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The magic of a single vinylmation can conjure up some of the most wonderful memories from a special time at the parks, especially one of the most magical times of the year at Disney. Christmas! And the “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Toy Soldier is one of those very special Vinylmations!

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From the Vault way in the North Pole comes one of my favorite Vinyls of all time the “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Toy Soldier”. He was released in 2010 and is from the Commemorative & Events: Holiday Series.

Having been to Disney World quite a bit in the last 10 years or so, it was not until 2011 when I experienced the wonderful magic of Disney World at Christmas. With a fresh memory of how Disney did Halloween in my head I had great expectations of how they were going to do Christmas.

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Upon entering Main Street I was greeted by these beautiful “Toy Soldiers” in Town Square area that up till recently hosted the delightful Halloween Scarecrows. The Toy Soldiers looked amazing and looking down the Main Street I see the most beautiful street decorations hanging from one side of the street to the other. But nothing could prepare me for the most beautiful decoration of all, Cinderella’s Castle. It’s a moment in life like this that you take a mental picture and store it forever in your Happy Moments in life. The Castle looked gorgeous. The beautiful lights shimmered like dancing icicles all around the castle. If I close my eyes I can recall that mental snapshot in my head.

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The Christmas Music playing all around the park was beautiful. Disney does a wonderful job in using themed music to really capture your heart and the made the Christmas mood feel very special. On a side note each of the parks had their own special Christmas feel. With Epcot and the World Showcase countries hosting storytellers of how Christmas was in their country was a pure Delight. Though toned down a bit but not less important was the area once called Camp Minnie Mickey hosted to most beautifully decorated Christmas Trees at Animal Kingdom. Finally how can you forget the wonderful Osborne Christmas lights at Disney Hollywood Studios? Amazing just amazing. There is a Vinylmation that represents the Osborne lights festival and perhaps next Christmas we can talk about it then.

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Okay where was I? Oh yes, the Magic of Magic Kingdom at Christmas. When Disney decorates for the holidays they go all out and they do every practically perfect in every way. With Main Street hosting the Toy Soldiers and a beautifully large Christmas Tree to the streets all a glow (sorry had to steal that verse) and the majestic twinkling icicle lights that can just about turn any adult to a 5 year old kid that loves and believes in the magical Santa Claus with the hope that they were good enough to get that special something they have been wanting all year long. That’s the feeling one can get when spending the Christmas at a Disney Park.

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And what would a holiday, especially at Disney, be without a Very special Christmas Parade? Now at this point if you have still held your adult self in check the parade will surely transform the most reserve adult back to their childhood self when Christmas was special and magical! The floats are impeccably themed with Christmas Spirit at every turn. With Mickey and Minnie leading the way, a happy, an enthusiastic Donald and Daisy to follow and Chip and Dale playfully dancing around enjoying the fresh snow all around them. Progressing along in the parade we see Snow White and Prince Charming, Belle and the Beast, the Gingerbread men dancing about, which I would love to see in a vinylmation form.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.57.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.56.49 PM

We get to see a few classic characters like Horace Horse-Collar and Clarabelle the cow. But the moment has arrive for my favorite part of the Christmas Parade, sorry Santa but the highlight of the Parade and in my top five magical Christmas moments for me is the Marching Toy Soldiers! With Trumpets, Drums for which you will find yourself toe tapping to the beat and a wonderfully choreographed March is what, to me, one of the best Christmas feelings I ever had and to share it with my son who was 8 at the time is a memory I will cherish forever. Of course to finish the narration of the parade we see the Dancing Reindeer and finally Santa to complete the parade!

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Its funny how just one Vinylmation can recall such wonderful memories, memories that I will cherish forever.


Merry Christmas

Christmas Note: Every year Disney enhances parades in many ways. My Story comes from 2011 and will stay special to me and my son forever.

webcast episode 21

In this special edition of the Disney Infinity & Beyond webcast, Abe & Roger are joined by our Travis, we discuss this weeks latest news including the new download toy box option and the news of Identiv working on the NFC technology and those Star Wars rumours.   Roger, Abe & Travis answer questions from our community about Disney Infinity, Christmas and Disney in general.  Plus we pick Travis’s brains over his thoughts on Disney Infinity 2.0, Skylanders and Amiibo plus much more.

Feel free to send your questions using a comment, tweet or via our Facebook Group, for future episodes.

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christmas 2014 guide

Its Christmas and with so many Vinylmations available, it can be tricky to know what to get a Vinylmation collector or Disney fan for Christmas, so here is our guide on what to buy for Christmas 2014.

There are a number of different ways to buy Vinylmation, one is online through, eBay or our own Facebook Group or at selected Disney Stores or if your local, at the theme Parks.

Vinylmations are sold in a couple of different ways, as a blind box, where you won’t know what figure is in the box (but perfect for a bonus Christmas surprise) or in a open window where you know exactly what figure it is.

And don’t worry about getting a figure that they already have, the beauty of Vinylmation is that they can be traded with other collectors, through trade boxes in the parks and selected stores, at trading events and online through Facebook groups like Vinylmation Kingdom Trading.

A Disney Fan – This is probably the easiest type of collector to buy for, if the person isn’t a major collector, a child or maybe even doesn’t have a single figure, Vinylmation is a perfect small gift to top up a stocking or for a small present for the Christmas table, secret Santa or a friend.  With so many Vinylmations available.  The easiest option is to go for a character, movie or show that the receiver is interested in, for example, Gravity Falls, Big Hero 6, Marvel, Duffy or Star Wars.  If they are more into classic characters, there are some great figures around such as the Classic Collection Orphan’s Benefit twin pack featuring Goofy & Mickey or perhaps a Mickey’s Christmas Carol blind box.  There are lots of different styles and characters represented in Vinylmation, so if you are after a specific figure, eBay or our Facebook Group is an alternative for the secondary market.   For example, if you are after a Kermit or Darth Vader figure, this is your best option, but beware, don’t buy anything from Hong Kong or China as they could be defective.  And a quick warning for Frozen fans, Disney have only released a very small number of Frozen figures and they are all very expensive.

Hardcore Collector – If the person you are buying a gift for is a serious collector, it might be a bit tricky to pick a item at random, with a little investigation, you might be able to work out if they are after anything specific.  It is much harder to buy a hardcore collector something they might not have, but remember, its the thought that counts and they will always be able to trade the figure regardless of what it is.  Another option could be to buy a custom Vinylmation from one of the many talented artists, these are a one off figure, which might be more expensive but much more personal.

Here are my Top 5 Vinylmation gifts for 2014:

Gravity Falls – One of the most popular Disney cartoons at the moment.


Classic Orphan’s Benefit – A classic twin pack featuring Mickey & Donald, perfect for any Classic Disney fan.


Big Hero 6 – This is one of the biggest movies of the Holiday season and is bound to be a huge hit for anyone who has seen the movie. big hero 6 tray

Duffy The Disney Bear – For fans of Duffy, there are a couple of options, there is a blind box series or a  open boxed figure in either his sailor suit, a Christmas Gingerbread version or classic flocked look.

duffy blindMickey’s Christmas Carol – This years Christmas themed Vinylmation series is based on the classic cartoon and fits perfectly in with the Christmas feel.

christmas carol trayDo you have any ideas on what to buy for Christmas?

christmas xmas infinity

Its Christmas time and its gaming season, there are plenty of deals to be had at this time of the year and Disney Infinity is one of the hot items for Christmas, so here is our Christmas gift guide.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Disney Originals Toy Box Starter Starter Pack – Both the Marvel & Disney Toy Box starter packs contains the same video game and base, however the difference comes with what figures and toy box game discs are included in the pack. The Marvel starter pack also contains a extra figure and the Avengers play set. So it really depends on if the person you are buying for is either into Marvel or Disney, everything is available to buy separately, both the Disney & Marvel figures and power discs work on both starter packs. The main thing to remember, is to make sure you buy the starter pack for the correct console, for example the Wii U version won’t be much use on Christmas Day if they have a Xbox One!

INF2_Agnostic_StarterPack-LPower Discs – Power Discs are sold in blind bags and there are lots of different discs to collect, there are 2 in a bag and there are 5 different series. At just a few dollars a bag, these make the perfect bonus present to go with a Starter Pack or a excellent stocking filler. And even if they get a duplicate, they can still get bonus experience points or trade for a different power disc.

Power Disc series 2Play Sets – There are two play sets for Disney Infinity 2.0, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man, both sets come with two figures plus a play set piece. The play set piece features a mini game with 6 to 10 hours worth of entertainment. Both figures can be used within the Toy Box as well and other characters can be used within the play sets, for example Groot and Rocket Racoon can go into the Guardians play set while Nick Fury works within the Spider-Man play set. Other selected characters can also be used within these play sets such as the Hulk and Iron Man in the Spider-Man playset and Iron-Man & Nova can go into the Guardians play set for additional content. Making play sets much more value for money, as the pack is not much more expensive than picking up two figures.

guardians of the galaxy play setFigures – With so many figures to buy for Disney Infinity, it can be a littler overwhelming, with all the original, Marvel and 1.0 figures (all the 1.0 figures work on 2.0), there is plenty to choose from, the main thing is just to get figures that you think the person will enjoy. Personal recommendations would include the Incredible Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Donald Duck from 2.0 and Sorcerer Mickey, Anna & Elsa from Frozen from 1.0.

hulk packaging

Accessories – There are plenty of accessories for Disney Infinity 2.0, including carry cases and power disc holders, there are a couple of different options including capsules or albums, with some US stores having exclusive albums with a selection of power discs that could make a great present. These are also great bonus presents or stocking fillers.

green power discDo you have any Holiday Gift Ideas?

tinkerbell eachez

It might be Halloween but today’s big new releases are all very Christmas themed as we have plenty of new holiday Vinylmation released at D-Street and online through

First up we have the Tinkerbell Eachez, which is a limited release and has a retail price of $14.95. The common figure features Tinkerbell in her red dress with the variant (1 in 10) version showing off a lovely green outfit.

“Ring in the holidays with this limited release Vinylmation Holiday 2014 Santa Tinker Bell Figure. Created by artist Ron Cohee, Tink is available in two designs, but you won’t know which you’ve got until you open the box”

tinkerbell eachez

Another holiday themed release is the twin pack featuring Mickey and Minnie as snowmen. This twin pack is retailing for $29.95 and has a limited edition size of 2500.

snowman mickey

snowman mickey 2

And today’s other big new release is this Gingerbread Duffy created by Caley Hicks which is also Limited Edition 2500 and priced at $16.95.

duffy gingerbread

duffy gingerbread 2

Disney are also offering a bonus 40% off selected items including Park Starz Pirates of the Caribbean variants, Park 13, Park 14, Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2, Villains 5, Indiana Jones, Urban Redux 2, Duffy, Silly Symphonies and much more. So its a great time to pick up some bargains or Christmas presents.

What will you be adding to your collection?


While it might be the start of the summer, Disney Artist Enrique Pita shared this image of Mickey’s Christmas Carol along with the tag “Vinylmation” which could be a tease for a future project such as a Custom or perhaps a new Christmas Carol themed Vinylmation or series.

10401542_137074096467573_395512683_n@epitart Mickey’s Christmas Carol…. #vinylmation#disney#holiday#mickeymouse

What could these tease be?  Guess we will find out later in the year.



The official Vinylmation events page has shared some details on Disney Custom Artist Miss Mindy’s next project:

Artist Showcase with Miss Mindy

December 1


Artist Miss Mindy will be signing her custom Vinylmation oraments at WonderGround art gallery in the Downtown Disney district on December 1 from 11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Stop by and check out her latest holiday inspired pieces!


featuredphoto missmindy2 MM_HolidayVinyls_2013


Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, CA., with her artist husband Rick O’Brien (Ahab’s Shipyard),  and their bi-lingual circus dog ‘Radio.’

‘Cartoon Folk’  is how she describes her artwork, which ranges from fluid ink work  to hand-crafted, dimensional ‘Pop UP’ paintings.  Most recently, she has gained notoriety for her custom Vinylmations and one of a kind Sculptures.  Born into a family of artists and designers, Miss Mindy was always surrounded by creativity. Her biggest inspiration was her grandmother Mary, who worked as an ink and paint girl at Disney in the 1930’s, wore bright red lipstick and tiny little polyester suits.  Miss Mindy has been a prolific professional artist for years, from animation design to painting commissions for private collectors around the world. She’s designed & directed for studios such as Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers  & Wildbrain Animation. Miss Mindy has also written and illustrated two books with Baby Tattoo Books Publishing, and created original vinyl toys with Mindstyle & coming soon, with October toys. 

Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest.  We ask that you bring no personal items to be signedAppearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required.


Mickey_Santa_Christmas_Wallpaper_JxHyVinylmations make perfect gifts, they are small and cheap enough to fit in a stocking and also have some figures that many collectors would love to have as their own present.

With so many Vinylmations out there on the market, it’s not easy to pick up a present for a Vinylmation collector.  Are they are new collector?  Have they got hundreds or thousands of them?  Do they only like Park related figures or just figures they like?

The first thing I would recommend any gift giver does is to work out what type of collector they are buying for and to do a little research, check out their collection, see if you can work out what they like.  That should give you a general idea of what they might like.

There are lots of places to buy Vinylmations, and the first stop is probably your local Disney store or online through, or maybe even the theme parks if your nearby or on vacation.

Ebay is another great place to have a look around for (but don’t buy anything from Hong Kong as they are often poor quality).  Online trade groups like our own are another good place to go.

One of the great things about Vinylmation from a gift buyers point of view, is no matter what you get them, its not a big problem, if they don’t like it, they can trade it, either online or in stores or at the theme parks.  So don’t get worried about them getting a double or getting blind boxes.

A easy gift for any Vinylmation Collector this year are the new Holiday Vinylmations, there are plenty of Christmas themed Vinylmations available this year including the Jingle Smells 3 series which is available in stores and online as well as the new Ice Skating Mickey & Minnie twin pack on

jinglebellsOver the next couple of months there are a few new releases coming out that will make great stocking fillers including the new Pixar 2 and Animation 4 blind boxes,  with Animation 4 coming out just days before Christmas, these will make great last minute additions and offer much less chance of the receiver having it.


Other stocking offerings that can easily bulk up those little gifts can come from’s November sales, with vinyls costing under $5, these little treats will always be welcome.  Personally I would recommend going for blind boxes to add that extra surprise element.  Though European collectors won’t be able to get discounted items like this through sites like due to the lack of sale items.  And if the person you are buying for is into making their own customs, picking up a pile of cheap vinyls that they can use for a blank canvas will also make you rather popular.

For the hardcore collector, I’d recommend doing a little fishing around and finding that holy grail Vinylmation that will probably cost much more than anything in the store but could easily put you in their good books.    Or perhaps take a stab in the dark and just go for something a bit different such as the Popcorns #2 Donald Duck or a Park Starz Variant.

popcorns2cWith so many different Vinylmations around, its a good idea to find out what they are interested in before spending any money, if they are a huge Theme Park fan, there are lots of fantastic sets available such as Park 12 and 13 (Out in November) along with some special packs such as the Haunted Mansion Portraits or Tower of Terror Packs (out in December).

If they love Comic Books, there is the new Marvel series and Star Wars fans have plenty of choice with lots of offerings including some new twin packs out in December.   Main stream Disney characters can be found in the new Pixar 2 and Animation 4 sets and little princesses might also enjoy the Little Mermaid blind box series or the new Frozen twin pack that is due out soon.   Throw in blind box series for Nightmare Before Christmas, Villains 4 and Silly Symphonies, there is a heck of a lot of choice available at the moment for anyone.  Plus blind boxes give that extra chance of getting rare Chasers or Variants.


Again, its worth noting that it doesn’t matter what you buy, its the thought that counts and with Vinylmation, the receiver can always trade the figure for something they want.

So have a browse at your nearest Disney store or over at (or if your in Europe) and see if anything catches your eye. as a suitable gift as Vinylmation makes a perfect gift, for collectors and non-collectors who just like Disney.

Are you planning on giving any Vinylmations this Christmas?





BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large

While over in the US saw some new Holiday Vinylmations released today, over in Japan some new Holiday related Vinylmations have gone on sale.  There is a Santa Mickey and Minnie Open Window 3″ and also some new Christmas Juniors as well.  Our friends over Japan @Vinylmati0n posted some images from Tokyo Disneyland’s Pirate Treasure store of the new items on display.

BX_A_5pCEAA5rbR.jpg large BX_A6-hCIAAIX-6.jpg large BX_A0-qCUAABTnS.jpg largeThanks to @vinylmati0n for the images


Christmas and New Year aren’t far away and today we have discovered via our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange that there are some new Vinylmations coming out in Japan for the holiday period.  2014 is the year of the Cow and it is represented in this figure which is due out on November 14th.


Also released on November 1st in Japan are these two cute Christmas Mickey and Minnie.   It’s interesting to note that Minnie is also on the Minnie Mold. d6c979bc3a4611e39c4e22000ae9119c_8And finally, there is also a new 2014 Daruma figure which is also out on November 14th in Japan.


Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange for sharing the images.


What do you think of these?