-IROMcover33FWar Machine: While serving with the US Marines in Asia, helicopter pilot James Rhodes met Tony Stark who had just escaped from a warlord by using the Mark 1 Iron Man suit. Rhodes became Starks pilot and took the role of Iron Man when Tony Stark was dealing with alcoholism. He eventually was given a suit from Stark that has armor with enhanced strength, damage resistant and a ridiculous amount of weapons. If anyone he would be considered Iron Man’s sidekick. His vinyl would have the grey Iron Man suit with missiles on his chest and guns in the ears. His eyes would glow red too.

Torch+TanHuman Torch: Johnny Storm was just going to visit his sister when he was invited on a space expedition by Reed Richards who was trying to win him over. The cosmic rays that changed the four into the Fantastic Four altered Johnny’s genetic structure allowing him to create fiery plasma that covered his entire body in flames without causing him harm. He is also able to fly, shoot flames and absorb heat. While he is by far the youngest member he has become a hugely crucial member to the Fantastic Four and in the aid of Spiderman on many occasions. His vinyl would have him in full “flame on” phase where his body would slim down and be completely orange/red and then the rest of the vinyl would be engulfed in flames and have the iconic 4 on his chest. His face would have a smirk on it and his ears would say FLAME ON.

250px-Scarlet_WitchScarlet Witch: The daughter of Magneto, the Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with that has been a villain when losing her mind but is considered a hero regardless. She has the possessed ability to affect probability fields that cause unlikely events to occur. Through gestures and mental concentration, the Scarlet Witch can create finite pockets of force that can disrupt reality. She can also make objects spontaneously burst into flame, rust or decay. Her “hex blots” can deflect objects, disrupt energy and create energy fields. She is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Her vinyl would have her in her red and pink costume with a red cape dangling off the back of her back. Her face would have her brown hair in it and a stern face. Her ears would have her yellow circles of cosmic energy.

waspThe Wasp: After a criminal killed JanetVan Dyne’s father she vowed vengeance any way she could get it. Close family friend Henry Pym (otherwise known as Ant Man) revieled his superhuman identity to her and offered her similar powers to take down the man who killed her father. She was renamed the Wasp and was given both the ability to shrink in size down to a half an inch and the ability to fly when she is four feet or smaller. She is also able to grow to skyscraper like heights but it messes with her psychee too much so she tries to avoid that. She is one of the vital members of the Avengers and even became chairman at one point. Her vinyl would have her in her signature gold and black outfit. She would also have wings Tinkerbell from Animation 2. She would have short brown hair and a smirking face.

VisionMiniShot_5023The Vision: The Vision was synthetically created by the Avengers robotic archenemy Ultron from the brain patterns of Wonder Man. He was tasked to infiltrate and destroy the Avengers but after getting to know them he grew to admire them and couldn’t betray them and was invited to join the Avengers. Not ever having a family, Vision happily accepted. The Vision has superhuman strength, endurance being able to make his body hard as diamond. He can shoot out blasts of solar energy and can decrease his mass to become a wraith. He is an experiment with unbridled power. His vinyl would have him in his green and yellow tights. His face would be bright red with all human features but just a bland expression. His eyes would be glowing yellow though and his ears would have ones and zeros representing computer coding.

beast1Beast: Nuclear power plant worker Norton McCoy was exposed to intense radiation and his son Henry was born a mutant with unusually large blue hands and feet. Henry’s schoolmates eventually called him Beast as he got quickly increasingly bigger possessing super human strength, agility and enhanced senses. He possesses genius level IQ with extraordinary expertise in genetics and biochemistry. Eventually criminals kidnapped Henry’s parents and he was forced to commit crimes for them until the X-men stepped in and saved Henry’s parents. Professor X invited him to be a part of the X-men and even since he has been a huge part of the team. His vinyl would have him in a blue and gold suit with his chest and muscles popping out. His face would resemble a blue hairy lion with giant sideburns and fang like teeth.


tumblr_mb2nl2fs951qlwb72o1_500Adam Warlock and Jr. Pip the Troll: Adam Warlock was the genetic creation of a group of scientists named the Enclave who created him to lead an army and conquer the world. When Adam Warlock heard their plan he broke free and destroyed their base. Adam Warlock has golden colored skin and can be seen as a hugely cosmic force. His body can trap cosmic energy which enhances his strength, endurance, healing powers and enables him to fly. He is also able to project energy blasts from his hands. He is usually accompanied by Pip the Troll who is Warlocks friend and while always sarcastic he is very useful in battle especially when the duo battled the Titan Thanos. His vinyl would have his entire body painted gold with a red cape and body suit. His vinyl would include his staff as an accessory and his other hand would be glowing. In his ears he would have the galaxies. Pip the Troll would be a 1.5 inch Jr vinyl and he would have his blue tunic on, chest hair and a trollish face.


Hello everyone and welcome to another Marvel Monday!! This week we will cover the various combo packs and nine inch vinyls that would go with Marvel Villains and Heroes Series 2! So without further ado it’s Marvel Monday!

3 inch Combo Pack

Mary_Jane_and_Gwen_Stacy_by_diablo2003 Spiderman’s Girlfriends: I thought a really cool and fun set would be both of Peter Parkers love interests; Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. While Mary Jane is known more as Peter Jacksons main love interest, Gwen Stacy was actually the first person who stole Peters heart until she met her untimely fate by the Green Goblin. Mary Jane is depicted as the beautiful red headed girl from next store. She is quick witted, sweet and tough. She knows that Peter Parker is Spiderman and serves as his primary love interest. Her vinyl would have her signature red hair covering most of her face with her green eyes shining through with a smile. Her body would have her in a black shirt and tan pants. Her ears would have hearts going out the right side. Gwen Stacy was Spidermans romance in most of his younger years and she loved him for his intellectual prowess. They both worked together in the lab and a romance quickly developed until she was met by her untimely demise. Her vinyl would be similar to Mary Janes except she would have blonde hair, blue eyes and the hearts would go out the left ear. I think it would be fun to make them very Betty and Veronica esque.

WOLVJUB001_DC11_LRWolverine and Jubilee: When Wolverine went to a small town in Australia, he was ambushed by the cyborg Reavers, who then crucified him. Jubilee helped him to escape and stayed by his side while he recovered from his ordeal, forming a close father-daughter bond. Wolverine then mentored Jubilee and helped her control her powers and stay connected with the world. It’s a great bond because Wolverine is usually a very tough character but being with the quirky Jubilee makes him care about the wellbeing of others and especially hers more because being a newer mutant she is somewhat unstable. Jubilee has the ability to project pyrotechnic energy plasmoids and concussive blasts while being able to evade the detection of telepaths. So with Jubilee’s stealth and Wolverines power they became a pretty unstoppable team. While we already have a Wolverine vinyl this one would be different, as it would have him in his signature white wife beater with blue jeans on and a cigar in his mouth. He would obviously still have the claws coming out of his hands. Jubilee’s vinyl would have her in her yellow and black coat with a happy smirk on her face. In her ears would be the colorful orbs of pyrotechnic energy that she controls.

9 inch and 3 inch combo pack

j_jonah_jamesonJ Jonah Jamenson and Daily Bugle covers: The 9 inch of these two series would be a man who is neither a hero nor a villain but just angry and I think he would be perfect for a huge vinyl especially with his big mouth. J. Jonah Jamenson is the editor in chief of the Daily Bugle, which is the primary newspaper for New York. He constantly writes outlandish stories but most of them involve Spiderman and how much he hates him admittedly because he is jealous of him. His vinyl would have him outfitted in his white collared shirt, suit pants and blue tie. His mouth would be wide open yelling with a cigar hanging out of it. His eyebrows slanted and eyes looking angry. His 3 inch vinyl would be covered in the various outlandish Daily Bugle headlines that he publishes outlawing Spiderman.